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  1. I just beat Charlotte and am trying to get back to the circus, but cannot. I first got to Calcenon City through the Celestinine Cascade after being given Surf, but one of the ice puzzles in the Celestinine Mountain (that I passed on the way) doesn't seem to be navigable in reverse (if I'm wrong, please give me instructions on how to solve it backward). I believe the way I'm supposed to go is through Route 2 (out of the Ametrine Tunnel) but I couldn't figure out how to get a crustle into one of the northern holes before and thought that it wasn't important as the game allowed me to progress (it looked like it was probably just going to be a pickup of some sort that I didn't need), so it remains empty and I can't pass or progress in the game. Attached is my save file. If anyone can pick this soft lock for me, or hack me out of it somehow, I'll be extremely grateful! Game.rxdata