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Sound File Crash (Mac/Wine Issue)

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So I was replaying pokemon rejuvenation in the most current update, and I just got to Blacksteeple Castle. As I walked outside and the cutscene of that guy trying to leave was playing, my game crashed. I wondered why this was, so I looked at youtube videos on this cutscene to find out exactly what sound file caused my game to crash so I could continue playing. Eventually, I heard the sound file that played right at the instance my game crashed. After a several minutes of searching through the sound files of Rejuvenation to find a name similar to what the sound sounded like, I came across alarm.mp3 in the SE audio folder. I deleted that file and my game ran fine. 


TLDR: If you're having a crashing issue at Blacksteeple Castle involving the guy trying to leave while using wine, delete Alarm.mp3.

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