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  1. Hey guys, accidentally hit ALT which fast forwards the game speed, but I can't seem to untoggle it... Tried clicking alt again to revert to normal, doesn't work. Also tried soft and hard reset, as well as RMFPS but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
  2. Best to do it myself then, I'm learning to code right now anyway just wanted some initial info as there's not so much info on v12 yet. Thanks!
  3. Thx for the advice @kulesiak, but I think I'm just going to play the game the way it is, I kinda lost my patience already. Charizard is a dragon despite its flying typing, so I'll survive.. Just 1 more question, are there enough dragon types available for a monotype playthrough? Thx man, nice to see such a great and helpful community! Sorry for being a noob:)
  4. First time playing this game, haven't really played pokemon since my childhood.. only heard about this and reborn yesterday. Anyway, thanks for the answer, at least I won't waste another 4 hours resetting the game Is Mega Charizard Y available in the game?
  5. Hey guys, can someone plz tell me if it's still possible to get a dragon starter from the random pokemon machine in rejuvenation v12? Much appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, don't know if I it's ok to start a new topic for this question, but.. Is it still possible to get a dragon starter in v12? I've probably hit the random pokemon machine about 200+ times now, and I haven't seen any other pokemon than the ones I can choose manually.. Thx in advance **I apologize to the moderators, I have no idea how this post ended up here, please delete this, my phone kind of has a mind of its own since I dropped it
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