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Found 5 results

  1. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have ourselves the amazing duo for our Gym Leader Interview: Psychic-Leader Echo and her Metagross! Sylveon: Great to have you and your Metagross here tonight, Echo. Also nice outfit looks amazing did you make it yourself? Echo: Thank you! I like to have Swoobat with me in spririt, even if it's not in my team. I wish I was talented enough to make something like this myself, but no, it was designed by a professional. Sylveon: Either way I like it. Speaking of which what team are you referring to? Echo: Well, my battle team, of course! I have a few different stages to pick from for each challenger, and sadly, Swoobat doesn't shine as brightly on all of them. Sylveon: So your a strategist. Do you think that the psychic type can help you be flexible and face any kind of challenger? Echo: It definitely has its advantages, but I think flashiness and a stunning performance are much more important than giving every challenger a hard time! Sylveon: It's always nice to watch a dazzling performance. Now for a question from one of our viewers Flying Reserve Ryouyashi asks "What did you do before becoming a gym leader, and would she ever want to go back to doing that someday? Echo: Well, to be honest, what I was doing before isn't very different from what I'm doing now! I've been peforming for a long time, so when my gym leader application got accepted, I just added Pokémon battles to my routines! I definitely don't want to go back before all of that. It wasn't a very exciting time. Sylveon: Another related question from a viewer this time from a fellow gym leader Cecilia! "What inspired you to become a psychic specialist? Echo: I didn't really get into training Pokémon with the goal to become a Psychic specialist. When I started out, I just used Pokémon I really liked, and most of them just happened to be Psychic types! Since then, I've really grown to love the type, and I still feel a bit of wonder every time I see my Reuniclus levitate objects around the stage. Sylveon: Do you have any other hobbies other than pokemon battles and performing? Echo: Between training and preparing performances, I usually don't have that much time for other hobbies, but I do enjoy video games to relax from time to time, and hanging out with the other gym leaders is always a treat! Sometimes, I like to dress up my Pokémon in extravagant outfits for the fun of it. They enjoy it too, I promise! Sylveon: I prefer the look of my stylish sunglasses but if I ever feel the need for a wardrobe update it's always nice to know I could ask you for advice. But that can wait for now let's continue with a question from Steel Leader Beatrice: "What is your favorite food?" Echo: It might just be because of the memories associated with it, but I've always thought the Cotton Candy that's sold in front of Agate Circus is the tastiest thing in the world! Sylveon: We're on a roll with these questions from viewers so let's not stop. Fire Leader Pierce asks "If you could train any other type, which one would you wanna train?" Echo: Oh, that's an easy one! It'd have to be Fairy. Dazzling Gleam is a wonderful move, and I already use Gardevoir all the time! It's almost as perfect for performances as Psychic is. Sylveon: I see your Metagross there is itching for some attention. Care to tell us why you two are a pair? Echo: That's a funny story, actually! Most trainers meet their closest partners when they're still unevolved, but my partner here was already fulled evolved when I met it! It was a member of the Agate Circus, being used for strongman performances. It was really good at them, too! But when I saw it for the first time, I could immediately tell it wasn't happy with what it was doing. So, one time, I took it with me for one of my Laser Light shows, and it was almost like seeing a whole new Pokémon. It was like it was made for it! That's what gave me the idea of adding Pokémon to my shows. After that, the two of us started training together, and I started adding more and more Pokémon to my team. Still, Metagross is always the star of the show! Sylveon: And it looks so happy compared to other Metagrosses that I've seen. When did you start performing and what did you do before that? Echo: I was 15 when I had my first real performance, and everything before that was pretty unremarkable, honestly. I went to a regular school- not even a trainer school, if you can believe that!