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  1. Finding Luna in 7th Street

    I looked everywhere in 7th street and didn´t find him... maybe i forgot to do something?
  2. Finding Luna in 7th Street

    So i beat Radomus and got to 7th street to look for Luna. I already beat Team Magma´s boss and helped Archer with the old lady in Lapis Ward. Now i dont really know where to go, i talked to everyone in 7th streetbut didnt find anything. Anyone knows what am i supposed to do(if possible with no spoilers please...)?
  3. Stuck in route 1

    It really is hell... there a lot better puzzles in reborn, this one is just confusing and time consuming. I think i got tricked then, i already got to the gates before the Gardevoir got stolen but someone told me i had to go south in the forest until i found a place where the storyline progressed... i spent a hour trying to find a way, thanks!
  4. Stuck in route 1

    So i got to route 1, i already know you have to use the Buffalants and Pinsirs to break logs, the Heracross to cut the webs and to ride the Tauros. Already went to the Vanhanen castle and the Gardevoir got stolen. I know im supposed to go south from route 1 but im really stuck i dont know how to progress. This puzzle is really pointless, its just time consuming, killing numerous pokemon, put honey in so many trees and killing more mons to get on and off tauros. Can anyone help me?
  5. Need advice on new team member

    I really like that idea, maybe i switch up Ampharos with Magneton, Sharpedo with Clawitzer and get Bronzong. Im going to look into that Cofagrigus, thanks! Really good idea, im tired of being slower than every gym leader, im going to look into that Bronzong, thanks! I used Magneton and Onix to help beat Serra but i dont think Onix will be part of the team. Magneton maybe because of the Steel type, thanks! Maybe, i have been thinking to add a psychic type, thanks! Its probably the best type to add, i have been thinking to switch up some members too, thanks!
  6. So i just beat the 6th gym and i have Camerupt, Torterra, Ampharos, Drifblim and Sharpedo. I need to add a 6th member because the game is getting harder and harder but i dont know who to add or what type i should add. Anyone can help me on what pokemon/type i should add?
  7. Rant, getting sick of this game

    I played pokemon when i was little and started playing again a while ago, so im not the best. Im learning but i still not know very well things about IVs and EVs no i try not to use them. If it gets really hard i will try to train them, thanks!
  8. Rant, getting sick of this game

    Im not the best, i played pokemon when i was little and caught the bug to play again in about a year or so. So i heard this game was harder and i wanted a challenge, but this gym is really grinding my gears. I will try to use the klink, thanks!
  9. So im at the 6th gym, the ice type one, i had a Ampharos, Torterra, Sharpedo, Camerupt and Drifblim, so i had to get new members. I got a Onix to set Stealth rocks and a Magneton because it resists and Flash Canon uses the mirrors so its really powerful. I still cant beat this, i set the rocks, beat the Cryogonal with the Magneton and he gets to 80% health. Then the Jynx, faster than everything on my team (dont really know why), i paralyze it with Ampharos, even though the stupid evasion (you guys really made a gym where they use this BS) and kill it with Sharpedo. Next the Vanilluxe, faster than everything again (75 base speed, again, dont know why), i kill it with Sharpedo and Magneton. Then the stupid Glaceon, i know he has high Sp. Atk but he ONE SHOTS MY CAMERUPT AND MAGNETON, Magneton resists with 80% health and gets one shot, how am i supposed to beat this, they all get boosted evasion, i miss all the time, have coverage for everything. If anyone can help me i will be much appreciated bue im really close to quit this game, im not that good at pokemon and wanted a challenge but im getting sick of this. Help is needed.
  10. Quick Claw/Focus Band

    I really need a quick claw or focus band before the 6th gym, anyone knows if i can get one of those two items now?
  11. Leveling up (6th gym)

    I need to level up a lvl 15 Onix and lvl 32 Magnemite for the 6th gym, i dont have a Exp Share. Can someone tell me good places/ways to grind?
  12. So my team is Camerupt lvl 49, Ampharos lvl 48, Torterra lvl 46, Sharpedo lvl 47 and Drifblim lvl 46. I get to Serra and everything outspeeds me, my Sharpedo has a speed boosting nature but still is slower than a Vanilluxe that has 79 base speed. Everything has coverage and, for Ice being such a weak type on defense, i cant 1 shot anything with Camerupt´s Lava Plume or Rock Slide and he gets 2 shot by Frost Breath that always crits. I dont know what to do. The speed thing is really infuriating, how is speed boosted Sharpedo slower than Jynx and Vanilluxe?? He is really fragile so hes useless if im not faster than anything. Can someone help me?
  13. Fast water type

    I sided with them and did the first quest, but they got me nothing, do i need to do more quests?
  14. Fast water type

    Could be cool, never used floatzel before, do you know where to get buizel?
  15. Fast water type

    Do you know where to get the good rod? Do i need to progress more into the game?