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  • Crest Suggestions! (CLOSED)


    Have a Pokemon you love, but they're underperforming? Have a Crest idea you're dying to have in game?

    Look no further! This is the thread for you!


    Like last time, I'd like to open suggestions for possible Crest ideas! There are a few rules, though.


    • Crest ideas with just base stat buffs will not be considered. Get creative!
    • Pokemon that are considered good can be suggested, but only if it offers a different style of play.
    • Avoid Pokemon that already have a Crest in game.
    • No Crest that allows for Ash-Greninja or anything similar :]

    That's it! I look forward to your suggestions. This thread will close when we've gotten enough suggestions we like. A warning will be given out before that is done.


    Edit: Gen 8 Pokemon are included in this! Give me your Gen 8 ideas!

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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Persian - Increases crit stage by 1; landing a critical hit boosts attack by +1/+2 (callback to its always landing crits in gen 1)

    Muk or Toxicroak (makes sense for either) - Pokemon poisoned / badly poisoned by this pokemon take twice as much damage each turn. This pokemon can poison steel types.

    Primeape - gets Gorilla Tactics

    Pachirisu - On turns when this pokemon doesn't protect, it automatically gets the follow me effect, and additionally gains the effect of static, in honor of the time it was a national champion

    Genesect - If one of the drives Genesect has access to would cause techno blast to be super effective, techno blast deals super effective damage

    Whimsicott - While this pokemon is active, your team has Tailwind applied (ends immediately if it faints / switches out)

    Vespiquen - Vespiquen controls a swarm of Combees, by default buzzing around her, increasing defense and special defense by one stage and healing 1/8 hp per turn. Attack Order sends the Combees to attack the target, dealing 1/8 hp per turn but losing the defensive benefits. Defend and Heal Order return the bees to Vespiquen.

    Absol - Sensing danger, Absol dodges the first attack per battle that would knock it out.

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    On 10/16/2020 at 2:05 PM, Reginald Sanshire said:

    Stunfisk (Unovan): Takes no damage from Water-type attacks, and regains a portion of its HP when it's hit by one. Maybe a 1.3x buff to its Special Attack, as well.


    Grumpig: Merges Attack with Special Defense, and ignores the opposing Pokemon's stat changes.


    Drifblim: Burns it, and gives it immunity to passive damage. (Like Zangoose's crest, but with Magic Guard instead of a healing effect)


    Perrserker: Merges Defense and Speed, and its attacks always score critical hits, as long as it has full HP.



    Cacturne: gives a 1.25x boost to Attack and Special Attack, and applies Sand Rush.


    Corsola (Johtovian): Attack merges with Defense, and all moves that make physical contact get a 1.3x damage boost (kind of like a knife)

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    Lycanrock midnight - gets the flash fire version for dark type attacks or ghost type attacks (because werewolf or lycan fables about them going out at night).

    Lycanrock midday - gets the flash fire version for fairy type attacks or psychic type attack (because he is the version you get during the day).

    Lycanrock dusk - gets the flash fire ability version for dark and fairy/ ghost and psychic or whatever combination of day and night creatures you guys think might work.

    And maybe some small boost to attack/ defense/speed , maybe 1.25 or less.

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    Dhelmise: Moves that trap (such as Whirlpool and Anchor Shot) now have priority over switching (just like pursuit, they don't double in damage though).

    Morpeko: Each time it enters Hangry mode it's attack gets raised by one stage.

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    Roserade - Allows it to Poison anything regardless of type, increases the effect of HP Draining Moves, given the effects of Chlorophyll when in the sun
    Flygon - Swaps Weaknesses and Resistances
    Chimecho - Raises Chimecho's Sp. Atk and Sp. Def by 4 stages, is given the effects of Heal Bell (affects the whole party) on Switch in as well as the effect of Regenerator on Switch Out (Chimecho Only)
    Lurantis - Swaps its Speed with its Sp.Atk, is given the effects of Chlorophyll and Solar Power when in the sun
    Grapploct - Doubles the effect of Octolock, boosts the Pokemon's Defense by 2 stages and its Sp. Def by 4 stages.

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    Togekiss Crest- Boosts attack stat and speed stat by 1.5x + gives power herb effect to any two turn move everytime it gets used OR grants pixilate for any normal type move it uses.


    Togekiss (power herb effect)

    Ability: Serene Grace/Super Luck

    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def

    Adamant/Jolly Nature

    - Sky Attack

    - Drain Punch

    - Play Rough

    - Roost





    Togekiss (pixilate effect)

    Ability: Serene Grace/Super Luck

    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def

    Adamant/Jolly Nature

    - Dual Wingbeat

    - Drain Punch

    - Extreme Speed/Double-Edge/Body Slam

    - Roost


    I thought a physical Togekiss would be interesting as it does have the hustle ability, and this crest could help it utilize its physical spread much better. Also, if you could this crest both the power herb and pixilate effect, that would be nice :). I want my boi to be busted af.


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    Lurantis Crest : Increases base speed by 1.5, and grass type attacking moves lower the user's physical attack by 1.


    Mawile Crest : Gives Prankster effect.


    Vikavolt : The first special attacking move this pokemon uses after switching in has priority.


    Golem (Kanto) : Self-Destruct/Explosion are treated as rock-type moves, and when Golem is hit by an attack, the opponent's defense is lowered by 1.

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    Phione Crest(for a pokemon considered legendary it's too weak)-Changes Phione's ability to Primordial Sea(or if too much op Drizzle)


    Gogoat Crest(i don't know why but i love this pokemon)-Increases Horn Leech damage and Grass Pelt now restores HP no matter the terrain


    Gothilette Crest(it's one of the few pokemon respected  by the Garufa, so it deserves it)-Changes ability to Holy Mind(kind of bad name, the effect of this ability makes Psychic type moves hit Dark and Ghost types super effectively, if you think of a best name go nuts)


    Vivillon Crest(they're called Butterflies of Fate, so lets give them the power to change it for better)-Quiver Dance doubles it's boosts and gives a new ability called Fate's Call(or another better name you think, i believe my naming sense it's trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), if dies applies Destiny Bond on the opponents


    Luxray Crest( man, even with Guts no one uses it, so it deserves it since i think the design it's cool)-Makes it's ability Guts if don't, burn the pokemon as it enters the battle, and applies Moxie (boost attack for every pokemon he defeat), but doubles the recoil damage and stats drops from his own movements (like Superpower), so don't make it too overpower


    Unown Crest (many will hate me for that)- Drastically Boosts Attacks, Hidden Power becomes Explosion and Explosion becomes the type Hidden Power would be(for example Dark-type Hidden Power becomes Dark-type Explosion)


    Lanturn Crest(its too weak, let give it a chance)- Gives Volt and Water Absorb at the same time


    Delphox Crest- Has a chance of steal opponents held items independent of the move used


    Chesnaught Crest- Gives Soundproof if have Bulletproof, boosts speed and halves flying-type moves damage


    Noctown Crest-Gives stab to Psychic and Ghost-type moves, Hypnosis never miss, but decreases its accuracy on mornings/days(since owns are normally nocturnal)


    Furret Crest-Contact-moves makes foes infatueded independent of gender(don't work with genderless pokemon or with oblivious) and deals double-damage against infatueded foes


    Linoone(the Hoenn form)-If knows any HM move boost all its stats in battle and increases the damage of the HM move by 1.5 (i know, rejuv have the golden items, but because of that the HM slaves disappeared and the HM moves are rarely used)


    Farfetch' d(Kanto) Crest- Boosts Speed stat and increase blade moves( leaf blade, night slash, slash, cut...) power by 1.5 and makes this moves always crit


    Bibarel Crest- Doubles Moody' s stat changes, but moves like Protect will always fail( if will be a blessing or a curse, leave it to luck)


    Exploud Crest- Increases sound moves by 1.5, and these moves will hit Ghost-types super effectively (after all, its shown in movies, ghosts dislikes noise)


    Persian Crest-multiply the money from battles by 4( after all its a pokemon with gold on the head)


    That' s all for now folks


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    I have another suggestion maybe not too well thought but it was an interesting one to share atleast. 


    Donphan crest : If it uses a spin or ball move it gets +1 speed. If gyro ball is used it does max dmg. If rapid spin Is used the +1 speed is changed to +1 Def and gets the +1  speed from Gen 8 rapid spin
    (I thought of this mostly due to how donphan is usually spinning like a ball, and also due to the stadium 2 mini game.)


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    Miltank: since it fell from glory after the second gen, I thought of 2 options -

    1. Leftovers + lowers atk and sp.atk on switch in (better stall)

    2. Boosts sp.def and + gives it a weakened Serene Grace, times 1.5 as opposed to times 2 (Whitney stomp/body slam nightmare)


    Luxray: Luxray suffers heavily from being frail and slow (so easy to more or less 1hko it), so it definitely needs a speed boost to be usable. Flame orb + boosts speed stat. another option instead of flame orb is to be using atk for sp.atks.


    Sylveon: since he suffers from coverage, how about reverse pixilate: Fairy type moves (even those who turned by pixilate) hit as a STAB normal type against fairy, fire and poison types. also maybe slightly boosts his defence stat? not by much, just a bit.


    Bellossom: Activates Healing Wish upon fainting. 

    Another option is Drought (as the pokedex says)

    Another option is priority on dance moves + dancer


    Vespiquen: Attack Order deals an extra 30% nuetral damage, and Defence Order heals a small amount of hp. (as in the workers attack in numbers and bring back food)


    Lanturn: Uses Flash when taking direct damage.  takes reduced damage when hp is above 66%

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    So, let me just state, that I love mineral type pokemon, especially Rock-Types, so bear with me here.^^ Also, might I suggest, that some crest are optainable or faced before the dessert instead of only in the late-game.

    Anyway! I love this game, so I hope I inspire you with these. I haven't read ALL posts, so sorry if something was already mentioned.


    Carbink - Doubles the Damage inflicted by Stealthrock if layed by a Carbink. Adds 35% of Sp. Defense to Sp. Attack.
    OR Carbink - Automatically activates the effect "Trick Room" for 5 turns upon switch-in. Adds 35% of Sp. Defense to Sp. Attack.
    OR Carbink - Gains Ability "Shields Down".
    Kabutops - Additionally gives it the Ability "Adaptability".
    Lunatone and Solrock - If together on the field: Gain Plus and Minus respectively (or sth. similar with Attack for Solrock^^). When using Psychic type moves, adds 50% of the Attack or Sp. Attack stat (depending on move) of the PARTNER to the Power. (dunno if that is even possible.)
    Coalossal - Becomes immune to Water-Type attacks (or at least only normal effective). Also, when hit by an opposing Attack, automatically inflicts "Tar Shot".
    Aurorus - Ice-Type moves (inkluding Normal-Type moves that have become Ice-Type) have +1 Priority. Speed increased by 1.3.
    Probopass - Sp. Attack increased by 50% of Sp. Def. Automatically uses (or simulates using) the move Gravity after being hit by a Ground-Type move.
    Aggron - Gives it the Ability "Rock Head" if Ability is "Sturdy", "Heavy Metal" if "Rock Head" and "Sturdy" if "Heavy Metal".  OR Gives it "Reckless".
    Armaldo - What "Nooooooo" said: Water Stab, pls.
    Gigalith - Gives it the Ability "Solid Rock". Also, the move "Smack Down" has +2 Priority.
    Cradily - Defense and Sp. Defense are increased by 50 % of its combined Attack or Sp. Attack (whichever is higher) and Speed.
    Rhyperior - Gives it the Ability "Solid Rock" or increases its value. (With 2x Solid Rock -> 2x super effective = 1x effective. 4x super effective = 2x super effective)
    Donphan - Becomes part Steel-Type. Speed equals HP stat OR is increased by 40-50% of HP stat.
    Golurk - Moves that take 2 turns only take 1 and have 30% increased Damage (Like Phantom Force and Dig; MAYBE Focus Punch?). Also, Sp. Attack is equal the Attack Stat.
    Hippowdon - Gains Abilities "Strong Jaw" and "Early Bird". Also, Speed equals Sp. Defense.
    Nidoking and Nidoqueen - Switches Attack and Sp. Attack. Increases Non-Stab moves Base-Power by 1.3 .
    Cursola - Becomes part Rock-Type and Switches Speed with Sp. Def, but decreases Sp. Atk by 15.

    Gogoat - Becomes part Rock-Type, gains Ability "Rock Head" and Normal-Type moves are turned into Rock-Type moves.


    Sorry for my Rock-Type fixation.^^ I just love this type, even if it's screwed in terms of weaknesses.

    Thank you for all your hard work and good luck on development.

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    um okay i can't think anything other than this cuz of my low IQ


    Archeops crest - attack and special attack are doubled when hp is half or less than half which negates its ability defeatist.

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    On 10/16/2020 at 9:11 PM, SilverAngelus said:


    Deserves one so much ;-;


    Attack and Defense each get x1.25 and any normalized attack (Delcatty w/ Normalize) does neutral damage on targets that normally have resistance against Normal type attacks


    (My apologies if they already have a crest in-game and I just don't remember. I looked up crests in the wiki guide and didn't see a Delcatty crest.)

    I'd add Scrappy effect to this crest imo

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    Corsula Knife - Raises Atk and Acc by x 1.3

    Samurott Crest - Raises Speed by x 1.4 and boosts the power of cutting and Slashing moves by x 1.3

    Emboar Crest - Reduces recoil by 20% and contact moves heal 1/6 of the damage

    Serperior Crest - Contact moves increased by 1.3 and activates growth at all times

    Noctowl Crest - Sp Atk is calculated using Sp Def 

    Omanyte Crest - Literally invincible 


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    Yanmega Crest - Special Defense 1.3x or Special Defense increase per turn (like speed boost), Rock type moves 1.5x or 2x in power, increase chance of additional effects (ie. ancient power stat boost)
    This would emphasize Yanma's requirement to know Ancient Power in order to evolve and would play on the "Ancient Power" of the Crest's and the move itself

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    I think that a very interesting crest could be one for volcarona. Two ideas could work that would make it a very interesting crest. The first idea is to make it immue to hazard items, clearing them upon entry, while also setting up sunny day. Another idea could be to give it chlorophyll. 