- and practiced a lot in my free time. Singing, dancing, playing instruments, I knew that I wanted to stand on a stage one day, and I tried everything that I thought could bring me closer to that. In retrospect, my social life probably suffered a little during that time, but now I have a whole new group of friends! And fans, of course. Sylveon: I must say I'm one of those fans I enjoy the way you battle reminds me of the contests in Hoenn and Sinnoh. Echo: That was definitely an inspiration, I'll admit! Though I think I've struck a good balance between that and old-fashioned Pokémon battles. Sylveon: Alright any closing remarks before we end for the night? *Echo jumps on top of Metagross and both of them strike a pose* Echo: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, and thanks to everyone listening! My fans make all of this worth it! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  2. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have two interviews with two different leaders for our Gym Leader Interview: This one is for Water-Leader Trent and his Greninja, Grenadine Sylveon: Hello it's great to have you and your Greninja here Trent! Trent: Thank’s for the opportunity to let me be here. Grenadine: Gree! Sylveon: Greninja is usually a starter pokemon did you get Grenadine from a lab? Trent: Grenadine here’s from the lab in Aevium actually. He’s not my first Greninja actually, just the one I use the most often. Sylveon: Oh cool! Are you from Aevium? Trent: No, I’m from Kalos. Aqua is my original starter from way back in the day, she says hi. Sylveon: How was it like living in Kalos? And did your love for water types start there? Trent: Kalos is... alright. It’s a nice place but I decided to explore the world a bit more. Kalos didn’t prompt my love of water types, but I did go back later for some education at the aquarium in Ambrette town years later. Sylveon: Oh how was it like exploring, I bet you saw plenty of water pokemon your travels did something happen on one of them to make you love them? Trent: I did a lot of exploring in my early adulthood. I just caught a lot of pokemon that were useful or cool. Reborn and the Azurine region really developed my love of water pokemon. Sylveon: I assumed it would've been in a place like Alola or Hoenn with all the water in those regions. But water is a diverse type and they can be found almost anywhere speaking of which with so many unique pokemon at your disposal what's your favorite field to use them on? Trent: Water surface allows me that edge in both speed and damage, letting my pokemon crash like a typhoon until my opponent is defeated. Swamp is also fun to use too. Sylveon: What are your thoughts on the Reborn League, do you believe it was the right choice to be a gym leader there? Trent: I feel choosing to become a leader here was a great decision, allowing me to come into contact with strong battlers and make some new acquaintances. Sylveon: Now for a question from a viewer Hopeboi999: What does being a gym leader mean to you? Trent: Being a gym leader means being a hand and a hurdle, helping and pushing others to be better both mentally and in battle. Sylveon: Well it great to know that you treat being a gym leader that way, but what do you do when you aren't taking challenges? Trent: I run the nature center out of Azurine Island, which has thrived so much in these past few years I recommend checking it out, paperwork and caring for my pokemon. Sylveon: Ooh, now for a meme and a question from fellow gym leader Aurora: Do u liek mudkipz? Trent: Yez, I hass 2 swampertzes and a few spare mudkipz. (Also Swampertite when, Ame?!) Sylveon: Also may I ask where you got your Trident? Trent: I found it in Azurine lake actually, just took a bit of scrubbing to get it not coated in algae. Sylveon: Well that's all of our time for tonight it was pleasure talking with you now if you'll excuse me I need to get my brother Poseidon the Vaporeon to dive into Azurine Lake. Trent: It’s been a great time, thank you. Grenadine: Gre-ninja!! Sylveon used Echoed Voice!: See you round hydrophobics! And that's it for tonight Reborn! Stay safe and keep an eye for the next exciting news of the Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, Over and Out!
  3. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have two interviews with two different leaders for our Gym Leader Interview: This one is for Dark-Leader Node and his Sableye, Shadow! Sylveon: I'm glad we could schedule this interview with you and Shadow, Node. Node: It's our pleasure Sassy! Sylveon: Ooh I just noticed that Shadow is wearing a nice looking scarf, care to tell where you got it? Node: Uh, heh heh we stole it a long time ago from a trainer in Obsidia Ward it was the first thing we ever stole and so Shadow keeps wearing it to this day. Sylveon: I see so you were a thief before you became a gym leader. What drove you down that path? Node: Well I guess this will require some backstory. But I was sent to Onyx Academy when my parents could no longer take care of me due to the growing crisis here in Reborn. I wasn't the