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Found 12 results

  1. I have recently started writing a story called "An Star's Tale- Adventures in Reborn. I decided to post some polls on my story, so you guys can also participate too. I want to share my ideas with you and want your opinions about them. Like those with the other fanfics in this server blog. You can comment below, to give me tips, what should I do better? Because I have some difficulties Have fun Evi Crystal
  2. An StarGirl's Tale- Chronicles in Reborn When Lucia, former Champion of Hoenn, had to move away after a dark incident to Reborn, in hopes to start a new life. However with Team Meteor causing it's shemes, she gets quickly involved into an adventure of drama and excitment Warning: Contains swearing, violence, gore and some sexual moments. I DON'T support abuse in all forms or romanticizing abuse. It's disgusting and not healthy Introduction Chapter 1: Meeting Ame I sighed, looked around seeing there were a few trainers chatting or reading something, before looking out the window to see the scenery was a desert with mountains. It looks already different than from Hoenn, with his geophysical beauty of seas and landscapes. Tirami sat next to my left sleeping peacefullyBut then I spotted an Absol standing on a cliff looking down at the train, before jumping away, "That can't a good sign." I though, remember it's Pokedex entry."Hey there, sorry about the wait." A voice called out to him making us turn to see a woman with white hair that runs down lower then her shoulders, wearing a black scarf, a black tight shirt with white shoulder caps, purple jeans and wearing black leg boots that go up to her knees."Uhm, I don't mean to be rude but... Who are you actually?" I asked, as Tirami looked at her in distrust.The woman laughed for a bit, "Sorry my name is Ame and I'm an official of the Reborn Region. It's nice to meet you." Ame introduced herself as she offered her hand. I accepted it andwe shook hands, "I'm Lucia Ahahera and this is Tirami." I introduced myself and Tira, who seemed a bit relaxed now."Forgive me." Ame bent over to stare at Tirami's eyes after a bit she withdrew herself."Wow, I don't I've ever seen a bond like your before. Can I ask, how long have you been together?" Ame asked."5 years." I answered. "5 years, not bad. So, I assume that you aren't a beginner, are you?" Ame asked.I shooked my head, as an answer " So how many regions have you travelled then?" Ame asked."Only 1. Hoenn." I answered "Because later, I used to participlate in Pokemon Contests."Only 1? Hhm... So, what brings you to Reborn? "Ame asked again.My eyes widen a bit until I looked down as Iremembered, why I indented to go there, "I came here for a challenge." I lied at a point, trying to hide my fear. But Ame wasn't convinced but saw the hurt look on my face and decided to drop the subject, "Well if you came for a challenge. Reborn is the perfect region for you." Ame replied."Yes." I said turning to Ame. "You see unlike other regions Reborn has 18 Gyms." The woman told me."18?!""Yep. One Gym leader for each type, and all of have a full team of six." Ame explained."All of them?" I asked shocked again, as she nodded. "Wow, that means more work, but I have a professional team with me. That will be easy cake for me." I laughed, petting Tirami's head, who growled happily.Ame seemed pleased with me, before her eyes spotted my Mega Ring, "I haven't seen one of those in a while." Ame said while looking at Ash's left wrist.I looked down and saw what Ame was talking about and smiled, "It's my Mega Ring with a Swampertnite for me and my Vanilly. Steve Stone gave this to me bach when I was 14." I explained, as I rembered it was like yesterday."You met the Steve Stone. He is an old friend of mine!" Ame chimed, making me smile a bit."Well back to the Reborn topic, there was one time Reborn was completely abandoned by everyone, even by the Pokemon years ago." Ame explained, as she drank a bottle of water.1"What happened?" I asked."An incident a few years ago. And sadly, we only managed to get things lifted off the ground again." Ame answered, as she looked at the window with a worried look."It's sounds like you have your hands full, but I can help if you want." I tried to lighten up the mood a bit. I pulled my sketch book from my bag, putting it on the table. "So how about some pics and storytelling to relax, till we arrive at Reborn?". "I never knew, you could draw as well. Show me, what you made" Ame said, as she picked a picture.
  3. So I was wondering, what could happen if... Elena Molinar (Corey's Wife/ Heather's mom was alive) was survived the attack back then? I would like to see, what kind of impact would had for the story and for her family. Feel free to share your thoughs for that.
