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Found 10 results

  1. A month had passed at a rapid rate. All students had to take many tests; from knowledge to skill. Earlier this week there were two unexpected ones. The first test had many ‘what if’ cases while the second one tested knowledge many first years didn’t possess. The teachers claimed that many of these questions were supposed to be answered during future lessons but that they wanted to see what the level of the basic knowledge was amongst the new students. Those test were by far the hardest but no grades were given. No one knew how well –or bad- they had scored. Rumors, started by second and third
  2. June 19, RoG HQ “SIR! I found something! Our systems detected a massive energy peak!” a young man in his early twenties yelled. “What are you talking about?” another man replied. This one was much older and much taller. His grey hair and moustache had a natural intimidating look, but his chubby appearance could easily be mistaken for muscled. Unfortunately for Doc, he was unable to close his lab coat. “The energy we found months ago in the Boulder Hills, but our teams were unable to locate it. A few moments ago our equipment tracked the exact same energy rating, Sir.” “Move,” Doc said whil
  3. So it's been a few months since I did anything Ymora related... For those that were around during the Ymora Academy RP: due to personal problems going on I had to step back. Not to mention other stuff that just piled up and eventually we got to the point where Ymora somewhat died. We lost some players and a co-host, but Dobby and I are thinking about reviving this RP since the story is still left untold. And I don't want to let it end like this Now I have been planning to revive this for a few weeks. However some people still showed some interest so I figured why the hell not open this topic
  4. Hey welcome to the OOC / Sign-up thread for Pokémon Academy. Now let's explore this new region while aiming for our own goals. The idea behind the RP: Ymora Region The Ymora Region is famous for its breeding program. All kinds of Pokémon are being bred and requested all over the world, including by the professors in other regions. Furthermore this region is the birthplace of the new LT-system as well as having the most difficult powerful League. Ymora is located South from the Hoenn region and shares a similar climate when it comes to temperature. It’s warm through the entire year with
  5. Phoebe The water type expert grinned. “Don't worry about the stones just yet. There are other circumstances you'll have to meet. The first one is obvious; strength. Just like any other evolution, your Pokémon's body needs to be capable of wielding all that power. Even if the species can mega evolve, it doesn't mean all of them can.” Phoebe raised a second finger. “The second requirement is the one Professor Sycamore is currently studying. He calls it the bond between trainer and Pokémon, but he basically means trust. If I would do something right now that pisses off Gyarados, I guarantee he w
  6. TV-commercial during the past few weeks Come one! Come all! It’s almost that time again! You know what I mean; the Winter Cup is about to start! The students attending our Region’s pride are going to battle it out to decide who the best is amongst the best. 32 students from each year qualified themselves for this grand stage! You don’t want to miss this. Do you want to see the possible future champ in action? Or maybe a young prodigy you personally know is entering the competition to win this small Pokémon League! And there’s more. This year we have a special surprise for those that reach th
  7. (This thread is for students in the rp only. Since this contains a small timeskip your Pokémon are around level 15-20. Pokémon that need a stone to evolve can do that once they hit level 20. Pokémon evolving because of happiness can do that once they hit the same level. Also there's a new character so to make this easy everyone should know her name by now. (Especially coordinators)) October 6; Dragon Type Class (Week 6) “That was everything we had to cover before our trip,” Devin said, closing the projector. The image of Salamence disappeared from the wall. “We still have a little time left
  8. This is for the RoG members only. August 30, 11.15 PM “Wait! We got another one!” the blond man said to a woman with a ponytail. All she did was nod while her companion escorted a young man named Ezekiel to deck. The blond man smirked. This brat was easy to read. All he had to do was to tell about RoG and their adventures to get him on board. “No talking to the others!” was all he ordered before going back to the woman. When Ezekiel arrived on deck, she saw about 20-30 other people. Some looked tired and others, especially the elder males, already had a beard from the long travels. Little d
  9. This is only for those that signed up as students. The RoG Members topic will follow. August 31, 8.27 AM Professor Redwood left the Contest Hall. After doing a last check-up of the equipment, everything seemed to be ready for his speech later that day. He looked at the gates, then on his watch. The first early birds will arrive soon, he thought. Everyone knew that the gates opened at exactly 9 AM, but some people wanted to arrive before the mass or were just too excited to wait. It was then that his attention was drawn by a figure walking up to him. The sun was low and blinded Redwood a bit,
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