best student and I didn't have many friends. So I'd often sit on a bench in Onyx Ward and feed the Pidoves some pokesnax. The one day a Murkrow also came I was fine also feeding it some pokesnax but it kept pecking at me. And when I reached for my bag of Pokesnax to feed it to make it leave it was gone. I then noticed that the entire bag was gone and that a shiny Sableye was running towards an alleyway with the Murkrow following it. I then cornered them but they looked so sad and so hungry that I couldn't bring myselves to be mad at them. From that day forth I would feed them Pokesnax and soon they began to hang around the school more. They weren't really my pokemon as I never wanted to catch them but I did give them nicknames, the Shiny Sableye was obviously named Shadow, and the Murkrow I named Azure. We had a great time and they eventually got me kicked out of the Academy by stealing from my classmates. We then decided to resort to a life of crime to fill our bellies and we became naturals working for the Aqua and Magma gangs stealing for the one who'd pay the most and I've built a small fortune after all of it, we eventually retired though. Sylveon: I see it seems you were a trio, may I ask why Azure isn't also with you for this interview? Node: Oh she passed away, me and Shadow were devastated after her death as we had been such great comrades after that we couldn't continue our life of crime without her. Sometimes we visit Beryl Cemetery with her child, my Honchkrow Al. Shadow: (Sheds a single tear.) Sylveon: Oh my, I didn't realize that she's no longer with you. Maybe answering this question will help lighten the mood. Fellow Leader Aurora asked: How did you became a dark type specialist? Node: Well it's no coincidence that I began specializing in dark types after meeting Shadow and Azure, they were so clever and endearing. From then on I just started collecting any dark types I could find and giving them a suitable home safe from the disasters that were plaguing Reborn at the time. Some 7th street deals may have been involved and I got my Litten, Froakie, Carvahna, and Houndour from the Magma and Aqua gang as a token of their appreciation. So when I heard that the previous dark leader, Scep, was looking for a reserve I didn't hesitate to apply. Sylveon: Say now that your no longer stealing from people, what do you do in your spare time? Node: Well me and my dark type still steal form people sometimes. Sylveon: What?! Bu- Node: But we only steal from people we see mistreating their pokemon or wild pokemon. Other than that I enjoy cooking, making sure all of my dark types feel comfortable in my home, partaking in friendly battles, and just taking care of Shadow. She's a real rascal but she's also my partner in crime and my best friend I always make sure to feed her, her favorite gems! They normally cost an arm and a leg but we go on mining trips to get our own. She can also mega-evolve but I try not to do it too often since I know it can tire her easily. She also steals my keys but it's all fun and games. Sylveon: You mentioned cooking ask what are your opinions on these foods, Rando asked: What is your favorite sandwich? and Yeetus Volt asked: What your favorite flavor of ice cream is? Node: Confession, but I've never eaten a sandwich I don't particularly like bread. And although Shadow is a huge fan of Blue Moon Ice Cream, I prefer a nice simple scoop of Vanilla with a waffle cone and some sprinkles. Sylveon: Another question from a viewer this time HopeBoi999: Most enjoyable pokemon to use within said type, and for what reason? Node: Why of course it is Shadow she is a very versatile pokemon with her Prankster ability she can burn or poison you before you know what happens and loves to infuriate the opponent. And when she becomes mega she will often laugh at her opponents as they try to hurt her behind her gem and heals off any damage she has taken she is absolutely scared of Mega-Lopunnys though. She often pulls through for me and will take hits I expected her to fall to. Sylveon: Ooh sounds menacing wouldn't want to meet that smile in battle despite being a fairy type myself. Cactus Pear asked: What is your favorite field? Node: Why that's a hard question to answer dark is a very versatile type and I have a team for every field. But if I had to pick I'd go with Glitch, Mega-Sableye is an absolute star their, and it helps guard against scary fairy types. Sylveon: Us, scary? No way. Well I guess that brings our interview to a close any last remarks? Shadow: Used Thief! (Steals Sassy's sunglasses.) Sylveon: Hey, you better give those back! Don't make me spam Hyper Voice! And that's it for tonight Reborn! Stay safe and keep an eye for the next exciting news of the Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, Over and Out!