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    On 10/17/2020 at 11:34 AM, Gengar768 said:

    Porygon Z: changes abillity to protean

    Gengar: Abillity becomes leivitate and its special attack increases by 10% whilst its attack scales with it

    Lurantis: it gains chloryphl and a resistance to fire attacks

    Floatzel: it gains sheer force and its special attack scales with the attack

    Marowak: Parental bond with a 10% increase in special def and have the thick club being held with it

    Slaking: changes its abillity to Vital spirit

    Golem: gains Sand stream and solid rock

    Politoed: gives it primodeial sea

     forgot to add one

    Chandelure: 1.2 x to speed and gives it shadow tag

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    Wigglytuff: boost sound based attacks by 50% + sing has 100% accuracy and can put EVERY MON asleep, even if it has insomnia (because its songs are so boring)


    Dugtrio: Contact moves hit 3 times with 33% power (maybe even 50%, but 33% makes more sense)


    Vaporeon: gets automatically aqua ring on entry (can be batton passed) + set up rain for 1-3 turns (so only vaporeon itself can use it)


    Jolteon: sets electric terrain for 1-3 turns on entry (for its usage only) + gets the effect of the metronom item


    Flareon: gets fluffly ability. This makes it a good fire tank with good attack stat


    Kabutops: gets STAB on bug type moves (it´s practically a bug and it can deal with grass types now)


    Omastar: should get one, but I dunno...


    Vileplume: neutralizing gas ability


    Bellossom: Dancer ability + boost the attack of dance moves by 50% and the effectiviness of such status moves is doubled (like quiver dance boosts stats by +2)


    Swellow: burn it + let it burn enemies hit by contact moves (50% chance)


    Masquerain: levitate + water stab


    Slaking: recovers some health (25%???) while resting (sleep + its ability)


    Exploud: Sound moves use the weakest def/spdef stat for dmg calculations (because sound can destroy physical stuff like glass, etc) + boost 50% for these moves


    Sableye: Magic Bounce (less def than its mega, but has prankster)


    Mawile: Huge power (see Sableye)


    Solrock: STAB on fire moves (it´s a sun!!!) + fire moves do 0 dmg against it


    Lunatone: STAB on water moves (bcs tide-moon stuff) + water moves do 0 dmg against it


    Vespiquen: randomly uses atack/fedense/heal order at the end of each turn


    Skuntank: Fluffy ability (it´s fluffy!)


    Carnivine: loses levitate, gains ingrain on entry + uses stockpile at the end of each turn (if possible)


    Darmanitian: gets the stats of trance-galar-darm and the typing of the normal trance mode form


    Zoroark: can maintain the illusion after being hit once. Resets if switched out


    Swanna: Flying/Water moves are super effective against flying type (because the ugly duckling wants to repay what other ducks have done to him in its youth) 😁


    Emolga: +1 Speed if hit by flying type attack or if it/teammate attacks with flying type (because it can fly fast if using air currents) 


    Pyroar M: intimidate
    Pyroar F: cute charm


    Hawlucha: flying press actually is flying OR fighting type (automatically chosen on whats more effectively) + all moves deal 25% more dmg + 25% recoil. It´s a wrestler! It jumps around and damage itself too!


    Falinks: gets bug STAB







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    flygon crest: merge Attack  and Special Attack and  change the  ability  to thick fat

    charizard crest: merge Sp .attack and attack  and it changes it ability to chrolophyl




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    So I thought of some more...


    Ninjask - Using the electro ball formula, reduce damage received based on speed difference, Maybe something like minimum 20%, maximum 50%. 


    Accelgor - Using the electro ball formula, increase base evasion chance based on speed difference. Maybe minimum 5%, maximum 12%.  


    Electrode - Uses type-less special explosion upon fainting. Plus 1.2x special attack increase. 


    Minun - Baton passes its stat increases upon fainting. 


    Plusle - Applies plus/minus effect to both Plusle and allies highest attacking stat and lowest defending stat (both if equal).


    Swalot - Physical contact applies poison type rocky helmet damage and restores some HP. 

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    On 10/18/2020 at 12:37 PM, Baraayas said:
    • Noivern Crest: I think it's been suggested, but sound based moves deal x1.5 damage, and the holder becomes soundproof


    Agreed. He's based on sound but no ability for it...

    Although instead of soundproof maybe add some dark themed boost, like dark moves times 1.5 or something. I'm saying this because the Pokedex keeps saying how good and powefull it is in the dark.

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    I'll try!


    Quagsire Crest: Increases its bulk, and gives it Simple.

    Flygon Crest: Applies Sandstorm by entering battle, giving it a x1.5 bonus in evasion

    Bronzong Crest: Multiplies x1.3 the power of sound moves; applies the Ability Regenerator.

    Spinda Crest: Hitting Spinda with physical moves or being hit by its physical moves results in confusion

    Golurk Crest: Exchanges Atk. for Def. and Sp. Atk. for Sp. Def. Landing any special moves on it triggers a 1/16 damage from it (Rough Skin with special moves instead of physical)

    Shiftry Crest: Leaf-based attacks powered up by 30% and ignores downsides. Gives it immunity/resistance to Bug-type moves.



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    Vanilluxe crest: 


    -one possible idea is because its got kind of the two head thing going on is that it's ice type moves have a higher chance of freezing the target while hail is up. I don't know if doubling it would be enough or raising it by a flat amount, so like either shifting ice beam and blizzard (and other ice moves) to 20% to freeze or giving them a flat boost of like 20/30% to 30/40%. Because that may or may not be enough there could also be an increase in vanilluxe's special moves damage against frozen targets by like 1.2 or something. I like this idea because I feel like the frozen status effect is something that is underutilized -especially in comparison to burn sleep paralyze and poison- and it would give vaniluxe a unique niche as a support or status inflictor that ice types don't really have.


    -another possible idea is giving the player the option to mix and match two of its three abilities giving it multiple different playstyle options. having weak armor and ice body for example gives it a healing option after taking damage to get faster. I figure this could be kind of a nightmare to program so it may not be viable.


    -I'd also second @Balthazar_Fang's idea about having an ice solar power of giving a 1.25 boost to special attack in hail in exchange for 1/8th or 1/16th hp.


    Frosmoth crest: Since it has an ability to alleviate some of its defensive troubles already I would also give it a moxie like ability but for speed, or just giving it speed boost as an ability option to give it more viability in its speed tier.


    Froslass crest: outside of other ice type form switchers (eiscue and G. darmanitan), weavile, and slush rushers (beartic and A. sandslash) froslass is one of the fastest ice types but that is all it has going for it. in response I would either:


    -reinforce that playstyle by giving it a modifier that if it goes first its special type moves are given a damage boost 1.25/1.5 in power allowing it to hit harder.


    -buff its role as an evasion mon by again saying that if it is the faster Pokémon maybe it has an extra evasion stage giving it more synergy with snow cloak, while still giving it counters in things that are either really fast or are hyper accurate/can't miss.

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    Basculin Crest, when it comes out it gets the boosts and negatives of shell smash


    Chimecho, Speed is based off special attack and psychic hits dark types.


    Dunsparce, Attack and Speed is based off Hp.

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    Flygon crest: Bug moves are now stab, and double damage on not very effective moves (basically tinted lens)

    Archeops crest: Replace Defeatist with Rock Head

    Intelleon Crest: All moves deal damage based on the targets lower defense (moves will calculate damage off defense if defense is lower than special defense and vice versa)

    Spinda: gains the Simple ability


    Exploud Crest: All moves hit for neutral damage


    Alolan Raichu: Gains water Stab and gain swift swim ability

    (Just for fun)

    Regigas Crest: Slow Start takes 2 less turns and gain the Sheer Force ability

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    Walrein Crest: Rain boosts attack and defense stat by 1.5, Hail boosts special attack and special defense stat by 1.5.


    Treavenant Crest: Confers resistance to ghost-type attacks and raises attack stat one stage when hit by one.


    Kecleon Crest: Being hit by an attack confers resistance to subsequent attacks of that elemental type. Additionally grants +25% defense.


    Butterfree Crest: Missing an attack raises accuracy stat two stages, and special attack stat by one stage. 


    Beedrill Crest: Doubles damage dealt and halves damage taken against poisoned foes.


    Maractus Crest: Sun boosts attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed by one stage at the end of every turn.


    Delcatty Crest: Doubles damage dealt and halves damage taken against infatuated foes, and grants effects of Scrappy ability. Allows Cute Charm and Attract to work on all pokemon, regardless of sex.


    Arbok Crest: Contact moves apply effects of Wrap. Additionally grants +25% defense and special defense.

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    Drapion Crest - Increased base Attack to 105, gives Sheer Force and a 1.25 boost to its Ground moves. after all, a lot of its dex entries state how strong it is and some say how it doesn't even need to use its poison, and its a desert dwelling pokemon for the most part.

    Scolipede Crest - Increases Defense to 109 and HP to 90, but lowers Speed to 92 and makes rolling/spinning/ball moves (like Steamroller, Rollout, Gyro Ball, etc) Stronger, and gain priority(the latter in the style of gale wings). whirlipede went brrrr, and scolipede can go brrrrr, so now it can go brrrrrr.

    Coalossal Crest - Getting hit by any Fire Move gives an additional + 2 Attack, while getting hit by a Water Move gives a +2 Special Attack. Weakens Water moves against it by 25%. goes well with Steam Engine, but can also be useful without it.


    Crabominable Crest - Increases HP to 102, Defense to 97 and SpDef to 87, and gives it Thick Fat. boy he do be fat, but his stats are not fat, and nor is his ability.


    Sandaconda Crest - During a Sandstorm, a random stat(except for Acc or Evasion) is raised by 1. thought about this for less than a minute and it just sounded funny to me.


    Stonjourner Crest - The Power of its moves increases when there are more Rock Types other than itself on its team. (20% for each, so it be plus 100% on a mono Rock team)


    and then some more meh ones, that are mostly just stat swaps.


    Skuntank Crest - Swaps Attack and Special Attack, gains Fire Type version of Steelworker.


    Kommo-o Crest - Swaps Attack and Special Attack, and increases the power of Sound-Based Moves like Punk Rock.

    Flapple Crest - Swaps its Speed and Special Attack, and gains Weak Armor on top of its normal ability.

    Grimmsnarl Crest - Swaps its Defense and Special Attack, and gains Tangling Hair on top of its normal ability.

    Hatterene Crest - Swaps its Attack and HP, and gains Berserk on top of its normal ability.


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    On 10/17/2020 at 2:49 PM, Edo said:

    well, I tried to scratch together the ideas I had some time ago, hope you'll find them useful


    Magneton Crest  -  gets Levitate + Battery (effect applies to itself as well)           (and yes, I mean Magneton, not its unsightly evolution)

    Gothitelle Crest  -  uses the opponent's lower defensive stat for damage calculation

    Kricketune Crest  -  Metronome-like damage boost if a move is repeatedly used, also speed x 1.5

    Golisopod Crest  -  Emergency Exit is replaced by Mold Breaker

    Cacturne Crest  -  Sand Stream ability + 30% damage boost during sandstorm

    Sunflora Crest  -  sets sun on switch in, heals 1/8 during sun

    Dunsparce Crest  -  Gets Simple

    Luxray Crest  -  1.2x speed and gets Galvanize

    Comfey Crest  -  reduces damage taken on your side (Friend Guard, affects holder too), and after fainting applies Healing Wish to the pokemon sent in afterwards

    wanted to add some stuff since some concepts felt a little underwhelming

    Gothitelle Crest  -  always uses opponent's lower defensive stat for damage calculation, and uses Gothitelle's SpDef stat as SpAtt stat

    Dunsparce Crest  -  Gets Simple and Unaware     (because only Simple was basically the same as Empoleon's crest)


    and add some new ideas:

    Mr. Mime Crest  -  Screens last 10 turns, and have additional effects

                                  Reflect: reflects 1/8 of damage received to opponent.   Light Screen: heals own team's side by 1/16 total HP each round

                                  (since Mr Rime will be a thing, Mr Mime surely needs a crest to make up for not having an evolution)


    Froslass Crest  -  Def and SpDef scale with Speed, raise damage against pokemon affected by status conditions by 1.3x

                                Froslass has an amazing repertoire of status moves, but is too frail to make much use of them, so this crest would turn Froslass into a great

                                supporter/tank - the resulting bulk would be similar to e.g. Ferrothorn or Toxapex, but those two still have better typing and a free item slot, so a

                                second crest effect is necessary to make up for that.

                                (Also, since Glalie has a very offensive mega, it would be a nice way to balance that out.)


    Klefki Crest  -  The opponent's held item loses its effect when facing Klefki  (like permanent Magic Room for the mon opposite of Klefki; affecting both opponent's

                            mons would probably be too strong),  and Light Clay and Amplifield Rock effects are included as well.   (as it knows both Screen moves and several

                            moves that are affected by Amplifield Rock)


    Avalugg Crest  -  Damage from special moves is reduced by 50% (Ice Scales ability), varying-power moves always do max damage (Avalanche, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam

                                and Stomping Tantrum in this case)

    Starmie Crest  -  Summon Gravity on switch in, damage-boost proportional to Starmie's health (around 30-50% boost at 100% health)


    Spinda Crest  -  All pokemon on the field (including Spinda) get one random stat lowered by one stage at the end of each round. (combo with Contrary)

                              Additionally, the opposing pokemon's ability is disabled.

