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Found 2 results

  1. Yo! I've been trying new things to keep the "Slammin' Jams" good and wholesome! This year I am going to do this recommendation thread thing. So if you got a song you would like to hear share it here. However keep the following in mind. Please keep your song in spoilers Be sure to know that a song may not be played right away or be given priority. The playlists are organized in a particular way and song recommendations will be organized into the play list in a very nitpick-y way. I would like people to put what part of the world they are in when they request songs. I am going to be making several playlists that will play throughout the party. It would be good to have certain songs play when the request-ee is present. Your song may not make the cut, this thread is for recommendations, not demands. The version of the song you request may also not be chosen for the playlist. A song may not make the cut if it is a bit off. If a request seems like something that would make someone uncomfortable it may not make the pick. There is also the possibility that multiple people will request their favorite version or remix of the same song. Unfortunately, I may only have room for one or two of them. We don't have room for 30 remixes of Megalovania. I know you think your version is the best, but we can't be playing them all. Also my favorite remix of Megalovania is clearly the best. Try to keep the music you share "Party focused". I'm sure that there are songs you heard in a game or anime that gave you the feels, but that is probably for a different thread or a different time. Slammin' Jams playlists are for happy times, not sad times. You are responsible for what you share. If a song has rule breaking content such as derogatory language or disrespectful content, your song will absolutely not only be rejected, but you may receive a warning point as well.
  2. world is burning may as well have a grand old time with it For those of you just joining us (or just becoming more involved during this crazy train): Reborn hosts two online parties a year, the Summer Social, and the Winter Revel! And the Winter Revel is coming up on-- ...no, that's not true. The Summer Social is coming right up on June 27th! We'll have a dedicated server, music, games both official and spontaneous, movie showings, a whole lot of craziness, and as we do every summer, the Reborn Royalty contest! Below is our schedule and list of events! Main Events Main Movie Feature: Weathering With You Every year we do a group anime movie showing during the party! This year's pick is Weathering With You from director Makoto Shinkai, who party or anime veterans might recognize as the director of last year's movie, Your Name. We'll be doing two showings so that no matter your timezone you've got a chance to make it! Plus, now that Discord allows up to 50 people in a broadcast, it's easier than ever to join! Below is the description for Weathering With You: Risk Reborn A new game debuts at this year's Summer Social as its feature event! You might be familiar with the classic world domination game! But isn't the world just a little big? At this party, join with Team Meteor or one of their opposing factions and fight for conquest over a Reborn Map divided into territories! You are the armies and the tacticians! More details on the game will come out in the future! Reborn Royalty The popularity contest returns! Vote for your favorites for Ember King, Midsummer Queen, and Sunlit Sovereign Nominations will open on June 20th! Anyone can be nominated for any category! Except last years' winners, Jan, Zumi and ZEL. They cannot be nominated because they are too cool for your noms. Voting will be done the day of the party! Game Room Curses If you read our Winter Revel announcment, you might be confused why this is here since we said it was going ot be moved to the winter line-up instead of summer. The explanation is simple: the game is fun so actually it's on both now. sorry not sorry. Battle it out in a free-for-all Q&A as each player stacks up more and more 'curses' restricting how they can type! Spite other players with creative curses to knock them out! These games go so far off the rails it's hard to see where the tracks even were to begin with! Mad Libs We'll be kicking things off this summer with an <adjective> game of Mad Libs, turning these parts of speech into a party of speech! Everyone in the group will get a chance to contribute whatever <adjective> kind of <noun> they wish so put on your <verb ending in ing> hats and get ready to <verb> this stuff up! Jeopardy Game Descriptions for 400? Answer trivia-- wait no, ask trivia and rack up points in this classic! We'll have a brand new board ready for you this year and the winner of this game could be eligible to win a prize! Party Quirk Battle Royale Last year's main event returns as a a mainstay game! Everything must be a battle royale and that includes Who's Lines classic Party Quirk game! Everyone is assigned a Secret Quirk to act out in chat while they try and guess the other players' quirks! If your quirk is guessed, you're out! Last man standing is the winner! BNHA fans still don't interact Never Have I Lights dim, the sun's done, but the fun's not! Stay up late with us-- our soul-baring Never Have I sessions are a breath of fresh life into the late night party! What happens here stays here, so make sure to stay tuned for it! Free For All And as always, you, the consumer are free to host your own invents, including Mafia Games, CaH, Jackbox games, and of course the ubiquitous fan favorite Reborn Hunger Games will be positively coursing through our server and no one wants to miss tree-kun's next murderous rampage. As always, DJ Go-Wolf-Dot is here to hook you up with the top bops and most dangin' bangers-- what do you mean I can't say that? I can say whatever I want. uhhhhhhhhh music good!!!! Starry will be hosting a Wondertrade event this year as well! Full up on breedjects? It'll be the perfect day to bless the world with them! Happy trading! The action starts June 27th! Everyone is welcome whether you're a community veteran, a bright and bushy-tailed newbie, or a lurker who's never said a word before! The party is the perfect time to jump in and meet folks! See you there! and maybe this time i won't wake up the morning of the party with a fever
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