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Found 5 results

  1. Yo. Here's where the orphans are as of Version 9. It'll save some people making another "where's the orphans" topic I hope. Orphan #1 Should be the first orphan you find as he's right outside the Lost Camp. Orphan #2 This orphan is just outside Akuwa town on a little island that she somehow got to. It's on the water route between Akuwa town and Akora Forest Orphan #3 Andrew here wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He's in the Sewers, across from the entrance in this little alcove. He sells EV reducing berries. Don't ask where he gets them. Orphan #4 Alisha managed to fall up some stairs. She's in Amethyst Cave next to the small river section going up. Orphan #5 James somehow managed to wind up in Purity Grove. Touch the Celebi statue in Sheridan and you'll be brought here. Orphan #6 and #7 Cybur and Matthew are both in Route 3 along the river and terrified for some reason. Matthew sells Evolution stones. Cybur sells nothing because he is nothing. Orphan #8 Marissa is on that little hill on Wispy Path. She wants your pity. Don't give it to her. Orphan #9 And finally we have Dylan. I have no words for Dylan. He's in the basement section of Goldenwood cave. The entrance of which is right here. Well that's all 9 of the orphans Have fun.
  2. --------------------------- loli --------------------------- Exception: Errno::ENOENT Message: File PBS/townmap.txt not found. Compiler:612:in `initialize' Compiler:612:in `open' Compiler:612:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine' Compiler:720:in `pbCompileTownMap' Compiler:4025:in `pbCompileAllData' Compiler:4164 This exception was logged in C:\Users\PC\Saved Games/loli/errorlog.txt. Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard. --------------------------- when I try to edit pokemon reborn v16.2 by reading this, but it makes some errors even though i get pbs file... what's the matter in pbs??
  3. hey does anyone know how to transfer the entire game and stuff over from a windows computer to a mac? and sorry if this is in the wrong place, im confused on where this should be posted
  4. So, I live in a tall apartment building so I have this problem a lot. I use a lift quite regularly and unfortunately there are other other people who sometimes get into these lifts when I am in them. Being the awkward and anxious person I am this always worries me a bit. The question is- do I awkwardly stand in silence or greet these people. My default is a sort of nod of the head and slight hello noise but this isn't always successful. Sometimes people give me a "why on earth are you trying to talk to me you strange child" look while sometimes people have the "why aren't you engaging in proper conversation young man" look. This is why often now I just remain in silence- causing very awkward, long silences during the 30 to 40 seconds we are in the lift. So, what do you do in lifts? Do you greet people, ignore people or are you one of those strange social people who actually talks to them? I'd be interested to see if others have this dilemma.
  5. well the 1st problem is a query because isnt espurr supposed to be a event pokemon in the drunken hobo's house? 2nd problem how come carvhana won't appear at his little pond in team aquas base but houndour will appear even though im with team magma (houndour is in a little pen behind maxwell) can someone help me out with this please?
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