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  1. in canon legendary encounters, usually you just trip and fall into legendaries after they've randomly decided to roost somewhere vaguely out of the way. if you're lucky there might be a whole dungeon before them. or if you're playing XY, maybe they'll just be sitting there in a cave that clearly always existed for no other purpose than except to specifically serve as their roost until the region's favorite ten year old traipses along and use said legendary for baseball pitching practice. anyway, this isn't canon. this is reborn, and some people would argue that i h
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  2. fine. i concede. you've worn me down-- twisted my arm clean off-- both of them in fact! i'm typing this with my toes. the white flag is raised, having been tirelessly goaded into it by the demands of an uncaring populace, night after night spent in fearful agony, whimpering in hidden corners that are yet unequal to the task set before them of simply shielding me from the slings and arrows of the greater internet community,* i accept i have no choice but to lament simply having no other choice, i deign to give you.... one progress bar. * none
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  3. i don't suppose you remember me, do you? i think it's been like, five hundred pandemic years or something since i've posted here. as many of you know from cass's previous posts, since around september of last year i've been focusing on a different project. gosh, that took a while, didn't it? once again, i want to thank everyone for their patience as always... but uh, we finally got a demo for that out, so maybe, possibly, go try it out, if you haven't already? we'll begin actively developing starlight for real once reborn is finished but i felt like it was imp
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  4. serious post. it's been a bit over a year since i wrote the post announcing postgame. it's been about two years since e18 came out. people have been wondering things like "is the game dead?" and "where's e19?". while these sorts of questions tend to be a little annoying when asked reasonably near an episode's release date, we've reached a time when they become appropriate, legitimate questions. so let's talk about what's going on. the biggest thing is starlight. for those of you who do not know, ame is currently also working on Starlight Divide, a tRPG that will be her n
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  6. Merry (Belated) Christmas! Today I wanted to talk to you all about the story structure of v13 and why it's been taking such a long time for it to release. v13 is a special version, that's for sure. It's one of the longer episodes the game has put out. Actually, i'd say it's the longest? Either way, the main story this time is taking a LOT more effort than usual and I wanna make sure everything is absolutely perfect. That being said, what -exactly- is causing v13 to be the behemoth it is? Well, let's dive into that! Some of you have already guessed, but the crew is
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  7. This post is a repost of my Patreon, but it's very important that I let everyone here know what's going on. Hope all is well! - Jan
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  8. It's been a while since my last post, so I decided that I'd give a little update and talk about a few things! In the format of a Q/A! What's going on with Rejuvenation right now? It's been almost 2 years!! - We are currently doing internal testing as of right now! There's still one segment of the game that needs a bit of work from me, but after so long, v13's main story and early-mid game are being tested and things are going smoothly!! Lots of things to patch up, but smoothly nonetheless! We may... actually release something soon(tm)??? Soon. W
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  9. hello my children, i have come to feed you since coming back to the project a month and a half ago, a fair bit has happened. i did take some time to warm up back up to thing, we moved over to a new file management system, also cass and i just moved into a new place like, last week so that's been taking up a fair chunk of time.... critically, we also have two new additions to the team: @crimsoncrim and @Azzie ! those of you who frequent the discord server probably already know them, and might've already noticed them popping up in the Developers group, those of you who don't al
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  10. Cover art: By @Zumi Hey! It's been two years? How are you? How are the kids? No kids? Okay. Well.... Anyway. It's time. I'm not going to make a huge post about how much of a hell year 2020 was... like, in general, because I'm going to talk about that on stream at some point. So I'm just gonna hand over the game. Sound good? yes. Wait no, I lied. First, we have a brand new website! Check it out! There's a lot of cool things and we'll be actively updating things as time goes on. (No, we're not leaving Reborn. We just felt like it was necessary for
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  11. So I don't think I'm gonna need to point out that little testing bar in the progression tracker on the right... But in case you missed, there sure is a testing bar in the progression tracker on the right! Meaning that V13 is officially out of the internal testing stage and has reached the next stage of testing. Hurray! Progress is being made and release is creeping closer! But, it's still going to take a little time. Now, as I've noticed in both the dev blog comments & the V13 discussion thread, there are a lot of questions about testing, so I'm compiling the most frequently as
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  12. so i don't really know what i'm doing here, but i wanted to talk about some things i think y'all will like. so everyone knows reborn is hard, right? i hear it's one of the main draws of the game. well, when reborn started development back in the ancient era, this was a pretty novel concept. i remember back when i first played the game in, like, 2015 the game kicked my ass and i thought it was great. however, it's 2021 now. things have come a long way since the ancient era, and some of the stuff that defined "difficulty" has kind of turned into "pain in the ass". so we've made so
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  13. As I've shown before, some of the backgrounds in the game are being updated! Last time we showed a bit of forest areas. Today, I would like to present changes to caves! I've put them in a spoiler tag in case some of you want to stay blind, but @Zumi's done such an amazing job with this! Dunno how many more we'll do for V13 because, as you can imagine-- These take a lot of time to create. Here are just a few of the unique backgrounds we'll have! (Please note that the bases have not been updated yet! So they may clash with the background for now.) As for V1
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  14. i appreciate u cass and yeah i have so many regrets i've committed to them, but regrets nonetheless i really appreciate everyone's patience here but have a snippet of one of starlight's maps just so you can see a little bit of what we're working on here. we're getting there.
