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  • Crest Suggestions! (CLOSED)


    Have a Pokemon you love, but they're underperforming? Have a Crest idea you're dying to have in game?

    Look no further! This is the thread for you!


    Like last time, I'd like to open suggestions for possible Crest ideas! There are a few rules, though.


    • Crest ideas with just base stat buffs will not be considered. Get creative!
    • Pokemon that are considered good can be suggested, but only if it offers a different style of play.
    • Avoid Pokemon that already have a Crest in game.
    • No Crest that allows for Ash-Greninja or anything similar :]

    That's it! I look forward to your suggestions. This thread will close when we've gotten enough suggestions we like. A warning will be given out before that is done.


    Edit: Gen 8 Pokemon are included in this! Give me your Gen 8 ideas!

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    well, I tried to scratch together the ideas I had some time ago, hope you'll find them useful


    Magneton Crest  -  gets Levitate + Battery (effect applies to itself as well)           (and yes, I mean Magneton, not its unsightly evolution)

    Gothitelle Crest  -  uses the opponent's lower defensive stat for damage calculation

    Kricketune Crest  -  Metronome-like damage boost if a move is repeatedly used, also speed x 1.5

    Golisopod Crest  -  Emergency Exit is replaced by Mold Breaker

    Cacturne Crest  -  Sand Stream ability + 30% damage boost during sandstorm

    Sunflora Crest  -  sets sun on switch in, heals 1/8 during sun

    Dunsparce Crest  -  Gets Simple

    Luxray Crest  -  1.2x speed and gets Galvanize

    Comfey Crest  -  reduces damage taken on your side (Friend Guard, affects holder too), and after fainting applies Healing Wish to the pokemon sent in afterwards

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    Forgot to add some crests

    Serperior crest: scales attack with speed, making serperior a physical sweeper with coil rather than a contrary sweeper

    Emboar crest: boosts speed by one stage when hit by a move that deals more or equal to 50%

    Incineroar crest: swaps attack with spatk (incineroar has nasty plot and a somewhat decent special movepool so)

    Primarina crest: gives it misty surge


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    More crest ideas!


    Kecleon Crest: This Pokemon's attacks have a chance to swap items with its target. **doesn't work in wild battles


    Polteageist: Focus Sash and a Scald effect to all its attacks.


    Toucannon: Flame Body and Super Luck.


    Heliolisk: Chlorophyll.


    Aurorus: Aurora Veil is set.
    Tyrantrum: Intimidate. 


    Forretress: Weak Armor and Light Clay effect.


    (Both Wormadam and Mothim): Rivalry
    Wormadam Trash: Battle Armor
    Wormadam Plant: Chlorophyll
    Wormadam Sandy: Sand Cloak. 
    Mothim: Serene Grace.


    Maractus: Dry Skin + Aftermath. 


    Heatmor: Mold Breaker but immunities.
    Durant: Chance to lower defense on its attacks.


    Comfey: Regenerator. 


    Noivern: Punk Rock.


    Comfey: Regenerator

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    Here are crest that i suggest

    Furret Crest-gives Furret protean and boosts it's speed by 0.5 when entering battle AND switches it's attack with sp. attack

    Mightyena crest-gives dark moves priority and 0.5 boost for attack and speed after KOing pokemon

    Greninja crest-water shuriken power buff from 15 to 25 and water shuriken always hits 5 times (like skill link but only on one move),also it would be cool if 

    CHARIZARD GOT CREST (i know that won't happen cuz megas are coming in v13 😞 )

    I realized that only 2 people suggested Mightyena before me

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    Here are some ideas that i can think of 🙂 


    Shedinja crest: gives shedinja disguise allowing it to survive weather changes like hail sandstorm/switch in to stealth rock


    drapion crest: increase critical hit chance sniper drapion 🙂


    Cacturne crest: Double the base speed and  contact moves drain enemy hp 


    Noivern :   Sound based moves gain flying typing. something like  pixilate


    Weezing: double damage caused by explosion



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    Pachirisu Crest: Cuts Sp. Atk by 1 upon switching in

    Flygon Crest: Uses Atk stat instead of Sp. Atk stat for special moves (e.g. Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, etc)

    Copperajah Crest: Gives the ability Moxie

    Runerigus Crest: Same as Cofagrigus crest, but Atk instead of Sp. Atk

    Charizard Crest: Gives the ability Multiscale, as well as Immunity to Rocks

    Cursola Crest: Switches its Defense stat with its Sp. Def stat

    Garchomp Crest: Gives the ability Sand Rush

    Lilligant Crest: Gives the ability Dancer

    Victreebell Crest: Gives the ability Solar Power

    Stonjourner Crest: Switches its Sp. Def stat with its Defenses Stat.

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    -Sceptile Crest: Physical Attack is switched with Special Attack and increase it by 15%, base Special Defense and Defense are increased to 90. Only take super effective damage from pokemon that is faster than it (example: a flare blitz from a base speed rapidash would only deal 1x damage instead of 2x, but an agility boosted rapidash would deal the regular 2x). Replace the current ability with Chlorophyll.

    -Swampert Crest: HP is switched with Speed, Defense and Special Defense are reduced by 10% and Attack is increased by 50%. Replace the current ability with Dry Skin.

    -Blaziken Crest: Speed is swapped Special Attack and Kick moves damageare boosted by 50% (Jump Kick and High Jump Kick no longer deal crash damage if missed). Replace the current ability with Flame Body.

    -Lucario Crest: Speed and Special Attack are increased by 20%. Sphere and Pulse moves BP are boosted by 1.5x (Gain the effects of Infiltrator)

    -Arcanine Crest: Howl and Roar gain +1 priority and increase Biting moves BP by 1.5x.


    -Musharna Crest: Hypnosis accuracy is 100% and Future Sight activate immediately.


    -Pangoro Crest: Speed uses it's HP stat.


    -Malamar Crest: All attacking moves have a 20% to cause confusion. Nullifies Fairy and Bug type moves. If hit by Fairy, Dark, Bug type moves then it's Special Defense and Defense are raised by 1 stage if hit by one. Psychic moves now deals 2x

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    Lyvanrocs Crest: Summon Stealth Rock
    Lycanrock-Dusk Crest: Every physical Rock type attack are contact.
    Lycanrock-Midnight Crest: Gain Solid Rock. On switch, +1 in speed and first move is a priority.
    Lycanrock-Midday Crest: If faster than the enemy without a priority move, Accelerock double in power.


    Flapple Crest: When he miss, gain +1 in speed and lock-on for the next attack.


    Centikorch Crest:Ability Ice Scales but for physical move + Adaptability.


    Copperajah Crest: On switch, gain +1 in Defense and Special Defense. Gain Heatproof.


    Dhelmise Crest: Inverse Attack and Special Attack stat. Water move,weather or terrain, during 5 turn,heal him 1/8 HP, gain the Steel Type and Fire attack

    become neutral.


    Arctovish,Arctozolt,Dracovish and Drocozolt Crest: First Move is a priority but next moves will be inverse priority. Can only be switched after 2 turn.( Turn he attack is the first, he will be able to be switched after 2 more turn. Can't be switched if KO a pokemon).


    Eevolution Crest: Eevolution gain an Ability similar to Pixilate for their own type. Sylveon gain Magic guard instead.


    Gardevoir Crest: Apply Destiny Bond every turn, on all pokemon who are on the terrain with Gardevoir.


    Talonflame Crest: Summon the sun. Under the sun,Special Attack double and accuracy +1 or +2.

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    Gen 1:

    Kabutops Crest: speed increase and sturdy ability

    Hypno Crest: sp atk and atk increase with bad dreams or dream eater like ability (maybe add hypnosis 100% accuracy?)

    Seaking Crest: speed increase and sap sipper ability

    Snorlax Crest: can hit ghost types with normal moves and have leftover like healing

    Tauros Crest: When using must recharge move like Giga impact or hyper beam, if opponent mon is knocked out, no need to recharge and tough claw (horn) ability.

    Flareon Crest burned and speed increase and/or make guts like ability but increases sp atk instead of atk while scaling sp atk with atk.

    Lapras Crest: snow warning and increase speed in hail. (maybe include electric stab bonus?)

    Rapidash Crest: Drought and increase speed, accuracy, and evasion in sun.

    Parasect Crest: Normal moves can hit ghost types and increases catch rate of other pokemon. spore always hits ignoring type

    Golduck Crest: psychic stab and simple ability


    Gen 2:

    Noctowl Crest: increase def and sp def and have psychic stab

    Dunsparce Crest: increase all base stats and when increasing and/or decreasing stats, instead of increasing/decreasing by 1 stage make it 2. 

    Xatu Crest: increase sp atk and upon switching in use future sight. (maybe add ability to hit dark types?)

    Girafarig Crest: increase stab multiplier and speed. (maybe gain dark type for the tail?)

    Sudowoodo Crest: increase hp and sp def and have grass stab (maybe with iron fist?)

    Lanturn Crest: Priority pivot move and has both volt and water absorb. after using electric move gain charge eff (maybe throw in a sp atk, sp def, and speed increase?)

    Qwilfish Crest: Upon switching in set up toxic spikes, upon taking physical dmg opponent take some dmg (like rocky helmet, and moves can flinch and/or increase flinch chance

    Corsola Crest: increase all base stats and update art of corsola with knife. the knife increases threat level

    Shuckle Crest: increase hp and upon switch in set up sticky web with oblivious ability

    Sunflora Crest: Drought and increase speed. Petal moves do increased damage. Immunity to fire.

    Octillery Crest: Increase accuracy and special moves hit twice like parental bond.

    Ampharos: cotton guard upon switch (maybe gain volt absorb or lightning rod?)


    Gen 3:

    Swellow Crest: burns and moves hit twice like parental bond

    Slaking Crest: Can counter some dmg back and take less dmg during truant turn

    Armaldo Crest: have water stab. increase speed or give analytic like ability

    Delcatty Crest: can hit ghost type and normal moves can be used as fairy if super effective and will become stab. increase speed and atk.

    Flygon Crest: make stats like a pseudo legendary and increase evasion and accuracy in sand. sound moves increase dmg.

    Walrein Crest: takes less dmg from super effect moves

    Swalot Crest: Draining moves deal more damage and heals more and stockpile 1 upon switch in.

    Tropius Crest: Increase sp atk, speed, and accuracy with drought

    Torkoal Crest: increase fire power and sturdy ability

    Kecleon Crest: upon taking dmg change type to make it not effect (like taking fire dmg turns into water)

    Cacturne Crest: Needle moves do more dmg and increase speed in sun and rain. lose hp in hail


    Gen 4:

    Luxray: strong jaw and reckless and gain dark type or dark move stab with increase speed.

    Vespiquen Crest: Order moves have priority and effects are increased and takes less dmg

    Chatot Crest: priority sound moves and throat spray like ability.

    Lumineon Crest: Drizzle and leftovers like ability

    Drifblim Crest: burns and increase speed with life orb like ability.

    Kriketune Crest: Upon switching confuse or make opponent fall asleep. tough claw like ability and speed increase

    Magmortor Crest: Speed = Special attack. immune to water


    Gen 5:

    Throh Crest: first move is priority and increased dmg.

    Braviary Crest: gains gale wings. normal dmg to rock and steel.

    Zebstrika Crest: Switch attack and special attack. after using electric moves gain charge eff.

    Sigilyph Crest: Gain simple and resist rock and dark


    Gen 6:

    Avalugg Crest: Immune to fire and solid rock ability. increase sp def in hail

    Furfrou Crest: immune to certain type based on haircut and do more damage to certain type with haircut.

    Chestnaught Crest: upon switch leech seed and rough skin

    Delphox Crest: redirects status moves or nullifies them. (kinda like counter spell?)

    Greninja Crest: Water shuriken hits 5 times and dark moves have flinch chance


    Gen 7:

    Mudsdale Crest: def and leftovers

    Golisopod Crest: sets up spikes when emergency exit and increase dmg to priority moves

    Mimikyu Crest: when disguise is gone set up sub and speed increase

    Silvally Crest: base stats like legendary and adaptability. 