    Edited by Edo
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    Castform deserves some love!!!

    Give it a 50% increase in Speed and Sp. Attack and the ability to change form and type (Protein Variant) when using a fire/water/ ice move. It will finally have usage with these buffs.



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    Imma also add another crest cuz I wanna

    Garchomp Crest: Increases Atk and Spe by 1.5x, but locks it into using one move. Dragon Rush switches the user out.


                                Swaps SpAtk and Atk (if attack stat is maxed, it will transfer over to SpAtk and vice-versa); increases speed in the                              sand if holder has sand veil instead of evasiveness.


    Garchomp (Choice-locked effect)

    Ability: Sand Veil/Rough Skin

    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpDef

    Adamant/Jolly Nature

    - Dragon Rush

    - Earthquake

    - Stone Edge

    - Fire Fang




    Garchomp (Offense-swap effect)

    Ability: Sand Veil

    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpDef

    Modest/Timid Nature

    - Draco Meteor

    - Earth Power

    - Fire Blast

    - Sandstorm/Stealth Rock


    Garchomp is another one of my favorite pokemon, and I wanted him to be broken. I like my second idea the most cuz it utilizes Garchomp's special move pool and sandstorm if he wants; T-tar is gonna be great for that set. The first one I like to cuz it turns Garchomp into an extremely offensive pivot that can dish out a lot of damage; at least it doesn't have priority. 

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    On 10/18/2020 at 5:02 AM, Autumn Zephyr said:

    Unfortunately, spiritomb already have a Crest (noted in-universe to have been especially taxing to make due to the species' nature), though it's a pretty special one for another reason. It's actually one of the few Crest designs that were submitted last time an opportunity like this arose to actually make it into the game! Credit goes to a fellow by the name of Solniste, whose original concept can be found here.

    My mistake; I completely forgot that Spiritomb already has a crest when coming up with my idea 😅. Anyway, I came up with a couple other suggestions that I think will be suitable crests. If I do repeat an idea that's already been mentioned here, than I apologise.

    Aurorus Crest: When it enters the field, it automatically sets up Hail and Aurora Veil.

    Tyrantrum Crest: When it uses a move that's powered up by Strong Jaw, recovers HP equal to 1/6 of the damage dealt.


    Masquerain Crest: Grants an immunity to Rock Type moves, including damage from Stealth Rock.


    Purugly Crest: When it enters the field, the opponents Attack OR Special Attack is lowered by one stage, depending on which stat is higher.


    Floatzel Crest: Protects it from Grass type moves and boosts its Attack by one stage (much like Sap Sipper)

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    On 10/20/2020 at 1:56 AM, SilverAngelus said:

    Ghost resists Normal completely, so the Scrappy is already implied.

     But you cannot hit a Ghost type with Normal type move, can you?

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    On 10/20/2020 at 3:25 PM, Edo said:

    Spinda Crest  -  All pokemon on the field (including Spinda) get one random stat lowered by one stage at the end of each round. (combo with Contrary)


                              Additionally, the opposing pokemon's ability is disabled.

    I'd say you could probably add a all-around stat boost for Spinda too, like a universal x1.33 or something - the poor mon needs it.

    Anyways! I took all my previous posts, organized them, added some new ideas, upgraded the old ones... well, here you go, anyways. (Jan, you and your team will probably hate me after this... if it helps, only Tauros, Poliwrath, Rapidash, the Sandslashes, Politoed, Gastrodon, Drapion, Sawsbuck, Cinccino, Vanillluxe, Lilligant, Aromatisse, and Togedemaru were added directly in this post. Everyone else is just the same as before, more or less.)

    Generation 1:


    Farfetch’d (normal) Crest: Raises critical hit ratio by two stages. Defense stats are increased by 35% each. All “blade” moves, Revenge, and Brave Bird gain STAB and the effect of Tinted Lens.
    Persian Crest: Technician applies to moves with a base power up to 90. Applies to both Alolan and Kantoian Persian. Also gives Persian Fur Coat if it doesn't have it already.
    Dugtrio Crest: Applies Substitute without a HP penalty, then applies it again without penalty after going below 50% health. Effect only applies once per battle. Dugtrio cannot be forced out while a Substitute is active. Works for both normal and Alolan Dugtrio.

    Seaking Crest: Activates Ability every turn, and upgrades it.
    Swift Swim: Speed is always doubled. Moves (besides Horn Drill) cannot miss and always hit the maximum number of times.
    Lightningrod: Lightningrod activates at the end of every turn, and also increases Attack.
    Water Veil: Seaking gains Magic Guard and Aqua Ring when entering the battlefield.

    Ditto Crest: Protects Ditto from any entry hazards, and raises the lowest defense stat it has by one stage after transforming.
    Golem Crest: Increases Attack and Defense by x1.15 each. Summons a Sandstorm and raises Special Defense by x1.5 (separate from the Sandstorm). Both normal and Alolan Golem can be affected by this Crest.
    Tauros Crest: If Tauros used a physical move the previous turn, a special move it uses this turn calculates damage with Tauros's Attack stat. After a special move is used, this effect resets. If a special move is not used, Tauros's Attack stat increases by 1.
    Poliwrath Crest: Poliwrath is not affected by the negative side effects of moves (such as Close Combat, Belly Drum, or Superpower), cannot have its stats lowered, and gains Magic Guard. (Inspired by the pokedex entries).
    Rapidash Crest: (Inspired by the pokedex entries mentioning the firey/psychic energies stored in its body). Physical attacks that hit a Kantoian Rapidash burn the enemy, while physical attacks that hit a Galarian Rapidash confuse the enemy. Depending on the Regional Form this pokemon has, Normal physical attacks become either Fire-type (Galarian Rapidash) or Psychic type (Kanto Rapidash). Affects both forms of Rapidash.
    Sandslash Crest: Activates ability, and gives it the other one if a Sandstorm is active. Gives the Tough Claws ability. All physical attacks from this pokemon have a 40% chance to make the target flinch.
    Alolan Sandslash Crest: Activates ability, and gives it the other one if Hail is active. All physical attacks from this pokemon have an added 30% chance to freeze the target.

    Generation 2:


    Bellossom Crest: Gives Bellossom STAB for Fairy type moves. Summons Sun when Bellossom enters the battlefield for as long as it is active and five turns afterwards (Fire-type moves are not boosted by the Sun as long as Bellossom is active). Other weather conditions are overwritten and cannot be resummoned as long as Bellossom is on the battlefield.
    Politoed Crest: Gives Politoed STAB for Psychic moves. Sound moves also gain a x1.5 damage boost and have an added Parental Bond effect.
    Delibird Crest: When Delibird enters the battlefield, all of its teammates are healed for 1/4 of their maximum health even if they aren't on the battlefield (fainted pokemon are revived to 1/4 max health) and Aurora Veil is applied for 8 turns. This effect can only take place once per battle. OR Triples Attack and doubles Speed. Happy Hour applies the effects of Z-Happy Hour, and Present deals 120 damage when targeting enemies or heals 1/4 when targeting allies.
    Blissey Crest: Increases Defense by x2.5.
    Ursaring Crest: Increases defenses and accuracy by x1.3.
    Unown Crest: Increases Defense and Special Defense by 50 each and Special Attack by 24. Hidden Power now deals 70 damage, and always deals damage of a type that is the most Super Effective against the target pokemon, with a built-in Mold Breaker effect added.
    Smeargle Crest: Gives Smeargle x1.35 Speed and applies the same effect as a Focus Sash.
    Jumpluff Crest: Before Jumpluff is hit by a super effective attack, it automatically switches out to another pokemon on the team (determined by the player), and afflicts all pokemon on the field with Cotton Spore. The pokemon that switches in takes the damage in Jumpluff's stead. Also allows Acrobatics to deal max damage at all times.
    Sudowoodo Crest: Sudowoodo gains the resistances and STAB of the Grass type. Sudowoodo has also conquered its hatred of water thanks to its newfound foliage, and gained the Water Absorb and Rain Dish abilities.

    Generation 3:


    Illumise Crest: All of Illumise's moves are performed twice. If a Volbeat is on the battlefield when Illumise is, the effects of Volbeat's Crest are also applied to Illumuse.
    Volbeat Crest: Activates Tail Glow when Volbeat enters the battlefield. If a Illumise is on the battlefield when Volbeat is, the effects of Illumise's Crest also apply to Volbeat.
    Plusle Crest: Activates Plus, and increases Special Attack by 1 at the end of every turn. If both Plusle and Minun are on the battlefield, the effect of Magnet Rise is applied to both, and Electric Surge is applied.
    Minun Crest: Activates Minus, and heals 1/4 of max health at the end of every turn. If both Plusle and Minun are on the battlefield, the effect of Magnet Rise is applied to both, and Electric Surge is applied.
    Chimecho Crest: Increases HP and defenses by 30%. Empowers all Sound moves for all pokemon as long as Chimecho is on the battlefield (Hyper Voice and Uproar are strengthened by 50%, Snore's Base Damage becomes 100, Round deals 90 Base Damage, and Echoed Voice starts at 80 Base Damage (but gains +40 every time). Heal Bell also applies Wish, Perish Song does not affect Chimecho, Growl harshly decreases attack, Yawn instantly puts the enemy to sleep).
    Lunatone Crest: Increases Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense by x1.2. Gives Ice Moves and Fairy Moves STAB.
    Solrock Crest: Increases Attack and Defense by x1.2 and Accuracy by x1.3. Gives Fire moves STAB.
    (Lunarock/Soltone/their Fusion Can use either Lunatone or Solrock’s Crests).
    Delcatty Crest: Summons the Rainbow Field and activates Normalize.
    Gorebyss Crest: Shell Smash is applied at the start of the battle. All Fairy and Psychic moves gain STAB.
    Huntail Crest: Huntail gains the Strong Jaw ability. Also gives STAB for all Dark type moves.
    Shedinja Crest: Changes type randomly when entering the battlefield and at the end of every other turn. Applies Magic Guard. Shedinja cannot become ???/BIRD type.
    Kecleon Crest: Whenever Kecleon is hit by an attack, it changes to a type that either nullifies the damage or reduces it to being not very effective before being hit by it. (Psychic, Electric, and Normal attacks cause Kecleon to change to Dark, Ground, and Ghost types respectively, for instance. But Fire attacks just make it change to Water or Rock). Disables Color Change.
    Walrein Crest: Increases defenses by 30%. Also gives Walrein Strong Jaw and applies the effect to Super Fang (Super Fang now decreases enemy HP by 75%).
    Masquerain Crest: Boosts Evasiveness as though affected by Double Team when entering the battlefield, and increases Special Attack BST by 30 points.
    Wailord Crest: Body Slam and Heavy Slam deal double damage. Whenever Wailord is damaged, all pokemon on the field take Water-based Stealth Rock damage. OR: Wailord's Defense and Special Defense are both increased by 40%. Body Slam and Heavy Slam deal x1.5 damage.
    Grumpig Crest: Attack stat now runs off Special Attack stat. Grumpig gains Iron Fist.
    Luvdisc Crest: (Someone else came up with this idea's base): Applies Speed stat to Special Attack. This stacks with Swift Swim, but if Luvdisc's ability is Swift Swim, Luvdisc's base speed drops by x0.85.
    Spinda Crest: Spinda casts Teeter Dance at the end of every turn, and gets a x2 damage bonus against any Confused enemies. Spinda cannot be confused OR Copycat, Dizzy Punch and all non-Normal moves deal x2 damage and gain a x1.3 accuracy boost. Teeter Dance only affects enemies.

    Generation 4:


    Bibarel Crest: If Bibarel has Simple or Moody, it gains the other ability as well. If Bibarel has Unaware, its Special Attack stat is overwritten by its Attack stat. Bibarel's Defense and Special Defense are increased by x1.2 regardless of its ability.
    Kricketune Crest: Activates ability at all times, regardless of the attack used or HP levels. Any Sound moves that Kricketune has are cast automatically on the first turn after entering the battlefield and run off Kricketune's Attack stat. Increases base Accuracy and Speed by x1.3.
    Carnivine Crest: All Bug-type moves and Flying type moves deal quarter damage, and Carnivine's attacks deal Super Effective damage to all Bug and Flying type pokemon. (Since Carnivine's based on a Venus Flytrap).
    Phione Crest: (Inspired by the mentions of warm seas in the pokedex entry). Phione's special Water-type moves deal Fire damage instead of Water damage, but still receive a boost from Rain Dance (Physical moves still deal Water damage). Once per battle, when Phione would otherwise faint, it instead goes to 1 HP and then casts Rest.
    Pachirisu Crest: The first non-electric offensive move Pachirisu uses after being sent out deals x1.5 damage for as long as it is out (it can be used again and retains the x1.5 damage boost), and deals damage based on Pachirisu's Speed stat instead of Attack or Special Attack.
    Mothim Crest: Mothim applies Quiver Dance to itself twice. If a Wormadam is on the field when Mothim enters the battlefield, the Forest terrain is summoned for five turns.
    Wormadam Crest: Gains the best possible stats from every Form it has (BST becomes 60/79/105/79/105/36). Summons the Forest Terrain if a Mothim is on the field when Wormadam enters the battlefield.
    Drapion Crest: Drapion gains Bug-type resistances and STAB.
    Gastrodon Crest: Whenever a physical attack hits Gastrodon, the attacker's Defense, Special Defense, and Speed all drop by 1.