  4. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have the most durable guest possible for our Gym Leader Interview: Steel-Leader Beatrice and her Steelix Gungnir Sylveon: It's great to have you and Gungnir here, Beatrice! Beatrice: I'm surprised I was chosen to be interviewed but regardless let's get on with the interview. Sylveon: Of course, care to tell us your backstory? Beatrice: Sure. I was born in the Mysidia region to the East of of the Reborn Region on January 14th, 2022. My full name is "Beatrice Florete Martel," and my Grandfather was an industrious businessman, having basically been the one primarally in charge of rebooting the Reborn's Rail Infrastructure in 2010 at the time of current events , I'm 18 years old. When I was Eight years old, I was involved in a rather horrific train accident. It was miracle enough that I was even able to survive it, though at the cost of everything below my hips being more or less permanently disconnected from my spinal cord, thus confining me to a wheelchair. Since that event, I had garnered an admiration for Steel Types, as they are durable enough to laugh off something as minor as a train accident. In a sense, I was jealous of both the Pokemon Type, and the people still able to walk. But, as they years went by, I began to get accustomed to my new lot in life, and began training more intensely, as I was reliant on my Pokemon. On September 20th, 2037, I was approached by a league official from the Reborn Region. Then Steel Leader Titania was retiring, and was looking for a solid replacement. She needed foreign talent as Steel Specialists of any worth are a rare commodity in the Reborn Region. I was recommended to the league by my older sisters, Eliza and Bethanie, who at the time were the Ghost Type Leader of Reborn. Since then, I took it upon myself to keep the paperwork in the region up to date because it would be good practice for if my Grandfather decides to bequeath the company to either me, or Elizabeth once he retires. And there we have it, that's pretty much my backstory. Sylveon: It's a shame to hear how you became bound to that wheel-chair but you seem to be doing just fine. Beatrice: So, your next question? Sylveon: I see that you are close to your Steelix, Gungnir, care to tell why you two share such a bond? Beatrice: Gungnir was a gift from my Grandfather. He left him for me as an Egg while I was in the hospital after the train incident. since I raised Gungnir from an Egg, he's like a son to me. At the time, I didn't know that Onix would evolve into Steelix, so that made my eventual choice to specialize in Steel types all the more hilarious. Also, Baby Onix are pretty small. they're about a foot in length and are rather light. of course, Onix begin to grow large and heavy very quickly. Sylveon: Indeed it certainly would form a bond strong enough to allow you two to be a formidable duo. Sylveon: Now, for a question from a viewer. Fellow Leader Cervys asks "We know your favorite pokemon, but what is your least favorite?" Beatrice: Least favorite? Charizard. I see it so goddamn often. Like, come on kids, there's more fire types than what Leon and Red used, you know? Sylveon: I see, do you have a field that helps you to combat the fire-breathing lizard? Beatrice: Of course i do. a little bit of Fairy Tale magic never hurt anybody, now doesn't it? although, i believe it's my Big Top strategy that's famous. Which, you know, there's another way to clip the wings of Fire Breathing Lizards. and that's to beat the ever-loving fuck outta them with a Giant Angry Rainbow Metal Murder Snake. Sylveon: Ooh earlier you mentioned doing the league's paperwork are there other things you do in your free time, perhaps some hobbies? Beatrice: Weeeeell, uh.....hehe, this is maybe a bit cliche for a Steel Specialist, but i love watching Mecha Anime. and putting together model kits. And of course, any video-games I play, if I ever get the chance, are almost exclusively Mecha Games. stuff like Armored Core. Sylveon: Another fellow Leader Cecilia asked what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Beatrice: Well, my favorite is.....i guess Mango Ice Cream. nice and sweet, with that tropical tint!~ Sylveon: Ooh, the tropics by chance have you ever traveled to a place like Alola it's plenty tropical over there? Beatrice: No, not really. i'm not much of a far traveler. i'm perfectly content to spend most of my time in either Reborn or Mysidia. Sylveon: How is your relationship with your family members back in Mysidia? Beatrice: Fairly normal. Dad's a little overprotective of his "little girls," but seeing as I almost died to a Train Accident, and my Sisters are...one person, it's complicated, I don't really blame him. but, he doesn't have to worry much, we're both excellent trainers! Otherwise we wouldn't be a Gym Leader and Elite Four respectively. Sylveon: Must've been traumatizing almost dying in that Train Accident and then being bound to a wheel-chair afterwards. But let's move on from a more grim topic and onto something a little lighter "How is being a gym leader like? Beatrice: Uh.....it's fun! but it can be kinda stressful. Especially when i get a chain of challengers. But, it feels fulfilling, when finally, a really strong challenger comes along. Sylveon: That sure must be a battle to remember, also how is your relationship with everyone else in the league beside your sisters? Beatrice: Fairly positive, I feel. the main gym Leader who I disagreed and argued with often is no longer a part of the league, and since then, things have been pretty harmonius by comparison. less collateral damage, too. Sylveon: Great to hear, although from what I've seen you and your steel types can take plenty of collateral damage, any last remarks before the end of this interview? Beatrice: Um....let's see...if you're going to take on my Gym Puzzle, please be quick about it. i don't like sitting in an Elevator for hours. come on, a Gear Puzzle is not that hard! Sylveon: Well, that wraps on our interview it certainly was lovely having you over, and to the viewers lookout for more next time! (Quite literally ) Beatrice: Alright, see you later! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  5. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have the coolest guest possible for our Gym Leader Interview: Ice-Type Leader Cecilia and her Glaceon, Khione! Sylveon: It's great to have you two here, welcome! Cecilia: Hi, Sylveon! Khione and I are really happy to see you. Khione smiles Sylveon: Oow thank you! Before we start just a quick question of mine: how do you keep your Pokémon's looks like that? Khione's fur is just drop dead gorgeous ~ Cecilia: Aww, no problem! Khione and I are going to the Salon de Glamazonia in the South Obsidia Ward almost everyday to get her fur done. Sylveon: Ooh good to know! I might drop by myself one of these days hehe Cecilia: I can only recommend it! Khione nods Sylveon: Worst case I can always chat with Khione a bit ~ Now for the serious part! I can tell both of you are very close! How did you meet, and how did you end up as a Gym Leader team? Cecilia: I met Khione when she was still a cute little eevee. I got her from my father for my tenth birthday as gift. We often trained in the the Silver Forest next to my hometown. One day she evolved into an Glaceon during our training. We took part on many tournaments in Ayrith before we went to the Reborn Region. After I got accepted as the Ice Gym Leader here, we also travelled through Alola, Galar, Johto and Sinnoh. Sylveon: Wow, so you girls have been all around the world uh? What is your favourite place from all those travels? Cecilia: Yeah, we absolutely love to travel around the world! My favourite place has to be Snowpoint City in Sinnoh. The Snowpoint Temple in the city and the Acuity Lakefront on Route 217 were just stunning. But I also loved Mount Lanakila in Alola a lot. Sylveon: Hehe I got to write these down on my travel list too ~ Cecilia: Absolutely! Sylveon: Do you have any hobbies besides battling? Cecilia: Oh, yes of course! I really like singing, ice skating and exploring. I also go shopping a lot. Probably more than i should. laughs Sylveon: Hehe everyone has some kind of guilty pleasure right? Cecilia: Yep, that's true. Sylveon: Do you sing for the public somewhere in Reborn? Cecilia: Yeah, I'm performing every saturday in the nightclub. Sylveon: Lucky for the Ace Members! Now the chalengers have one more reason to try and beat the League hehe What is your favourite kind of music, by the way? Cecilia: My musical taste is actually very diverse. Sometimes I listen to rock music and sometimes to pop music. I prefer to sing fast songs tho. Which music style do u prefer, Sylveon? Sylveon: Uhmn I've been on a jazzy mood lately, though it changes a lot haha Cecilia: That's pretty cool My dad likes jazz a lot. Sylveon: Oooh that's nice! Do you keep in touch with your family? What do they think of you being a Gym Leader? Cecilia: I make regular calls to my father. He's very proud of me. Sylveon: Oow that's sweet! Now on to the technical stuff: What should challengers expect when facing you, field and battle style wise?(editado) Cecilia: I usually use hyper offensive teams and my favourite field has to be the Inverse Field. I also use the Underwater and Icy Field a lot, but I try out many other fields too. Battling Challengers in the New Mirror Arena will be fun. Sylveon: Hehe sounds like fast and furious battling! Cecilia: For sure! Ice Types are beautiful, but they're also strong in battle. Challengers shouldn't underestimate them! Sylveon: Now a lightning round of viewer questions! Fellow Gym Leader Node asks: What is your favourite place in Reborn? Cecilia: My favourite place in the Reborn Region is Route 4. I just love snowy envoirements. Sylveon: Also from Node: If you had to pick one book to bring to a desert island, which one would it be? Cecilia: Umm, that's a tough question. I didn't really read many books in my free time so I guess I would pick a cook book. Sylveon: From our viewer and fellow Gym Leader Autumn: "If you were an E4, what would your theme be?" Cecilia: Another tough question. My theme would be "Non-Ice mons that live in snowy envoirements". So I would use Empoleon. Sylveon: From Node: Favourite Ice Cream Flavour favourite move aaand to close it off, what do you think about the Devolved League in general? Cecilia: My favourite ice cream flavour is blue moon. I really love the Devolved League. It's such a nice place with many cool people! Sylveon: Last one from our viewer Hope: What pokemon would you say personifies the ice-type perfectly? Cecilia: That would be Alolan Ninetales. It's just as beautiful as the ice type itself.(editado) Sylveon: Fantastic! Would you like to make any final comments before we wrap up for the night? Cecilia: Stay cool people and Sylvie! I had a lot of fun during the interview! Thank you for having me and thank you to my fellow league people for their questions. I hope we see each other again soon, Sylvie! Sylvie: Aaaw the feeling is mutual, it was a lovely interview ~ Thank you very much and see you in the Gym arena! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
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