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  1. Help with Charlotte

    Mismagius is my fastest and its lvl 67 but is still slower than Darmanitan and Typhlosion, i probably need to get another mon to use Rain Dance. Im getting a Rhydon or Donphan to use instead of Magneton or/and Torterra and Clawitzer will destroy ahahah, thanks! I did not choose Cyndaquil and i did not get him in 7th street, but its a really good strategy, thanks! So the rain does something, i will surely have to use it then, i did not pick Cyndaquil and i did not get him in 7th street... and you cant go back after you get to the circus, it does not make a lot a sense. But i will find a way, thanks! Its a really goot strategy, thanks a lot for the Shuckle! But i think i will try to beat her with the tools the game gives me, but thanks anyway! Its really fast, they all outspeed my Mismagius thats very fast. Maybe i will use Trick Room, thanks! Its a really good option, with thick fat it will cause havoc on her team, thanks! I have to replace Magneton and Torterra so those mons seem very good options, thanks!
  2. Help with Charlotte

    So i read that Charlotte was really hard in previous episodes and that she got nerfed but she is still pretty hard to beat. I went to battle blind and my team its not the best , i have a Mismagius, Torterra, Magneton, Clawitzer, Arcanine and Medicham. The Magneton and Torterra are useless so i need new team members. Anyone can help me with a strategy or pokemon that are good against her? Also i used Rain Dance in a battle but it did nothing, all the fire moves were super heated so i dont know if its a glitch or something.