    Generation 5:


    Sawsbuck Crest: Changes Sawsbuck's type and ability, based on the Seasonal Form it has. Also makes its first Normal-type move into a new type, based on the type changed from Normal. (I considered having their abilities become Drizzle/Drought/Sand Stream/Snow Warning respectively... not sure if that's overpowered or not).
    Spring Form: Sawsbuck becomes Grass/Water type. Ability becomes Dry Skin. First Normal move becomes Water type.
    Summer Form: Sawsbuck becomes Grass/Fire type. Ability becomes Chlorophyll. First Normal move becomes Fire type.
    Fall Form: Sawsbuck becomes Grass/Rock type. Ability becomes Sand Rush. First Normal type move becomes Rock type.
    Winter Form: Sawsbuck becomes Grass/Ice type. Ability becomes Fur Coat. First Normal type move becomes Ice type.

    Lilligant Crest: Lilligant's moves all affect the enemy normally no matter what. (Offensive moves used by Lilligant all deal at least neutral damage regardless of types or abilities on enemy pokemon (Normal type moves can affect Ghost types). Sleep Powder/Stun Spore moves affect any pokemon, regardless of ability or type (even Grass-types or pokemon with Overcoat or a protective item are affected), and Dream Eater works even if the target isn't asleep (to give Lilligant a non-Grass, Bug, or Normal damage option)).
    Alomomola Crest: Attack stats now run off the HP stat (that is, the Attack stat is considered 165 BST at 100% health, and 82.5 at 50% health).
    Maractus Crest: Activates Spiky Shield every other turn. Releases 1 layer of Spikes the first time Maractus enters the battlefield and another layer whenever Maractus is hit by an attack.
    Watchog Crest: Lowers the accuracy of enemy pokemon when Watchog enters the battlefield. Watchog's attacks always hit (the maximum number of times). Increases Attack and Special Attack by x1.3. (Activates and empowers all of Watchog's abilities simultaneously).
    Escavalier Crest: Casts Agility at the start of every turn.
    Klinklang Crest: Gains a Parental Bond ability for all attacks. Switches Attack and Special Attack, and gives all Gear moves +1 priority (but Gear Grind doesn't apply the Parental Bond effect).
    Beartic Crest: Activates Beartic's Ability. When Beartic attacks, if its move is not Ice-type and an Ice-type move would deal more damage, the move becomes Ice-type.
    Accelgor Crest: Gains a Substitute at the start of the battle that doesn't drain HP. Accelgor's attacks all have an added 40% chance to poison the enemy.
    Sawk Crest: Gives the ability Iron Fist. After the first time Sawk is hit by a damaging move, it gains 1 Attack.
    Throh Crest: "Throw" moves, Reversal, and Counter all gain a x1.5 damage boost. Mat Block can be used every turn.
    Simisage Crest: If Simisage makes contact offensively or is hit by a physical move, the pokemon who made contact loses an additional 1/8 of their maximum health. Grass Pledge acts as though Water Pledge was used immediately beforehand. (Becomes a 150 BP move).
    Simisear Crest: Burns enemy pokemon at the end of every turn, and also steals Berries from them and consumes them. Fire Pledge acts as though Grass Pledge was used immediately beforehand (Becomes a 150 BP move).
    Simipour Crest: Simipour gains both Water Absorb and Storm Drain. Water Pledge acts as though Fire Pledge was used immediately beforehand. (Becomes a 150 BP move).
    Bouffalant Crest: Gives Rock Head and Fluffy.
    Basculin Crest: Is protected from the negative side effects of its own moves (Gains Rock Head, doesn't lose HP or stats from moves like Substitute, Final Gambit, and Superpower).
    Cinccino Crest: Increases Accuracy by x1.3 and gives the Fluffy ability.
    Vanilluxe Crest: (It's Ice Cream!) Whenever Vanilluxe is hit by an attack or uses an Ice attack, Vanilluxe and its allies gain 1/8 of their max health back. Hail restores health to all Pokemon as long as Vanilluxe is on the field.

    Generation 6:


    Aromatisse Crest: Aromatisse has perfected its enemy-repelling smell, and cannot be hit by attacks that make contact (Earthquake can deal damage, but Draining Kiss can't). Upon entering the battlefield, Aromatisse applies the Aromatic Mist move to itself and any allies. (Inspired by the pokedex entries for Aromatisse).
    Carbink Crest: Swaps Attack stat with Defense stat when Carbink uses an offensive physical move. Swaps Special Attack stat with Special Defense stat when Carbink uses a offensive special move. When Carbink uses a defensive or support move, Carbink's stats are reset to normal. (Basically, Stance Change for Carbink, but only one "set" of moves at a time).
    Trevenant Crest: Gains Shadow Tag. Trevenant also afflicts any enemy pokemon who hits it or its teammates with a Curse that doesn't drain its HP to cast.
    Gogoat Crest: Grants the effects of Grassy Surge. Grass Pelt affects both Defense and Special Defense, and Sap Sipper activates at the end of every turn.
    Shiinotic Crest: Summons the Bewitched Woods terrain for as long as Shiinotic is on the battlefield.
    Lurantis Crest: When Lurantis enters the battlefield, Lurantis gains a +2 priority to its first offensive move against enemy pokemon. This effect is applied again whenever a new enemy pokemon enters the battlefield.
    Lumineon Crest: Lumineon gains the Lightningrod ability. Also allows Lumineon to learn the move Nature Power by TM (for some reason, Finneon can but Lumineon can't - considering how OP Nature Power is in Reborn and Rejuvenation, this could help Lumineon a lot).

    Generation 7:


    Togedemaru Crest: Whenever Togedemaru deals damage to another pokemon, the other pokemon is paralyzed 100% of the time (this includes damage dealt by Iron Barbs or Spiky Shield). Togedemaru gains Motor Drive. If Lightningrod is Togedemaru's ability, it also raises Attack.
    Gumshoos Crest: Stakeout is always activated.
    Pyukumuku Crest: (Inspired by the pokedex entry) Automatically casts Counter when hit by a physical attack. Cannot be afflicted with status and can cast Purify at will.
    Wishiwashi Crest: Wishiwashi does not gain Attack or Special Attack when in Schooling Form. Instead, Wishiwashi's attacks are all multiple-hit moves, based on how many pokemon are still conscious on the user's team (all of Wishiwashi's moves become Beat Up with different types and effects).

    Generation 8:


    Greedent Crest: Stuff Cheeks can be activated without a Berry, and either heals an extra 1/6 of Greedent’s health (if it has Cheek Pouch), or increases either Defense or Special Defense (chosen randomly) by 1 as well (if it has Gluttony).
    Stonjourner Crest: Applies Special Attack and Speed stats to Special Defense (increases Special Defense to 110 base, but reduces Speed and Special Attack to 1 each). Power Spot applies while Stonjourner is in the party, not just on the battlefield.
    Eiscue Crest: Reapplies Ice Face every turn that Hail is active and increases Special Defense by 15 points.
    Eldegoss Crest: After Eldegoss is damaged, all friendly pokemon entering and on the battlefield gain a Leftovers-like effect. Cotton Down only affects enemy pokemon.


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    Noctowl Crest: Psychic type moves are STAB and all foes on the field get identified.


    Tropius Crest: Changes ability to Thick Fat and raises Sp. Attack by 1.5x. Also roost Heals 75%


    Electrode Crest: Self sacrificing moves like Explosion will deal 1/8th damage to all Pokemon on the Foe's Team.


    Kantonian Exeggutor Crest: All Powder moves and Leech Seed have 100% Accuracy but, Because of being                                                          focused on Non-Damage dealing moves Sp.Atk becomes 0.66x.



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    Primeape Crest: Boosts crit ratio of every pokemon on the field (trying to make use of its Anger Point ability)


    Gothitelle Crest: Increases base evasion by 20% (can predict moves using psychic powers) and future sight can now hit randomly between 1-3 turns.


    Reuniclus Crest: Activates Trick Room upon entry (tribute to Mega Reuniclus from Pokemon Insurgence)


    Sunflora Crest: Maxes speed in sunlight and gains a new ability in Solar Power


    Pachirisu Crest: Gains an extra ability which is Prankster


    Bibarel Crest: Moody now boosts a stat by 3 stages and lowers another by 1. HM moves used by this Bibarel are 30% stronger


    Slaking Crest: Is now truant for only 1 in every 5 turns, guaranteed on the first turn, but its accuracy decreases by 10% and is twice as likely to flinch (it's still tired).


    Mudsdale Crest: Stamina now boosts Defense for taking a physical attack and Special Defense for taking a special attack. Half as likely to flinch. 


    Drapion Crest: Gets priority on any dark type move and gets STAB for attacking bug moves.


    Darkrai Crest: Gains STAB and immunities but not the weaknesses of the ghost typing. (would still resist dark and ghost attacks)


    Cresselia Crest: Gives priority to healing moves. Doubles HP stat in a double battle only to give 1/8 of its health to an ally each turn.


    Diancie Crest: Gets an added ability in Serene Grace as well as a chance to drop accuracy when using a fairy type attack.


    Mew Crest: Gets STAB on every attack and takes normal damage from every typing. (Genetically linked to every single pokemon)


    Mewtwo Crest: Supereffective damage is now 3x and 6x (for double supereffectivity like rock vs fire/flying) (because it is extremely savage).


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    9 hours ago, Outside Indoorsman said:

    I'd say you could probably add a all-around stat boost for Spinda too, like a universal x1.33 or something - the poor mon needs it.

    nah, it's good as is in my opinion. The idea is to turn Spinda into a buffer/debuffer mainly, not an attacker. Buffing a Contrary partner can be really strong.

    And the stat decreases put pressure on the AI, since it often switches out mons when too many stats were decreased. This can make it hard for the AI to build momentum. So Spinda kinda needs to keep its low stats to still be killable by mons with stat decreases, for fairness' sake. And there's still many ways to help keep it alive,  like defensive EV investment, or moves like Fake Out, Follow Me, etc...

    And the ability disabling is another nice way of debuffing, especially when their strategy relies on their ability.


    3 hours ago, Technowiz said:

    Electrode Crest: Self sacrificing moves like Explosion will deal 1/8th damage to all Pokemon on the Foe's Team.

    this reminds me so much of the trading card game mechanics where explosion moves damage mons on the bench, pretty interesting idea

    Edited by Edo
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    Golurk Crest: +1.5 increase in physical attack, defense, special defense. sets up arenite wall even without a sandstorm. +2 priority for shadow punch.


    Toxtricity Crest: swaps physical attack and speed. +2 speed. sets up electric terrain upon entry.


    Volcarona Crest: gains drought as an additional ability and melts any field hazards.


    Noivern Crest: gains aerilate as an additional ability. +2 special attack


    Greninja Crest: water shuriken hits 5 times and gets a +1 evasion increase upon entry (so basically a free double team)

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    Armaldo: Speed scales with Attack but resistances become weaknesses

    Luxray: Adds a secondary Dark typing (idk if this is possible lol)


    Electivire: Gives Iron Fist effect but lowers speed by 10

    Magmortar: Beam moves get 1.3x increase and gets Drought ability

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    Currently working on a list with every crest suggestion. It will be done eventually. Hopefully soon.

    ill update this post whenever I get one generation done 

    Edited by HelpMiiPlease
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    corviknight crest : gains the ability intimidate and an immunity to dragon and fire type moves (because it strikes fear in people's hearth according to the pokedex and the latter part because he is named after a knight, and knights are supposed to defeat dragons.)

    Altaria crest:, gains a fluffy kind of shield, which reduces the damage of pokemon  by 50% for the first five turns and it gains the fairy type.

    scolipede: gains the abillity of the move rage. ( if that's too broken it only increases its attack if it hits a pokemon and doesn't actually ko it, then it gets increasingly more pissed. ( pokedex also says scolipede is an agressive pokemon and it will not give up untill the enemy is destroyed))



    that's all i can think of

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    Chesnaught Crest: Permanent rocky helmet effect, resistance to flying


    Stonjourner Crest: Creates sandstorm on entry, special defense boosted an additional one stage


    Eiscue Crest: Creates hail on entry, evasion boosted by one stage during hail.


    Grapploct Crest: Unsure, but i feel like they probably deserve one. Maybe gets swift swim.

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    Stoutland Crest: Normal-Type moves will deal super-effective damage against types that would normally resist Normal-Type (Excluding Ghost)

    Drifblim Crest: +15% SATK/SPD. At the start of battle, Pokemon will be burned. In addition, this Pokemon is unaffected by Burn damage and boosts SPD by 50%


    Delcatty Crest: Normal-type moves always deal neutral damage and deals 25% more damage


    Archeops Crest: Pokemon can survive up to 2 attacks that would KO this Pokemon.


    Archeops Crest: If Pokemon is defeated, harshly lowers the enemy's ATK/SATK and cannot escape for 3 turns.


    Porygon-Z Crest: +20% SPD. Non-Same Type moves gain STAB while Same-Type moves do not get STAB. If applicable, Adaptability will instead boost Non-Stab moves

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    Oh my god I finished it. This took way to fricking long.

    Here is a list of every crest submitted for gen 1 Pokemon in order of Pokédex number


    if anyone wants to help pleas start with gen 8 and work backwards. I had 3 tests today and I’m very tired so I’m going to go chill out and play the dlc





    Winter  170

    Posted Friday at 07:05 PM

    venusaur crest, makes the opponent venusaur and every pokemon in both trainer's parties venusaur


    Hat'n'Clogs  2

    Posted Friday at 07:19 PM

    Terrible idea: Venusaur Crest:

    1) The user is unable to switch out, a la Ingrain.

    2) The user slowly gains more HP/ turn over time, a la toxic, but healing. (Possibly only an extra 1/16 per turn?)

    (Ties into the theme of Venu being part-plant and part-poke, the idea being growing vegetation into the ground and growing stronger with time.



    Acemaster171  1

    Posted Saturday at 05:06 AM

    7. Venusaur - All moves that uses leaves gets 20% boost also increases spd stat by 10%


    Venusaur: Seed Bomb, Worry Seed, and Bullet Seed have a 20% chance of inflicting Leech Seed on the target when used.