    Gen 8:

    Corviknight Crest: Dark stab and leftover like ability

    Falinks Crest: Moves hit up to 3 times

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    (Cacnea)/*Cacturne* crest! First round in battle gets the pokemon holding it the Spiky shield effect!!! Switching out then in again, can redo that...


    (Fennekin)/*Braixen*/(Delphox) crest! Casts Attract on opposing pokemon and succeeds, even if the gender is the same.


    *Kirlia*/(Gardevoir) crest! Works in a similar fashion to king's rock, with chance of flinching!


    *Meowth*/(Persian) crest! Functionality of Quick Claw item + Amulet Coin item + Technician ability, or effect similar to Technician ability extending to moves with 80 base power and obligatory normal type

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    Minior Crest - Makes Shields Down behave like Stance Change (Minior's form change depends on using moves not its HP).

    • Minior changes to Core Form when it uses an attack move or Shell Smash.
    • Minior changes to Meteor Form when it uses Protect.

    Hydreigon Crest - Exchanges Levitate for a unique version of Parental Bond. For every 1/3 HP lost, another head begins attacking.

    • > 67% HP - No effect.
    • 33% - 66% HP - 1-hit attacks become 2-hit; 2nd hit has 50% power.
    • < 33% HP - 1-hit attacks become 3-hit; 2nd hit has 50% power, 3rd hit has 25% power.
    • Multi-hit attacks always hit exactly 3 times.

    Zoroark Crest - Illusion becomes more strategic.

    • Illusion lasts two hits.
    • When switching into a bad type match-up, Zoroark disguises itself as a party Pokemon* with good** typing against the opponent.
    • When switching into a good or neutral type match-up, Zoroark disguises itself as a party Pokemon* with bad** typing against the opponent.

    *Non-fainted party Pokemon. Could be random or follow party order.

    **If none available, try neutral typing. If still none, default to last Pokemon (standard Illusion).


    Pangoro Crest - Pangoro gains Unseen Fist. Direct contact moves ignore Protect, Detect, etc.


    Vespiquen Crest - Raises Vespiquen's base speed, buffs its signature moves, and gives it Queenly Majesty in addition to its existing Ability.

    • Attack Order hits twice.
    • Defend Order raises Defense and Special Defense by 2 stages.
    • Heal Order (if still in the game) additionally cures status effects.

    Ninetales Crest - Moves have higher chance of causing a burn during harsh sunlight (Kantonian) or freezing the opponent during hail (Alolan).

    Edited by Joy
    re-worded Zoroark and Ninetales crests
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    Spinda crest: Reverses stat changes (effect of Contrary) for every pokemon on the field and dizzy punch doubles in base power.


    Kricketune crest: Makes its sound-based moves have perfect accuracy, its bug type moves are considered sound-based and perish song activates the turn after its used


    Goodra crest: Sets up sticky web on switch-in, and absorbs sticky webs on your side of the field.


    Budew crest: All its moves have +3 priority, the effect of destiny bond is always active for it and its immune to non-damaging moves.


    Articuno crest: All its attacking moves lower the opponents speed by 1 stage, and defog has a 50% chance of freezing its target and lowers their speed by 1 stage also


    Moltres crest: Upon switch-in, sunny day is set up for 3 turns, and opponents take 1/16 of their max hp in damage each turn while moltres is on the field.


    Zapdos crest: Increases its special attack by one stage each turn, but the user faints after reaching +4 special attack.


    Comfey crest: Heals the ally on switch-in by 25% of their hp, and it gains stab from grass type moves.


    Electrode crest: The user will always live on 1 hp after taking a fatal blow from any hp range and explode after the turn ends.


    Tropius crest: While the holder is on the field sunny day is active, and it will gain the effects of a random berry each turn.


    Carbink crest: Gains +2 in both defense and sp.defense upon switching in, and its 'room' moves will last for 8 turns (trick room, wonder room etc.).


    Purugly crest: While this pokemon is active the opponent(s) is considered under the effects of taunt and torment.


    Thievul crest: While this pokemon is active the opponent's held items have no effect, with Thievul obtaining their effects.


    Octillery crest: For this pokemon, Octazooka increases in base power to 100, always results in a critical hit and gains +1 priority.


    Cramorant crest: The holder triggers the gulp missile effect after using any water-type move, not just dive, and the damage of gulp missile doubles.


    Cursola crest: The holder draws in ghost and dark type moves, gaining +1 defense and sp.defense, and perish body only affects the opponent.


    Pincurchin crest: The user's electric surge lasts 8 turns, and while this pokemon is active spikes deal double damage on the opponent.


    Toucannon crest: For this pokemon, Beak Blast will deal stab fire type damage, has +1 priority, deals the damaging hit upon use and has a 100% chance to burn the target.


    Seaking crest: This pokemon's speed is doubled and horn-based-attacks (megahorn, drill run etc.) increase in base power by 1.5x.


    Pyukumuku crest: This pokemon's status moves have +1 priority, and innards out always deals damage equal to the holders max hp.


    Wailord crest: This pokemon's attacks are calculated using its hp stat and the holder weighs double its current weight.


    Delibird crest: For this pokemon, Present recieves +1 priority, will always deal 150 bp ice type damage when used on the opponent, and always heal 50% of your allies' max hp when used on an ally.


    this post is a lot and i tried to make the crests as interesting as possible

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    Mightyena - Deals double damage to opponents suffering from status effects. OR Strong Jaw and regular poison when switching in. 


    Liepard - Prankster moves affect dark types and doubles stat lowering effects. 


    Morpeko - Attack and Speed +1 when switching to Hangry Mode and slight heal when switching to Full Belly Mode. 


    Alolan Sandslash - Each hit has a slight chance to freeze and gets skill link. 


    Weavile - Steals and uses opponents item if consumable when making contact on either side.  


    Wigglytuff - Special version of huge power.


    Porygon-Z - Uses first 'room' move when sent out. Chance to activate glitch field instead (2 turns) when sent out.


    Stoutland - 1.5x speed and attack during weather.  


    Togedemaru - Activates spiky shield when sent out. 

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    A fun idea could be to buff Flareon (iirc it does not currently have a crest). Make the crest automatically badly poison it, but also add (on top of guts) the ability quick feet. Poison heal works too but that's basically the Zangoose crest so...

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    ...Wow, crests are popular! And so is Rejuvenation!

    But anyways, here you go.


    Aromatisse Crest: Aromatisse has perfected its enemy-repelling smell, and cannot be hit by attacks that make contact (Earthquake can deal damage, but Draining Kiss can't). Upon entering the battlefield, Aromatisse applies the Aromatic Mist move to itself and any allies. (Inspired by the pokedex entries for Aromatisse).


    Carbink Crest: Swaps Attack stat with Defense stat when Carbink uses an offensive physical move. Swaps Special Attack stat with Special Defense stat when Carbink uses a offensive special move. When Carbink uses a defensive or support move, Carbink's stats are reset to normal. (Basically, Stance Change for Carbink, but only one "set" of moves at a time).

    Illumise Crest: All of Illumise's moves are performed twice. If a Volbeat is on the battlefield when Illumise is, the effects of Volbeat's Crest are also applied to Illumuse.
    Volbeat Crest: Activates Tail Glow when Volbeat enters the battlefield. If a Illumise is on the battlefield when Volbeat is, the effects of Illumise's Crest also apply to Volbeat.


    Plusle Crest: Activates Plus, and increases Special Attack by 1 at the end of every turn. If both Plusle and Minun are on the battlefield, the effect of Magnet Rise is applied to both, and Electric Surge is applied.

    Minun Crest: Activates Minus, and heals 1/4 of max health at the end of every turn. If both Plusle and Minun are on the battlefield, the effect of Magnet Rise is applied to both, and Electric Surge is applied.

    Lilligant Crest: Lilligant's moves all affect the enemy normally no matter what. (Offensive moves used by Lilligant all deal at least neutral damage regardless of types or abilities on enemy pokemon (Normal type moves can affect Ghost types). Sleep Powder/Stun Spore moves affect any pokemon, regardless of ability or type (even Grass-types or pokemon with Overcoat or a protective item are affected), and Dream Eater works even if the target isn't asleep (to give Lilligant a non-Grass, Bug, or Normal damage option)).


    Carnivine Crest: All Bug-type moves and Flying type moves deal quarter damage, and Carnivine's attacks deal Super Effective damage to all Bug and Flying type pokemon. (Since Carnivine's based on a Venus Flytrap).


    Bellossom Crest: Gives Bellossom STAB for Fairy type moves. Summons Sun when Bellossom enters the battlefield for as long as it is active and five turns afterwards (Fire-type moves are not boosted by the Sun as long as Bellossom is active). Other weather conditions are overwritten and cannot be resummoned as long as Bellossom is on the battlefield.

    Jumpluff Crest: Activates Cotton Spore when entering the battlefield on all enemy pokemon. When Jumpluff is hit by a Super Effective attack from the enemy, it switches out if possible before damage is dealt.

    Masquerain Crest: Boosts Evasiveness as though affected by Double Team when entering the battlefield, and increases Special Attack BST by 30 points.


    Trevenant Crest: Gains Shadow Tag. Trevenant also afflicts any enemy pokemon who hits it or its teammates with a Curse that doesn't drain its HP to cast.


    Watchog Crest: Lowers the accuracy of enemy pokemon when Watchog enters the battlefield. Watchog's attacks always hit (the maximum number of times). Increases Attack and Special Attack by x1.3. (Activates and empowers all of Watchog's abilities simultaneously).


    Chimecho Crest: Increases HP and defenses by 30%. Empowers all Sound moves for all pokemon as long as Chimecho is on the battlefield (Hyper Voice and Uproar are strengthened by 50%, Snore's Base Damage becomes 100, Round deals 90 Base Damage, and Echoed Voice starts at 80 Base Damage (but gains +40 every time). Heal Bell also applies Wish, Perish Song does not affect Chimecho, Growl harshly decreases attack, Yawn instantly puts the enemy to sleep).


    Delibird Crest: When Delibird enters the battlefield, all of its teammates are healed for 1/4 of their maximum health even if they aren't on the battlefield (fainted pokemon are revived to 1/4 max health) and Aurora Veil is applied for 8 turns. This effect can only take place once per battle. OR Triples Attack and doubles Speed. Happy Hour applies the effects of Z-Happy Hour, and Present deals 120 damage when targeting enemies or heals 1/4 when targeting allies.


    Shedinja Crest: Changes type randomly when entering the battlefield and at the end of every other turn. Applies Magic Guard. Shedinja cannot become ???/BIRD type.


    Kecleon Crest: Whenever Kecleon is hit by an attack, it changes to a type that either nullifies the damage or reduces it to being not very effective before being hit by it. (Psychic, Electric, and Normal attacks cause Kecleon to change to Dark, Ground, and Ghost types respectively, for instance. But Fire attacks just make it change to Water or Rock). Disables Color Change.



    Walrein Crest: Increases defenses by 30%. Also gives Walrein Strong Jaw and applies the effect to Super Fang (Super Fang now decreases enemy HP by 75%).


    Bouffalant Crest: Gives Rock Head and Fluffy.

    Bibarel Crest Crest: Automatically casts Protect every other turn. If Bibarel has Simple or Moody, it gains the other ability as well. If Bibarel has Unaware, its Special Attack stat is overwritten by its Attack stat.


    Kricketune Crest: Activates Technician or Swarm at all times, regardless of the attack used or HP levels. Doubles initial power of Fury Cutter if Swarm is activated.



    Gogoat Crest: Grants the effects of Grassy Surge. Grass Pelt affects both Defense and Special Defense, and Sap Sipper activates at the end of every turn.

    Gumshoos: Stakeout is always activated.



    Wailord Crest: Body Slam and Heavy Slam deal double damage. Whenever Wailord is damaged, all pokemon on the field take Water-based Stealth Rock damage.


    Wailord's Defense and Special Defense are both increased by 40%. Body Slam and Heavy Slam deal x1.5 damage.


