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Found 13 results

  1. So I've been testing as my first run of the game wether it can be consistently be completed in a proffesor oak challenge, and I obtained the mining kit a short while ago and learned that there's a set amount of rocks you can do this with. I find it a bit strange for this to be this way as not the original games nor many other fangames do this, a bit unnecesary and annoying but in a normal playthrough seems fair. I am currently just before the badge from the water leader and I find myself at a really uncomfortable spot... I have mined the introductury rocks in one go as I was advised so those are out... and I have around 5 or so ones available to me, 6 if we count the retry powder thingie. I feel that It could be beneficial for this feature to be made into something respawnable for the sakes of convenience and for maybe the possibility of a prof oak challenge ithout this random factor. Also I am aware that save retrying is a thing, but I fear that it may come to a point that I must search for the odds of a moon and a sun stone together only and the like... Thanks for your attention.
  2. Rejuvenation V13 is almost out and I've been visiting this website for the past months everyday single day for developement updates soi was wondering if the developers could instead of dropping the game the exact moment it's done make a 24 hour timer. I know that some of the creators of this game once aspired to be youtubers and it would be awesome if you could stream about the developement cycle of v13 and at the end of the stream the game would get released. Come to think of it you don't even need to stream you could also use a live premier on a regular old youtube video. I personally think when you're working countless hours on a new version of a game The release should be celebrated in some kind of way. I also get if this might be too high effort and that the devs would have something better to do, but if Jan,zumi or any other dev reads this thread, could you please put a few hours before the game releases the developement percentage to 99.9969% just for the memes ?
  3. So I started playing this game for the first time this morning, and I came upon an immediate problem: I like to go back and forth between wikis and the game screen, and between pokemon infocards and the main battle screen. Hazard of my attention span. And when I do the former, coming back to the screen requires me to either fiddle around with the buttons for a moment to try and find which move I had selected, or requires me to squint and try to tell the difference in contrast between what is and isn't selected. A contrast which is just... not great at all. So I decided to fix this, and fervently hope that something like this will end up in V13 for people like me. Feel free to take this and use it to replace Graphics\Pictures\Battle\battleFightButtons.png if you have the same issue.
  4. Last episode I played was Ep 16, and I haven't played Reborn ever since. And I didn't even finish playing that time. Now, I'm back to the game. I picked Mudkip for my starter. Now, I was planning on making a team using Swampert, Silvally (type depends), Metagross, and Dragonite/Salamence (I can't figure out who else I should put in my team). I need suggestions for my team. I want a team that, if possible, covers all types, and has a whole lot of resistances. My play style is mix of offense, defense, and stall (usually offense and stall). Suggestions for movesets, nature, EV investments, held items, and abilities are also appreciated.
  5. so this is my team after beating noel can u guys suggest me 2/3 good mons with synargy to my team??(alolan pokemon preferred :3) thinking of adding wimpod
  6. During Rainbow field sleeping pokemon regain health each turn, well, since Komala is always sleeping, wouldnt it make sense to make pokemon with the ability comatose to regain health?
  7. snipler

    Honey Pot

    Hello everyone, so.. i've been thinking and i can't help but ask you guys about this... would it be possible to make a Key-item class to keep the Honey, like a honey pot you have to fill with regular honey you can purchase on the store? like the cinder from pokemon ruby-sapphire, this way you can register the item and use the honey to lure pokemon without walking, like sweet scent but fastest. If this isn't too much work for you guys maybe you can put it in the next update? i think we all will appreciate this also, idk if this topic is supposed to go here, i apologize if this goes somewhere else, but i think this idea is just amazing (ok, maybe not amazing but is certainly a good one)
  8. Hello reborn! Today I have a suggestion about Field Effects! Here are my ideas for Field Effects! Canyon Field: I'll post one here when I get another field effect idea, so stay tuned!
  9. So I was working on this sprite (and technically still am): Based on this Fonteart design. I could go with just increasing Nidoking's stats according to his most common use (while trying to stick to his original spread), leaving us with: Poison/Ground Ability: Sheer Force HP: 81 Attack: 122 Defense: 87 Sp.Atk: 125 Sp.Def: 85 Speed: 95 Total: 605 There are 10pts left that could go to Attack, Sp. Attack, Speed or to further buff up his defenses. I was actually wondering what would be the appropriate changes/stat increases for a Mega Nidoking? Since I'm not very knowledgeable on competitive battling, I'd like to see what stat spreads, typing and ideas would be actually appropriate for Pokemon in general and Reborn in particular. Or maybe just things to spice up the metagame.
  10. Has there been any talk of adding shadows to player and NPC overworld sprites? Recently I added this Overworld Shadow script by KleinStudio and it pretty much worked like a charm on Reborn. There are some rare instances were a shadow appears were it isn't supposed to be/lags, but that has to do with how I haven't limited the shadow events, and is something that could probably be fixed by someone who knows something more about coding.
  11. As with other forums, in an attempt to keep the Site Inquiries sub-forum clean & tidy, this thread will conglomerate numerous helpful topics that were previously cluttering the Pinned section of Site Inquiries. Better to have too much of a good thing, but better still to not have all this genius cluttering the site in an unorganized fashion. This thread aims to organize Site-relevant threads into a single location. And as per usual, feel free to post here if you feel a thread should be added to the directory. Alternatively, if you feel a thread is important enough to stay pinned, don't hesitate to leave a post with an explanation. Beneficial Thread Revival vs. Necroposting Forum FAQ & Helpful Tips The Way of the Bump & How to Do So Reporting & The Report Button Warnings & Proper Rule Enforcement PSA on the Spoiler Rule Warning Point Consequences PSA on Rule 7 & Sexual Content PSA on Rule 4 & Slurs
  12. One the I (and perhaps many others) have noticed when nicknaming pokemon in Reborn is that in the naming screen, there is no way to tell what gender the pokemon is. Now, obviously, when one catches a pokemon in reborn, they can see the gender before the Pokedex screen/nicknaming screen. However, with gift pokemon, this is not the case. Hence my suggestion. Now, I am well aware that when one tries to suggest implementing ideas from Zeta/Omicron, they are ridiculed for potentially making Reborn easier than the offical games. However, this has nothing to do with difficulty. In recent versions of Zeta/Omicron, they have added a gender symbol to the Nicknaming Screen to make nicknaming pokemon a little easier. Perhaps the same should be done here. Any thoughts?
  13. Would it be possible to incorporate profile songs into the forums? I've seen them on a few other sites, not many though. But basically you pick a song for your profile, host it somewhere, and enter the url. Then, when people visit your profile, the song starts playing. I thought it would be kinda cool to do here if possible.
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