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Found 15 results

  1. Alright so I'll probably make a few of these topics as writing is a fun little thing, but it can be a bit daunting on what and where to begin. Those might all be in one place, but I feel this one deserves it's own topic as it's one of the more important ones. Anyways here we go: So writing is one of those simple things with zero rules, but due to implied rules is overly complicated to figure out where your boundaries and strengths lie. So the obvious answer is that you want to ask people how good of a writer you are. I really like being an anonymous writer as people are more willing to be honest which is a good thing about communities and writing communities. A friend might just say it's good to not hurt your feelings or he's not an experienced writer. Why Feedback is so important When reading a story online that you like, the number one thing you can do to hurt them is not comment at all. The second worst thing you can do is say something along the line: "I liked the story. Will keep reading." Those two things are just as bad, if not worse than: "Ermagawd! You're story is so bland. Couldn't you write deeper characterz or sometingz!" Now that you're done looking at me with a funny face, I'll explain myself. Saying nothing is almost no different than saying you didn't like the story. It more or less means you didn't care for it and don't feel like it's worth the effort to say anything. Silence is the worst thing for a writer as it fills them with doubt and kills their self esteem and motivation. Short one lined comments are a tiny bit better, but not that much. To me, it feels like I failed as a writer for not getting you engaged to say anything more than you liked it. Why did you like it? If anything, it could be that you didn't like it and wanted me to feel better. You don't have to be a critic or even really good at giving feedback to really motivate a writer. A little bit goes a very long way. I love it when people give me a small paragraph and reasons why they liked it as it makes me want to do more. Seriously, 3-4 sentences to the writer goes a long way and more is better. As a writer, I've gone back through both criticism and feedback many times when I feel down or I am struggling to write. Both are just so important and make me feel like I'm not wasting my time. I suppose I can give a comment someone gave to me a while back to show what I mean:
  2. The title of the post is pretty self-explanatory. After the slow heat death of Pokemon: LD, I've decided that I want to continue hosting RPs. I thought that Pokemon: Luminous Dawn went so well that I'm already hoping to get another thing going. Essentially, the concept is to have each player create a Bounty Hunter character within the world of One Piece. In this world, assume that we are currently in the time skip between Marineford and Shabondy Archipelago. If you don't know One Piece, it basically means that the One Piece canon is on pause. The premise of this RP is to have Bounties act as chapters. Characters will have development and there will be recurring NPCs, but this structure will make it easier for people to drop in and out of chapters without disrupting the natural flow of the narrative. If you're interested in doing some action-oriented One Piece RP, let me know here. Otherwise, I'll see you in the OOC.
  3. Gratitude is addictive. Why? Several reasons, near as I can tell. Number one is that I am an ostentatious attention whore who won't pass up the chance to focus the communities attention however briefly on myself. That's fine though, seeking attention is not inherently bad pending on your methods and really who am I hurting with this? The second reason gratitude is addictive is because reflection on the good parts of your life, should they be prominent enough, can be a reprieve from a lot of the bad in the world in a similar way that dwelling on the bad can make the best parts of your life momentarily fade into the background of your mind. I made a topic for 7,000 posts because that seemed like a massive number. Similarly three years on reborn is an insane amount of time. I remember when I was a wee babby of reborn, i'm arguably still that, reading Jelly's three year topic. Didn't fuckin' think I'd get to make one myself. What's the difference between these topics? Well instead of listing everyone awesome in reborn I'll actually be addressing people, thus the title. There's a lot of you fuckboys, girls and non binaries. and now, a song that is truly fitting for myself and my contribution to this community
  4. Anybody knows were the Underwater field readout is?
  5. And the Fairy-Tale Field? AAaaaaanddd the PULSE Muk note? Aaaaaaaaaannnnnndddddd the TechGlasses?
  6. Ocho


    How do i get a shroomish?
  7. So, I have a very important (not really) question for all the players of Reborn who call themselves collectors. Has there been, in your personal experience, one particular Pokemon that you just could NOT FREAKING CATCH? Like something that you went through waaaay too many balls to catch, or had just a hell of a time finding, even though you know exactly where it is HOLY CHRIST THAT FUCKING SLAKOTH TOOK FOREVER SOMEBODY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IMPROVE HEADBUTT Wait what Anyways! Feel free to rant as much as you may like You all certainly deserve to.