    Grumpig Crest: Attack stat now runs off Special Attack stat. Grumpig gains Iron Fist.



    Simisage Crest: If Simisage makes contact offensively or is hit by a physical move, the pokemon who made contact loses an additional 1/8 of their maximum health. Grass Pledge acts as though Water Pledge was used immediately beforehand. (Becomes a 150 BP move).



    Simisear Crest: Burns enemy pokemon at the end of every turn, and also steals Berries from them and consumes them. Fire Pledge acts as though Grass Pledge was used immediately beforehand (Becomes a 150 BP move).



    Simipour Crest: Simipour gains both Water Absorb and Storm Drain. Water Pledge acts as though Fire Pledge was used immediately beforehand. (Becomes a 150 BP move).


    Eldegoss Crest: After Eldegoss is damaged, all friendly pokemon entering and on the battlefield gain a Leftovers-like effect. Cotton Down only affects enemy pokemon.



    Ditto Crest: Protects Ditto from any entry hazards, and raises the lowest defense stat it has by one stage after transforming.



    Golem Crest: Increases Attack and Defense by x1.15 each. Summons a Sandstorm and raises Special Defense by x1.5 (separate from the Sandstorm). Both normal and Alolan Golem can be affected by this Crest.


    Greedent Crest: Stuff Cheeks can be activated without a Berry, and either heals an extra 1/6 of Greedent’s health (if it has Cheek Pouch), or increases either Defense or Special Defense (chosen randomly) by 1 as well (if it has Gluttony).



    Stonjourner Crest: Applies Special Attack and Speed stats to Special Defense (increases Special Defense to 110 base, but reduces Speed and Special Attack to 1 each). Power Spot applies while Stonjourner is in the party, not just on the battlefield.



    Eiscue Crest: Reapplies Ice Face every turn that Hail is active and increases Special Defense by 15 points.


    Lurantis Crest: When Lurantis enters the battlefield, Lurantis gains a +2 priority to its first offensive move against enemy pokemon. This effect is applied again whenever a new enemy pokemon enters the battlefield.


    Lunatone Crest: Increases Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense by x1.2. Gives Ice Moves and Fairy Moves STAB.



    Solrock Crest: Increases Attack and Defense by x1.2 and Accuracy by x1.3. Gives Fire moves STAB.



    Lunarock/Soltone: Can use either Lunatone or Solrock’s Crests.



    Maractus Crest: Activates Spiky Shield every other turn. Releases 1 layer of Spikes the first time Maractus enters the battlefield.



    Delcatty Crest: Summons the Rainbow Field and activates Normalize.



    Persian Crest: Technician applies to moves with a base power up to 90.



    Dugtrio Crest: Applies Substitute without a HP penalty, then applies it again without penalty after going below 50% health. Effect only applies once per battle. Dugtrio cannot be forced out while a Substitute is active. Works for both normal and Alolan Dugtrio.



    Blissey Crest: Increases Defense by 35 points.




    Ursaring Crest: Increases defenses and accuracy by x1.3.




    Luvdisc Crest: (Someone else came up with this idea's base): Applies Speed stat to Special Attack. This stacks with Swift Swim, but if Luvdisc's ability is Swift Swim, Luvdisc's base speed drops by x0.85.



    Alomomola Crest: Attack stats now run off the HP stat (that is, the Attack stat is considered 165 BST at 100% health, and 82.5 at 50% health).



    Spinda Crest: Spinda casts Teeter Dance at the end of every turn, and gets a x2 damage bonus against any Confused enemies. Spinda cannot be confused OR Copycat, Dizzy Punch and all non-Normal moves deal x2 damage and gain a x1.3 accuracy boost. Teeter Dance only affects enemies.



    Unown Crest: Increases Defense and Special Defense by 50 each and Special Attack by 24. Hidden Power now deals 70 damage, and always deals damage of a type that is the most Super Effective against the target pokemon, with a built-in Mold Breaker effect added.



    Farfetch’d (normal) Crest: Raises critical hit ratio by two stages. Defense stats are increased by 35% each. All “blade” moves, Revenge, and Brave Bird gain STAB and the effect of Tinted Lens.



    Smeargle Crest: Gives Smeargle x1.35 Speed and applies the same effect as a Focus Sash.

    Basculin Crest: Is protected from the negative side effects of its own moves (Gains Rock Head, doesn't lose HP or stats from moves like Substitute, Final Gambit, and Superpower).


    Mothim Crest: Mothim applies Quiver Dance to itself twice. If a Wormadam is on the field when Mothim enters the battlefield, the Forest terrain is summoned for five turns.

    Wormadam Crest: Gains the best possible stats from every Form it has (BST becomes 60/79/105/79/105/36). Summons the Forest Terrain if a Mothim is on the field when Wormadam enters the battlefield.






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    Pikachu Crest - SpAtk and Atk combined & +11 base Speed

    Golduck Crest - + Psychic effect on every attacking move golduck uses + 10 base Spatk

    Gengar Crest - Adds Levitate 

    Furret Crest - Adds Speed Boost & Swapping Attack and Speed

    Jumpluff Crest - Adds Aerialite & -1 speed on every physical attack received

    Shedinja Crest - Immune to hazards, weather and statuses

    Shiftry/Cacturne/Carnivine Crest - Immune to Bug type and deals Super effective to them

    Swellow Crest - Adds Thunder Armor ( Immunity to Electric type ) + 1 Speed upon entry

     Exploud Crest - Every move used by exploud has 55% of confusion and lowering speed by 2

     Honchkrow Crest - Swaps Speed and Spatk & Summons defog effect

     Emboar Crest - Gives Rock Head ability

     Unfezant Crest - Swap Spatk with Atk & +  10 base speed

    Durant Crest - Fire Immunity

    Hydreigon Crest - Changes ability for Immunity for Fairies & deals 20% to them / Deals 3 times damage because of heads per attack(but lower damage each hit)

    Heliolisk Crest - +20 Spatk and  - 1 accuracy to opponents upon entry

    Decidueye Crest -  Activates Curse(skill) upon entry & Swap Spatk with Def

    Primarina Crest -  Adds Water Bubble ability + -25% physical damage received

    Incineroar Crest - Atk and Speed swap & + 25 damage on contact moves

    Golisopod Crest - Gives Shell Armor instead of Emergency Exit

    Intelleon Crest - Gives Adaptability on top of Sniper

    Sirfetch Crest - + 1 on Def and Atk upon entry

    Eiscue Crest - Ice head also blocks Spatk

    Dragapult Crest - Ability to Parental bond




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    Wow... some great suggestions on here! 


    Here are mine;


    Shedinja Crest - Gives additional ability of sturdy alongside wonder guard (not sure how OP this might be though)


    Centiskorch Crest - 2x speed and 1.2x attack


    Gorgiest Crest - Applies curse effect (ghost) to opponent upon contact until switched out.


    Eiscue Crest - Ice Face ability affects both special and physical moves. (maybe an additional affect if this isn't enough?)


    Diggersby Crest - Allows ground moves to affect flying types


    Milotic Crest - Auto burns and activates Aqua Ring upon switch in.


    Rotom Crest (unique concept, maybe difficult to program?) - Can choose which form upon switch in, each time it is switched in. For example can use Rotom-Wash, switch out and then back in during the same battle to then choose Rotom-Heat. 


    Miltank Crest - Leftover recovery each turn + 1.3x defence and special defence.


    Inceneroar Crest - Heavy-Duty boots effect and 1.5x speed.


    Rapidash (including Galarian) crest - 1.3x attack and speed.


    Vespiqueen Crest - Heavy-Duty Boots effect + 2x def/sp def.


    Hatterene Crest - Starts Trick Room Upon switch in (negates effects if switched in with trick room active). 


    any changes people have to make on these ideas i'd love to hear. Also Jan would love it if you input any of these 🙂 

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    16 minutes ago, SSJG Goku said:

    Wow... some great suggestions on here! 


    Here are mine;


    Shedinja Crest - Gives additional ability of sturdy alongside wonder guard (not sure how OP this might be though)


    Centiskorch Crest - 2x speed and 1.2x attack


    Gorgiest Crest - Applies curse effect (ghost) to opponent upon contact until switched out.


    Eiscue Crest - Ice Face ability affects both special and physical moves. (maybe an additional affect if this isn't enough?)


    Diggersby Crest - Allows ground moves to affect flying types


    Milotic Crest - Auto burns and activates Aqua Ring upon switch in.


    Rotom Crest (unique concept, maybe difficult to program?) - Can choose which form upon switch in, each time it is switched in. For example can use Rotom-Wash, switch out and then back in during the same battle to then choose Rotom-Heat. 


    Miltank Crest - Leftover recovery each turn + 1.3x defence and special defence.


    Inceneroar Crest - Heavy-Duty boots effect and 1.5x speed.


    Rapidash (including Galarian) crest - 1.3x attack and speed.


    Vespiqueen Crest - Heavy-Duty Boots effect + 2x def/sp def.


    Hatterene Crest - Starts Trick Room Upon switch in (negates effects if switched in with trick room active). 


    any changes people have to make on these ideas i'd love to hear. Also Jan would love it if you input any of these 🙂 

    Couple more:


    Golem (including Alolan) Crest - Applies Gravity effect as long as user is in play. Sandstorm summoned too. 


    Greedent Crest - Acts like a Sitrus berry + additional harvest ability applied.


    Mudsdale Crest - Stamina affects sp def as well as def.


    Bronzong Crest - Light Clay + Leftovers Effects


    Archeops Crest - Turns defeatist into sturdy


    Quagsire Crest - Gains Magic Guard effects + 1.2x sp def


    Garchomp Crest - Priority ground move for the first turn + soft sand effect.

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    A few ideas for Weezing Crest (my favorite pokemon), can mix and match between them:

    - Explosion/Self-destruct damages Weezing equal to 1/2 of his maximum hp. Damage to opponent is unaffected.

    - Explosion/Self-destruct applies poison-type damage to opponents that it does not affect.

    - Base sp.atk and sp. def increased by 1.2x


    A few ideas for Electrode Crest:

    - Befitting of its nature, explodes every turn, dealing normal-type damage of 80 base physical power to the opponent then damages itself as well for 1/8 of its maximum hp. (Not that OP since Electrode has terrible attack stats to begin with)

    - Attacks twice with the same move(attacking moves only), but takes recoil damage equals to the first move dealt to opponent.

    - Upon being attacked by an electric move, gains 2 stages in sp.atk and speed.


    All the ideas can be mixed and match/synchronized and adjusted if considered. Thanks. 🙂

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    holy cow alot of ppl suggested some really good ones, heres my list

    (NVE=not very effective/E=effective)

    (* personal favs of mine)

    Cloyster - Stats cannot be lowered 
    Electrode - all attacks use sp.atk stat and makes normal moves electric
    Seaking - boosts spd and atk by 50%
    Furret - Boosts sp.def by 50% and take half damage from pysical contacting moves*
    Unown - stats are doubled
    Shuckle - uses power trick and speed swap as soon as it enter the battle*
    Masqurain - Weaknesses apply as if bug/water, uses defog when it enters battle (before applying hazards)
    Wailord - boosts sp.atk by 25% and water spout doesnt lose power when hp is lowered
    Milotic - burns the user and heals the user if burned
    Bronzong - Grants ground imunity if ability is heatproof or grants fire reduction if ability is levitate
    Carnivine - doubles speed and boosts the power of biting moves
    Luminion - Boosts atk and sp.atk by 25% and heals the user in the rain
    Gallade - boosts crit rate and damages dark type pokemon with psychic moves (NVE or E)*
    Unfezant - Gives +2 crit chance if target if oponet is opissite gender, swaps atk and sp.atk stat
    Sigilyph - burns the user and boost def and sp.def by 25%
    Cinccino - boosts weaker moves and adds 10% to flinch*
    Furfrou - boosts sp.def by 25% and opponet cannot alficted the user with a status ailment
    Noivern - boosts sp.atk by 20% and makes normal moves flying type*
    Tyrantrum - boosts speed by 30 and takes half from super effective moves*
    Mudsdale - boost sp.def when stamina activates and boosts s.def by 20%
    Orangaru - activates trick room as soon as it enters the battle and boosts def by 25%
    Golisopod - surpresess emergency exit till 20% hp and boosts all contacting moves*

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    Eiscue Crest: Boosts Atk and Sp.Atk once its ice face is broken (to take advantage of its new speed). Allows 'Ice Face' to take special attacks as well as physical.


