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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to use my backup save files because I deleted by save file in the game through a series of mishaps. I read a thread saying to replace the game.rxdata file with the backup save file, but I can't find a game.rxdata file anywhere in my pokemon rejuvenation folder or in the data folder. Can anyone help me figure out how to load save files without it? Or tell me where I can find the game.rxdata? Because it isn't anywhere in the pokemon rejuvenation folders, I've gone through every file. Could it be called something else?
  2. I had saved my game I was just about to go back and catch a scraggy to grind up and beat Shade with. But when i started up my game, error messages pop up one right after the other. "Script 'PokemonLoad' line 289: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `lastSave' for nil:NilClass" So I looked it up and I know yall already posted a guide for trouble shooting the save data by renaming it in users>saved games> "most recent file" , etc. to "Game.rxdata" and I did that, backed it up and everything and restarted still didnt work. please let me know what else I can do thank you. Im going to try and attach my saved file just in case someone is able to fix it. that would be greatly appreciated. Game.rxdata
  3. Well, I don't really know where to put this but since I'm guessing the problem is with my save file, I'll take a chance and put it here. Might've rambled too much, btw. TL;DR- I can only have 1 backup regardless of the max backup number setting. Save file below. Video: https://youtu.be/QzG9ool1mNg I downloaded and finished (not 100%, of course) Reborn (E15) on last year's vacation. No problem there. But, after downloading E16, I decided to do some prep before actually starting the E16 story. To be more accurate, I decided to trash (sounds kinda harsh lol) my old mess of a team while also doing some sidequests I had missed. In the process of exploring, capturing, soft-resetting[It's an inherent part of Pokémon, don't look at me like that.]/tactical episode-switching [sorry!], etc., I noticed my backups were kinda weird. I ignored it at first but then I realized that, in E16, I couldn't have more than one backup at a time despite having already messed with the backup options! [This is outrageous! How am I supposed to save s.....trategize? I'm totally not trying to abuse the system!] Alright, so I switched to E16 to catch pokémon that are in E16 but not E15, explore areas that seemed incomplete in E15 (Chrysolia Springs, for instance) and to (ab)use the speedup feature, but I didn't stay in E16 because I wanted to avoid spoilers. Backing up works the way I think it should if I move my saves elsewhere and start a new game. But get this: if I don't move my saves, I get the option to either continue or start a new game (or to acess the options or to quit the game); if I start a new game, it preserves the settings (and the problem) from my main save and thus backups don't work. [Or at least that's what I think is happening. Why didn't I put that in the video? Because I just found that out and it's late at night.] I might've gone back to E14 once to get a Marill from the police officer egg but that was last year and there's no way that has something to do with backups. Besides that and jumping between E15 and E16 willy-nilly, I don't recall doing anything else that might've broken my save file. Also, I used Dig or an Escape Rope or something in the Obsidia Slums and now I can't hop from one ledge to another. (Only tried in E15, though.) I think I'm ready to stay in E16, so could you, the reader of this needlessly long post, try to fix the 2 problems (backup thingy and Obsidia Slums not being able to hop on ledges glitch) in my save file if possible? Exact E15 version: 15.1 Public Release (6/8/15) Exact E16 version: 16.2 (12/14/16) Game.rxdata EDIT1: Bump. I have a temporary fix for the backup thing but it's kinda inconvenient (3 different files needed, like wth). Btw, is it bad to copy the main Game.rxdata while the game is running? Because thats what I'm doing. Also, the Obsidia Slums dig/escape rope bug fixed itself somehow? Idk. If nobody knows a better fix to the backup thing, then the topic may be closed. EDIT2: Don't worry about it and thanks for tryng to help, Njab, but since the Obsidia Slums thing just felt like working for some reason and the temporary fix isn't too much of a nuisance, the topic may be closed. (Also I've already started E16, so yeah, old save file and it's only gonna get older.)
  4. I want tobackup my save but can't find the rx.data archive. I'm sacared of screwing up here. I wanna breed some pokemons and got a Beldum ine the egg to hatch, but it 'ill take aages for me to breed all the pokemons I want. Mate the mistake of not breeding IV stats before training a pokemon and just realized it was a bad idea, so I decided to joint the breeders club. Help me here, sempai!
  5. My current save is working fine, but the game no longer appears to be creating backups since starting E16. Anyone know why this could be? (and yes I did raise max backup number in the game options all the way to 100)
  6. Starting ep16 back up save files will now be kept according to the set Options, but existing save files are set to 0 by default. Please check your Options and enable backups! I decided to make this thread pretty much because I realised we don't have a thread in bug reporting that explains how to use these properly and I explain kind of poorly when I explain it in the unstuck me thread, so now I can write this in detail once and for all and just link to the thread. So, person who needs to know how to use a back up save for reasons including save file corruption, encountering the books books (and deciding to use the safe option of a back up), accidentally trading away a pokemon or item or just being told by someone that their issue requires the use of one, here is how you do it. Step 1: Go into the folder with your save file in it. You can find this in your C drive: Users: [your username]: Saved Games: Pokemon Reborn. If you can't find this folder check out the how to locate your save file thread. 2: You'll see a number of RPGXP Data files in the format of Number- Your Name- Your playtime- Your number of badges. These are your back up save files and what you're interested in (You'll only have back ups for your playthrough obviously. In the photo there are lots of random names because of save files I fixed). Locate the highest numbered back up save. For me it would be number 286 (seen in photo). 3: Take the file you chose in step 2. It is what you're going to use for this. You'll see a file called Game.rxdata in this folder. It is your save file. Turning your back up into the save file is very simple. Delete (or move) the current Game.rxdata file (don't worry this won't make you have to start over or anything- if you're worried about this you can paste your file elsewhere so you can just put it back if something goes wrong in this process but nothing will go wrong). Then rename the highest numbered backup you created Game.rxdata (make sure you name it exactly as 9/10 when people report something going wrong with this it is because they have not named the file correctly. I couldn't think of any need for a picture here so I decided I'd just put on of what your save file looks like. So I hope this helps. If anything is unclear don't hesitate to ask for clarification. Also if the pictures don't work for some people let me know and I'll reupload them on Imgur rather than lightshot. Mde2001 Additional future edits and clarifications For Macintosh, the save files are stored at: ~/Library/Application Support/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata Mac users may need to use cmd + shift + [.] to see hidden files, as Mac may hide saves. Or, use a program like Find Any File For Linux, the saves are at: ~/.local/share/Pokemon Reborn The general process should be the same for either of those as above When maintaining multiple save files, you can replace a different slot by renaming to Game_2.rxdata, Game_3.rxrdata, etc, instead.
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