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  1. Well hi all guys. :) I started to play Pokemon Reborn , so i chosen fennekin as my starter.(luckily it was shiny) And now i got budew also. Iam looking for flying , water , electric, fighting , fairy, ground types. So suggest poemons and their locations please ^^

  2. Okay. Hi all :)) I decided to make an intro , so here it is. I am Arthur and i am 21 years old. I am from Russia.(from St.Petersburg) I like football , volleyball, skiing, and ofc PC games. Also i like to watch anime :D and to be honest Pokeon is such an amazing anime lol :D I started PO yesturday , so i don't know much about this . But i hope to find good friends in the community , and i hope to become well exp'd player someday. :)

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