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  15. hi everyone. there's something that i need to say. so i've been working on this game now for, what, three years? a lot has happened during that time. now, i've always done my best to maintain a high standard of quality with my development posts. i am the most professional person i know and i believe that comes across in all of them. i especially pride myself on the extent to which i capitalize all of my letters. it is because of this- my aim to provide you all with quality and accurate content- that i am here before you today. i have misled you all. i have sa
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  16. SPU delivery for a certain P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸! Hey, uh… Is this the right place? I’m s’pposed to deliver this to P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸… They told me they were staying over at this place for the time bein’. ...Oh, they’re not here right now? Well that’s a lil’ unfortunate. Do you mind holdin’ onto it until they receive it, then? That’d be real great, thanks. It’s uh... Kind of a suspicious package if you ask me, bro. What’s up with it lookin’ like a present and that creepy lookin’ mask… button… thing... holdin’ together that ribbon? Not that it’s really any of m
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  17. warning. lots of words that don't mean jack shit below. view at your own discretion. Just another general update! I've been working hard on the game, but I've also been feeling pretty demotivated and burned out lately. Mainly due to me being home all the time and not being able to get out as much. You'd think I'd get a lot more done with the massive amount of time I've had, yeah? Hahaha, no. In fact, I've been slower because of all of this.(More of this rant below!!!) Depression.png Because of that I've taken a week off. Like... actually. An entire week. I'v
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  18. Pt 1: It's Been Getting Colder Recently... (Spoilers) Pt 2: This World Is Yours Too. Pt 3: Music From The Depths of Hell There's still much to be done, but we're still way over half way. No 2020 release, but Soon(tm).
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  19. A little bit of news coming in fresh from the music department of things! So while V13 obviously got a lot of graphical and gameplay improvements and new stuff added, both in terms of sprites, maps and game performance, there's also some stuff that'll be fresh off the grill in the music department! In fact, V13 will bring quite a number of new songs to the table that were custom made for the game. I myself am also once again providing a good number! ...Though, I can't go and let people listen to all of the tracks that have been made so far right away, now can I? Nonono,
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  20. Hello, one and all! Long time no see, I have not made a devblog post in quite some time. Alas, you will have to wait a little longer for such a thing. You see, this is not a devblog post. There is nothing of note happening here, I'm just taking a stroll and making a delivery, and you happened to bump into me as I did. Of course we can have a nice chat, but there's no reveals or info about E19 here today. Not from me, no siree. You see, we have just recieved a fresh new batch of assets and art from the 'Pokemon Reborn Art Factorytm'* that I need to deliver to the 'Pokemo
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  21. Whoa! Wasn't expecting one of these until after V13, were you? Well, Boy Do I Have A Surprise For You(TM) For context -- not too long ago I mentioned to Jan that if I had free time I'd like to try and redesign some of the outfits for the Team Xen members, for the heck of it! The designs were thought up on the fly and the generic grunt uniforms were a bit too similar to the original sprites they were edited from, so I wanted to see if I could redo the designs to be more thematically cohesive, while remaining recognizable compared to their old outfits. A few days ago I decided to fin
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  22. hi! we're still here. still going. i don't want to write a post though, so take some pics and have a nice day
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  23. hi remember me i haven't posted in, like, a month- probably the longest period of time that i've gone without posting since the start of this whole optimization fuckfest. this post is a little difficult for me to write because i really don't feel like i'm done. over the course of this summer, i've probably spent more time coding than i've spent sleeping ("definitely. not even a contest." ame says to me as i write this) and i still do not remotely feel like i'm done. there is just so much work left and so much more that could be done on all of this that stopping now feels wron
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  24. SPU delivery for P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸! ...Again! Oh, it’s you again. Did P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸ receive the previous package? Because I have ‘nother one for them. But, just between you ‘n me… I trust this one even less than the previous one. It looks the same, but i'unno dude. Swear I heard buzzin’ coming from inside the box while carryin’ it up here. I don’t know what was in that last package, I don’t wanna know what was in it, and to be honest? I’d really rather not know what’s in this one either. Oh, and before I forget ‘n leave, they left me the same note as last t
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  25. ~ Snippet from Patreon ... it's about the friends we made along the way! Hi guys! Just a quick update today. I've finished up with the final bits of writing for Episode 6, and I've very happy with how it's turned it. There's still some side quest stories that I want to iron out, but following that and we'll be starting to chop through things at a faster pace. I wanted to dedicate this post to showing off some of the work that Posty and Ruby have been doing, and illustrating how much their role has expanded since they jumped on this rickety wagon. Fir