  8. So I volunteer for after school child care in my town, I play with/teach 3-8 year olds for an hour and I have to say, it's an amazing experience. Those kids sometimes say things I'd only expect an adult to say. Anyway, it was raining this week and on Friday we were able to play outside and after a bit of hide and seek the kids wanted to play Batman and Robin which is freeze tag except the freezers are the "villains" and the unfreezers are Batman and Robin. I was chosen to be a villain along with another girl, we were both supposed to be Jokers before I suggested being Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold ("how have I never thought of using ice related villains before!?" complained one five year old), we were set. When I yelled "go" everyone took off running, I tried to but then realized something, wood chips were normally slippery and pair them with getting rained on earlier? A health hazard. My legs went out to either side of me in a perfect split, seriously, I had no idea legs worked like that, and holy mother of Arceus, it hurt. I really thought I dislocated something and was in so much pain, luckily I didn't swear like I wanted to because children. Instead I started speaking third person (I'm pretty sure I was delirious with pain or something) 'Children!" I cried, "Captain Cold has had a semi serious hip (it was more of my groin and pelvis but I didn't want to explain what those were) injury!" By then the only way I could relieve the pain was to get the pressure of my legs by falling onto my face, the children had surrounded me now, asking if I were alright "he'll be alright, children!" I said "He's just going to some physical therapy", that's when the children left me (I like to think for dead) and I started dragging myself to a bench. All of this took place in about a minute, by the time I pulled myself onto a bench a teacher was asking if I were alright, "just my ego" I said. So that's my story, quite weird and painful, but there's one part that really stuck out to me, when I was on my stomach and face I felt someone kick me in the leg and heard a little boy say "that's what you deserve, evil doer!" What a cruel sense of justice, kicking a villain while they're down. I love playing with these kids. I think this is the right forum to post this on.
  9. Greetings to all Pokemon Reborn trainers! As you might have guessed, I am a hat of a gentleman who noticed about the Pokemon Reborn game and wish to progress into the journey alongside the forums. I'm not entirely alien to the Pokemon series but I have unfortunately been unable to catch up with the current generations. So do forgive my ignorance of such things and let us have a splendid day! Now while I am at most curious about the site and the game itself, I do believe it is only natural to let you know quite a few things about myself; such as: Learned that typing "IT'S PIKACHU!!!" is apparently not a valid answer in the validation question upon creating the account. Chansey is confirmed to be my spirit animal. I find being worn by bald people comfortable. I do not live in the UK or was born from it, so I do NOT have a British/English accent. SO QUIT ASKING! Hail Arceus. I have actually played the Reborn game but a long time ago so I may be unfamiliar with the past updates or changes. The avatar is not the actual image of my being. I take on the form of the most fanciest hat you would have ever seen. Do not question how I type, read, listen, sleep, destroy, swag, or other abilities humans have. I can be Mega evolved. My type is Gentleman. Derp. Tis not even my final form. By the power of Grayskull, are you still reading this? I'd say.
  10. I would like to start a new game, and I was wondering if a Steel Monotype would be possible to do? I am willing to catch any pokemon that evolves INTO a steel type, such as starting with a piplup (water) for an empoleon (water/steel) My main question is: Is there enough Steel type options early game for the game to be semi-possible?
  11. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. As you all have never noticed, I have yet to create an intro thread, despite being here for over a year. It's generally a thing I forget to do on websites, but I figured I've been here long enough that I should do it. And since I know you're thinking, "Ugh, it's just another troll post by somebody who isn't really new," I've decided to put a little twist on this in honor of Christmas jk that's just a convenient excuse. In addition to telling you a little about myself, I'm going to allow anybody who replies here to add a line to what will become my profile. It can be humorous, true, ridiculous, whatever, and I will put it on there, as long as it's appropriate and follows the site rules. So anyway, I'm currently a senior in high school. I'm turning eighteen on December 30, and I enjoy a variety of things, such as soccer, playing piano, drums, videogames, reading, and through this site, I discovered forum RPs, which I've taken a liking to. I'd never done any sort of Roleplaying before that, so this is a shout out to those who got me started, notably Acquiescence, who created the RP that became the first I ever joined. And for dealing with my antics as a newb. As I said, I enjoy videogames, some of which are multiplayer, so feel free to hit me up sometime. My favorites are Smite, Super Smash Bros. (Preferably Melee, but I play them all), Shadow of the Colossus, the Attack on Titan Tribute Game, and I'm working on getting into League. I always say that but I never do. U-um, th-that's all I can think of now, but feel free to a-ask if you want to know something... >.> Oh wait, acting cute only works for females... Remember to get your free line in my profile. It'll probably stay like that for a long time when this is finished...
  12. So, I was wondering; would anyone be interested if I were to set up a sprite shop? I'm not sure what exactly I'd do in it, though. I could definitely make custom Pokemon sprites (recolors, edits, potentially even creating a new Pokemon. I'll have to see about the last one though.) and perhaps some signatures or avatars for people. I just want to get an idea of how many people would be interested so I know if it's worth my time. Also, if you have any suggestions for things for me to add to the shop if I do set it up, go ahead. I'll gladly take any ideas. Thanks!
  13. ok, i got bored and was remembering reading about the rules of the internet... so... this happened to pop into my head as a fun little game... Anyways, he rules to the rules game is very simple, we start with rule 1, say what the rule is, and go on till we hit 100 rules, (Note: there can be Rules that contradict other rules) Ex: Rule 15: All Fire Type Pokemon Underused Ex: Rule 49: All low Level Fire Types are OverUsed Just some examples... cause i can anyways, Let us Begin Rule Building to the ULTIMATE GAME Rule 1: All pokemon that look like fish Rock Types
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