  4. After reading some amazing Reborn fanfics, it made me decide and encourage to write my own. But with a twist: It will be an AU one, where a few characters are alive and have changed a bit, but mostly I will stick with the canon as possible. It will take a while, bc it's much different, but I'll put my best My Avatar! Lucia for my story (back in 2018, I drawed this)
  5. Warning: This pic has some blood and other sensitive stuff. If you are not comfortable, then you may leave. My idea, that Lizzy has schizophrenia and paranoia, because people discriminate her for her powers. This causes her to hear hateful voices in her head and she freaks out, that she loses control over herself. She sees herself as a monster. A threat towards others and this drives her crazy. Poor Lizzy. Such a nice girl and she gets hated for being Sigmund's child
  6. Here is a pic, who Elena would've look like as a child- looks mature for her young age... She had it more tougher than Heather, because she got at least the love of a mother in contrast to the former.
  7. Looks like Evi made her second OC. This time is the Johanna Connal, Dr. Sigmund's wife and mother to Elizabeth. She specializes in Steel Types and is the Ex- Gym Leader of Lapis Ward, before being killed by her older sister, Mirabella. Just like her daughter, Johanna was also "revived" with a Energy Shard, but very much later due to telling Sigmund, that their daughter is most important to be saved no matter at what cost. Name: Johanna Connal Nickname(s): Hannah Age: 45 (chronically around before the 60's) Occupation: Former Admin of Team Galactic, Former Steel Gym Leader of Lapis Ward, Former Administrator of Yureyu Company, Member of Team Meteor Appearance: According to Sigmund, Johanna was a beautiful young woman with excellent qualities. She had icy blue eyes along with long blonde hair, which she usually wore it down till her waist. The edges are often curled like those of Elizabeth's. She and her daughter have similar appearances, to the point that the latter is almost the spitting image of her mother, which the expection of the age and wearing makeup. Personality: Once known as a kind hearted woman in Lapis Ward known for her position as a Gym Leader and top administrator of the once Yureyu Company. A loving mother and wife to her family and always welcoming to the guests, while as hardworking and serious in her work, like her husband. However her personality was altered after being restructured by Sigmund becoming a malicious, quick witted and professional person, who has nearly lost all her memories of her past; later softened upon gaining them back and her actions had emotionally neglected Elizabeth and denied being her. This later was due to her fearing, that her family forgot about her, inputting that she might have abandonment issues as a child. Family: •unnamed parents (deceased) •Mirabella (older sister) •unnamed twins and 1 daughter •(nephew and nieces; deceased) •(Sigmund Albert Connal (husband) •Elizabeth Connal (daughter) Her Pokemon Team: • Aggron • Lucario • Bronzong • Doublade (same function as Titania's Aegilash when not used in battles) • Klinklang • Magnezone (her ace pokemon) Here are a few infos: Born into an upper class family in Sinnoh. Lived with her parents and older sister, Mirabella (4 years older) in Canavale City. Her father- a corrupt businessman- barely was at home due to being workaholic and often went to the Red District for his "business", while her mother was an education tiger, that often trained her daughters as obedient tools to their superiors. For her age Johanna was a rebellious and hyperactive child, who often caused mischief and being punished for that, but she still longed for her mother's love, while Mirabella is rather submissive and always obeys their commands. When Johanna turned 5, a criminal organisation kidnapped her parents and older sister, while she was hidden in a hole of a closet. Later she was found by Team Galactic, who took and raised her as part of the organisation. At 11, she became an high ranked Admin and at 17, the head leader of the Scientist Unit. She was taught the evolution of Pokemon and every strategy by the admins. Johanna meet Sigmund (was 26 at this period) at 21, who also joined them as a scientist, who she developed some feelings for him, despite being a tsundere. Team Galactic disbanded, when she was 28 and the two decided to go to Reborn for a new start, where he proposed to her. She gave birth to their daughter 4 years later. The couple became an scientist duo in Yureyu Building and got promoted to higher ranks, though Sigmund did some shady stuff there, while Johanna was the Morality Pet of the two. Besides that, she became the Steel Gym Leader in Lapis Ward, who handed the Iron Badge and the TM Gyro Ball to the challenges. One day, she found Mirabelle in pure coincidence on the Yureyu Building and later invited her to stay with her family. She had escape her captors long time ago, but suffered heavily traumatic experiences with them, that she undergo a sanity slippage and viewed her younger sister as a rival with hostility. One day, the sisters were fighting in the Gym about the family issues and than Mirabella snapped badly at Johanna, that she pushed her down a defective machine with exploded part of the area; resulting to her death. Despite her death was confirmed as an accident, Sigmund blames Mirabella for his wife's death, who in return assaulted her as a revenge. Even though, Sigmund wanted to revive her, Johanna pleaded him to protect Elizabeth at all cost; which would later serve as a motive during his search for a revival method to her, after being killed 7 years later.