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  26. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Starting your Quest... ~ Hey Reborn! New month, new update! So let's cut to chase and talk about what's new. Spoiler alert - there's some cool stuff in this one. This month's update is particularly important, as we have taken a broader look at things that we have needed to improve from both a UI and RPG perspective in order to make the game run more seamlessly. Two major ways we've decided to increase accessibility to the game's RPG elements is through character selection and an in-game quest log - both of which being completed fe
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  27. I'm not going to make a long winded post up front since I'm sure all of you want me to just get to the point, so without further ado... Here are your winners! There's a bit of a catch though. The plan was to give 1st place the illustration, and that stays that way! Aelita will be receiving a full illustration to go along with V13's release. However, the idea had surfaced while the polls were open to give 2nd and 3rd place artwork as well, which I really liked. Therefore, Erin will also be receiving a full illustration that will be released after
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  28. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Old Times ~ It is now July... which makes this a pretty important month for us in the ol' dev team. In fact, this month celebrates one year since we put our hearts on our sleeves and revived Desolation by dropping Episode 5. Boy, time has really flown. We feel extremely privileged to have received such incredible support from everyone since the initial release, and during this long development period. Honestly, thank you guys so much! On the theme of reflecting on the old times, I thought I'd spend a bit of this update looking bac
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  29. Hey, SPU delivery! Listen, it’s the same kind of package for P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸ but please please please just take the damn package off of me, I don’t wanna be holdin’ onto this for any longer! There’s something SHAKIN’ in there dude! I felt it! It’s creeping the shit outta me and I really don’t get paid enough by SPU to be dealing with haunted or possessed shit! Ya know the drill by now, no speakin’ the answer out loud and everythin’, yadda yadda yadda! I dunno if it’s your friend ordering these boxes or someone’s sendin’ some fucked up shit to th
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  30. TL;DR Someone in testing wasn't able to run the game and I freaked out. So this is an explainer for MKXP and why we're using it. There will also be a linux version! Hope I'm not interrupting anything. So, a while back, Jan mentioned that v13 would run entirely on MKXP. There were some people who were concerned about this because of the hardware requirements for the reborn/deso brand MKXP. In response, I said this: This comment didn't age very well. We may have some issues. I haven't posted over here before (hi rejuvians) but y'all who know me fr
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  31. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Clubs, Corporations, and Corruption ~ It's been a long time since I posted a substantial update on this development blog, so I thought it was time to get everyone here up to speed, and make sure you hadn't completely forgotten about me. Firstly, wow - it's 2021, and I haven't even made a post yet. Although this is late, I really hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and that 2021 shapes out to be better than 2020. While 2020 wasn't a great year for most, it was a big year for Desolation - we launched Episode 5, which featured huge upgrades graphica
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  32. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Third Act ~ Hey everyone! Just thought I'd check in with you all in a super quick update. There's not much spoiler-free stuff to report on today, so I'll keep it super brief. To start with, here's this little graphic that gives everyone a bit of reassurance that things are ticking along... Old Content #################### | Map Updates (70%) #################### | Script Updates (50%) #################### | Misc (50%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (57%)
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  33. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~How much neon do we need? How about... an entire city!~ Oh, hey. It's certainly been a while - sorry about that. Anyway, yup, we darn did it. After some careful deliberation, we decided to go completely bonkers and make a district entirely neon... In concept, I knew getting the feeling and atmosphere for Cellia East right would be very difficult, but after an awful amount of time, and several changes to its theme, I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Without further ado, here's what I've come up with ~
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  34. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK SINCE V13 CAME OUT. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, AND THEREFORE I AM NOW HERE TO FINALLY PRESENT TO YOU; *inhales* ALL THE OFFICIAL ART & MUSIC I'VE MADE FOR V13!!!!!!! ...ahem. Anyways, so like I promised, here's everything I've made! There's a ton of it. And a lot of it I've also been sitting on for like a year! But I'm very, very happy with all the work I've delivered for this version, and I really do hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I'm excited about it. Everything will be put in spoiler tags of course -- both for rea
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  35. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Justice is Served ~ Hey Reborn, it's been a good ol' month, so we are BACK at it. I hope everyone enjoyed the stream we conducted over on the Reborn server some time ago - we had a load of fun with that. We've also just had a load of fun in general on development for this month, so without further ado... let's get started! As the developers, we've really been doing the time this month when it comes to bringing this game to life just a tad more. So, to repay you, the fans, we thought you'd do the time too... in prison.