    Gliscor Crest: Grants the ability 'Strong Jaw' as well as giving it STAB on all biting moves. 


    Archeops Crest: 'Defeatist' halves defences instead of Attack/Sp.Attack.


    Vespiquen Crest: Grants the Ability 'Parental Bond' (Using the hive in a similar way to 'Defend/Heal Order'.


    Gastrodon Crest: The effect of berries double (x2) (eg. Rindo berry) / boosts Sp.Def when hit by a grass move.


    Rotom Crest: (Only usable on base Rotom form) Boosts stats to match its appliance forms. Also gives x2.25 STAB modifier.



    These are genuinely so fun to come to come up with.

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    This comment might not be seen however I am one of the guys that want Noivern to get a crest. In gen 8 I realized something that was sad to hear about my favorite mon Noivern. It can't hit that hard! Like everything lives it unless you choice spec and you need rain to get good flying stab(hurricane). So like a guy said above if you do chose to give Noivern a crest it would be cool for the affect to be like aerilate the only mons that get the ability are only mega pokes. including a 1.5x time boost in special attack (so giving it a choice spec) and at cost maybe  10-20 % damage of its maximum HP similar to life orb and and after 3 or 2 turns maybe a recharge or because Noivern overused it "power" so people won't spam.

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    Umbreon Crest - Gains secondary ghost type, poison attacks or status heals instead of damaging. Cause its Pokedex entry itself says... "When this Pokémon becomes angry, its pores secrete a poisonous sweat, which it sprays at its opponent's eyes". So, it's skin and body is supposed to be immune to Poison.


    Lore: To further heighten Umbreon's power derived from the moonlight, the essence of Eevee's DNA was kept closed but exposed to moonlight from new moon to full moon. Most subjects seemed to have a strong lust for battle, but never stabilized. Thus, this experiment was confined to a device that regulated the irregular DNA and thus, the first Umbreon Crest was created, which unnaturally felt cold and weightless. 


    Chandelure crest - Absorbs ghost/dark type moves to boost its Sp. Atk.(Like Super Smash Bros. Chandelure)(Like a Ghost Lightningrod). 


    Lore: A giant pyre was created in which many banned scrolls containing incantations to summon spirits were thrown into the fire to prevent misuse and an item was thrown in to seal the waste and complete the process, but, accidentally the energy of the scrolls got trapped in the item which doused the fire. Thus, a Chandelure crest was formed. 


    The lore written is mostly centred around the time in Castle Zygara where Ieisel was forced to make crests for Griselda. 

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    Galvantula crest: Sets a layer of sticky webs upon entry and brings all flying pokemon to ground (based on its pokedex entry)

    Braviary crest: Sky Drop becomes a one-turn move, gains moxie ability

    Gogoat crest: Increases HP gain from recovery moves, contact (or horn) moves are buffed.

    Dragalge crest: Increases speed in rain or when underwater, all moves have a chance to poison.

    Clawitzer crest: either increases speed in rain or underwater, or just a boost to the base speed, sniper ability is added.

    Noivern crest: gains punk rock, normal moves become flying or dragon.

    Toxitricity crest: increase in speed when hit by opposing sound moves, normal moves become poison type.

    Alright thats it for my second round of suggestions lol

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    18 hours ago, The Fangame Connoisseur said:

    Only have one suggestion, but I hope you like it.

    Spiritomb Crest: Multiplies Defense and Special Defense by 1.2 and grants it Prankster.

    Unfortunately, spiritomb already have a Crest (noted in-universe to have been especially taxing to make due to the species' nature), though it's a pretty special one for another reason. It's actually one of the few Crest designs that were submitted last time an opportunity like this arose to actually make it into the game! Credit goes to a fellow by the name of Solniste, whose original concept can be found here.


    Anyway, I'm back with some more ideas of my own!


    Probopass Crest- The holder and allied pokemon take 25% reduced damage, and allies deal 30% more damage with Special Attacks.

    (The idea here is to strengthen the magnetism that lets it control the Mininoses so that they can run interference against the opponents and provide support to allies, effectively simulating the effects of Friend Guard and Battery, respectively)


    Porygon-Z Crest*- Partially guards against an attack, and Glitches the battlefield; ignored by Infiltrators. 

    (Functionally, post-nerf Disguise that causes problems on breaking, 'cuz sometimes, the firewalls just make things worse~! The Glitch Field interaction is an interesting trick that's exclusive to the Porygon line <and Smeargle, that cheating cur> but currently requires them to be literal sitting ducks for two whole Rounds to trigger- and Porygon-Z's natural frailty means that it certainly doesn't have time for that. Because the Crest takes up the Item slot that would normally be dedicated to stuff like a Life Orb or- dare I say it- Normalium-Z, it shouldn't quite as abusable a Surge Ability, especially since being unable to hold an Amplifield Rock limits the Field Change to 3 Rounds as it is...)
    *Partial credit goes to my brother for helping brainstorm this one


    Solrock/Lunatone Crest- Amplifies gravity, reduces damage from Super Effective attacks, and ignores the downsides of weather.

    (Become a miniature planet, complete with a thin atmosphere to Filter out bad stuff! A major problem I ran into is that all of the celestial body 'mons are either Legendary/Mythical or would lose an Immunity with Gravity applied... except for the Solatone fusion. Thankfully, it gets some Ground coverage, and enough lowish-Accuracy moves to benefit from the other half of Gravity as well~! The last clause is mostly there to make Morning Sun and Moonlight more reliable, which should help with the survivability issues that naturally plague Analytic users; note that this only affects the celestial being's moves- they're still going to get savaged by a Rain-boosted Hydro Pump!)


    Golisopod Crest- Emergency Exit passes stat changes to the next pokemon.

    (With so many people trying to work around EE, someone oughta take the other route and lean into it, right? Swords Dance into what is essentially a free Baton Pass can be pretty scary on some recipients, though the fact that the Crest prevents it from also passing Seed bonuses is admittedly kinda sad)


    Delcatty Crest- The holder's moves become Fairy Typed, ala Pixilate.

    (yes I'm aware that the loss of STAB would actually make it lose 10% to its damage output this is a terrible joke entry plese don't kill me!)


    Lastly, I'd like to say I really like Generic Gamer and Joy's Vespiquen Crest designs (they're pretty similar, admittedly, but take slightly different directions with the ideas)... and sincerely hope Rejuv. doesn't follow through with SwSh's gutting of the poor sovereign. Seriously, cutting Heal Order from existence and pulling Roost out from its movepool was not a nice move to a pokemon that's statted out to be a tank...

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    Eevee Crest - Strengthens Eevee and automatically adapts it to field effects.

    • Raises Eevee's stats.
    • Makes not very effective moves hit for neutral damage (like Tinted Lens).
    • Changes Eevee's type depending on the field (like Mimicry). Also changes its Normal-type moves to match.


    Also consider letting Eevee learn Nature Power.

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    you people realize that if you give 1 eeveelution a crest, all of the eeveelutions need to get one... right? that means cancer mons like vaporeon are getting a god damn crest you ppl.

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    Another set of ideas i had and tried to made well. with the help of both Moto and SG. 
    Heliolisk Crest: solar power but for rain, leaf guard in sun, sand force in sand
    Golduck crest: using psych up with golduck crest confuses you and you get +1 sp attack each turn you are confused (Reference to the dex entries + a more reliable way to get confused)
    Persian Crest: gains a crit stage increase if it's faster than the target + Sniper ( To resemble a bit the old crit mechanics)
    Crabominable Crest : Reduces Dmg from fire atks by 0,3% and if hit by a SE move the target will be bind for 3 turns ( a bit of a buff to survive fire moves due to its heavy fur and a reference to the dex with the pincers that can be thrown )

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    Crest Archeops (dunno if i spelt that right but ye) When hp is halved atk and spatk is raised.


    Crest Dewgong. All moves become Ice and do 1.4 more.


    Crest Starmie. Gets a 2x spatk raise.


    Crest lopunny gains ghost typing


    Crest Kangaskhan. moves hit twice (parental bond but not)


    Crest Eldegoss. Def and spdef is raised.


    Crest Liepard (anything else that has prankster) is able to break through dark types and moves.


    Crest Ditto. Once entered the battle it will steal the opponents pokemon and the opponents pokemon will become ditto



    Crest Talonflame. Doesn't matter if hp decreases flying moves always has priority. 


    Crest Samurott. Gains Adaptability and a +1 atk and spatk boost


    Crest Persian. Gains tough claws.


    Crest Vivillon. (if there already is one then an updated one) If quiver dance is used it will go towards defense instead of special defense.


    Crest Slowbro / Slowking. Swaps defense for spdef and spdef for defense 


    And crest Zygarde. Always has 100% mode 😛

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    Sorry if this has been suggested already, but the 5th gen starters definitely need them, so my ideas:

    Serperior: dragon type steelworker and maybe swap defensive stats with offensive stats

    Emboar: Rock head, boost attack by 33% but only allowed to choose 1 move(choice item)

    Samurott: 20%attack boost, all contact moves are special OR instant shellsmash stats when send out

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    Gorebyss: Shell Smash is applied at the start of the battle. All Fairy and Psychic moves gain STAB.
    Huntail: Huntail gains the Strong Jaw ability. Also gives STAB for all Dark type moves.
    Gumshoos: Stakeout is activated at all times.
    Sawk: Gives the ability Iron Fist. After the first time Sawk is hit by a damaging move, it gains 1 Attack.

    Throh: "Throw" moves, Reversal, and Counter all gain a x1.5 damage boost. Mat Block can be used every turn.

    Er, I'm posting again? Is that okay, or should I just add these to my original post?

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    2 minutes ago, Outside Indoorsman said:

    Er, I'm posting again? Is that okay, or should I just add these to my original post?

    you dont know if the devs already went through the posts, and they wouldnt notice if you edited your post, so better post again for new ideas

    Edited by Edo
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    Zoroark Crest: While Illusion is up, has defensive type of Pokemon it's impersonating (Basically it gets the resistances and immunities of what it's impersonating, but it still only gets Dark type STAB) This allows Zoroark to check for any moves it's weak to, while taking less damage, if not outright no damage.

    Sceptile Crest: Bug type moves are boosted by 1.3x, and Blade type moves (Slash, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, etc.) get +1 priority

    Luxray Crest: Dark Type moves get 1.3x boost, and base Speed is boosted by 50%

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    6 minutes ago, Edo said:

    you dont know if the devs already went through the posts, and they wouldnt notice if you edited your post, so better post again for new ideas

    Good point. Er, developers - could we get your thoughts on that? Are you going to go back through the thread after this is all over, or are you just grabbing the suggestions as they come in?

    Also - here.
    Jumpluff: Before Jumpluff is hit by a super effective attack, it automatically switches out to another pokemon on the team (determined by the player), and afflicts all pokemon on the field with Cotton Spore. The pokemon that switches in takes the damage in Jumpluff's stead. Also allows Acrobatics to deal max damage at all times.

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    arbok crest-doubles the power of biting moves

    porygon-z crest-gives priority to special moves

    ursaring crest-burns user and raises its speed by 20%

    exeggutor crest-super effective hits restore hp

    ninjask crest-summons substitute upon switch-in(one per battle)

    bronzong crest-summons light screen upon switch-in

    chandelure crest-when fainting it takes the opposing pokemon with it

    wobbuffet crest-50% increase to its hp stat

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    Lurantis crest, make the pokemon speed decrease by one level everytime a grass or bug move hits the opponent, everytime the pokemon receive a contact move decrease a random stats by one stage.

