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  1. Lf any pokemon level ~70 with rain dance

    Thank you once again xD
  2. Lf any pokemon level ~70 with rain dance

    Thank you! And yes, even with a swampert he still can KO everyone on my team
  3. Lf any pokemon level ~70 with rain dance

    Anyone have a pokemon with rain dance anywhere around level 70 they could give me?
  4. Lf any pokemon level ~70 with rain dance

    My problem is, none of the pokemon I have accumulated can learn it and idk who to catch.
  5. Hey guys I am just looking for a pokemon who knows rain dance and is around level 70, currently trying to take down Charlotte. let me know if you do!
  6. LF Gallade

    thank you very much man
  7. LF Gallade

    okay im ready
  8. LF Gallade

    sorry one second xD
  9. LF Gallade

    thanks man! My username is Sam23
  10. LF Gallade

    I don't have much to trade, I have a couple of random shinies.. anything you would be looking for?
  11. LF Gallade

    Hey guys, anyone have a gallade around level 70 they are willing to trade? Let me know!
  12. LF Leavanny/Scrafty

    dude you rock. saved me at least 2 hours of grinding
  13. LF Leavanny/Scrafty

    Awesome I'm waiting!
  14. LF Leavanny/Scrafty

    Hey man! Anyway you would want to trade them? As you know I don't have much
  15. LF Leavanny/Scrafty

    Hey guys, anyone have a lv ~55 leavanny or scrafty they would be willing to trade? I don't have much, just three random shinies. let me know!