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Found 16 results

  1. Both Feebas and especially Milotic look amazing, What are their designs inspired by?
  2. So I reached the end of chapter 12 of rejuvenation. Browsing the discord, it was clear changes were made in how certain elements were presented and all that. Afterwards I sat down and took stock of the story and events and asked "is this still a Pokemon game?" I don't mean this in an insulting way but so much has been done to expand and work with the limitations and basics of a Pokemon game that it feels right now I'm playing a creature catcher game that happens to have Pokemon. One example for a major distinction is they're just magic people in Avieum. They're magic people in the Pokemon worl
  3. Just in case someone wants to if you visit Florin outside the botanical garden he reveals that he will take lead of bladestar while running for mayor and invites you to join which I did so if anyone wants to join the new bladestar here's how.
  4. Hi, so after I beat the kimono girls and watched the scene with Erin and Alieta my character was whisked into a cut scene and then found themselves in Sheridan village . Is there a way for me to get back to Grand Dream City, its been a while but last time I checked story wise we couldn't get there and I'm don't know if this is a bug or a feature.
  5. Of course I encounter a shiny Giratina when I can't catch it lmao
  6. I just finished V13 and remember reading a dev blog post stating that Ana's quest would be continued in V13 but I cannot for the life of me find out where I have to go to continue it. I know V13.5 will introduce more side quests with some story characters but I thought Ana's would be in the current version, unless this was changed due to wanting to get the update out sooner. Any insight would be appreciated!
  7. First off, special thanks to lemyuuu on the new V.13 Pokemon Thread for the help in finding this thing. Second, to those that want to play V.13 completely blind, don't read any further. Many people may consider this a spoiler so turn back now if you wish to remain pure. Third, to access this 'mon you'll need a Pokemon with Earthquake, Magnitude, or Bulldoze. You will also need Rock Climb/Golden Claws and Rock Smash/Golden Hammer. Ready? Here we go! Please let me know if I missed anything.
  8. I've tried all the words I can find but they were all wrong. Can anyone please reveal the solution ?
  9. I got this popup when encountering 4 different-colored puppets when going to the right of the dream axis high. It crashed my game, and set me back really far as there is no Autosave functionality. While it's a good place for me to take a break, I thought I'd let people know about it.
  10. Hey, I've finished the post-champion story and have at least one of each plate, but when I see arceus at the data vault it just says its the manager and that Litwick helps it. Is arceus actually obtainable?
  11. Something I noticed on my 3rd replay of Rejuvenation was that Erick is the badge that gives Strength, even though beating Flora / Florin gives you the actual HM. I wanted Prankster Whimsicott for the Rift Gardevoir fight, so I was thinking about how I could get it without boarding the train to GDC. I tried using Golden Gauntlets, but they had the Use button disabled. So I went to bulbapedia to see if anything learned Strength without a HM, and saw the only Gen 7 to do so was Machamp. So I used a Link Heart on Machoke, since Machamp learns Strength on evolution, and it worked. I got all the Str
  12. I figured out the rough estimate for these unseen Pulses' stats, here they are: Pulse Garbodor 240 HP 20 Attack 140 Defense 115 Special Attack 160 Special Defense 80 Speed Pulse Camerupt 200 HP 50 Attack 160 Defense 240 Special Attack 150 Special Defense 10 Speed Pulse Hypno 255 HP 30 Attack 180 Defense 240 Special Attack 255 Special Defense 150 Speed
  13. Edit: adding some space so this isn't viewable from the club page. ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- So as we all know, the evil Melanie is somehow an alternate version of Melia. But that begs many questions. Most obviously, why is Melia good and Melanie evil? Also, why is Melanie completely unfamiliar with M
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