  8. Elena is getting apprehended by Sirius's Seviper, which she fears greatly and the Meteor Admin is touching the belly, where her 2nd child is. Also she is possibly gets taking to the Meteor base on Tanzan Cove too instead someone else, maybe... Sorry if that's looks crappy, but I'm not good in drawing body backs
  9. Another au scenario and another "revieved" character in Reborn. This time with... Elena Molinar, beloved wife of Corey and mother of Heather! For the people, who don't know who she is, there is a small summary about her: She was formerly a member of Reborn's Elite 4, Corey's wife and Heather's mother. Sadly she was killed by Sirius and his Seviper, who stole the Ruby Ring (which her husband proposed to her), due being actually one of the 4 keys to the Citadel, which affected Corey's and Heather's lives forever In this scenario, I was wondering, how the story would be affected, if Elena was alive, including having more info about her backstory and lots more. So here is my AU scenario for Elena: Elena is the daughter of Mrs. Craudburry (yes, that crazy old lady at the 7th street), who was convicted due a traumatic event. She never saw her father in her life. Elena's relationship with her mother was completely cold and loveless (familiar to Corey's with his daughter), which often result to scars, that will never heal emotionally. She once had a Eevee and Skitty for 2 years, before Mrs. Craudburry sold them, when she was 7. Due to the family's reputation as a crime family (yes her lineage was full with corrupt people), Elena had no friends and was bullied; had her belongings stolen by them. Though there were a few people, who were nice and feel bad for her. Her only friend was a Noibat, which she found at an abandoned house as a egg. At 13, she finally decided to run away from her mother's rule. Before that, she stole a Pidgey, a Pigeotite and 40.000 pokedollars from Craudburry's basement. She arrived at the Grand Hall, where she became friends with Ame and Corey. She enlisted for the League challenge. She specializes in Flying Type. At 17, she manage to become a member of the Elite 4. Her Pokemon Team: (Mega) Pigeot, Noivern, Driftlim, Braviary, Swanna, Dodrio. Her 7th pokemon is the Salemence, that Heather would become. Corey and her began to date for 4 years, before he proposed her with the Ruby Ring at age 25. 9 months later, she gave birth to Heather. 4 days, after Heather's birth, she was attacked by a mysterious man with his Seviper, wanting the Ruby Ring. Elena managed to escape with her baby till she got chased at a Death End, but Corey saved her and stabbed the man at his eye, but he manage to steal the ring. This event left her scared, but decided to stay strong for her daughter. She later took her E4 duties, while her husband on his Gym Leader role, when Heather became 7. As a result, Elena had trust and abandoned issues; often feared to lose her love ones and would be hurt again or being afraid that Corey would be turned like her mother. Her relationship with Heather was normal and fine, despite the parenting difficulties with Corey, but even he tried his best to be a good father to her. However, things turned worse, when the family meet Mrs. Craudburry at the Police Station due to her criminal activities. After a intense argument, Elena left in tears and was emotionally shaken after being disowned by her. She looks herself in her room for days. As a result, misunderstandings were caused between her and Corey and indirectly neglected Heather, despite their bests to keep her away from their problems. Later, Corey decided to go undercover in Team Meteor, to take the ring back, which often worried Elena. Heather falsely believed, that her parents were talking about her and how they don't want her, because of her being "weak", she later runs away from her home, 2 weeks after her 10th birthday, to start a journey, in order to prove them, how strong she is. She takes her mother's Salemence too and left a note behind. Upon finding the note, Elena was heartbroken (it was the period, where Corey was exposed and being under arrest). During the gym match in Beryl Gym, Corey looked her in the bedroom for her safety (so she wouldn't get involved with the police). He returned her the Ruby Ring. She later prevents him to commit suicide. After 10 minutes of a emotional argument; which Corey even stabbed her hand, to let himself go, he admit his mistakes and flaws. They were later saved by Heather, who decided to confront them about the whole ordeal and was forgiven for her runaway. Corey retired from his Gym Leader position and decided to help mentoring Aya, his successor. 3 months later, she reveals to the Reborn Team, that she is pregnant with Corey's 2nd child. Currently the Molinars are hiding in the Belrose Manor along with the Belroses and Anna and Noel, due having the Ruby Ring and Amethyst Pendant.
