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Found 3 results

  1. Gratitude is addictive. Why? Several reasons, near as I can tell. Number one is that I am an ostentatious attention whore who won't pass up the chance to focus the communities attention however briefly on myself. That's fine though, seeking attention is not inherently bad pending on your methods and really who am I hurting with this? The second reason gratitude is addictive is because reflection on the good parts of your life, should they be prominent enough, can be a reprieve from a lot of the bad in the world in a similar way that dwelling on the bad can make the best parts of your life momentarily fade into the background of your mind. I made a topic for 7,000 posts because that seemed like a massive number. Similarly three years on reborn is an insane amount of time. I remember when I was a wee babby of reborn, i'm arguably still that, reading Jelly's three year topic. Didn't fuckin' think I'd get to make one myself. What's the difference between these topics? Well instead of listing everyone awesome in reborn I'll actually be addressing people, thus the title. There's a lot of you fuckboys, girls and non binaries. and now, a song that is truly fitting for myself and my contribution to this community
  2. Hi o/ You probably know me. If you don't, I'm Acqui, and this is possibly the second time I'm embarking on a highly ambitious project for this subforum (the first being Vyker/The Worlds Apart project, which fell apart due to lack of interest.) Today I'm here to bring you a new idea, known as A.R.T.S. (Acqui's Relatively Tactical System) // A.L.T.S. (Acqui's Less Tactical System) This forum, which has a high number of combat-oriented RPs, surprisingly has a lack of stat-based RPs. This is especially odd when you consider that a large number of our players here come from D&D backgrounds. This system, inspired by a number of Fire Emblem RPs over on another forum, seeks to fill this niche by providing an outlet for streamlined, tactical combat. The Problem: Combat is something that can cause a lot of grief to a host. When is it time for a player to stop getting lucky and avoiding an attack? When is it appropriate for a boss to finally stop dodging and take a hit? When should a boss take damage, and how much damage should he take before he goes down? The ambiguity when it comes to battles can be the source of many a headache for GMs and players alike. In addition, in these RPs, it's common for many players to skim over their battles with the mook characters, in favor of reaching the boss fights quickly and accomplishing objectives. This can cause the battle to feel less like a battle and detract from its intensity. With this system, we replace the subjectivity of battles with pure, hard, stat-based combat to streamline the process and facilitate the management of the RP, so you can focus less on fighting and more on the meat of a collaborative storytelling experience: the character interactions. The Proposal: The ARTS/ALTS is a system which attempts to take grid-based tactical combat/tabletop combat and port it over to an RP-by-post format, based heavily on the system used by Shin on the SerenesForest forum (more on this later). By utilising a visual map and stat-based combat, it is possible to more clearly outline and define the tactical objectives of a combat situation. The Map: A.R.T.S. Base System. Powerful, adaptable, complex. A.L.T.S. A Simplified version of the ARTs. Lightweight and minimalistic. For people who really hate numbers. Call and Response So, now that I've typed all that out, I'd like to get a brief sensing: Is anyone interesting in using this system to host/play? If so, I'll expand on it (skills, magic, terrain, etc.) and start compiling resources for use (tilesets, sprites, digital art, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.). If nobody's interested in this, then I won't work on it any longer and move on to other things. Let me know ^^
  3. I'm in a predicament, but I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding or not. If any of you have been in this extremely specific situation, I'd appreciate a response. I've had my 3DS for a few years, got a bunch of stuff on the SD card, and I recently purchased the Smash Bros. themed 3DS XL because it looks awesome. Tried putting my original 3DS' SD card into the XL, it doesn't work. Looked it up, I need to do a system transfer. Now, I know HOW to do a system transfer, but the problem is that it says my data on the XL's SD card will be wiped if I transfer. The problem is that I have a digital copy of Smash Bros on the new SD card. I want to keep it. I read elsewhere that somebody bought an Animal Crossing 3DS XL bundle (that exists...?) and that it deleted their pre-installed game after the transfer, but after said transfer they could go on the e-shop and download it again for free. I'm not sure if this is reliable, but if that's the case then I'm thinking I should be able to re-download Smash as well. My problem with all this though, besides reliability, is that I'll be transferring e-shop data to my XL. Will I actually be able to download it again? I never downloaded it on my e-shop account, it was already on the system, so I really don't have any idea if this will work. I want to be able to play my games on the XL screen without having to delete Smash Bros. with no way of downloading it again if it won't be free. Has anybody else done a system transfer to a Smash 3DS XL? Can you tell me if you were able to re-download Smash on the XL after transferring Nintendo Network ID, SD card data, e-shop data etc.? I really am stumped with this and it's making me really confused and upset because I don't want to lose it, but I also don't know what will happen. :[ Again, this is REALLY specific. I don't care if you bought a MH4U or whatever 3DS that had the game on it already - I only want to hear it from people with the Smash one, that's the most reliable way of knowing. Thanks for any help in advance. EDIT: I should point out I've not linked my Smash Bros. 3DS XL to my Club Nintendo account yet, but I'm about to do it now in case that affects it. My 3DS is already linked to it.
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