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  1. Thanks, I was hoping that wasnt an accidental oversight of people getting thrown back afterwards. Great to know im not screwed haha. Thanks!!!
  2. I defeated everything in Tanzan Mountain Team meteor and Steelix, got out finished all that, got back to the mansion to battle the next gym leader....Got beaten, but instead of sending back to a center or bed I got returned to the Tanzan Mountain Underground where you fight steelix......Is there any other way out of here? I saved then like an idiot so cant go back as theres no older save file apparently. Any help?
  3. Ive tried renaming/moving the files to various folders but no luck *****EDIT******** Got it working, found the actual saved games folder, couldnt see it in the folders but was in the Users folder on my main drive. Thanks for the help!!
  4. That is in the main folder along with the "Game" application along with the save files
  5. THanks for the reply....but I cant find any saved game folder, they are in the pokemon reborn folder, but theres no folder for saved games that I can see
  6. Hi! I uploaded all the data that I had (files etc) from an old pc to my one drive the reloaded those onto my current laptop, then downloaded the newest version of the game....the issue is the game will only show up New Game and wont load up the save files that I had from a long time ago.....is there a way to go about loading those files? they show as: rxdata file Any help would be appreciated as over 18hours were spent in game from those files
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