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    I don't know how to open a treat but wtf is with the difficultness with this game? I have fought a 30 times the first gym to level up, because there are not any training spots, yea lvl 3 pokémon that give 15xp points. I can be busy grinding for 100 hours before I finish the first gym, and that the voltorb (and I suppose that Electrode too, haven't battled him yet) have explosion is absurd, like "to keep the game harder". Great game, but impossible to play, like rejuvenation.. Do you have any tips to beat this first ridiculous gym? My team: Popplio lvl 20 , Grimer lvl 19, Zigzagoon lvl 18, Noibat lvl 9 (can't train it nowhere properly.) Or is it just grinding 100s of hours per gym? because I am not willing to spend 1800 hours on gyms only and then the rest of the game.. All other Pokémon games I already completed and beaten so I tried Rejuvenation, but this seemed a better one to begin with, but I am not willing to grind for 1800 hours...