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  1. Lost after 4th gym

    Im about to look really dumb... how do i go to the beach?
  2. Lost after 4th gym

  3. Lost after 4th gym

    Yeah i can, which file is it? I dont really know...
  4. Lost after 4th gym

    I really cant find her... i saw her next to the tracks and now dont know where she is, i looked everywhere...
  5. Lost after 4th gym

    I talked to her last next to the tracks but did not battle her. Where is she?
  6. Lost after 4th gym

    I just beat the 4th gym and got to route 4 and chased Nym around. Now hes gone and i dont know what to do, anyone can help me?
  7. Fire Stone

    Where can i get a fire stone?
  8. BS Kecleon quest

    Is it a way to beat this at the level 25 cap? Why would you make such a quest? Its not funny, not clever, just bullshit. You get teleported and most of the times theres already a kecleon lvl 100 in front of you, i just dont get it why you felt the need to make a quest like this. If anyone knows a way, please tell me. I hope theres not more quests like this ahead of me because they make you want to stop playing.
  9. Does anyone know how to evolve alolan rattata?
  10. Evolve Magneton in Episode 16

    I searched how to evolve Magneton but i got different answers. How do you evolve it in Episode 16?
  11. How to evolve Onix

    Can anyone tell me how to evolve Onix?
  12. Help with Charlotte

    Mismagius is my fastest and its lvl 67 but is still slower than Darmanitan and Typhlosion, i probably need to get another mon to use Rain Dance. Im getting a Rhydon or Donphan to use instead of Magneton or/and Torterra and Clawitzer will destroy ahahah, thanks! I did not choose Cyndaquil and i did not get him in 7th street, but its a really good strategy, thanks! So the rain does something, i will surely have to use it then, i did not pick Cyndaquil and i did not get him in 7th street... and you cant go back after you get to the circus, it does not make a lot a sense. But i will find a way, thanks! Its a really goot strategy, thanks a lot for the Shuckle! But i think i will try to beat her with the tools the game gives me, but thanks anyway! Its really fast, they all outspeed my Mismagius thats very fast. Maybe i will use Trick Room, thanks! Its a really good option, with thick fat it will cause havoc on her team, thanks! I have to replace Magneton and Torterra so those mons seem very good options, thanks!
  13. Help with Charlotte

    So i read that Charlotte was really hard in previous episodes and that she got nerfed but she is still pretty hard to beat. I went to battle blind and my team its not the best , i have a Mismagius, Torterra, Magneton, Clawitzer, Arcanine and Medicham. The Magneton and Torterra are useless so i need new team members. Anyone can help me with a strategy or pokemon that are good against her? Also i used Rain Dance in a battle but it did nothing, all the fire moves were super heated so i dont know if its a glitch or something.
  14. Finding Luna in 7th Street

    I looked everywhere in 7th street and didn´t find him... maybe i forgot to do something?
  15. Finding Luna in 7th Street

    So i beat Radomus and got to 7th street to look for Luna. I already beat Team Magma´s boss and helped Archer with the old lady in Lapis Ward. Now i dont really know where to go, i talked to everyone in 7th streetbut didnt find anything. Anyone knows what am i supposed to do(if possible with no spoilers please...)?