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  1. Leveling up

    Thank you!!
  2. Leveling up

    where is the pair of people and squirtles?
  3. Leveling up

    Hey guys I am just trying to level up a golbat for my battle against Adrienne, however I dont really know a good spot for training at this stage... anyone have any good spots?
  4. Lf Metagross or Aggron

    Anyone have a metagross or aggron available to trade?
  5. LF Staraptor or Salamence

    Thank you, I didn't even realize they weren't closed
  6. LF Staraptor or Salamence

    Anyone have a staraptor or salamence they would be willing to trade? Preferably around level 75. Thanks.
  7. Stuck at Blake

    Okay nevermind- just put scrafty and swampert in and had swampert heal while scrafty dealed out some major damage. Thanks for the help
  8. Stuck at Blake

    Thank you. The only issue I keep coming up to is the spamming of blizzard is destroying everyone on my team. I can barely keep scrafty alive long enough for him to get to brick breaks in.
  9. Stuck at Blake

    Hey guys, I currently am unable to defeat Blake no matter what i try, here is my team. Blaziken lv 69 - Blaze Kick - Flare Blitz - Bulk up - Sky Uppercut Scrafty lv 74 - Crunch - Brick Break - Thunderpunch - Head Smash Excavalier lv 68 - Shadow Claw - Drill Run - Metal Claw - Swords Dance Swampert lv 75 - Surf - Hydro Pump - Dive - Earthquake Gallade lv 72 - Psycho Cut - Destiny Bond - Swords Dance - Close Combat Luxray lv 70 - Discharge - Wild Charge - Electric Terrain - Crunch I also have the following pokemon in my box: Golem, Rhydon, Milotic, Bronzong, Alakazam, Leavanny, Simipour, Meowstic, Garbodor, Growlithe, Mareep. Any help would be amazing.
  10. Lf Metagross or Aggron

    Thank you once again xD
  11. Lf Metagross or Aggron

    Thank you! And yes, even with a swampert he still can KO everyone on my team
  12. Lf Metagross or Aggron

    Anyone have a pokemon with rain dance anywhere around level 70 they could give me?
  13. Lf Metagross or Aggron

    My problem is, none of the pokemon I have accumulated can learn it and idk who to catch.
  14. Lf Metagross or Aggron

    Hey guys I am just looking for a pokemon who knows rain dance and is around level 70, currently trying to take down Charlotte. let me know if you do!
  15. LF Gallade

    thank you very much man