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  1. Hi im starting an eeveelution run can i have All Level 1 Eevee Exp Share Adaptability Body Slam Vaporeon Water Absorb Scald Ice Beam Wish Protect Jolteon Volt Absorb Volt switch Thunderbolt Hidden Power signal beam Flareon Flash Fire Flamethrower Will o Wisp Superpower Espeon Synchronize Psychic Shadow Ball Dazzling gleam Grass knot Umbreon Synchronize Dark Pulse Foul Play Moonlight Toxic Glaceon Snow Cloak Ice Beam Ice Shard Shadow Ball Auroua Veil Sylveon Pixilate Moonblast Hyper voice Heal Bell Wish Leafeon Chlorophyll Leaf Blade Knock Off Synthesis X-Scizor Game.rxdata
  2. Zeno

    Need some poison mons

    thank you so much bro
  3. Zeno

    Need some poison mons

    do you have 2 moonstones for my nidorina and nidorino?
  4. Zeno

    Need some poison mons

    nah not ev trained
  5. Zeno

    Need some poison mons

    fully evolved both of them
  6. Zeno

    Need some poison mons

    bro what does that mean lol
  7. Zeno

    Need some poison mons

    got them? lol
  8. Zeno

    Need some poison mons

    In need of Toxicroak, Crobat 2 moonstones and if anyone can the pre ev of nagandel
  9. Zeno

    Cant load my game

    https://gyazo.com/9294e1404ba2660d7a46d6f7b26d4da4 https://gyazo.com/6cfa3448869bcdfe87f975116bbee442 Game.rxdata Poison Game.rxdata
  10. can i have sludge bomb on bulb?
  11. hey @Zargerth a few days ago i started a poison mono run and you gave me a few pokemon but file just corrupted and i couldnt redownload the save mind sending them to me again? Gastly, Mareanie, A-Grimer, salandit, and skrelp, and can you add tentacool and both nidoran if you dont mind Game.rxdata
  12. Game.rxdata Hey i started a mono poison run a few days ago and its going great. now im starting a Mono Electric mono run i need Pikachu @ Thunder Stone Ability: Lightning Rod Level: 5 IVs: 0 Atk - Electric Terrain Rotom Ability: Levitate Level: 5 IVs: 0 Atk Jolteon Ability: Volt Absorb Level: 1 IVs: 0 Atk Elekid @ Electirizer Ability: Static Level: 5 - Ice Punch - Fire Punch Mareep Ability: Static Level: 5 Joltik Ability: Compound Eyes Level: 5 IVs: 0 Atk Electrike Ability: Lightning Rod Level: 5 IVs: 0 Atk - Flame Burst