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  1. KiraMordis

    Sylveon Vs Vaporeon

    I think I'm going to go Vaporeon over Sylveon if only because of personal preference and my Eevee just has runaway so no Pixelate Sylveon. Thxs for the help.
  2. KiraMordis

    Sylveon Vs Vaporeon

    I need advice. I just got an Eevee from that cave in Chrysolia Forest. I can't decide between whether to try evolving it into a sylveon, using my water stone to evolve it into a vaporeon, or just keeping it as an Eevee because there's that whole eevium Z crystal thing (which I'm not really leaning towards because of the need for a z-ring which I don't have and don't know where to get), because right now I have no water type or fairy type and I'm not sure which would be more useful against Serra and in future battles. If it helps, my current working team is a revolving set of Venusaur - Just Grass type moves Arcanine - Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Crunch, Close Combat Ampharos- Take Down, Discharge, Power Gem, Confuse Ray Meowstic - Psychic, Signal Beam, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball Rapidash - Fire Blast, Flame Charge, Stomp, Bounce Scrafty - High Jump Kick, Crunch, Facade, Thunder Punch Skuntank - Night Slash, Acid Spray, Flamethrower, Strength and a Linoone (who I really only use for Tm's like rock smash). Btw, if I broke some sort of protocol by posting this than I sincerely apologize, I'm not quite sure of the rules of this site quite yet and I attempted to find what I thought was the correct forum on which to post this, so yeah.. just let me know.