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    Sceptile Crest: Attack scales with Speed/ Dragon moves become STAB

    Wailord Crest: Atk & SpAtk scales with Hp

    Noivern Crest: 20% + SpAtk and gains Aerilate( Noivern really needs a boost)

    Gengar Crest: Gains Levitate

    Toxtricity Crest: 20% in SpAtk/ Sound base move do electric damage

    Huntail Crest: Swift Swim is activated upon switch in/ Gain Dark STAB

    Gorbyess Crest: Swift Swim is Activated upon Switch in/ Gain Psychic STAB

    Exeggutor Crest: Trick Room activated upon switch in

    Weavile Crest: Gain Techician

    Kingdra Crest: Rain is activated on switch for 3 turns

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    Mr Mine crest(kanto only)- gives mimicry and can learn Nature Power when equipped. 


    Girafarig Crest- bite moves are special attacks now


    Tsareena-kicking moves get stab. Speed goes up every time it misses a move with >100 acc




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    Whew lads some of y'all are really out here.


    Meowstic Crest: Boosts base stats by 30 (M: Def/SpDf +15 (F SpAtk +30) and gives Filter and

    Neuroforce to M and F respectively (Or Friend Guard and Technician if the latter's too broken).


    Meowstic is a premier crapmon, and that event is too cute to not give it a buff. This actually tries to make them different from each other (M is almost objectively better rn) While keeping them competitive (Pun intended) with the billion better good psychics with good availability (There are a staggering amount in addition to Alolatales, who gets Aurora Veil naturally in gen 8). Neuroforce seems like much, but It still does less than Zam at neutral, and still less w/ Neuro when Zam has Life orb. A vote for Ice Cream Cat is a vote for friendship.


    Ditto Crest: Gives Seed effect 1 time upon switch in.


    Ditto's unique items have been useless since gen 5, and I like ditto, so do it. Jokes aside, Ditto is actually pretty fun as a niche for boss fights, and is actually pretty choice in Intense mode. It fits the transformation aesthetic, and also makes Ditto a bit more versatile.


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    Leavanny Crest: Adds alternative technician: instead is somewhere between 2x-3x but only for 40 power moves and less. Specifically this is to make a Chlorophyll Fell Stinger sweep a bit easier


    edit: throwing in my s**tpost too


    greninja crest: upon getting a kill, greninja gets paid, and uses ability "Financial Bond" to transform into a completely new form: Cash Greninja. Cash greninja makes it rain, hence it's Water Shuriken attack becomes pwr 20 and hits 3 times guaranteed. Since cash greninja is so stacked now, it buys some new weapons and new shoes, hence it gains +50 atk and +50 spatk, and 10 speed.


    hope you all like my original idea

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    First off, I love that you are doing this, and I like a lot of the suggested ideas so far!


    I have some ideas, hopefully they don't sound too bad or too broken, haha!


    Sableye Crest: Makes user take double damage from Fairy type moves, base speed stat increased to 140, base attack stat increased to 110, base special attack increased to 110.

    Basically doubling down on Sableye's weakness, but rewarding it by becoming one of the fastest attackers in the game. Traditionally, Sableye is known as a supportive, tanky Pokemon, both in Mega and normal formes, so having a forme that feels different from them would feel refreshing. 

    Decidueye Crest: Boost the power of Flying type moves by 50%, base attack stat increased to 110, base special attack increased to 110, all moves done by Decidueye calculates the opponent's defensive stats, dealing appropriate damage to the opponent depending on which category (Physical or Special) would deal the most damage.
    I was a big fan of Shell Side Arm from Galarian Slowbro, and with how Decidueye is designed to look or be a hunter/ranger, I felt it appropriate for the Pokemon to be well-equipped while facing an opponent, knowing its foe's weak points for an overall more effective strike. 

    Porygon-Z Crest: Adds Ghost type onto the Pokemon. 

    I always thought it was weird that the Porygon evolution line was Normal type to begin with, Electric would fit it better, but I digress. Why Ghost type and not Electric type, and why only Porygon-Z and not the others? Because Porygon-Z is a corrupted version of Porygon thanks to the Dubious Disc, giving it an abnormality to its already Normal typing, and what better type to compliment this change than Ghost type.


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    • Hawlucha Crest: Fighting and Normal moves gains additional Flying type
    • Morpeko Crest: Aura Wheel deals damage based on opponent type, if resists dark it will be electric and vice-versa if resists both, the move will be the same as morpeko mode.
    • Cramorant Crest: Any move can trigger Gulp Missile
    • Grapploct Crest: buffs grapploct defenses by 1.0x, octolock can trap ghost types and ignore volt switch, u-turn and flip turn 
    • Alcremie Crest: Decorate can be used on self 
    • Cinderace Crest: Kick moves always hits
    • Rillaboom Crest: Sound based moves increase or decrease a random stat for both pokemon
    • Zarude Crest: On switch in uses sandstorm
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    Tried to be creative for a few mons

    Aegislash Crest: Ghost-type and Steel-type attacks become super-effective against Dark-types. When King's Shield is used and blocks an attack (either physical or special), the attack is reflected back at the opponent for half damage.

    Mr. Rime Crest: Becomes immune to sound moves, but when hit by one, it gains the Screen Cleaner ability effect and its speed and special attack are boosted. All effects are removed after the end of the turn.

    Arctozolt/Arctovish Crest: Once sent out, the Pokémon acts if it is in trick room (If it's the slowest on the field it is the fastest and vice versa), but all other Pokémon function as normal (Fastest moves first). Base speed is decreased by 20.

    Cryogonal Crest: Once sent out, it activates the hail like the ability Snow Warning. All Ice-type moves it uses become super effective against Water-types and have a 20% chance to freeze on all types except Ice-types.

    Edited by Shiny Emerald
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    Since most of the starters either have a mega stone or a crest and Greninja is just good without a crest, I'll just propose crest for the rest of the starters that don't have one.


    Serperior - activates sunny day (expect it only lasts for 3 turns instead of 5) and gives the pokemon the dry skin ability and increases def and spdef  stages by +1.


    Samurott - switches spatk with speed and gives it a secondary typing of fighting (don't know if giving another typing is allowed or not).


    Emboar - increases spd stage by +2 and gives the pokemon the ability Rock Head.


    Chesnaught - gives the pokemon the iron fist ability.


    Delphox - gives the pokemon the drought and solar power abilities.


    Decidueye - increases spd stage by +1 and gives the pokemon the ability sniper and super luck.


    Primarina - gives the pokemon the misty surge ability.


    Incineroar - swaps spdef with speed, gives the pokemon the ability guts, and increase the damage of dark type moves by x0.5.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meme Crest (this is possibly not going to get in but thought it maybe funny to look at):

    Shedninja - gives the pokemon the huge power, wonder skin, magic guard, disguise and illusion abilities.

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    Alolan Ninetales crest: steel type moves deal neutral damage to the holder and deals neutral damage to steel type pokemon.

    Edited by Itamar
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    Out of my love for Arcanine I will suggest the Arcanine crest. He isn't underperforming but a crest that halves his recoil damage would be pretty cool.

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    I'm probably going to regret suggesting this but what about an umbreon crest that gives it evasion for 2 turns as soon as it enters 😂, I hope you don't try that, I was kidding.

    I really like Lycanroc but I feel like he could use a crest. Pangoro, Malamar and Walrein should have crests too because they're pretty underrated pokemon.

    Lycanroc might have to get 3 (1 per form). Lycanroc-Dusk's crest should have the rage effect of increasing it's attack whenever he gets attacked (just like the anime whenever Ash's one got dirty)

    Walrein's crest would set up hail for 5 turns upon entry, giving it recovery with ice body

    Malamar could get it's speed decreased for each time you attack it with dark/ghost/bug type moves (it's rattled but lowering it's speed works with Malamar's contrary ability)

    Pangoro should have a better resistance to fairy type moves in the same way Leafeon had a better resistance to 2 of it's weaknesses


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    Xatu: Give it Psychic Surge + something to compensate its low hp. Maybe a defense boost or something that enhances it's speed, so it can either attack before it gets KO'd or tank more hits.

    I'm not good at competitive battling so if anyone can improve that I'll gladly accept the suggestions, lol


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    Froslass Crest: Halves first incoming damage. Upon receiving that damage sets Spikes and boost Speed by 1 stage.


    Ampharos Crest: Upon entry paralyse enemy and boost Special Attack by 1 stage. Heals user by 25% of the electric damage dealt. Paralysis effect can occur only once per battle.


    Dodrio Crest: User is unaffected by status effects and will evade first incoming damaging move. Gives him ability Reckless. (Moves that bypass accuracy checks can still hit him.)


    Wobbuffet Crest: At the end of the turn, if user didn't receive any damage this turn, heals user by 30% of his max HP and confuse enemy. If enemy was about to attack himself due to confusion, force him to use Struggle instead. (Any damage, that means toxic and burn counters him anyway.)


    Smeargle Crest: Incoming damage cannot exceed 40% of user max HP. Boost Speed by 15. Both Physical and Special Moves uses Speed to calculate damage. User cannot be healed in any way during battle.


    Slaking Crest: Has 50% chance to truant effect not to occur. During truant turn, if truant effect does not occur and user is using damaging move, damage dealt is reduced by 60%. If truant effect does occur, user is healed by 15% of his max HP.


    Abomasnow Crest: Hail lasts as long, as user is on the field and weather cannot be changed by the enemy. During hail, incoming damage is reduced by 30% and incoming Physical damage has a 30% chance to Freeze the enemy. If incoming Physical damage defeats the user, chance to Freeze increases to 100%. (If user gets defeated or withdraws, hail is removed)


    Musharna Crest: Upon entry make the user asleep and the enemy(enemies) drowsy. This effect can only occur once per battle. While asleep, user can still use Special moves and incoming damage is reduced by 30%. Damage dealt to sleeping targets is increased by 50%. Yawn also makes the user asleep.


    Rapidash Crest: Boost Speed by 1 stage upon defeating the enemy. If user is faster than the target, damaging moves have their power and accuracy increased depending of differences in speed. [(UserSpeed - TargetSpeed) / sqrt(TargetSpeed) + 15% looks good]



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    Alolan Raichu: More speed, gets levitate.

    Alolan Muk: If it gets hurt by a contact attack, the enemy´s speed decreases.

    Luxray: More speed and technician 

    Cinderace: Kick moves allways hits. (I read it in another comment and I like it)

    Hatterene: More speed, and psichyc attacks with base power greater than 60 have a 50% chance to confuse the enemy.



    Edited by MUBK
    I forgot to put hatterene
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    Slaking Crest: gives the ability Defeatest and increases its Defense and Sp.Def by 10 points.


    Gengar: Gives it back the ability Levitate. That is all


    Plusle/Minun: Gives it an immediate helping hand buff X2 whenever both are on the field together. Also a 1.5x increase to SPA and Speed


    Luxray: gives it the dark typing and a 1.5x increase on special attacks.

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    Meowstic(M): Using light screen will also enable reflect(or vice versa) and applies the effect of light clay.


    Meowistic(F): if she KO's a Pokémon, her sp attack increases by 1 stage(Basically moxie but with sp attack)





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    Man ngl I would love to see a Lumineon crest. Since the pokemon is pretty common it would be nice to see it be at least slightly viable. You could pretty much do anything with it either making it a sweeper or a tank since all its stats are so weak being buffed anywhere would be good for it.

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    Sharpedo Crest: Gives strong jaw and a 1.05-1.1x buff to both defenses



    Scizor Crest: Ups speed by 1.5x and gives the effect of a white herb one time.

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    I suggested these on a post back in 2019 and I still think that they'd be pretty good:

    Wishiwashi Crest - when taken out of schooling form (at low HP), it automatically switches out of battle and regains 1/3 of its HP. (acts like wimp out and regenerator. maybe only once idk)


    Farfetch'd Crest - ups the critical hit ratio (like its stick) and ups attack and speed by x1.2 then matches them.


    Swoobat Crest - Matches special attack to speed and gains a berserker ability.


