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Found 5 results

  1. So I was wondering, what could happen if... Elena Molinar (Corey's Wife/ Heather's mom was alive) was survived the attack back then? I would like to see, what kind of impact would had for the story and for her family. Feel free to share your thoughs for that.
  2. Here is a pic, who Elena would've look like as a child- looks mature for her young age... She had it more tougher than Heather, because she got at least the love of a mother in contrast to the former.
  3. Warning: This story contains some violence, swearing and other sensitive stuff, which is inappropriate for younger audience or for the weak nerves. If this triggers or traumatizes you, I kindly advise you to NOT read it. Also I don't support any types of (child) abuse Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy the story. Lapis Ward; Craudburry Residence She took a few paints from her drawer, before stuffing them in her suitcase, before checking them off from her list. Her Noibat was resting on a pillow, while looking to it's young trainer. 4 Pants. Check! 6 Shirts. Check! 3 Skirts. Check! Hats. Check! Books. Check Makeover kit. Check! Underwear. Check! Some material stuff. Check! "Hmm... I have almost everything. What did I forget? Wha- Ah! The First Aid Bag!", she said in surprise, as she went to a box and took some bandages, creams and plasters out and put them in a small blue pouch, before it went packed inside too. Making sure, it was all in, she checked on her list again and smiled, when she ticked the last off. "So, that's it. I finally going to be free from her. Mother- no-... She will never have control over... my life. No more crying..." she quietly said, before she felt her own tears coming out from red eyes; instantly ran on her bed and fell right into her pillow, sobbing. It was coming again. The memory, what happened 3 days ago and also which made her decided to depart today. 3 days ago Elena let out a yelp, as her mother's palm connected with her left cheek, causing her to stumble backwards and fell on the floor. She just gazed upon, before met with a kick to the gut and getting stomped hard on her body. "Mother! Please stop hurting me! Please, please! I'm sorry!", she cried out in pain, as she clutched her stomach; trembling and silently sobbing at her anger. "BE QUIT, YOU LITTLE DIRTY BRAT! I DON'T NEED YOUR FUCKING SASS ABOUT COMMANDING ME! HOW DARE YOU SCARE OFF MY CUSTOMERS! NOW MY DEAL IS RUINED THANKS TO YOU!!", a older woman in the middle of her 40's with slightly grey hair and black eyes. She wore a purple and pink luxurious dress and a purple hat, which both were stayed in some dirt. Her expression was very angry and demonic in the same time. She smashed a few glass and a vase on the floor in pieces, before turning towards her daughter, who curled herself into a ball. She went her and grabbed her by her arm, jerking her on her feet, which made Elena cry out, only to meet with a punch her face. She began to cry in pain, as she felt the pressure against her. "Ow ow ow. M-mom, please", she begged for a release, but only winced in pain, as Craudburry's tighed her grip on her arm; her sharp fingernails digging into her skin. Soon she felt her chin being grabbed, forcing her to look into her mother's cold eyes. "Stop crying, you pathetic scum! It's all your fault, that my life is now ruined for 13 years, you are living and breathing my air!!! Had he didn't come and took me away for decades and have you, I would've now been MUCH BETTER than THAT! It that CLEAR?!", she slammed the girl into the wall, before grabbing her face with a distance of a few inches between them, which frightened her very much, causing Craudburry to grin in a sadistic glee. Elena simply wanted to go straight to her room and talk to her Noibat, who she hide in her wardrobe to shield it from her mother's wrath. Wanted to avoid her as much as possible. Just wanted to be swallowed into the ground and die already. "Y-yes... Mom-...