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  1. You can get a link stone by the staircase in Lapis Ward after you beat shelly it will evolve it
  2. Thank you
  3. What are the EVs? sorry to sound like a noob lol
  4. First off I hope this is the right place to post this topic. All of my mons IVs are greater on the left side than the number on the right. For example 81/31 or 47/24 just curious if the extra numbers on the left side add anything or if they just keep going up but cap off at the normal IV number on the right??
  5. Thanks fellas!!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm currently at the point where Cain, Radomus, and yourself are chasing El an Gardevior and when you get to the top you get to pick whos side of the story you believe El's or Radomus... Was wondering if anyone could tell me the consequences from picking either side..if there even are any
  7. Just did it thanks
  8. Thanks!!
  9. Where art thou exp share??
  10. ahhh ok gotcha thanks
  11. what is the overworld?
  12. Can anyone tell me how Sliggoo evolves to Goodra in Reborn?
  13. Thanks I'm excited for whats ahead!!
  14. Hahaha thank you!!
  15. Hello everyone, this is my first post as a member in this awesome community. Thought I'd introduce myself a little I'm 25 years old from North Carolina I have loved Pokemon ever since the day it came out. Favorite Pokemon has got to be Zapdos, favorite type is flying/water. I'd love to get to know some of you guys so feel free to message me. Also open for any tips and pointers to help me out during the game. I currently in the onyx ward about to take on the Flobot, yeah I know I'm not very far lol.