  10. Here's another "What if" scenario and this time with... Saphira Belrose joining Team Meteor! But why? Let's get to the point: This occurs after her parent's death in the fire accident, caused by Team Meteor and the sisters managed to escape and hide from the authorities and the organisation. After 2 years of hiding, Saphira decided to join Team Meteor for two reasons: 1)She wants her sisters to be keep away from them (knowns that the orphanage isn't to be trusted) and entrusted them to Ame. She wants to look for the Sapphire Bracelets; looking for the truth and reason behind them. 2) She wants to collect more information about them and to use them against Team Meteor. After Laura and Charlotte were given under Ame's care, Saphira gave up her duties as a Gym Leader and joined the evil organisation under the alias "Nova", a high ranked admin. She makes a trio with Eclipse and Aster, serving directly under Sirius's command. Her Pokemon will be based on, how their abilities can kill others; types probably Poison, Steel and Dark.
  11. I would wonder, what kind of Pokemon Saphira would have under the alias "Nova"; since she "retired" from her Gym Leader position. I would say, she would keep her Dragonite as her signature mon, while the rest of her team could be based of from their deadly and destructive abilities or due to Sirius's Pokemon actions (example Seviper's poisoing or Chandelure's burning). One thing is firmly confirmed, that her Pokemon would carry the types Steel, Poison and Dark. Dragonite (Signature Pokemon) Bisharp (same function as Solaris's Garchomp) Steelix (she befriended it/ transportation) Salazzle (same function as Sirius's Seviper) Honchkrow (same function as Steelix/ serves as her spy) Weavile (same function in spying and thievery)
  12. After finishing Ep18, the void part caught my interest, about everyone's backstories into how they became, what they are now. Especially with Sigmund's. I know he did horrible things to the orphans, but is "excuse" was rather fine, despite his actions (I'm still not sure, if I should completely forgive him). So I was wondering about, what could happen, if Elisabeth Connal was actually alive during the Reborn Events and didn't killed herself, but died in an accident 7 years before the beginning. Side note: In this AU, she is Sigmund's daughter. My version: She was born to him and his wife in Reborn. She had psychic powers: Healing, Mind Peeping on others and memories, seeing the entire Reborn through her eyes (by activating her "Psycho Eyes"), telepathy and telekinesis. At 12, her mother died in accident, causing Sigmund depression for awhile. Went to Onyx School till 19, while her father was a scientist/psychologist in his therapy. Disapproves Sigmund's therapy methods. Wants to become similar, but with more healing procession. "Died" 5 months later in a earthquake and went comatose, but Sigmund believed she died and went crazy. He began to do some harmful experiments in order to find a way, to revieve her. Had ruined many lives, because of it. 4 years later, he found a crystal, which he implanted inside her heart and she was "revived". She didn't age for the next 3 years, due to the temporal side effects of the crystal, before it was stabilized and she could age normally. Turns out, the crystal was a Psychic Shard, which expanded her psychic powers much more, till she's viewed as a threat to everyone (mostly due to Craudburry actions), which forced her father to keep her in the orphanage for her safety. After witnessing his therapy shocks on the children, Elizabeth decided restore their minds and "heals" them with her powers. People often referred her as the "Guardian Angel of Lapis Ward", due providing them help. She also became friends with them, forming a group with Charlotte, Anna and Noel. She and Anna are getting along well, due having similar powers. She specializes in Psychic Type, which represents her personality and powers. Her team consists of two Meowsticks, an Alolan Raichu, Beheyeem, Reuniclus and Metagross (her signature Pokemon, which can Mega evolve). Elizabeth has also a Espurr as her companion with her. It was given to her as a gift from her father, so she wouldn't get lonely. She and Ordely John are very close, due being assigned by Sigmund, to act as her bodyguard, despite having arguments. Her dream is a to become the greatest Psychic in Reborn and travel to different places, due to being sheltered for 7 years. After her father joined Team Meteor, in order to get the children, Ruby Ring and Amethyst Pendant back, she had joined as well out of concern for him and could manage thanks to her powers, which were very vulnerable for them. She felt disgusted with Team Meteor's actions in Reborn and wishes to stop them.
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