    Acemaster171  1

    Posted Saturday at 05:06 AM


    6. Charizard - Immunity to rock moves and stealth rock






    Charizard crest: boost all stats when hit by a super effective move or critical hit

    Charizard Crest: Gives the ability Multiscale, as well as Immunity to Rocks

    Acemaster171  1

    Posted Saturday at 05:06 AM

    Heres what i can think 

    8. Blastoise -  Mega Launcher for all Special water move


    ZappoNinja  12

    Posted Saturday at 04:43 AM (edited)

    So, Beedrill itself has a mega evolution yet Butterfree doesn't have anything like that, so I'd like Butterfree to get some love too being it's my favorite Pokémon. 


    Butterfree overall is a pretty lackluster Pokémon having only a measly base stats of 395. Most attacks will just tear through it like it's paper. What I suggest is a crest in which buffs Butterfree's powder moves. By that I mean that whenever Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, or Stun Spore is used each of those moves will automatically have priority and 100% accuracy. Although a 100% accuracy sleep powder seems kind of overpowered the moment that Pokémon wakes up Butterfree will instantly go down unless the AI decides to ignore all logic. It's kind of like Prankster too in a way, but it works on dark types and the three moves it works on never miss. 


    I think this is balanced enough and helps Butterfree hold their own in late game, but if you wish to add it without boosting the accuracy of the powder moves to 100% I'd say that'd be fine too. Though then it'd be a pretty lackluster crest to me compared to, say, Meganium or Ledian's crest which is why I highly suggest keeping my original suggestion. 


    (Also I was told that Butterfree is getting a mega cause of Gmax, but I still think this should be added because considering it'll be a mega only one Pokemon can mega evolve at a time meaning there are a lot better options to add to your team instead.)

    Edited Saturday at 05:13 AM by ZappoNinja

    Whether or not Butterfree gets a mega it will likely never be used unless it gets this


    Butterfree Crest: Missing an attack raises accuracy stat two stages, and special attack stat by one stage

     Acemaster171  1

    Posted Saturday at 05:06 AM



    42.  Beedril - Defense is TRIPLED 


    Beedrill Crest: Doubles damage dealt and halves damage taken against poisoned foes

    Pidgeot - Contact moves that has 60 power or below procs twice ( Aerial ace, Quick attack, etc strikes twice) 

    pidgeot crest: your first move is replaced with judgement and always deals super-effective damage


    Arbok Crest. It gets a decent buff in Attack, Defense and Speed. Also can normally/badly poison an opponent if it uses any biting moves

    Arbok Crest - Double whatever stat change it does to an enemy (for example, intimidate is a -2). It also gets a 20% increased chance for additional effects on moves (like crunch lowering defense, poison sting poisoning, etc.)

    Arbok - All biting moves poison the foe

    arbok crest-doubles the power of biting moves

    arbok/ekans crest: your player name is now spelled backwards

    Arbok Crest: Contact moves apply effects of Wrap. Additionally grants +25% defense and special defense


    pikachu or kanto raichu crest: user's attacks will inflict either physical or special damage, whichever will be more effective. this could kind of be a throwback to the pre-physical/special split days 

    Pikachu Crest, Increases Base Attack, and Base Special attack to 100, and effect speed boost but lower HP, DEF, and SPDEF

    Pikachu Crest - SpAtk and Atk combined & +11 base Speed

    pikachu crest: you are now worth $103 billion.



    Raichu: Increase both attack and special attack by 20 and change ability to speed boost. With proper support from teammates it could be a potent nasty plot sweeper. Or you could run a mixed set. Mixed Raichu could have some decent coverage since it can also learn brick break and knock off.

    Crest raichu. Gets a physical atk and spatk boost while also, gaining imunity to ground. 

    Raichu (alola) crest: sets up electric terrain upon entry. Additionally giving it same type attack bonus (similar to adaptability) as long as electric terrain is active

    Raichu (kanto) crest: gives raichu the reckless ability for any recoil moves it learns boosting them by 20%


    Alolan Raichu Crest: User's ability is overwritten by Levitate. Special attack is raised by one stage upon entry and electric/psychic moves are boosted by 1.2x

    Finally gives Raichu levitate and some much needed offensive buffs. I thought this thing would become a little too nutty in Electric Terrain so I decided to have Surge Surfer removed.

    Alolan Raichu: More speed, gets levitate

    Alolan Raichu: Treats it like it's on electric terrain (triggers surge surfer and buffs electric moves, also can't fall asleep since those are the effects) or activates electric terrain on entry, whichever works. Maybe a 1.1x or 1.2x boost to special attack as well.

    Alolan Raichu: Gains water Stab and gain swift swim ability



    alolan sandslash: when it's hailing, 1.25x sp. def + half damage from fire type moves

    Sandslash Crest: After using a Ground or Steel Type move , the mon gains an effect like gulp missile but with -1 speed on hit. (Mostly a reference to how the spikes of and claws of Sandslash can fall off)


    Alolan Sandlash Crest : The mon gains a 20% chance of freezing if a mon makes contact with him ( Reference to the pokedex entries too)


    Sandslash/Alolan Sandslash crest: activates sand rush/slush rush upon entry

    Alolan Sandslash - Each hit has a slight chance to freeze and gets skill link.

    Sandslash Crest: Activates ability, and gives it the other one if a Sandstorm is active. Gives the Tough Claws ability. All physical attacks from this pokemon have a 40% chance to make the target flinch.

    Alolan Sandslash Crest: Activates ability, and gives it the other one if Hail is active. All physical attacks from this pokemon have an added 30% chance to freeze the target.

    • Nidoqueen/king (could work for either) - Swaps Atk. and SpAtk, and makes the secondary effects of moves still activate with Sheer Force

    Nidoking and Nidoqueen - Switches Attack and Sp. Attack. Increases Non-Stab moves Base-Power by 1.3


    Alolan ninetails :summon arura veil when sent out


    Wigglytuff Crest - Gives the effect of Fluffy

    Wigglytuff Crest- Doubles the holder's attack stat, but the holder cannot faint a target unless the target has directly damaged the holder. After all, why faint a potential Friend?

    Wigglytuff - Special version of huge power.

    wigglytuff crest :

    - fluffy is applied onto wigglytuff

    - both defense and special defense stats are changed to 90

    - when wigglytuff faints, misty explosion triggers

    • Wigglytuff - Sing has 100% accuracy and hits both targets in doubles, but sleep only lasts 2 turns

    Wigglytuff: boost sound based attacks by 50% + sing has 100% accuracy and can put EVERY MON asleep, even if it has insomnia (because its songs are so boring)


    Vileplume: Regenerator

    Vileplume: neutralizing gas ability


    Parasect Crest: Normal moves can hit ghost types and increases catch rate of other pokemon. spore always hits ignoring type

    Parasect Crest- Merges Attack and Speed and Effect Spore will activate if parsect hits the opp with a super effective move.


    Extra abilities: Bad Dreams & Analytic.

    Gains a 1.3x boost in both defense & special defense.

    Parasect now resists both Fire & Flying type moves.


    dustox/venomoth crest :

    - multiscale is applied onto the pokemon

    - base defense and special defense becomes 80 and 100 respectively

    - when the pokemon enters the battle, opposing pokemon are inflicted with a random status condition; paralysis, sleep, burn, or confusion


    • Alolan Dugtrio - Tangling hair procs when Dugtrio's moves make contact as well, and sets a 'layer of hair' (e.g. Sticky Webs) when Dig is used

    • Dugtrio: Contact moves hit 3 times with 33% power (maybe even 50%, but 33% makes more sense


    Extra abilities: Tough Claws & Rough Skin. (Rough Skin acting like a quick counter attack)

    Increases attack by 1 stage upon battle entry.

    *Meowth*/(Persian) crest! Functionality of Quick Claw item + Amulet Coin item + Technician ability, or effect similar to Technician ability extending to moves with 80 base power and obligatory normal type 

    Persian Crest: gains a crit stage increase if it's faster than the target + Sniper ( To resemble a bit the old crit mechanics)

    Crest Persian. Gains tough claws

    Persian - Increases crit stage by 1; landing a critical hit boosts attack by +1/+2 (callback to its always landing crits in gen 1)

    Persian Crest-multiply the money from battles by 4( after all its a pokemon with gold on the head)


    Golduck crest - Boosts Psychic-type moves by 1.5x and doubles the effects of Calm Mind

    Golduck: Psychic-type moves gain Stab

    Golduck Crest: psychic stab and simple ability

    Golduck Crest - + Psychic effect on every attacking move golduck uses + 10 base Spatk

    Golduck crest: using psych up with golduck crest confuses you and you get +1 sp attack each turn you are confused (Reference to the dex entries + a more reliable way to get confused)

    • Primeape (Anger Point only) - All attacks against this pokemon are critical

    Primeape - gets Gorilla Tactics

    Primeape Crest: Boosts crit ratio of every pokemon on the field (trying to make use of its Anger Point ability)


    Arcanine Crest

    Halves the damage taken from physical attacks.


    Basically just Fur Coat. A lot of people forget about Arcanine’s defensive capabilities, and this + Intimidate would be a fun combination.

    Arcanine Crest: Raises speed and attack whenever a Fire-type move deals damage.



    • Or: Fire-type moves deal more damage as speed is increased.

    Arcanine Crest: Howl and Roar gain +1 priority and increase Biting moves BP by 1.5x.


    Out of my love for Arcanine I will suggest the Arcanine crest. He isn't underperforming but a crest that halves his recoil damage would be pretty cool.

    Arcanine: Flame Body.



    poliwrath: has sheer force.


    Poliwrath Crest: Gives Water moves priority if the mon Hp is above 75%


    Poliwrath - Increases dmg of contact moves when raining by 25%


    All water moves uses the user's attack to calculate damage.

    All normal-type moves are now fighting-type.


    Poliwrath Crest: Poliwrath is not affected by the negative side effects of moves (such as Close Combat, Belly Drum, or Superpower), cannot have its stats lowered, and gains Magic Guard. (Inspired by the pokedex entries).



    Victreebell Crest: Gives the ability Solar Power



    Tentacruel - Defense scales with Special defense and attack scales with special attack



    Golem (Both forms) - Once knocked out it causes a self-destruct


    Golem: gains Sand stream and solid rock


    Golem (including Alolan) Crest - Applies Gravity effect as long as user is in play. Sandstorm summoned too.  


    Alolan Golem: Starts Battle with Magnet Rise but lowered Speed.


    Golem (Kanto) : Self-Destruct/Explosion are treated as rock-type moves, and when Golem is hit by an attack, the opponent's defense is lowered by 1.



    Rapidash Crest- If held by Kantonian Rapidash, increases the damage of "charging" moves, such as Wild Charge, Flare Blitz, etc. If held by Galarian Rapdiash, increases the user's atk when using the move Calm Mind and increases the chances of additional effects occurring (like Serene Grace)


    (Kantonian)Rapidash crest:      When the sun is active, boost speed by 2x , attack by 1.75x (could be lower/higher) and evasion by 1.5x (could be lower/higher), but takes


    Rapidash Crest: Drought and increase speed, accuracy, and evasion in sun.


    Rapidash (including Galarian) crest - 1.3x attack and speed.


    Rapidash Crest: Boost Speed by 1 stage upon defeating the enemy. If user is faster than the target, damaging moves have their power and accuracy increased depending of differences in speed. [(UserSpeed - TargetSpeed) / sqrt(TargetSpeed) + 15% looks good]


    Rapidash Crest: (Inspired by the pokedex entries mentioning the firey/psychic energies stored in its body). Physical attacks that hit a Kantoian Rapidash burn the enemy, while physical attacks that hit a Galarian Rapidash confuse the enemy. Depending on the Regional Form this pokemon has, Normal physical attacks become either Fire-type (Galarian Rapidash) or Psychic type (Kanto Rapidash). Affects both forms of Rapidash.



    Crest Slowbro / Slowking. Swaps defense for spdef and spdef for defense 




    And finally. Crest Farfetch'd Gains +2 atk and speed while gaining tough claws


    Farfetch'd Crest - ups the critical hit ratio (like its stick) and ups attack and speed by x1.2 then matches them.



    Dodrio Crest: User is unaffected by status effects and will evade first incoming damaging move. Gives him ability Reckless. (Moves that bypass accuracy checks can still hit him.)


    Dodrio : This pokemon cannot hit himself in his confusion. Doubles Dodrio's attack when confused.



    Dewgong Crest - Gives Dewgong the effect of 2 Stockpiles permanently.


       Dewgong crest:      When the rain is active, gives priority +1 to water type moves, ignores water type resistance, (can hit pokemon with water absorb)                  

                                                       When the hail is active, gives priority +1 to ice type moves , ignores ice type resistance


    Crest Dewgong. All moves become Ice and do 1.4 more.




    Alolan Muk: If it gets hurt by a contact attack, the enemy´s speed decreases.


    Muk : Gives him the gooey ability


    Muk or Toxicroak (makes sense for either) - Pokemon poisoned / badly poisoned by this pokemon take twice as much damage each turn. This pokemon can poison steel types.



    Cloyster - Stats cannot be lowered 



    Gengar crest - When held Ghost Type moves are Effective/Super Effective to Dark Types 

    Also with this Crest, Normal Type moves can hit Gengar but are Not Effective 

    oh and can it give him back his levitate ability


    Gengar : has levitate


    Gengar: Abillity becomes leivitate and its special attack increases by 10% whilst its attack scales with it





    Kingler - HP is doubled upon entry



    Electrode crest: The user will always live on 1 hp after taking a fatal blow from any hp range and explode after the turn ends


    A few ideas for Electrode Crest:

    - Befitting of its nature, explodes every turn, dealing normal-type damage of 80 base physical power to the opponent then damages itself as well for 1/8 of its maximum hp. (Not that OP since Electrode has terrible attack stats to begin with)

    - Attacks twice with the same move(attacking moves only), but takes recoil damage equals to the first move dealt to opponent.

