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  • The Revival of the Wiki | Life Update


    Hi everyone, This update is a little bit later than what you have all come to expect from us by now with our monthly posts, and I do apologise for that. This won't be a long post, just a little bit of information and transparency from our part alongside what's mentioned in the title of this post... I'll get to that in a bit. 


    So I'll turn this first section into a little Q&A.


    So what's been going on behind the scenes?


    To be completely honest, not much at all. We haven't had much to talk about over the course of the last month as we have been pretty caught up in our own personal lives. This is not the place to go into detail, but a combination of college work, seeking employment, and other matters have taken priority over developing Desolation and maybe too much dota, new update dropped, might stream again soon if people want to watch a british guy try to climb the ranks.., consider this a bit of an "unplanned" hiatus. 


    What does this mean for the development of Desolation moving forward?


    No need to fret! Like I mentioned in a previous post, we are still passionate about Desolation, therefore development will continue. Commitments are beginning to clear up, so we'll be able to get back into the groove of development soon enough. Motivation as a whole for the team hasn't been at it's highest point, the combination of life responsibilities and the sheer length it took to get EP6 out to the public space has taken a bit more of a toll than some of us expected. 


    Will we see more updates again soon?


    It will be highly unlikely that we'll have a development update for June, if you see one then fantastic! But I wouldn't expect it. Development will be fully resuming over the next few weeks, if we have stuff we're able to show then we will post about it!


    That's really as much as I would like to get into regarding this, we will bounce back and get cracking on with EP7 soon enough. I will be more active again around the Reborn server and on the forums here so, feel free to ask questions if you have any, we still have the Q&A thread linked >>here<< if you all have any further questions regarding development as a whole. With that outta the way, let's move onto the main topic of this blog post.


    The Revival of the Desolation Wiki


    As some of you may already be aware, we have a Wiki! During EP6's development, I opened up a Wiki project where we had a bunch of you sign up through an application form to give us a helping hand. To those who helped us out then and are still updating parts of the Wiki now, we see you and appreciate the time and effort you've put in!


    So why am I telling you all this?


    Well, the Wiki is... slightly outdated now, and needs to be updated to include EP6 content! And that's where you all come in. Instead of having this be a private project with a bunch of volunteers, we will be opening it to the public for you all to work together and edit!


    If you wish to make edits, feel free! This is just an announcement to say... Hey! The Desolation Wiki exists, and we need your help to keep it updated. But a few things to note, so please read this before you consider helping out.


    • I will be monitoring the Wiki alongside a few others.


    If we catch you doing anything such as posting false information on the Wiki, arguing about who does what, and other little thing, then we will look into the matter. I'm all for jokes and messing around but please keep it civilised, remember this is a public project, I wish for everyone who wishes to help out to do so!


    • There is now a dedicated Wiki channel in the Reborn Server!


    Instead of making a brand spanking new server, I have created a Desolation Wiki Channel in our section on the Reborn Evo Server! Please feel free to chat there and help each other when it comes to fact checking and other things related to Desolation while writing up pages!


    • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions


    If you have any questions regarding the Wiki, feel free to contact me and I'll answer them when I can! You can reach me either here on the forums, or on Discord, I'll be around in the Reborn server so just drop me a DM if you have something you wish to ask.


    • Link? Here.

    >>Desolation Wiki<<



    I look forward to working with some of you in updating our Wiki! And a huge thank you in advance to those you decide to spend some time in doing so!


    Closing Thoughts


    Once again, I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for you all sticking around and playing Desolation. The support is what helps us keep going, and even though development is quite slow right now, we will be back to showcase some of the stuff we have been working soon enough! I eagerly await to seeing your reactions to when we talk about them.


    Until next time!



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    Enjoy the small break! Looking forward to seeing more updates in a few months.


    (Also, I would totally watch a Posty dota stream if it is advertised, I am a dota addict myself :o)

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