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The Pokemon Redemption Shiny Project!

huh shoulda made a post here a while ago probably


Redemption's very own Shiny Project! Back after... too long really.


Played and liked the game? Or do you just want to try your hand at making some cool and different looking pokemon? Either way it's time for YOU to get to work. We took a page from desolation's handbook and we're using GOOGLE DRIVE DOCUMENTS for it! Cool huh?


Submission form : https://forms.gle/othFiLkY7bPby9w57

Rules doc/Completed shiny tracker : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tIzEMzthtWHs8Nnzx9mCamC5Wa0le8Kwn2hsLdse8vs/edit#gid=1616880697


Rules are in the doc, and submission rules in the form, don't forget to read em! Now, if you want to be only a bystander to the shiny funfest, you can join the server for the game, and get the @showcase role. The showcase role will ping you in the showcase room showcase so that you can see the showcased goodies for the game, like new areas, new forms, etc etc. The showcase room will also showcase the shinies that are accepted, and then confirmed for the game. Showcase is a funny word kinda.


So far you'll only get to do shinies for the first 204 mons in the regional dex, sans regionals since those are still prone to aesthetic updates, BUT after those it'll be time for... everything else! Not all at once, but we'll keep you guys posted. Also check out shiny-announcements for periodic updates on the shinies project, sprite-discussion to talk about the shinies, their making, even post some early drafts to get opinions from someone else, and so on. Well that's it, so enjoy yourselves, have a good (insert time of day), and good spriting! (yes this is the same post that's in the discord what about it)

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