    - Upon being attacked by an electric move, gains 2 stages in sp.atk and speed.


    Electrode - all attacks use sp.atk stat and makes normal moves electric


    Electrode: Uses the move Self-Destruct upon fainting.


    Electrode - Uses type-less special explosion upon fainting. Plus 1.2x special attack increase. 



    Exeggutor Crest: Trick Room activated upon switch in


    exeggutor crest-super effective hits restore hp


    Kantonian Exeggutor Crest: All Powder moves and Leech Seed have 100% Accuracy but, Because of being                                                          focused on Non-Damage dealing moves Sp.Atk becomes 0.66x.



    Marowak Crest: Switches base Attack and Defense, and allows Bone moves to hit Flying type Pokemon.

    How are birds immune to a thrown bone attack? HOW!?


    Marowak- Bone moves never miss, and do 1.5 more dmg and may randomly hit for Fire,Ghost,or Ground type dmg.


    Marowak: Parental bond with a 10% increase in special def and have the thick club being held with it



    Hitmonlee Crest-Striker moves hit 3 time  and loses 50% power on the second kick and 33% power on the last kick. Each power decrease is from the previous kick.



    Hitmonlee crest: Its kicking moves are boosted by 20%, and all of its kicking moves besides high jump kick now bypass all accuracy checks at all times.




    Hitmonchan crest: Its punching moves now always hit twice, with the second hit doing 0.25x damage on the second hit (ala parental bond but for punching moves only)


    Hitmonchan Crest-Punching move hit three times but lose power after each hit. See the Hitmonlee Crest how the power decreses work.


    Hitmonchan: Punching Moves heal half the damage they deal (This attempts to make Hitmonchan an Endurance Boxer.)



    Weezing: double damage caused by explosion


    A few ideas for Weezing Crest (my favorite pokemon), can mix and match between them:

    - Explosion/Self-destruct damages Weezing equal to 1/2 of his maximum hp. Damage to opponent is unaffected.

    - Explosion/Self-destruct applies poison-type damage to opponents that it does not affect.

    - Base sp.atk and sp. def increased by 1.2x


    g-weezing crest: gives your character sprite a top hat


    Weezing Crest: if the Weezing holding the crest (whether galarian or not) has neutralizing gas, then not only are the effects of abilities ignored, but also the terrain's while it's in the field.


    Weezing: Converts damage to health on Weezing for attacks used by allies. (Good for spread moves)



    Crest Kangaskhan. moves hit twice (parental bond but not)




    Seaking Crest - Swift Swim now doubles attack instead of speed.


    Seaking Crest-Speed is increased by 30% and get type changes when a new move is selected.


    Seaking Crest: speed increase and sap sipper ability 


    Seaking crest: This pokemon's speed is doubled and horn-based-attacks (megahorn, drill run etc.) increase in base power by 1.5x.


    Seaking - boosts spd and atk by 50%



       Starmie crest:        When switched in, sets up reflect or light screen, gain prankster


    Crest Starmie. Gets a 2x spatk raise.


    Starmie Crest  -  Summon Gravity on switch in, damage-boost proportional to Starmie's health (around 30-50% boost at 100% health)





    Mr. Mime: Has a chance to mimic the opponents' moves for half BP but removes any secondary effects.


    Mr. Mime Crest  -  Screens last 10 turns, and have additional effects

                                  Reflect: reflects 1/8 of damage received to opponent.   Light Screen: heals own team's side by 1/16 total HP each round

                                  (since Mr Rime will be a thing, Mr Mime surely needs a crest to make up for not having an evolution)




    Jynx Crest Crest: 20% in Speed/apply Snow cloack



     Tauros crest would be super cool. Recharge moves wouldn't actually recharge if you got a knockout in gen 1, so maybe a crest that would allow this for Tauros? Could allow him to secure KOs easily with Giga Impact. If this isn't enough, maybe it could also increase the damage of moves that uses it's horns, like Megahorn, Smart Strike and Horn Attack


    Tauros Crest: When using must recharge move like Giga impact or hyper beam, if opponent mon is knocked out, no need to recharge and tough claw (horn) ability


    Tauros: Stamina


    Tauros Crest: If Tauros used a physical move the previous turn, a special move it uses this turn calculates damage with Tauros's Attack stat. After a special move is used, this effect resets. If a special move is not used, Tauros's Attack stat increases by 1.




    magikarp crest: magikarp can leap over mountains. splash is now a 250BP move that always paralyzes (due to the shock of being hit by a fish at mach 4.)



      Gyarados - Atk & SP Atk is  Equalized ( So i can finally use flamethrower  and surf for this guy) 


    gyarados crest: makes gyarados water/dragon like it fuckin should be


    Gyarados: Swap Attack and Special Attack 



    Lapras crest:           Switches strenghts and weaknesses, when the hail is active, upon switching in, sets up aurora veil (i count  snow warning 1st turn aswell)


    Lapras Crest: snow warning and increase speed in hail. (maybe include electric stab bonus?)



    Eevee Crest: If the field effect changes while Eevee is on the field, Eevee transforms into an evolution that matches the new field. Eevee changes back when it faints or switches out (like Ditto)


    Eevee Crest, Increases Special Attack to 100, and Speed to 100, Protean ability with some unique moves (Good even be cool with the Transform Eevee


    Eevee Crest - Strengthens Eevee and automatically adapts it to field effects.

    • Raises Eevee's stats.

    • Makes not very effective moves hit for neutral damage (like Tinted Lens).

    • Changes Eevee's type depending on the field (like Mimicry). Also changes its Normal Edited by HelpMiiPlease

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    Some gen6 pokeman that needed a buff (aside from the frog) that i didnt add in my last post

    Chesnaught crest: Prankster + Heatproof effect
    Delphox crest: Miracle eye is always active, speed is boosted by 1.5x
    Greninja crest: Attacking stats and defense stats are swicthed
    Pyroar crest: Adaptability + Expert Belt effect or Moxie boosts special attack
    Floette / Florges crest: Rock Head (cuz Light of Ruin) or defense scales off from special defense
    Gogoat crest: Big Root effect + grass moves do additional rock damage
    Pangoro crest: Unseen Fist effect or Tough Claws effect
    Avalugg crest: Filter + special defense scales off from hp

    Edited by Lowie
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    Octillery Crest: 1.3x attack and special attack and the first “bullet” move (moves blocked by bulletproof) used in a battle has +1 priority 

    Maractus Crest: 1.5x defense and moves that make contact with this Pokémon damage the user by 1/8th of their hp


    Kecleon Crest: This pokemon is “invisible” (cannot be hit) during the first turn it enters battle once per battle.

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    Here's is an idea for a primarina crest:


    Sound based moves(including perish song) gain the ability to trap the opponent (like mean look):


    This is based on primarina's concept: the Siren. Siren's where known to lure sailors with their enchanting music.


    This would be a great enhancement for perish trap sets.

    Primarina is mostly seen with offensive choice specs sets or defensive leftovers sets, so this would add some variety to it.

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    1 hour ago, Lowie said:


    Yeah... that might be a bit broken.


    If Jan and the Team actually take my suggested idea and decide to put it in the game, they might want to exclude perish song from that List to balance it out.

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    If I were to add a few crest, here are the ones I would add:

    Luxray crest: Adds a Dark type to Luxray, boosts its STABed attacks by 10%.

    Toxapex crest: Swaps its attacks with its defenses (Only a "stat change", yes, but it could change the pokemon's gameplay).

    Heracross crest: adds the flying type to Heracross.

    Sandslash crest: when Sandslash enters the battlefield, summon a sanstorm for 5 turns.

    Grumpig crest: adds the abilty Simple to Grumpig (on top of its other ability).

    Delcatty crest: Delcatty's attacks all hit as "normal effectiveness" (Not "super effective", not "not very effective"), even on pokemon immune to it (as well as shedinja).

    Delhmise crest: +20 Def ; +30 Sp.def ; -50 Atk ; Adds the steel type to Delhmise.

    Starmie crest: All of Starmie's attacks use its Sp.Atk and hit on the enemy's Def stat (like Psyshock) (Only relevant if flip turn gets added in the next update, I haven't followed enough to see if it will).

    Tropius crestUnder sunshine, increase the effects of Solar Power (2x Sp.Atk,  but takes away 1/6 of its health insead of 1/8).


    Dunsparce crest cause this pokemon really sucks: Dunsparce becomes Flying/Ground, adds 10 to all of its base stats except speed, adds 40 in speed. Everytime Dunsparce uses the same attack in a row, its power is multiplied by 1.25 (a la metronome).


    Electivire crest: Magmortar's Sp.Atk is multiplied by 2 if both pokemon are on the field. Magmortar resists Electric-type moves.
    Magmortar Crest: Electivire's Atk is multiplied by 2 if both pokemon are on the field. Electivire resists Fire-type moves.

    Zangoose crest: Seviper's Speed and Sp.Atk are multiplied by 1.5, but Zangoose loses 1/8 of its HP at the end of each turn. If Seviper is KOed, the effects end, then Zangoose's Atk is multiplied by 1.5 until KOed or switched out.
    Seviper crest: Zangoose's Speed and Atk are multiplied by 1.5, but Seviper loses 1/8 of its HP at the end of each turn. If Zangoose is KOed, the effects end, then Seviper's Sp. Atk is multiplied by 1.5 until KOed or switched out.


    Unown crest: Randomize Unown's base stats before each fight, between 1 and 150 for every stat. Unown's hidden power now makes it use a random move (like metronome) instead of its normal effect.

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    Lets see.

    Dusknoir - Punching moves have +1 priority, and have their on hit effect doubled.
    Primeape - Crits deal less damage to Primeape, like half or a quarter less damage ig? This should work well with the Anger Point ability, and it makes sense due to its "never give up" resillient nature.

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    Lycanroc Midnight:

    - doubles physical defense (so like Fur Coat) and recovers 1/3 or 1/2 of the damage it dealt to the opposing Pokémon. I can provide the code if you want since I've already tried it out on my own run to see how viable Lycanroc Midnight would be

    - reason: according to the Pokédex, it doesn't mind taking hits, so boosting its physical defense makes sense, in my eyes. Moreover, recovering its hp through attacking and the wolf theme can be easily associated with Blood Lust, which also fits Lycanroc Midnight



    - is immune to Fire and recovers HP when hit by a Fire move, so like Water Absorb

    - reason: Ghost/Grass is not a bad defensive type, and if you add fire immunity, Gourgeist would be quite obnoxious to deal with. It'd fit very well in a mono Grass team as Grass doesn't have a reliable way to take Fire hits, especially if they're boosted by Sun



    - Changes its ability so that it would work like this: At the end of your turn, you get to decide if you want to switch out Golisopod or not

    - reason: it's not a drastic change since Golisopod has good stats (comparable to Mega Scizor on the bulky side!) and is only hindered by its ability. With this change, it would benefit very well from First Impression

    - if that's not enough to make Golisopod viable, maybe, add an Intimiate effect on top of this change?


    Mr. Rhime:

    - inverts its own weaknesses and resistances, which is needed on mono Ice as it resists key types like Fire, Rock, Steel, and is only weak to Ice and Psychic. Also, Ice/Psychic is probably the best defensive type for an Ice Pkm if it had such an ability



    - originally meant for Spiritomb but since it already has a Crest, I thought, it should work well with Umbreon: When it gets attacked, it applies Torment effect on the Pkm that attacked it. Furthermore, the Pkm will loose 1/8 of its HP every turn so long as it is tormented

    - reason: emphasizes the defensive nature of a Pkm and works well with Protect and Wish/Moonlight and Toxic. Makes it really obnoxious to deal with

    - also, I've already created the code for this. So, if you want, I can provide it.



    - either you double its speed or you make it so that moves that only have a power of 60 or less will be priority

    - personally, I prefer the second option to make it different from Galvantula



    - Tinted Lens effect



    - Galvanize + moves like Giga Impact don't need to charge



    - boosts attack (and, maybe, defense) for each of your dead Pkm. By how much is up to you.



    - upon entry, it will automatically provide Tailwind. Only works once to not make it too broken?

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    Regieleki : Allows the user to hit any Ground type Pokémon neutrally with Electric moves.


    Regidrago : Allows the user to hit any Fairy type Pokémon neutrally with Dragon moves.

    Edited by RocketOSullivan
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    8 hours ago, RocketOSullivan said:

    Regieleki : Allows the user to hit any Ground type Pokémon neutrally with Electric moves.


    Regidrago : Allows the user to hit any Fairy type Pokémon neutrally with Dragon moves.

    You can't. They aren't available yet.

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    On 10/16/2020 at 2:24 PM, TheShockingAmpharos said:

    1,5 x Speed & Special Attack and make hidden power have a 50 % too be super effective against the opponent


    Maybe make hidden power always do psychic damage on top of whatever type hidden power for permanent stab

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    Chesnaught crest: Gains the ability filter, to help reduce damage from super effective moves; given how it has 6 weaknesses. This would allow it to tank those type of moves better. 

    Delphox crest: Increases the odds of secondary effects of actually happening (like burn or special defence drop for example) by 10%~20% roughly. Delphox can learn moves like flamethrower, Psychic and Shadow ball for example. Getting increased odds of dropping sp.def and burning opponents sounds like a good plan. 


    Greninja crest: Boost stab moves from the usual 1.5 multiplier to a 1.75 or 2.0 multiplier. This will allow Geninja to hit harder and with the ability protean, this crest will be extremely useful. 

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    I think there should be a crest for the rest of Eeveelutions, because they are the best Pokémons and we all know that.

    But for real, they are good, but there is always a problem with them. So, for that, I have suggestions for each of them!



