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  1. Autumneverlast

    Rate My Current Team

    And Staryu's good, but I can understand wanting to not double up. In that case, you will have to get past Charlotte in order to get yourself an Elekid and then a little further to get the Electrizer to evolve it into an Electivire, so you have a ways to go, unfortunately. Looking ahead, you have Poison, Ice, and Normal coming up, so prepare for those. It may not be a bad idea to have a temporary replacement lined up for Roselia, but it isn't something you should need to worry about either, especially with Swampert stomping through things. You seem to be pretty well set, best of luck!
  2. Autumneverlast

    Rate My Current Team

    Have you done the Mystery Egg sidequest? There is a chance to get Elekid from the egg and even if you don't get it, odds are good that you'll get SOMETHING nice. Otherwise Electivire is indeed quite far down the road (8 more badges iirc). Other than that, you're looking pretty solid. Ursaring might not last too much longer, but you can almost certainly keep that one up through the current episode.
  3. Autumneverlast

    Rate My Current Team

    Plenty, you're going to have Inkay available shortly (headbutt trees in the next area you get to explore) and that's a particularly fun 'mon to use. I've personally had good success with Alolan Marowack and Escavalier (catch a Shellmet on Azurine island, the opportunity to trade is coming up shortly), but that's probably because I'm running Trick Room. As far as "How long", however long you like. Granted, there are still likely to be some pokemon that'll underperform going forward. You won't be able to evolve Charjabug into Vikavolt until another four badges from now (at earliest). Meowstic F is likely reaching the end of her usefulness as well, but you shouldn't be in any hurry to find a replacement. Any particular strategy or ideas that you want to pursue for your team going forward? Any pokemon that you particularly like?
  4. Autumneverlast

    Experienced player, new run: Starters

    I keep forgetting that trading is a thing. I might be able to run with a weather team, but that would require me to take a step back and think about team comp for a bit. Current team ideas are just a loose collection of pokemon with complementary typings. Might be good to run a cohesive strat instead.
  5. Autumneverlast

    Experienced player, new run: Starters

    I like these suggestions, what's the earliest I could get Sun access? Prankster with Meowstic with Sunny Day? Hope to goodness I get Vulpix out of the Mystery egg? Though that all being said, I would also have to rework the rest of the team...
  6. Autumneverlast

    Experienced player, new run: Starters

    Alrighty, so I'm hearing that Fennekin and Popplio should be my go-to 'mons for starters, going to lean towards Popplio because it's new and water type fitting in with my other choices. Currently looking at a lategame team with Silvally, Metagross, Aegislash, and two others that I'm still figuring out (Dragonite would be a big contender if it were available a little earlier). Any advice on gen 7 mons to try out along the way? Thoughts on the team comp?
  7. Autumneverlast

    Experienced player, new run: Starters

    Hey all, been playing Reborn since E15 and recently came back to the game. A little bit seems to have changed (GEN 7!) so I figured I'd start a new run, my current one having stalled out shortly before Amaria. I'm excited to pick up some of the new Gen7 mons and try them out, but before I can do that, I need to pick a starter. I've narrowed it down to: Charmander (Gen 1 nostalgia, solid special attacker) Fennekin (solid special attacker, psychic typing is great) Popplio (I've heard this one is good? Fairies are awesome too...) Rowlett (Similar to Popplio only with ghosts instead of fairies) Froakie (solid 'mon with Protean, but water types early game are tough) Any opinions? Any Gen 7 pokemon I should watch out for? Any new early pokemon that you guys really like?
  8. Autumneverlast

    Monotype Challenge Quick Glance Guide - Episode 18+

    Nope, you can get Litwick in there.
  9. Autumneverlast

    Showdown Replays

    A fun battle for both sides between me and Lord Regal. Testing out a new team on my side and him struggling with trying to beat it. Mistakes were made, but much fun was had. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/anythinggoes-246718904 And he might post his side of the battle after this maybe.
  10. Autumneverlast

    Suggest an Avatar!

    What're ya looking for? Cute, funny, awesome, a gif like you've got, static image?
  11. Autumneverlast

    Suggest an Avatar!

    Not looking for an Avi at this point though if someone has a good one of Absol or random awesome fanart or something I wouldn't mind, but I'll throw in a couple here that people might like (some cropping required):
  12. Autumneverlast

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Having trouble against Ciel, my current team consists of Emolga (68) Walrein (68) Serperior (74) Rhyperior (64) Arcanine (67) and Scolipede (54) (this one's here in an attempt to counter her Mega Altaria via toxic stall, needs two protects to outspeed for a Toxic at the moment) I also have a Gardevoir (69), Mawile (64), Pangoro (62), Golurk (61), and Dragalgae (56) in my box. Movesets are available on request (too lazy to put them here right now), I'm mostly here to check if my team composition is alright and whether I need to train up (and wondering where any good spots to train are since at the moment I feel like there's a severe lack). Any advice? My biggest issues with her team so far have been the Gliscor and the Altaria, as those two pretty much require me to pull out specialized counters to deal. Edit: Nevermind, she derped and I got to Toxic/Blizzard her down. GG Ciel.