*sob*", the poor girl couldn't bring out any words, as she was terrified to the core by her mother's state. This earned her another slap and she felt a cold sharp pain against her neck. At the corner of her eyes, she could regonatized it as a small sharp knife. "Did I allow you to cry, huh? What a beautiful crybaby! A pathetic piece of shit, he inflicted on me! Now tell me, what is you place and who you are? Speak or I'll split your ugly disgusting face!", Craudburry grinned like a maniac. "That I should not crying and I'm a useless piece of scum, that ruined you live ma'am. I'm not even allowed to interact with others, because I have filthy blood and I'm a filth of a bastard. Not a daughter with pure blood", she said in a monotone, while keeping a emotionless expression; she always put as a mask, in order to avoid worse punishments or hide her emotions in public, when being in Lapis Ward. "That's a good scummy slave", the wicked woman smirked, letting her go from her grasp and put her knife into her handbag "That's your only purpose in your life. Being a helpless Houndor on it's four begging. At on your 14th birthday, I'll sold you to a friend of me as a slave, because I hate you and want you to suffer for being born! Ahahahahaha~", her laugh pierced the girl into her heart. Elena still remained silent and expressionless on a sitting position, while looking at her with blank eyes, fearing she would strike her again. "Now have fun till you next birthday and do all the chores, cause Mommy has to do IMPORTANT stuff to do for 3 days. Make sure EVERYTHING is clean till than~ Have a shitty day!", she said in a sickly sweet mock tome and went outside, slamming the door close and you could hear her laughter much louder than before. Once she was far away and everything went quit for a few seconds, the 13 year old bolted to her room, which was in the west direction of the house and tossed herself on her bed, letting out a heartbreaking cry. (Flashback ends) Tears have already soaked the pillow, as Elena recalled that awful memory from a plethora of worse memories in her childhood. Why did her mother hurt her like that? Why does she hate her? Was it really her fault? She felt very confused and has so many questions for finding a reason. Even asking her for just one reasoning, but the only answers she received were beatings and yelling, so she gave up. Her Noibat was awake from her crying and without hesitation, the Bat mon went to her side and began to pull on her red hair a bit. Elena looked up, only to greeted by its nuzzling against her face, wiping her tears away. She mustered a small smile on her face and petted it's head. "Don't worry, buddy. Today were are going to be free from there. And never gonna see that bitch again", she said in determination, before getting up to finish the last preparations. After 20 minutes, she was ready; wearing a green blouse with black pants and brown boats. Her red hair was done into a bun and wore a white wollyhat. She put her suitcase on the couch, before scanning the rooms in search of her mother. "Still not back. Perfect, time to go to her private room and take some real goods, she has stored there", she smirked. Normally she wasn't the type of a thief, but now she felt nothing but hatred for her own mother. She walked downstairs, where she spotted a brown door with the sign "PRIVACY", before having Noibat commanded to break it with Energy Ball. Once its done, both human and pokemon entered, they found it almost empty, expect for a table and a small cage on the top. The pair came closer to examine it: It was a small caged Pidgey whose body is covered in bruises and cuts. It looked sad and hurt, which caused Elena's blood boil with anger. Her "mother" had probably bought it from the infamous 7th Street, a hidden black market, where she once sold her beloved Skitty and Eevee there and never saw them again. "Poor thing... Don't worry, I'll get you out now. Noibat use Cut on this lock", she commanded, as it followed her order. As soon she opened the small door, the Bird Pokemon hopped out and nuzzled her chest in gratitude, which she hugged it back. Then the Normal/Flying Pokemon pointed with one of its wing and a small velvet box was next to the cage. Out of curiosity she opened it and saw a Mega Ring Stone with a Pidgeotnite Stone. "So mother caged you inside and wanted to do some illegal shit right?" she asked it, which earned her a nod for as an answer. This made Elena hate her mother much more than before; often reminded her about the loss of her only to friends back then, but now she decided to protect her Pokemon. "Hey, how about you join me and Noibat here. We are gonna break from this prison and start a new life far away from that old hag. Now let's go" She smiled at Pidgey, who in answer happily sat on her left shoulder. Elena grab the box and put it in her bag, before heading to the living room, took her suitcase and went outside. She turned around to see the greyish white building- she had spent 13 years of hell- for the last time, before ruining till the bridge, which was connected to the North Obsidian Ward. I'm free... I'm finally free!!!
