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  • Due to the nature of Nuzlockes et al., what rules are in play are always decided by the player. However, due to popular request we have a few details those might want to consider such a challenge in Reborn and aren't sure where to start.

    Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

    • Will you allow gift/event Pokemon? Can they replace an area's wild encounter?
    • Will you count losses to your team from optional-win story battles?
    • Will you require yourself to win such battles?
    • Do you want to place any further limits of item or center usage?

    A common thread in Nuzlockes is the restriction of only catching the first Pokemon found in each area, but in a game like Reborn the lines between each area can become rather blurred. Below is our suggestion on what would count as distinct areas, updated through Episode 18. Please be advised that some place names may be considered spoilers.



    • Opal Ward
    • Peridot Ward
    • Underground Railnet
    • Central/South Obsidia
    • Obsidia Slums
    • Coral Ward
    • Onyx Ward
    • Jasper Ward
    • Malchous Forest
    • Beryl Ward
    • Rhodocrine Jungle
    • Lapis Ward
    • North Obsidia Ward
    • Grand Stairway
    • Abandoned Power Plant
    • Apophyll Beach
    • Pyrous Mountain
    • Azurine Island
    • Byxbysion Wasteland
    • Chrysolia Forest
    • Chrysolia Spring
    • Tanzan Mountain
    • Tanzan Cove
    • Spinel Town
    • Route 1
    • Aventurine Woods
    • Citae Arc-d'Astra
    • 7th Street
    • Subseven Sanctum
    • Iolia Valley
    • Agate City
    • Agate Circus
    • Route 2
    • Ametrine Mountain
    • Celestinine Mountain
    • Citrine Mountain
    • Route 3
    • Route 4
    • Calcenon City
    • Ametrine City
    • Glitch City
    • Water Treatment Center
    • Azurine Lake
    • Tourmaline Desert 
    • Teknite Cave
    • 1R253 Scrapyard
    • Sugiline Cave
    • Once Upon a Somewhere
    • Mirage Tower
    • Charous Mountain





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