    Flareon - Guts abillity is always active. Also, attacks with recoil damage no longer cause damage to Flareon.


    Vaporeon - When raining, it receives 1/8th of it's life each turn, and a small boost to its Defense and Sp. Defense (so that we can use its Hydration abillity more!). OR It causes to rain when it enters the battle (just like drizzle) and has a boost do its Defense and Sp. Defense


    Jolteon - I think this user had a really good idea for Jolteon's crest! Here it is:

    On 10/16/2020 at 8:18 PM, Moto said:

    Jolteon does more damage the faster it is than the opponent. Maxes out at 1.5x damage when you are 1.5x faster than the opponent. 

    I think it could give Jolteon also a small boost to its Speed, just to make up for his lack of good abillities.


    Espeon: Dark type attacks no longer damages it, instead it boosts its Sp. Attack. Also, activate Prankster on Espeon.


    Umbreon: Status conditions have the opposite effect on Umbreon, for example, being burnt would make Umbreon gain HP each turn, and have a boost to its Attack. For Sleep and Confusion conditions, I would suggest that Umbreon should always attack, without failling (since it doesn't know any OHKO moves, I think it shouldn't be a problem).


    Sylveon: The opposing Pokémon can fall in love with it each time it contacts with Sylveon, even if they are the same gender. Also, it applies a boost to its Sp. Defense. It changes the field to a Misty Terrain.


    Also, here are some ideas for another Pokémon:


    Noivern: Sound-based moves have STAB, and have the chance of causing confusion on the enemy.


    Primarina: Sound-based moves are more Powerfull, and cure the user of any status condition. In double battles, its sound-based attacks don't damage the partner, instead, they boost, randomly, one of their stats.


    Incineroar: Boost its Attack, and each time one of its stats is lowered, or the enemy raises its stats (in battle), Incineroar receives a boost to its Attack or Speed.


    Decidueye: Its flying type attack moves have STAB, and has a boost to its Speed.


    Magneton: It applies Levitate and Electric Surge to Magneton.


    Furfrou: Depending on its hairstyle, he has an adittional type (for example, Heart Trim would make him Normal/Fairy, Diamond Trim would make him Rock/Normal, and so on). He could also have a signature move, that its type changes depending on Furfrou's haircut. If it has the normal haircut, his normal attacks cause more damage.


    I hope my ideas are good enough, and that some could be implemented! Thank you for the opportunity!

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    Very dumb idea, but it's all I got in my head.


    Delibird Crest: Forces Present to heal Partner Pokemon in double battles if used on them. May also restore used held items (i.e. berries).


    All I got, really. It's dumb, but hey, better then nothing and not exactly overpowered.

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    These are some ideas for a Snorlax crest, which I think thematically fits. All of them together are OP, so please choose only a few :3


    Gives Snorlax the ability comatose.

    - This lets it spam facade, as well as avoid status moves. I think someone else suggested it as well.


    If sleep talk chooses rest, then the HP goes back to full.

    - Might be too op. Throwback to gen 2.


    Gives Snorlax the effect of the ability harvest.

    - GMax Replenish 😄


    Moves that seem like it would hit harder with users weight gets powered up.

    - eg Body Slam, Heavy Slam, Bulldoze, EQ, High Horsepower, Stomping Tantrum, Steel Roller, Take Down etc


    All physical moves have a chance to paralyze the opponent

    - EVERYTHING is body slam


    Defense Curl increses defense by 2 stages.


    Gives some buff to belly drum

    - Takes only 1/4 HP, works like Z-belly drum, gives an omniboost etc.



    [If anyone else wants to add to the list, please feel free to copy-paste.]

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    I’ve always thought Toucannon was a really neat Pokémon, but it’s never seemed to live up to its inspiration in terms of how it battles. Beak Blast is a cool idea but it’s super one-note to have Toucannon‘s gimmick rely on a single pretty mediocre physical move. 

    In order to more closely align with the cannon that the bird gets its name from, I thought the crest should increase Toucannon’s fairly weak special attack by 50%. It would also gain the ability Boom Bird, which makes special normal, flying and fire type attacks never miss, but causes recoil.


    My second suggestion is a crest for Tapu Bulu that effectively makes any move Bulu uses Play Rough. Justice for Bulu.

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    Fairy types are absolutely adorable :3 


    Ribombee Crest: Pollen puff heals allies 66% instead of 50%,  and 1.1x buff to special attack?


    Comfey Crest: Signature move floral healing, heals 55%(On grass field 70%) can also heal status effects, Comfey's draining kiss has a 40% chance to infatuate the target.


    Milotic Crest: Ability changes to water bubble, halves fire type move power and doubles the power of water type moves, Special defense and speed stat swap. (To be honest I think this one is a bit broken...)


    Cryogonal Crest: Ability changes to Snow Warning, Special defense and special attack swap.



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    ok so here goes


    Gardevoir: give the ability of his mega.


    Greninja: give adaptability


    Scizor: Priority move have 1.2x damage boost


    Volcarona: give the ability simple.


    Golisopod: doens't witdraw when half HP.


    Decidueye: Swaps Sp.attack for speed.


    Rampardos: its def and sp.def is equal to halve is attack but lost HP every turn.


    Breloom: Swaps its weakness.




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    Not sure how many are these are already done, but here are some crests that i would like to see (mainly weaker mons that don't get played otherwise). Keep in mind that many of these may be either very over/undertuned:


    -Arbok: give it dark typing and strong jaw

    -Avalugg: spdef scales with def

    -Basculin: weird one, but give it fell stinger but as an ability (+3 atk if it ko's) [its a piranha or something idk] and 1.5x speed

    - Beartic:  a combination of snow warning and slush rush, with 1.2x atk

    -bellossom: a chlorophyll bellossom holding this also gets drought and a fire immunity

    -bibarel: simple bibarel holding it can't have its stats lowered, also stat increases are increased by an extra stage

    -cacturne: has spiky shield on switch in and 1.2x atk

    -carbink: it gets diancie's stats 

    -chatot: using the same sound move consecutively increases the damage by 1.2x, also its speed is increased by 1.5x. Also soundproof

    -chimeco: your team is immune to sleep status, and its def, spdef and spatk go up by 1.5x

    -crustle: gains a shell smash on switch in and its spdef scales with its def

    -electrode: self-destruct moves gain electric typing and for one time during the battle only, they don't actually knock out the user

    -floatzel: all moves get priority in rain, and its atk is increased by 1.2x

    -kecleon: he puts you in jail for theft. Also, if using a damaging move protean changes kecleon (and the move) to a random supper effective type (or neutral if not applicable)

    -purugly: atk scales with speed and its def is doubled (i mean its a fat cat)

    -shiinotic: double damage against sleeping enemies, gets natural cure, and all stats other than atk and speed go up by 1.5x

    -ditto: if applicable, transforms into mega form of opposing pokemon with impostor/transform, even if they aren't mega themselves. If it has no mega but a crest instead, then it transforms into that. For pokemon with multiple megas/crest forms, the choice is done at random 

    -lurantis: any stat increases increase all other stats by the same amount

    -drampa: berserk triggers off of any damage, also gives its moves priority for the next turn after its activated

    -sudowoodo: gets an ability like sap sipper that works for water moves too AND disguise, and atk up by 1.5x (this is probably too much tbh but eh)

    -greedent: consuming a berry increases atk, def and spef by one stage each, and gets its berries back 2 turns after usage


    This is all for now. Crests are great and should be in the main series games

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    Swampert Crest: Boosts water and ground type moves and applies aqua ring for 3 turns upon entry.


    Heracross Crest: if the ability is swarm Boosts its attack at half health instead of 1/3.

    If the ability is guts if burned raise attack by 100% instead of 50% and if poison, heal from it ever other turn.

    If ability is moxie raise both attack and special attack stat by 1 upon entry. and boosts bug type moves regardless of ability.


    Parasect Crest: Apply sleep to enemy for 1 turn upon entry and boost grass and bug moves.


    Swoobat Crest: Apply Mind Reader upon entry and boost psychic types moves.


    Lycanroc Crest: Apply stealth rock up entry and boost rock type moves.


    (Hope you like them.)

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    Swoobat Crest: Gives special moves a chance to inflict attract, increase speed Stat

    Leavanny: increases power of blade and cutter moves, increase defense stat

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    Aromatisse crest: Fuses def and speed

    Dodrio crest: boosts speed by 1.1 and gives plus one speed on field entry

    Gothitelle crest: calm minds on entry

    Talonflame crest: Gives old gale wings and takes no recoil from brave bird/Flare blitz

    Mawile crest: boosts sdef by 1.5

    Whimsicott crest: makes prankster work on dark types and gives boosted speed



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    Gallade Crest: Lands crits everytime a special attack is used, increases base special attack, gives ability mega launcher. (a special Gallade)
    Raticate/Watchog Crest: Super fang cuts 75% hp of the pokemon and can hit ghost typing, increases speed.

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    I haven't played the whole game and I haven't read the last ten pages so here are blind requests. I've found some online here and there:


    Golem (and A-Golem) : Add/replace Sap Sipper and/or Water Absorb

    Snorlax: Add/replace Poison Heal (and Toxic Orb effect?)

    Volcaropod: Add/replace it Storm Drain (that thing so hot it should turn water into steam)

    Cherrim: Add it Chlorophyll AND Solar Power (still no good)

    Archeops: Crest is a permanent Iapapa Berry or something that refill even more HP, so that he needs to be one-shot to be K.O. He will make a good use of recoil moves that way.


    • Emergency Exit becomes something between Intimidate/Tough Claws/Adaptability (based on a reddit poll I found great).
    • Other idea I'm less fan of: Add a Red Card effect to Emergency Exit.

    Polteageist: Add it Flame Body, just for the laugh and our tongues

    Frosmoth: Add it Compound Eyes for Hurricane and Blizzard

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    I am here to add to the avalanche.
    Alright let see what i can think off. Hope i am not to late :p.

    Tauros crest: Return the to gen 1 crits tied to speed. The faster tauros is the more likely that he will crit.
       Brings back our good old bull and makes him usefull.... sometimes.

    Miltank crest: Lactose intolerant.  everyone dies of diarrhea. That's all. 
       In all seriousness maybe that's not such a bad idea. All healing you get or food you consume when she's out will give you an ailment for a few turns ( overtime damage or poison damage). Makes milkyway extra annoying.

    Nidoqueen crest: Immune to status moves (can still get status by other moves like flamethrower) + get's life steal on all it's contact moves (20%/ 15% of it's missing health or somthing).
    Nidoking crest: Speed boost when hit by a super effective move  + life steal (as describe above).
        Both King and Queen get a bit more sustain, Nidoqueen can tank more and king can retaliate better given that he isn't that fast.

    Luxray crest: Give it the dark type + predatory senses ( If opponent health goes red luxray get's speed and attack boost, Can only happen once per switch in.)
       Predators will double their efforts to take down prey when its hurt. Gives luxray some much needed speed.

    Delphox crest: Magic bouncy guard, i dunno. All none direct damage will be returned to the opponent (like sand storm damage and stealth rocks). 
       For a pokemon that's supposed to be a mage it can apparently only pickpocket with magician wich is kinda lame compared to greninja's protean ability.

    Samurott crest: Changes it's god awfull 3 stage evolutions design. Nobody needs a fat slow samurai on four legs, how the hell does he even draw dem swords? 

    Decidueye crest: Swap speed with sp.atk. + Phantom touch (all contact move have a chance to make you flinch).
       70 base speed? Why? This robinhood ninja guy is slower then blastoise a chonky turtle, and learns no special moves. Sometimes i don't get you game freak.

    Aurorus crest: During hail it get's increased (40%) defense and sp.def. Becomes immune (or reduces damage off) to steel type moves.
       Aurorus Borealis -> Appeares because off magnetisme and radioactivity. Aurorus get's a magnetic field that redirects and protects it from da evil steel. 

    Tyrantrum crest: 1.2x speed + ambush predator (damages all pokemon that switch into it, reversed pursuit )
       Research shows that the Tyrannosaurus rex probably was a ambush predator and relied on it's camouflage making it hard to see.

    Goodra crest: Gives it the fairy type + adds passive healing or that all poison and water type move heal goodra. Or blubber armor reduces all incoming damage by 15%.  
       I like goodra (figures, username checks out. Not french wouldn't eat it though.) but it's really bad compared to the other pseudo's. Goodra lacks defense and recovery to stay in the fight and mono dragon isn't that good.  Can't think of anything amazing for goodra just yet.

    Vespiquen crest: reducees speed by 25% but big butt. Hive guard, the hive will protect her from one attack and give all order moves +1 priority. 

    Bisharp crest: Terminator Bisharp will ingnore all stat buffs and defenses like protect/ light screen. Boost it's speed by 1.2x 
      Looks like a power ranger version of the terminator. Let it act like a merciless killer.  

    Omastar crest: PRAISE THE HELIX, the opponents team will join your team. 

    That's all i can think off for now.

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    not doing exact numbers since there's no way half these ideas are balanced


    Wishiwashi: At the start of Wishiwashi's turn, if it's not schooling, recover ~33-50% of its max health

    -lets it always utilize schooling form's much better offenses, but healing low enough that it's not invincible


    Dodrio: Whenever Dodrio acts, it also uses the move in its last moveslot at reduced effectiveness

    -Dodrio's dex always talks about its ability to execute complex plans because of its 3 heads, so that's the flavor justification. Might need to be limited to only attacking moves because a free SD (or Roost) every turn would be super busted


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    Chimecho Crest: Chimecho summons safeguard on entering battle, gains the effects of light clay, and uses healing wish upon fainting. Combines attack with speed.


    Aurorus Crest: Aurorus uses aurora veil on entering battle. 


    Vanilluxe Crest: Vanilluxe's Ice type attacks become super effective against fire types. Combines attack with special attack.


