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Another Rant

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I am so sick of like some people being nothing but fake, I am sick of irelan always PUTTING me to the side to talk to someone better? I kid you not like she will be talking to me and then when one of her guy friends come into the conversation she switches to them like one time I was talking about me planning my um "Stuff" because I was going through depression at the time and some guy walks up and she COMPLETELY puts ALL her attention to him and ignores him, she uses me for a personal piggy bank and a food storage and I am sick of it, I always feel so sad and I started crying next to my bed I am so sick of being used, I use to have a REAL friend named kara and TRUST me she was awesome she was always wanting to listen to me and my problems and would always care about me, but she recently moved and I have not been able to handle it really well, now that I have kinda moved on all these "New" "FRIENDS" treat me like crap using me for money and food and HOW could I not notice it, I want to be happy but good god I feel SICK and its not just irelan its katherine, emilie katie, lita, marie, jannet, and jennifer like wth did I do. I am so dropping all of them and starting over this time I am not going to be dragged through the mud like last time last year it was kinda bad but this year is already starting my patience I want to focus on school and major in psychology but I need to just finish this out and drop all of them so I will do whats best and distance myself I will start over as a new person, a new me, lets not repeat what we can't fix

End of rant~~~

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