    Plusle/Minun Crests - Gain levitate ability and gains a helping hand boost indefinitely upon entering battle.


    Chatot Crest - Gains aerilate ability and chatter's power boosts by x1.3. Voice moves have a 20% chance of confusion.


    Zoroark Crest - Gains Disguise ability WHILE in an illusion and swaps strengths and weaknesses. Night Daze's damage is increased by x1.3 had a higher chance of crit.


    Phione Crest - 1. Gains Drizzle ability and nullifies electric attacks and converts it into a special attack boost.

                            2. Gains Drizzle and Swift Swim ability and starts with aqua ring.

    Mimikyu Crest - Boosts attack once when disguise breaks and every time it inflicts physical damage it receives a small percentage back as HP. OHKO-ing a pokemon restores it's disguise.


    Dusknoir Crest - Gains the prankster ability and iron fist ability. Both defenses are increased by x1.2 and has a built in leftovers.


    Darkrai Crest - Bad Dreams acts like leech seed but its damage is reduced to 1/16 instead of 1/8. Dark Void's accuracy is increased back to 80% and the moves nightmare and dream eater gain priority.


    *I just copied and pasted these so I don't know if anyone else posted something similar.


    Gen 8:

    Eiscue Crest - Special attacks only affect its Ice Face ability like physical attacks but its attack stat is weakened until it is in noice face. 


    Pincurchin Crest - Rising Voltage becomes physical and its defenses increase by x1.2. Physical moves have a chance to paralyze opponents.


    Cramorant Crest - Starts out with an arrokuda gulp missile when it first enter the battlefield and has the drizzle ability.

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    yay! crest time uwu

    here are some of my ideas that i think would be cool in the game! (also, am loving rejuv so far!)


    delcatty crest :
    - attack and defense stats use delcatty's speed stat instead
    - if delcatty makes contact with other pokemon, there will be a 50% of the pokemon becoming infatuated regardless of gender.

    - applies fairy STAB

    dustox/venomoth crest :
    - multiscale is applied onto the pokemon
    - base defense and special defense becomes 80 and 100 respectively
    - when the pokemon enters the battle, opposing pokemon are inflicted with a random status condition; paralysis, sleep, burn, or confusion

    miltank crest :
    - thick fat is always active
    - sheer force is applied onto miltank
    - miltank crest has the effect of shell bell

    wigglytuff crest :
    - fluffy is applied onto wigglytuff
    - both defense and special defense stats are changed to 90
    - when wigglytuff faints, misty explosion triggers

    florges crest :
    - florges crest acts as leftovers
    - triage is applied to florges
    - flower shield use by florges will have the same effect as spiky shield, and confuses the opposing pokemon
    - gains grass type STAB

    carnivine crest :
    - gives carnivine access to the following moves:
    • poison fang
    • ice fang, thunder fang, fire fang
    • psychic fangs
    - strong jaw is applied to carnivine
    - carnivine resists bug and poison type attacks (it's a flytrap!)
    - carnivine's defense and special defense stats use it's attack stats instead

    i saw someone with the idea of giving pyroar a fire-type pixilate, and i really liked the idea so i'm seconding it :]


    i think that's all i have for now, but if i think of anything else i might throw in more suggestions >:)

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    Oooh, would definitely love to see some less used Pokemon be made more viable! Some ideas I had:


    Mightyena Crest - Using a sound-based move (i.e. Howl, Snarl, Roar) raises the user's Speed + Attack stat by one stage


    Noivern Crest - Boosts Sp. Atk by 20%, on entry gives the Strong Winds weather effect


    Manectric Crest - Swaps Atk and Sp. Atk, contact moves have an additional 15% chance for paralysis


    Lanturn Crest - Boosts Def by 10%, stockpile grants effects of Aqua Ring and vice versa


    Delibird Crest - Boosts Atk by 20%, Present is now Ice-type, cannot miss, and effects of Present are now 1.5x (damage and healing)


    Slaking Crest - All stats are reduced by 20%, replaces Truant with Gluttony


    Flygon Crest - Replaces Levitate with Punk Rock, changes Normal-type moves to Ground-type


    Luxray Crest - Biting moves increase the user's speed one stage


    Vanilluxe Crest - In hail, loses 1/8 HP per turn but boosts Sp. Atk by 1.25x (hail version of Solar Power but weaker)


    Komala Crest - Contact moves have a 33% chance of inflicting Drowsy on the target


    Druddigon Crest - Reduces physical damage taken by 25%, triggering Rough Skin also reduces the opponent's defense by one stage

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    Might as well throw one in for my boy,


    Alolan Raichu: Treats it like it's on electric terrain (triggers surge surfer and buffs electric moves, also can't fall asleep since those are the effects) or activates electric terrain on entry, whichever works. Maybe a 1.1x or 1.2x boost to special attack as well.

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    RIP your inbox


    I promise it s not intended to make you suffer more:


    Smeargle:no buff or anything butcosideringt that smeargle whole deal is to learn the moveset of the ennemy, why not give him an item that facilitate it?My idea wouldbe to have him be able to learn one of the four moves a defeated opponent used or a less tedious version would have him learn the lastused move.


    Porygon:So as we know porygon z is the offensive "bootleg version" while porygon2 is the official defensive version, i would suggest crest porygon who would be the "status" version: minus 20 to all stats in exchange of prankster+sturdy

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    • Flareon Crest: Any damage dealing fire type move it uses raises its speed by 1 stage. If said move is Flame charge, then it gets +1 atk +1 speed
    • Espeon Crest & Umbreon Crest: Kinda like in Reborn Altforms; swap stats with each other, getting a defensive Espeon and an offensive Umbreon! Maybe they also become resistant to bug moves?
    • Flygon Crest: Someone already suggested this one, but STAB for bug moves.. pls... and also special moves deal damage according to its attack stat?
    • Aromatisse Crest: Restores HP when hit by a poison type move (I just want an excuse to use my plague doctor sprite edit on this thing jaja)

                     OR: Applies Poison Heal

    • Slurpuff Crest: Applies Cotton Guard upon entering the field
    • Noivern Crest: I think it's been suggested, but sound based moves deal x1.5 damage, and the holder becomes soundproof
    • Sylveon Crest: When the holder is hit by a contact move, the attacker becomes (or has a 50% chance of becoming?) infatuated. Could be with or without considering gender, depending on how broken it is idk


    That's all I got fo now oof

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    Toxicroak: Attack buffed by 1.25x and all moves that make contact with the target inflict poison.

    Goomy: Sets HP to 1500, doubles special defense, increases defense by 75%, lowers attack, special attack, and speed by 40%.

    Bisharp: When HP falls below 10%, attack is raised by 200%. When hit by any physical attack, enemy will take 15% of the damage dealt to it.

    Centiskorch: Opponents switching in will be burned. If hit by a flying type move, will faint immediately.

    Arceus: All stats set to 1, but immune to all non damaging moves and non normal-type moves. Damage dealt to it must exceed 10 in order to KO it.



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    Luvdisc: Make Attract succeed regarless of target's gender, Sweet Kiss, Charm, Captivate, Heart Stamp and Draining Kiss will attract target. Speed +25% (Please make usable Luvdics come true before they go extinct because of heart scale farming)


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    • Veterans

    Flareon - ( basically made for Guts Flare ) Badly Poisons when sent out and boosts speed by 10%
    Jolteon - ( basically made for Quick Feet Jol ) Burns when sent out and boosts SpAtk ( or SpDef- I honestly wasn't too sure about this ) by 10%
    Vaporeon - ( basically made for Hydration Vap ) boosts def by 10% and sets rain upon entry

    Delcatty - Allows its normal moves to hit ghost types and gives a 20% power boost to any moves not very effective on the opponent

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    • Developers

    Hello yes it is me, a user who has definitely played Rejuv, here to make suggestions about some of the mons I like which are not very good uwu


    Separated helpfully by gen!


    Gen 1:

    • Nidoqueen/king (could work for either) - Swaps Atk. and SpAtk, and makes the secondary effects of moves still activate with Sheer Force


    • Wigglytuff - Sing has 100% accuracy and hits both targets in doubles, but sleep only lasts 2 turns


    • Alolan Dugtrio - Tangling hair procs when Dugtrio's moves make contact as well, and sets a 'layer of hair' (e.g. Sticky Webs) when Dig is used


    • (ALL Forms) Meowth [This is not a joke I swear I think this is a cool idea] - Regardless of regional variant, gives Meowth all the resistances of Normal, Dark AND Steel type (e.g. Ghost, Dark & Poison immune, Resists every type except Fire, Fighting, Water, Ground & Electric)


    • Primeape (Anger Point only) - All attacks against this pokemon are critical


    • Snorlax - Immune to Sleep. Double speed, but take double damage.



    Gen 2:

    • Sunflora - Petal Dance becomes like a damage over time move, e.g. Sunflora can still use other moves on subsequent turns while the hits continue to happen


    • Octillery - Octazooka cannot miss, and gains a metronome effect (the item, i.e. it gets stronger the more times in a row it is used)



    Gen 3:

    • Hoennian Linoone - Its normal type moves become super effective against dark type pokemon (Revenge against the Galarians being able to evolve!)


    • Ludicolo - Doubles the healing effect of Rain Dish, or increases the speed boost of Swift Swim by 50% based on ability. Either way, makes Rain Dance last the maximum length when used by this mon, and makes this mon immune to self-confusion from teeter dance.


    • Masquerain - Intimidate lowers ALL stats of the foe by one stage, but prevents Masquerain from being able to switch out.


    • Ninjask/Shedinja Duo Crest - As long as both pokemon are unfainted in your party with the crests, both pokemon have the effects of Speed Boost AND Wonder Guard. (I know this one is weird so if you like it enough to actually wanna use the idea I'm willing to program it in because I imagine it'll be kinda sucky to do LOL)


    • Grumpig - Bounce does Special damage, has an increased chance to paralyze, and hits all opponents in doubles


    • Spinda - Simple + Moody. That is all.



    Gen 4:

    There's nothing here all the Gen 4 mons I really like are powerful and I don't have ideas for creative ways to change their playstyles


    Gen 5:

    • Emboar - Increases the damage scaling on Heat Crash/Heavy slam (i.e. makes the maximum BP higher if weight difference is big enough) and double Emboar's weight


    • Simisage/Simisear/Simipour - If no pokemon in your party are dual typed, crest holder gains STAB and resistances of ALL pokemon types in the party.


    • Ferrothorn - Swaps Speed with Defense, and Special Attack with Special Defense


    • Galarian Stunfisk - Snap Trap now does its damage when hit with a contact move rather than when used (like the charge of Beak Blast). Sets a Snap Trap at the start of each turn



    Gen 6:

    • Greninja (ONLY with Protean) - Becomes Pure Dark type. Triple STAB bonus. Cannot use damaging moves which are not Dark Type.


    • Pangoro - Whole party is immune to Psychic type damage while this mon is unfainted.


    • Hawlucha - All Fighting and Flying type moves become Fighting/Flying moves like Flying Press. Recieve STAB twice from dual typed moves.


    • Avalugg - All moves gain +1 priority. Cannot use status moves. (Give the coffee table some coffee!)



    Gen 7:

    • Crabominable - Punching moves hit twice, but needs to recharge (like hyper beam) after using a punching move.


    • Ultra Beast (any) - Makes Beast Boost boost the TWO highest stats, but locks into the first move used like a choice item.



    Gen 8:

    • Inteleon - If opponent is KO'd with a critical hit, restore 50% of max HP.


    • Cramorant - Adds a new form to Gulp Missile below 25% hp which has it gulping a second Cramorant. The gulp damage has no secondary effect in this form, but it remains in this form for the remainder of the battle, staying after inflicting the damage or even if healed. (I think this is a genuinely good idea but also 95% of the reason I suggested it is I want to make Zumi sprite it.)


    • Mr. Rime (Screen Cleaner only) - Screen Cleaner only removes screens from the opponent's side of the field, while also removing hazards from your side of the field. Loses 1/8 of max HP on switch in.