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  36. hi there. i've posted nothing but the heaviest fuckin code posts for, like, 10,000 dev blogs now. have some cat. now i know what you're thinking. "is this cat actually that fuckin pretty" and yes. she is. this is important. oh also we made a thing for when you choose theme teams. that confetti thing is supposed to be an arrow, but ame's really funny so she changed it to confetti. and i know what you're thinking- "hey wait isn't [character] missing?" this is a spoiler free post. terra is definitely just there be
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  37. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ March Madness (because there's no theme) ~ So... this content update that has no theme or correlation, how exciting! I have been hard at work on Desolation's main story, which continues to go smoothly. However, this unfortunately means that I have less to show off than the usual update. Desolation's story is the heart of the game, and its twists and turns are best experienced for the first time by you, the players. Although... that doesn't mean I don't have things to show you! ~ A new location ~ The te
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  38. i uh ok that's enough comments are locked
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  39. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ A trip to the beach... ~ Just a short update today. While I continue to work on the sprawling, spoiler-ridden beast that is Cellia East, I offer you a brief respite to... the beach? I would say that it's the perfect time of year to hit the beach (it's summer where I am) but I suppose that's not super applicable to everyone, especially with lockdowns, so I'll just get on with it... There's more than one reason we're suddenly interested in beaches. With Episode 5, we aimed to polish the game bit by bit - to improve small elemen
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  40. that's about enough.
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  41. wow it has been nearly 6 months from my last post. well, if you're new here: hi, i'm cass. i get mad at the scripts. sometimes i even post about it! lately, though, i have not. grad school kinda showed up and kicked my ass, and the two primary things i've been working on are suuuuuper big and not ready for prime-time. those two things are a rewrite of the AI and a more organized method of handling field effects. the AI isn't ready because the AI has like 40000 lines of code and if i think about that for too long i lose my will to work, and the field effects aren't ready because the f
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  42. ~The Chaotic City of Nightmares~ Hey everyone! It's me this time, your local Postman! I wanted to make this blog post to talk about a certain area within the game that many players have struggled with.. and by struggled I mean getting lost in the vast lands known as Blackview City. A number of you have given feedback/complaints about how hard it is to navigate through the city, from searching for the crazy girl Emily to figuring out where the hell the Jinx Grid Teleporter is trust me it also took me a while to figure out where that was lol. So I took it upon myself to
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  43. i will personally come over and destroy you
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  44. ~A Fiery Passion~ Howdy folks! Its me once again giving you a good ole Desolation update! So lets just jump right into it shall we? So September has been a bit of a hard hill to climb over, from personal reasons to just the world going even more into the gutter. I did turn 21 this month so that's something atleast ahahahahah good lord I'm old. To put it bluntly, we just as a team haven't been terribly motivated to work on Deso/we have been busy with other stuff, Ruby has been working hard on zine work and other artistic practices, Caz is currently on an intense surgery run and
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  45. you know, maybe dev blogs were a mistake.
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  46. Have a Pokemon you love, but they're underperforming? Have a Crest idea you're dying to have in game? Look no further! This is the thread for you! Like last time, I'd like to open suggestions for possible Crest ideas! There are a few rules, though. Crest ideas with just base stat buffs will not be considered. Get creative! Pokemon that are considered good can be suggested, but only if it offers a different style of play. Avoid Pokemon that already have a Crest in game. No Crest that allows for Ash-Greninja or anything similar :] That's i
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  47. venusaur crest, makes the opponent venusaur and every pokemon in both trainer's parties venusaur
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  48. Big update on Desolation e6 coming in less than a week. Stay tuned!
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  49. is that cass person planning to ever post again
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