    Klinklang Crest: Klinklang gains levitate and motor drive. Combines special attack with attack.


    Dustox Crest: Dustox takex x0.5 damage from any attack that has a side-effect (i.e. any attack effected by shield dust). Special attack and speed scale with special defense.


    Cryogonal Crest: Summons light screen on entry, special attack scales with special defense.


    Gabodor Crest: On entry, sets up a layer of spikes or toxic spikes (random). All of Garbodors poison attacks with a chance to poison will trigger 100% of the time.


    Clefable Crest: Summons gravity on entry and doubles the chance of side effects to trigger.


    Walrein Crest: Walrein always has x2 stockpile and gains refrigerate.


    Unown Crest: Doubles all of Unowns stats and the power of hidden power.

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    One last crest idea... for a Mon' that really needs it.

    Jynx Crest: Jynx automatically performs Lovely Kiss on any pokemon using a physical attack on her or that she makes a physical attack on. Jynx's Attack stat is overridden by her Speed stat. Speed and Special Attack are both increased by x1.1.

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    Noivern - All special attacks count as sound moves. Gives Punk Rock effect.


    Sceptile - Attack scales with Special Attack. Gives Tough Claws effect


    Blaziken - If it has Blaze, gives Technician effect. Does nothing if it has Speed Boost


    Luxray - Gives +1 priority to biting moves. Gives Strong Jaw effect


    Garchomp - Swaps Attack and Special Attack.


    Flygon - Special Attack scales with Attack. Gives 1.5x boost to Bug moves.


    Samurott - Gives 1.5x boost to Speed and cutting moves. Automatically uses the first cutting move in its moveset when switching in.


    Golisopod - If Emergency Exit is activated before it can attack, it will attack before switching out. Gives 1.25x boost to Special Defense.


    Xatu - Future Sight hits the turn it is used. (Can't think of anything else for this one)


    Girafarig - Biting moves count as special attacks. Gives Strong Jaw effect. When hit with a contact move, counters with a super-effective biting move (except Bite) if the attacker is weak to one; uses a neutral move otherwise. If a contact move would KO, Girafarig will counter before fainting.


    Liiligant - Gives Dancer effect. Dancer also works with the users dancing moves.


    Delcatty - Doubles Attack and Special Attack. Normalize moves keep their original typing but still get STAB.

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    Reasonable? Ones


    Wishiwashi Crest - maybe a little buff to HP (maybe by 50%? it results in it only getting a base stat increase of 22.5 so nothing too outstanding) and having the added effect of regenerator? 

    Inteleon Crest - Automatically sets up focus energy (and maybe gives it tinted lens as an added bonus? it has a lackluster movepool so it would be good to pack an extra punch with the moves its got. Also Inteleon got totally screwed over compared to the other Galar starters so giving it a buff would do it justice)

    Ferrothorn Crest - Gains the added effects of analytic

    Helioptile Crest - Gives the ability drought/drizzle?


    If you brave


    Hydreigon Crest - gains the added effects of mega launcher 


    that's all I can think of for now 


    looking forward to V13!



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    Maybe a Zebstrika Crest that gives it an OP physical electric move


    A Magikarp Crest that gives it the power of Gyarados but needs to be at a certain level to use this power


    Toxtricity Crest???? gives more speed on a electric terrain or power plant setting


    Sirfetch'd Crest makes moves relating to the leek blade, eg: Leaf Blade or Night Slash, more powerful: and a boost for Swords Dance


    Snom Crest, makes it better than Frosmoth but requires high pokemon level, and high friendship level

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    Inteleon Crest-Increases Critical rate (like Scope Lens) and sets up Substitute upon switch-in.


    Delphox Crest-Boost Special Attack and Speed by 20% and yoinks any consumable item an opposing Pokemon may have while also consuming it (so, if Delphox switches on a target with a Sitrus Berry, it will take that berry and eat it immediately). This is to make up for Magician being ineffective while holding a Crest.


    Chesnaught Crest-Gives Filter effect and reflects attacks that are blocked by Bulletproof


    Greninja Crest-Gives a Focus Sash/Study effect (always lives 1 hit at 1 HP) and ignores Entry Hazards


    Rillaboom-If opposing Pokemon are touching the ground on Grassy Terrain, Rillaboom with take the passive recovery away from them and take it for itself (not like Leech Seed exactly, but similar)


    Cinderace-Swaps Attack with Special Attack and Pyro Ball is calculated off of Special Attack


    Arcto Crest-only affects Arctovish and Arctovish; gives 25% boost to speed and gives Snow Warning effect (summons hail upon switch-in)


    Draco Crest-only affects Dracovish and Dracozolt; gives Sand Stream effect (summons sandstorm upon switch-in)


    Audino Crest-(NPC only)-doubles the EXP gain for the opponent when Audino is fainted


    Garbodor Crest-Gives Black sludge recovery and Rocky Helmet effect


    Runerigus Crest-boosts Attack and Special Defense by 25%


    Falinks Crest-gives Simple effect and Intimidate always give +2 attack; if No Retreat is used, user becomes trapped and takes 1/16 damage at the end of every turn.


    Bidoof Crest (cuz why not)-gets +6 to every stat and faints all other Pokemon on the field besides Bidoof


    Dhelmise Crest-adds Water to typing and gives passive 1/8 damage to trapping moves


    Armaldo Crest-Gives 1.5 (STAB) boost to any Water-type attack and increases Speed by 20%

    Cradily Crest-boosts Defense and Special Defense by 20% and increases Ingrain recovery to 1/8 HP per turn.


    Pachirisu Crest-gives Power Spot effect and a one-time Sitrus Berry effect (+30% HP at <50%)


    Raichu Crest (doesn’t affect Alolan form)-gives Surge Surfer effect to Kantonian Raichu Surge Surfer and gives a 1.5x (STAB) boost to Normal-Type attacks.


    Sudowoodo-gives Disguise effect.


    Lurantis Crest-gives Chlorophyll effect (doubles speed in Sun) and boost attacking stats by 15%.


    Flotalzel Crest-Gives Tough Claws effect (1.3 boost to contact moves) and Enigma Berry effect (halves damage from any super-effective attack once)


    Chimecho Crest-adds resistance to Ghost and Dark (wards off evil spirits) and sets up Future Sight upon switch-in (predicts disasters)


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    Accidentally posted list twice
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    Here are some ideas that popped up!


    I beginned thinking of a crest for Meowstic. F meowstic to be more accurate (M meowstic is already sooo good and you don't ever not want him to have light clay, wich is really easy to get, so I don't think he need nor would use a crest.).

    Now F meowstic's movepool is pretty okayish, lacking in support moves but having mad coverage. The main drawback is its awful stats. But I think Charge Beam is an interesting move to play with. So here's the idea:


    Meowstic crest: Powers up electric-type moves(x1.5) and gives it Serene Grace.

    The idea is basically to turn the lackluster Charge beam into a 75 BP move that powers up her sp atk each time she uses it, allowing her to snowball pretty easily. A stabbed Thunderbolt is also really nice, because I often found her limited by having the far from stellar psychic type as her only Stab. She doesn't have any move with a chance to flinch the target, wich avoid degenerate strategies.



    Next I wanted to try and patch poor Spinda, an amazing mon that never really could do anything. I considered exploiting the contrary niche but there are already way better mons at it. So let's try exploiting the whole confusion thing.


    Spinda crest: Double Attack, Special Attack and Speed when confused. Allows Teeter Dance to confuse the user as well.

    Basically turns Teeter Dance into a better version of Dragon Dance. The SP attack boost is basically just there to allow you to run Spinda the way you want. Kind of a busted effect, but honestly with 60 everywhere I'm not even sure it will be that good.


    Next and last is Liligant, one of my very favorites. I've seen a few comments that considered giving allowing her to directly use Quiver Dance when being sent out, wich I really like, but I will just mention the ideas I had before reading these.

    Liligant's truest and biggest problem is her awful lack of coverage. Her only good coverage option is the Puff Ball she got in 8G, but insect and grass types are pretty much walled by the same types. With her stats, it just makes her utter garbage. I had two ideas to make up for it.


    first proposition: Liligant Crest: Gives her Adaptability. Might also patch up her speed or her sp attack.

    The first possibility is just to embrace this lack of coverage and make her totally rely on grass attacks. With Own Tempo, she can use Petal Dance without getting confused, even though she'll still be locked. She will only use grass type attacks, but at least she'll hit like a truck with it.

    EDIT: Just tought you can go the Regieleki route and give it a grass-type transistor, wich is basically a second stab. Basically the same as Adaptability except instead of stab going from x1.5 to x2, it goes from 1.5 to 2.25.


    second proposition: Liligant Crest: Gives her a fire-type pixilate (turn normal-type moves into fire-type moves and gets a 1.2x increase in power). Maybe patch up her sp attack somewhat?

    This time we try to patch up her coverage. Fire and Grass sounds like a pretty good combination, even though she remains walled by fire-type. If I listened to my heart i would've wanted drought on it too but let's not get greedy.

    Her only special moves are Hyper Beam, Round and Snore(wich is negligible). It's lackluster, but with both the 1.2x BP boost and Sun, it should get interesting. The idea is obviously to help her in her role as a Chlorophyll sun sweeper.


    Here's that. Looking forward to V13, and to discover what irredeemable mons will find a purpose thanks to the new crests!

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    Shedinja crest: makes it so now it can only be hit by moves it would be resistant to ( not counting immunities )


    Tropius crest: upon entering battle makes the sun shine and makes ice types neutral effective


    Basculin cres: increases the power of biting moves ( like strong jaw )


    Ferrothorn crest: swaps defense and speed



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    Had some silly ideas during work, so I decided to drop'em here:


    Mimikyu Crest: Disguise never breaks, but still takes 1/8 damage from getting hit and heals 1/8 of Max HP if the holder is not hit this turn, but the holder can only use status moves.


    Wobbuffet Crest: Decreases the opponent's highest attacking stat by one stage and everytime the holder is not hit by a move that does damage, activates all entry hazards at the end of the turn;


    Slaking Crest: If the holder uses Slack Off, Truant gets supressed next turn;


    Oranguru Crest: Upon using Instruct, increases the target's highest stat by one stage and heals the holder by 1/8;


    Passimian Crest: Ignores Follow Me and Spotlight's effects;

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    Maractus: Boost both defenses and apply accupressure at the end of every round to all pokemon on your team. This allows it to be a support pokemon, something it fails at usually despite its good defensive ability and cool defensive moveset. This way, it can be a physical tank with fur coat and spiky shield with room still to set up offensively, and still contribute to the fight while setting up spikes in doubles. It also helps it to potentially sweep under chlorophyll, 


    Pinchurchin Crest: Extends electric terrain and applies a substitute on switch-in, giving it a bit more bulk to compete with galaran corsola.


    Corsola: Speaking of corsola... Give priority to defensive moves, like barrier and amnesia, and give it regenerator if it has hustle. Apply leftovers effect.


    Volbeat: Make baton pass negative priority, and apply endure effect when using baton pass. 


    Pachurisu: If it isn't holding an item in battle, have a harvest effect for a random stat-boosting or healing berry. Apply flinch chance to all damaging attacks. 


    Luvdisc: allow attract to effect any other pokemon regardless of gender, use speed for attack, and apply attract on switch-in.


    Kecleon: boost defense and get a new ability based on what type it is: 

    Normal: Speed Boost

    Fighting: Scrappy

    Flying: Gale Winds

    Poison: Corrosive

    Ground: Stamina

    Rock: Sturdy

    Bug: Compound Eyes

    Ghost: Levitate

    Steel: Sturdy

    Fire: Flash Fire

    Water: Storm Drain

    Grass: Sap Sipper

    Electric: Motor Drive

    Psychic: Magic Bounce

    Ice: Thick Fat

    Dragon: Filter

    Dark: Contrary

    Fairy: Magic Guard

    This lets it set up with speed and then turn it into a game of figuring out what move your opponent is going to use on you to make it have the least effect, and using protean to change to something advantageous. It also incentivizes color change by making you immune to a lot of moves the second time around. Could be fun to trick a choice item onto an enemy and force them to switch or do nothing to you, or disable coverage moves and leave them unable to hurt you.

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    Hi \o

    I'd love a Togedemaru crest since I use one all the time cause favourite poke; 

    Was thinking it could give immunity to ground and perhaps Serene Grace, for some Iron Head/Zing Zap combo stuff

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    I don't recall all the in-game crests and didn't read the other 300 replies, and I doubt mine will be considered, but I'll just write some for fun, because crests are VERY fun.


    Shedinja Crest - Gives it an unbreakable but single-use per battle focus sash so that you can actually use it without spending billions of sashes.

    Alt Shed - Does that but also adds safety goggle and heavy duty boots. You can only kill it with poison or super effective moves. This would bump it up to around RU, whereas the prior would not move it from PU at all.

    Wishiwashi Crest - Heals 25% of its HP whenever it goes into Schooling mode, like a weaker Aguav berry.

    Obstagoon Crest - Intimidate

    Pincurchin Crest - When hit with contact moves, deals Rocky Helmet + Iron Barbs damage. Makes both defenses 100 base. Lagging tail.

    Falinks Crest - Parental bond x6, but each subsequent attack only does 10%. Can't wait to watch the Beat Up animation 36 times. Sadly, you can't equip King's Rock as well.

    Snom Crest - Fire/Rock immunity, all stats boosted at the end of each turn. Does not work on Frosmoth.

    Pyukumuku Crest - Shadow Tag.

    You can really tell I have a bias, huh.

    Golisopod Crest - Negates Emergency Exit.

    Alt Golisopod - Infinite use Red Card. Can be used infinite times per fight.

    Linoone Crest - Infinite PP.

    Oranguru Crest - Stamina + Lefties.

    Bewear Crest - Huge Power, Lagging Tail.

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