    • Falinks - No Retreat no longer fails if used more than once. Falinks' PP usage is doubled.
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    Oooh! I want to suggest ones for my favorite Pokemon :<3


    Chimecho Crest - If Chimecho's HP is above half, automatically heals status effects on Chimecho and their allies. If Chimecho's HP fall below 50%, Chimecho's sound-based moves become part Psychic-type and increases damage by 100% and Synchronoise can affect all types now.


    This is based on some of Chimecho's pokedex entries where it has loud cries when enraged and the first part is to give it a better supportive role.


    Sunflora Crest - Automatically sets up Sunny Day whenever Sunflora is sent in, greatly increases stat gains while sunny by 50%.


    Smeargle Crest - Changes Smeargle's type based off the last move Smeargle used while using that move. So if Smeargle uses Psybeam, Smeargle changes to Psychic type for stab damage and remains psychic type until another move is used.


    Shedinja Crest - Shedinja can't be damaged by non-damaging moves or weather effects or status effects. So it improves Shedinja by not having him die due to Stealth Rock or Hail.


    Jumpluff Crest - Cotton Guard effect to Jumpluff when in battle and scatters spores when switched out. By spores, I mean literally the move Spore so the enemies will go to sleep when Jumpluff is switched out of the field. This is based off their Pokedex entry where it's said that it scatters when it goes so I figured that's how it can be applied to the game.


    Luvdisc Crest - There's a 50% chance to attract enemies with a use of a move. Luvdisc always moves first against Attracted enemies and increases Attack and Sp Attack by 75%. 

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    Hihi, jumping onto the immense bandwagon here:

    Simisage/pour/sear: It would be cool if they could get the Work Up effect on switch in? The first gym in Unova gives you the TM for Work Up after all...


    Shedinja: I thought that a good buff to it would be to give it a max of 2HP instead; this makes it necessary to have 2 turns of something to kill it (e.g. 2 turns of leech seed, status, weather, and at least buys 1 turn with damage hazards or requires 2x hazards)


    Ludicolo: Boost to it's Speed and SpAtk would be really helpful


    Shiftry: Boost to it's Speed and Atk would also be really helpful


    (Might have more later if inspiration strikes, but honestly a lot are already here!)

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    I was wondering if you could do something about Empoleon? They, unfortunately in my experience, aren't durable enough to stand up to most boss enemies long enough for them to get one of their solid hits in. Contrasting to other Starter pokemon, it does put them in an odd position of being rarely chosen. However, as one of my favorite starters, I'd like to use them in my playthrough without having to swap my starter out in any big battles. Perhaps a Crest that would cut damage down from Super-effective hits, or one that raises speed if they are in the first pokemon of a battle would be a good addition?

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    Well, I don't have actual ideas and don't know if these were suggested (or if such crests already exist), but it would be nice if unown, dunsparce, corsola (both forms) and shiinotic had crests

    Unown cuz they're really weak and useless +they kinda don't deserve their pokedex entry

    Dunsparce cuz it can do better

    Kantonian corsola can be more of a defensive attacker while galarian is a sp tank, crest being slighlty better than eviolite 

    As of shiinotic.. Well dunno just something lol, I just think it deserves it 

    And yeah, I don't know what exactly these crests should do and won't suggest anything cuz I don't know what can be done

    wow, im so creative

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    Turtonator Crest - Buffs stats and increases punishment to opposing physical attacks.

    • Raises SpAtk and Speed.
    • Grants effects of Flame Body and Rough Skin.
    • Shell Trap now remains active for 2 hits or 2 turns, whichever happens first.


    Milotic Crest - Redistributes stats to prioritize offense, adds Dragon-typing, and changes ability.

    • 95 HP, 60 Atk, 79 Def, 100 SpA, 125 SpD,  81 Spe → 70 HP, 100 Atk, 70 Def, 130 SpA,  70 SpD, 100 Spe
    • Changes Milotic into a dual Water/Dragon type
    • Overrides Milotic's ability with the effects of Shed Skin and Wonder Skin


    Froslass Crest - Buff stats and gives passive health drain on frozen opponents.

    • Froslass now saps 1/16 health of frozen opponents; absorption increases to 1/8 during hail.
    • Raises all of Froslass' base stats except Speed by 10.
    • Froslass' Draining Kiss now has a 20% chance to freeze Pokemon.
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    Lycanroc Crest: whenever Lycanroc uses a rock move, terrain changes (callback to its exclusive zmove Splintered Stormshards in USUM);


    Dragapult Crest: attacks that take 2 turns will now only take 1, and receive a small boost of 1.1 (this makes it function very similarly to its dynamax form with fly/phantom force but not take up a dynamax slot);


    Weezing Crest: if the Weezing holding the crest (whether galarian or not) has neutralizing gas, then not only are the effects of abilities ignored, but also the terrain's while it's in the field.

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    So my ideas for the crests :
    Shedinja : Gives him magic guard ability

    Decidueye : +1 crit rate, Non-contact moves break through protect

    Zoroark : Illusion is never broken, Attacks with the same type as the illusion get 20% extra power (If your illusion is pikachu, you get a 20% power boost for your electric-types attacks)

    Wobbuffet : gives him the Innards out ability

    Vikavolt : Use Special attack as his attack stat. Makes moves with a charging turn be ready instantly (Essentialy it's an infinite power herb)

    Toxtricity : Sound-based moves gives him +1 special attack with each uses. Normal-types moves become poison-types and grants a 20% boost to those moves (Imagine poison-type Boomburst ...)

    Talonflame : Gives him rock head ability

    Slaking : +25% in Sp.def If he hasn't attacked on a turn (For example If your attack failed or you were slacking off), heals 1/5 of his hp at the end of the turn

    Blissey : For each not fainted ally, boosts damage by 30% and recovers 1/16 HP at the end of the Turn (Basically a reverse spiritomb crest)

    Sawsbuck : Gives all forms an extra effect and changes form at the end of turn (In this order : Spring -> Summer -> Autumn -> Winter -> Spring -> etc.) You start the fight with the base form of your sawsbuck
    Abilities : Spring = Set the sun when entering, Summer = gives a 30% damage boost to all attacks under harsh sunlight, Autumn = Restores 1/16 of your max hp under harsh sunlight, Winter = gives an additional *1.25 evasiness under harsh sunlight

    Muk : Gives him the gooey ability

    Morpeko : Add some effects to aura wheel depending the form you're in :
    Full Belly : Aura wheel gives 30% chance of paralysing the target
    Hangry : Aura wheel also boosts your attack by one stage

    Basculin : gives an extra 20 attack and speed

    Archeops : If hp < 50%, Archeops next attack will deal 4 four times the damage (Only once)

    Dodrio : This pokemon cannot hit himself in his confusion. Doubles Dodrio's attack when confused.

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    Alright, here's some crests for some unnoticed mons.(well at least one of them.)


    Vileplime: Merges both its Def & SpDef, and allows it to hit and poison steel types with poison moves.

    Bonus: Only when it first switches in, it will gain passive recovery (basically a free leftovers or black sludge).


    Bellossom: Merges both its Atc & Sta, and makes it immune to fire attacks (essentially Flash Fire).

    Bonus: Only when it first switches in, this mon will summon harsh sunlight for 8 turns. 

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    more suggestions:


    Electivire: Motor Drive also boosts attack and special attack


    Wobbuffet: Counter can hit ghost types and mirror coat can hit dark types


    Froslass: base Special attack stat becomes 100 and summons hail upon switching in

    This would probably be to broken since Froslass has access to both snow cloak and aurora veil


    Roserade: Summons Flower Garden Field upon switching in and grass moves have a 30% chance to poison the opponent.


    Weavile: Opponents cannot use their held items (except mega evolution and z-moves of course).

    Imagine the possibilites:

    Choice Scarf Users wouldn't be able to outspeed it.


    Bulky Mons couldn't recover with leftovers which would be a death sentence agains sword dance sets.


    No Focus Sash Shenanigans.


    Pokemon with Heavy Duty Boots would still take entry hazard damage.


    Zoroark: Illusion gains an additional disguise effect


    Mimikyu: Applies Curse to the opponent if hit by a contact move in Post Disguise Form

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    Damn that's a lot of posts, so I can't guarantee that I'm not restating what other people already posted.


    Ninjask: Switches out the target if it last used a status move, and the move used by Ninjask makes contact.


    Venusaur: Seed Bomb, Worry Seed, and Bullet Seed have a 20% chance of inflicting Leech Seed on the target when used.


    Sceptile: Until switching out, if an ally is affected by a non-volatile status condition at the end of the round, removes it and restores that Pokemon's HP by half.


    Decidueye: When at full HP, Evasion is increased and the Pokemon's moves have perfect Accuracy.


    Primarina: Overflow damage from knocking out an opponent is converted to healing for the user (maybe not all the damage?).


    Weezing: Converts damage to health on Weezing for attacks used by allies. (Good for spread moves)


    Electrode: Uses the move Self-Destruct upon fainting.

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    I got a few suggestions.


    Liepard crest: if liepard hits the opposing pokemon with a contact move (fakeout, Nightslash, etc). It knocks off that pokemon's held item, or if it was a berry it eats that berry gaining the effects that it may have. Additionally if it has unburden, successfully knocking off/eating the opposing pokemon's held item. It counts as an item consumed for liepard and will pop the ability doubling its speed.

    Essentially the idea of the crest is to give liepard a knock off/ bug bite effect on all of it's contact moves and make use of the unburden ability.


    Raichu (alola) crest: sets up electric terrain upon entry. Additionally giving it same type attack bonus (similar to adaptability) as long as electric terrain is active


    Raichu (kanto) crest: gives raichu the reckless ability for any recoil moves it learns boosting them by 20%


    Mightyena crest: gives mightyena a 10% (if neutral nature) or 20% (if nature raises and lowers a stat, like Adamant nature gives a mon a higher attack stat but lowers special attack) boost in all of it's stats. And boosts its dark type moves if on low health (like the default starter abilities blaze, torrent, overgrow).


    Noivern crest: all its special attack moves become sound based and gains a similar ability like punkrock boosting the power of sound based moves. (Though if hit by throat chop and goes after, causes it to use struggle)


    Frostlass crest: cover's the battle field in snow, and causes it to hail on entry.


    Druddigon crest: scales its special attack with its attack stat. Also giving its dragon type moves priority +1 at full health (basically gale wings)


    Unknown crest: grants a 50% increase in all stats and depending on the type of hidden power. Unknowns type changes with it. Also hidden power becomes psychical or special depending on the opposing pokemon's lowest defense or special defense.


    Rotom Crest: when rotom changes form it's type stays the same (old rotom from dppt who retained its ghost electric typing but still got its stats changes when changing form).


    Wishiwashi crest: stays in schooling form even on low HP also gets torrent 


    Wormadam crest: depending on its secondary typing. And using a STAB grass, steel, or ground damaging move it'll set up a field hazard on the field 

    Plant: sticky web trash: stealth rock: sandy: spikes. (Stacks up to x3)


    Phione crest: gives phione 20% increase in its stats. Gains x1 in attack or special attack depending on which one is higher after feinting an opposing pokemon


    Orbeetle crest: gains the tightened lense ability and gets a 10% boost in its bug type moves 


    Aight thats all i got for now i wanted to include more gen 8 mons but i wasnt to sure how good all of them will be in this game

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    A Pangoro crest : it gives him a +1 increase in defense and special defense, and when his hp drops below 50%,he lose this boost,but gains +2 in speed (and vice versa)

    The idea here is to give him better survability,i think this can work well with his other options (bulk up,swords dance,drain punch or the ability iron fist)

    Because of how awful his speed stat is (58 base) i think +2 is fair,and his defensive stats aren't that great,so he won't be unbeatable.

    Moreover,the idea of below 50% gives him a sort of "rage mode" which i think is nice looking at how angry he seems 😀

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    Phione Crest: (Inspired by the mentions of warm seas in the pokedex entry).