  4. Elena is getting apprehended by Sirius's Seviper, which she fears greatly and the Meteor Admin is touching the belly, where her 2nd child is. Also she is possibly gets taking to the Meteor base on Tanzan Cove too instead someone else, maybe... Sorry if that's looks crappy, but I'm not good in drawing body backs
  5. Another au scenario and another "revieved" character in Reborn. This time with... Elena Molinar, beloved wife of Corey and mother of Heather! For the people, who don't know who she is, there is a small summary about her: She was formerly a member of Reborn's Elite 4, Corey's wife and Heather's mother. Sadly she was killed by Sirius and his Seviper, who stole the Ruby Ring (which her husband proposed to her), due being actually one of the 4 keys to the Citadel, which affected Corey's and Heather's lives forever In this scenario, I was wondering, how the story would be affected, if Elena was alive, including having more info about her backstory and lots more. So here is my AU scenario for Elena: Elena is the daughter of Mrs. Craudburry (yes, that crazy old lady at the 7th street), who was convicted due a traumatic event. She never saw her father in her life. Elena's relationship with her mother was completely cold and loveless (familiar to Corey's with his daughter), which often result to scars, that will never heal emotionally. She once had a Eevee and Skitty for 2 years, before Mrs. Craudburry sold them, when she was 7. Due to the family's reputation as a crime family (yes her lineage was full with corrupt people), Elena had no friends and was bullied; had her belongings stolen by them. Though there were a few people, who were nice and feel bad for her. Her only friend was a Noibat, which she found at an abandoned house as a egg. At 13, she finally decided to run away from her mother's rule. Before that, she stole a Pidgey, a Pigeotite and 40.000 pokedollars from Craudburry's basement. She arrived at the Grand Hall, where she became friends with Ame and Corey. She enlisted for the League challenge. She specializes in Flying Type. At 17, she manage to become a member of the Elite 4. Her Pokemon Team: (Mega) Pigeot, Noivern, Driftlim, Braviary, Swanna, Dodrio. Her 7th pokemon is the Salemence, that Heather would become. Corey and her began to date for 4 years, before he proposed her with the Ruby Ring at age 25. 9 months later, she gave birth to Heather. 4 days, after Heather's birth, she was attacked by a mysterious man with his Seviper, wanting the Ruby Ring. Elena managed to escape with her baby till she got chased at a Death End, but Corey saved her and stabbed the man at his eye, but he manage to steal the ring. This event left her scared, but decided to stay strong for her daughter. She later took her E4 duties, while her husband on his Gym Leader role, when Heather became 7. As a result, Elena had trust and abandoned issues; often feared to lose her love ones and would be hurt again or being afraid that Corey would be turned like her mother. Her relationship with Heather was normal and fine, despite the parenting difficulties with Corey, but even he tried his best to be a good father to her. However, things turned worse, when the family meet Mrs. Craudburry at the Police Station due to her criminal activities. After a intense argument, Elena left in tears and was emotionally shaken after being disowned by her. She looks herself in her room for days. As a result, misunderstandings were caused between her and Corey and indirectly neglected Heather, despite their bests to keep her away from their problems. Later, Corey decided to go undercover in Team Meteor, to take the ring back, which often worried Elena. Heather falsely believed, that her parents were talking about her and how they don't want her, because of her being "weak", she later runs away from her home, 2 weeks after her 10th birthday, to start a journey, in order to prove them, how strong she is. She takes her mother's Salemence too and left a note behind. Upon finding the note, Elena was heartbroken (it was the period, where Corey was exposed and being under arrest). During the gym match in Beryl Gym, Corey looked her in the bedroom for her safety (so she wouldn't get involved with the police). He returned her the Ruby Ring. She later prevents him to commit suicide. After 10 minutes of a emotional argument; which Corey even stabbed her hand, to let himself go, he admit his mistakes and flaws. They were later saved by Heather, who decided to confront them about the whole ordeal and was forgiven for her runaway. Corey retired from his Gym Leader position and decided to help mentoring Aya, his successor. 3 months later, she reveals to the Reborn Team, that she is pregnant with Corey's 2nd child. Currently the Molinars are hiding in the Belrose Manor along with the Belroses and Anna and Noel, due having the Ruby Ring and Amethyst Pendant.
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