    Phione's special Water-type moves deal Fire damage instead of Water damage, but still receive a boost from Rain Dance (Physical moves still deal Water damage). Once per battle, when Phione would otherwise faint, it instead goes to 1 HP and then casts Rest.

    Pachirisu Crest: The first non-electric offensive move Pachirisu uses after being sent out deals x1.5 damage for as long as it is out (it can be used again and retains the x1.5 damage boost), and deals damage based on Pachirisu's Speed stat instead of Attack or Special Attack.

    Pyukumuku Crest: (Inspired by the pokedex entry) Automatically casts Counter when hit by a physical attack. Cannot be afflicted with status and can cast Purify at will.
    Shiinotic Crest: Summons the Bewitched Woods terrain for as long as Shiinotic is on the battlefield.

    Sudowoodo Crest: Sudowoodo gains the resistances and STAB of the Grass type. Sudowoodo has also conquered its hatred of water thanks to its newfound foliage, and gained the Water Absorb and Rain Dish abilities.
    Lumineon: Gains the Lightningrod ability. Also allows Lumineon to learn the move Nature Power by TM

    (for some reason, Finneon could in Generation 7 but Lumineon couldn't - considering how OP Nature Power is in Reborn and Rejuvenation, this could help Lumineon a lot).
    Drapion Crest: Gives Drapion Bug-type resistances and STAB.

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    Okay I've got a few (totally unbiased) ones for suggestion if some of them are even possible:


    Smeargle Crest: Gives Smeargle Sturdy so it can 100% get a Sketch off every time.

    Ditto Crest: Doubles Ditto Speed when Transformed. Because for some reason Quick Powder doesn't do that.

    Mothim Crest: Basically Swarm but Mothim doesn't need to be "in a pinch" for it to activate. Also maybe a defensive buff?

    Tangrowth Crest: Swap Special Attack with Special Defense so it has more staying power?

    Salazzle Crest: Every Poison move has a 20% chance of causing infatuation.

    Alolan Golem: Starts Battle with Magnet Rise but lowered Speed.

    Escavalier: Not sure what exactly but something to increase speed or Priority of its moves. It just seems odd that a cavalry Pokemon would be slow. Maybe extra speed and damage but recoil if defensive moves are used? Like charging into a spear wall?

    Ambipom: Technician activates on moves with over 80 attack power.

    Noctowl: Hypnosis accuracy boost and Stab Psychic moves.

    Musharna: Gives it Comatose from the Komala line. Or Bad Dreams

    Vanilluxe: Speed increased in Hail.

    Opposite Day Shedinja: All Stats are 1, Hp is 999.

    Nightmare Wobbuffet: Reduce Attack, Speed and Special attack to 0, add what you took to Defense and Special Defense. Break your Pokemon trying to beat it.

    Noivern: Increase Power of Sound Based Moves but reduces Defence.

    Haxorus Crest: Boost every stat to 999 and automatically win the battle. 

    Haxorus Crest 2: Damage Boost to attacks every time it gets past an opponents ability due to Mold Breaker...and then automatically win the battle.


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    Hydreigon crest: when using a move like flamethrower the other two heads will do flamethrower as well but not the maximum power like 25% of it. (its a three attack middle head flamethrower 90 power other two heads 22,5 power separated)


    Lycanrock crest: boost the speed and evasion when accelrock is used


    Mimikyu Crest :  When disguise fall his defense, attack and speed will be increased by 30%


    Charizard crest: boost all stats when hit by a super effective move or critical hit


    Togekiss crest: When switched in, it will boost one of its stat by 2 stages, if there is an ally, it will boost one of their stat by 1 stage aswell


    Lucario crest: boost fighting type moves and his accuracy


    Krookodile crest: doubles his attacks when there is a weather effect and when its over it turns back to normal


    Kommo-o crest: when he gets a status effect, it will be removed instantly and his move will be boosted by 20%


    Staraptor crest: when your opponent has placed an entry hazard staraptor nulifies it and boost its attack and speed


    Ferrotorn crest: turns all the attack that are not the same as his type into grass or steel type and boost them for 30%


    Avalugg crest: when summoned in a waterfield it will turn instantly in an icefield and it will turn back into an icefield even it they turn it back to a waterfield


    Garchomp crest: his stats can’t be lowered by his opponent or by himself but when his opponent try to so all his stats will be boosted


    Maybe put 3 type based crest at the beginning of the game like:

    Flame crest: boost fire type pokemon there fire moves by 10%

    Aqua crest: boost water type pokemon there water moves by 10%

    Nature crest: boost grass type pokemon there grass moves by 10%

    It can only be held by pokemon that have that type it is based on

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    Blissey: Serene Grace+Attack and Defense scale with Special Attack.


    Archeops Crest: Aerilate+Offenses and defenses swap at 50% hp or less
    Carracosta: Speed and Special Attack stats swap+Sturdy.


    Mr. Mime: Has a chance to mimic the opponents' moves for half BP but removes any secondary effects.


    Togedemaru: Serene Grace+All Normal moves become Steel type.


    Morpeko Crest: This Pokemon's normal moves become STAB of the opposite form. (ex: Hangry Form = Galvanize and Full Belly = Dark)


    Luvdisc: Pixilate and Attack scales with Speed.


    Gourgeist: Affects the opponent with Curse if hit by a contact move and its Contact moves are boosted.

    Trevanant: Traps the opponent no matter when sent out and Leech Seed effect on opponent.


    Ninetales: Additional Psychic typing and Aftermath. 

    Arcanine: Flame Body.

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    A few ideas for my favorites
    Jolteon Crest: Special moves are boosted by 10%. Makes all physical moves with a power of 80 or lower special.

    Luxray Crest: Gives Dark type. Switches Sp. Atk and Speed. All biting moves have 1+ priority.

    Roserade Crest: Boosts damage from absorbing moves and changes the amount healed to 67%. Also heals status effects if it heals more than 33% of its health.

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    Just a few ideas I came up with. I personally think it'd be really cool to see any of these in game.

    Decidueye Crest: Swaps base Speed and Special Attack. Raises the user's attack by one upon entering battle.

    This allows Decidueye to finally be the fast sweeper we all thought it was gonna be. Also some extra attack each battle to give it a bit more oomph and make it viable while we wait for swords dance.


    Luxray Crest: Adds the Strong Jaw ability. Intimidate also lowers speed by one stage. This fixes a lot of Luxray's movepool issues now having Thunder Fang to rely on instead of Wild Charge as well as gaining some much needed coverage in Ice Fang. Also a buff to it's intimidate as Luxray is slow and has never been a particularly good choice for an intimidate user.


    Dragapult Crest: This Pokemon's physical attacks become special, and it's special attacks physical. This crest loses its effect if this Pokemon has it's stats lowered.

    Here's one of my attempts at trying to give a good Pokemon a new way to play. It can now make use of it's much better special move pool with it's superior physical attack, at the cost of dragon darts. The effect loss is to prevent spamming of draco meteor with no consequences but can also be used to run a cool mixed set up, using draco meteor once you're ready to use your physical moves. It also gives some incentive to run Clear Body so your moves aren't being messed with by the opponent.


    Alolan Raichu Crest: User's ability is overwritten by Levitate. Special attack is raised by one stage upon entry and electric/psychic moves are boosted by 1.2x

    Finally gives Raichu levitate and some much needed offensive buffs. I thought this thing would become a little too nutty in Electric Terrain so I decided to have Surge Surfer removed.


    Regigigas Crest: Removes Slow Start ability. Normal moves do 1.5x damage. Raises speed by one stage upon entry, sharply lowers defence and special defence upon entry.

    Rather than just remove slow start, I thought it'd be fun to have Regigigas play like an offensive glass cannon. The speed boost might be a bit overkill but there is a lot of things that can outspeed base 100 so i thought it'd be a good idea to let him get at least 1 Return nuke off before dying.


    Shuckle Crest: Swaps the user's defence and special defence with the user's attack and special attack.

    Oh c'mon. You know you want to. 🙂


    Hydreigon Crest: The user's dragon type is no longer weak to fairy. Raises the user's defence and special defence, lowers the user's speed when hit by a fairy move.

    An attempt to bring back the kinda-bulky Hydreigon that used to be ran in gen 5. Now it's kind of a tank and can take advantage of trick room.


    Sceptile Crest: All moves that were not very effective become neutral effective. Gains STAB on dragon moves. Overgrow ability also doubles the Pokemon's speed.


    This one was inspired by the Steamroll rare quality in the newest PMD. The dragon STAB is to make it an alternative to running the mega with the added perk of no 4x ice weakness. Since as far as i'm aware crests cannot be knocked off, there's no reason to use Unburden Crestile so I added the Unburden effect to the crest for Overgrow.


    Blaziken Crest: This Pokemon's speed boost ability now raises special attack instead of speed. This Pokemon's speed stat can no longer be boosted.


    I think it'd be cool for Blaziken to play as a special attacker. The ability would become a bit OP so in order to have Blaziken outspeed you'll need to be a bit more creative e.g paralysis, tailwind, trick room etc.


    Swampert Crest: If this Pokemon knows both a physical and special attack at once, fuses this Pokemon's attack and special attack as well as boosting attack power by 1.3x


    This one was inspired by the days of gen 3 where everyone would use a mixed Swampert in the story, with some mix of Surf, Earthquake and Ice Beam. I thought it'd be fun to revive it in a gen 8 game. The extra life orb damage might be a bit overkill but I think its balanced considering how slow Swampert is and it's grass weakness.


    Those are the (good, IMO) ones i've come up with so far. I'd really like it if any of these made it in game, especially the Decidueye Crest because it's my starter




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    Hopefully their not too broken or anything

    Luvdisc Crest: Gives it Regenerator and Cute Charm, makes base Spa & HP same as base Spe

    Cramorant Crest: Rock attacks does neutral damage, gives a Power Herb effect to Dive and Fly

    Dubwool Crest: Gives it Scrappy, small boost to Spd

    Boltund Crest: Reverses physical and special moves (to make use of competitive)

    Stonjourner Crest: Increase power of its moves by 30% (make power spot works on itself)

    Eiscue Crest: Makes Ice Face works on special moves and/or Ice Face always restored when its hailing at the end of each turn

    Morpeko Crest: Aura Wheel does both Electric and Dark damage at the same time but Morpeko becomes pure electric/dark in full belly/hangry mode respectively

    Perrserker Crest: Calculates damage taken by Special moves using Def (gives all special attacks against it a psyshock effect)

    Inteleon Crest: Gives it Super Luck in addition to its current ability, Physical attacks use its Special Attack stat rather than its Attack stat (meant to use in addition with Sniper)

    Cinderace Crest: Swaps Atk with Spa

    Rillaboom Crest: Replaces its ability with Punk Rock, increase base Spa by 10

    Watchog Crest: Reduces damage taken from Pokémon moving before it by 30% and sets Trick Room upon entering the field


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    Ok, got a few more.
    Goodra Crest: Gains water type. Sets up rain upon being sent out. Boosts special moves in rain by 33%

    Floatzel Crest: Attack is boosted by 15%. When in rain, all special moves become physical.

    Samurott Crest: Uses swords dance upon being sent out, if its in its moveset. Sword/slash/cut moves do 20% more damage. If it lands a super-effective move, the opponent gets one random stat lowered. If it lands a not-very-effective move, its gets one of its stats lowered. If it gets a crit, regardless of effectiveness, the oppnent's defence gets lowered.

    Stoutland Crest: Uses Odor Sleuth upon being sent out, even if it doesn't have it in its moveset. Does 20% more damage to an opponent affected by Odor Sleuth, regardless of type, and receives 10% less damage from them as well.

    Reuniclus Crest: Trick Room is activated upon being sent out, and lowers its own speed and boosts his opponent's by two stages each. As long as Reuniclus goes first, all moves it has are special, and all psychic moves, even the opponent's, do 15% more damage.


    Goomy Crest: Becomes Goomink. Gets Fighting type. Has moveset replaces by Sacred Sword, Swords Dance, King's Shield, and Leaf Blade. Gains Justified.

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