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    Here are all the 4 Crystal Keys: Ruby, Saphire, Emerald and Amethyst. I struggled with the Emerald Brooch, since we never got a sprite to see it really, but I gave it the shape mix of a butterfly with a small cresent at the top.
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    These two have been living on my brain rent free recently
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    Hi I've been posting my kimetsu no yaiba / demon slayer oc fanfic didya know 13 chapters atm and i update every Wed and Sat Read it on Quotev or AO3? I also made some chapter images to go along with the chapters!!! fic chapter art: *opens up trenchcoat to reveal my inner pockets full with memes* Ya want some... memes? (kny character spoilers nothing plot relevant btw): Drawtober prompts! i'm participating in drawtober this year but i hated the prompt lists many ppl made so i made my own lol serious work (pokemon desolation spoilers):
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    @Evi Crystal: Yes... it's a lot of the point of this entire section. And the nastier bits are still to come, obviously. Also, the thread has now over 5000 views and 35 chapters. I wasn't confident I'd keep going on when I started (slightly less than a year ago), but well, here it is. Thank you to all of you who read! So... new chapter. If you've followed the status posts (or discord maybe? I don't remember), you've read that the Shade chapters were a bit of a headache during summer break, and that I had to, er, rework them quite a bit. It might be somewhat weirder than you expected it to be. Also, I'm really unsure about how the dialog is handled, so don't hesitate to comment on that. And I'll stop delaying now, enjoy! Chapter 35: Nigh Nightmares Character rates:
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    serious post. it's been a bit over a year since i wrote the post announcing postgame. it's been about two years since e18 came out. people have been wondering things like "is the game dead?" and "where's e19?". while these sorts of questions tend to be a little annoying when asked reasonably near an episode's release date, we've reached a time when they become appropriate, legitimate questions. so let's talk about what's going on. the biggest thing is starlight. for those of you who do not know, ame is currently also working on Starlight Divide, a tRPG that will be her next game after reborn is done. she is developing it entirely from scratch. development for it began basically right after the story for e19 was finished/functional and it has been continuing pretty much since then. developing from scratch is hard. fangame development has a few advantages in that the mechanics have been laid out by gamefreak (for better or for worse) and essentials offers a base set of tools to build games from (for better or for worse). in no way does this imply that developing quality content is easy, but it is still fairly simple to pick up some tools and get going. starlight does not have that. after being worked on for a year, it has almost approached the point of being playable. and then there's an entire game that needs to be made on top of it. the reason starlight is an issue for e19 is because of timing. the original plan for development was something like: e19m -> starlight -> starlight demo release -> e19p -> e19 release. (i use e19m as shorthand for the main story and e19p as shorthand for postgame.) this order was decided for a lot of reasons. there's general reborn burnout, ame wanted to start a new project, hiding from the big N (hi reggy thx 4 ur mercy), it provides some amount of project continuity, among other things. this order was decided a year ago. i'll just straight-up say that, in hindsight, this was a mistake. i don't think we were expecting the demo to take so long, nor did we account for the development pressure of working on two games concurrently. not releasing new content for two years is a bit anxiety-provoking. at this point, the starlight demo is probably going to be finished first, so realizing that the development plan was a mistake isn't going to result in it changing. this is basically just an explanation for why things have taken so long. i also want to talk about progress bars. i've noticed that a lot of discussions about development (and this would also apply to rejuv and deso a bit as well) will occasionally include a mention of "the game is at X% and that means [something]!" in reborn's case, the thing that it "means" is that the game has hovered around 52% completion for a while and thus there has been no development on the game. that is not even remotely true. to be fair, i suspect that the people who assume there has been no development are also not reading anything i say here (including this! fuck.), but it also says something about what people think when they see the numbers on the little sidebar over there. ---> the progress bar numbers are made up. (by me, i should add.) the point of the progress bars is to offer a condensed look at what we've done and what we plan to do. the X% of the bottom is there to give some kind of impression of what the overall progress looks like. I sure don't fuckin know what the overall progress looks like. the progress bars are basically calculated by me looking at various aspects of the game and going "eh, sure, this can be 3% of the total!" and then adding up all those shitty guesses i'm making. the problem then is that the bars are structured around what we expect to be working on- which usually involves game content. none of those guesses involved MKXP, or the massive, ridiculous amounts of code cleanup we've been doing. that number probably isn't even going to move until the starlight demo come out since ame tends to work on the game content. there's more stuff that we're planning to do in the future that i also already know won't be represented in the progress bars. the X% at the bottom is practically lying to you. because of this, it's tempting to pull the bars down until reborn development picks up. in their current state, they're kind of a pain in the ass for everyone: i have to keep them up to date, they put pressure on the development team to overwork since there's a lot of stuff to do, and it makes everyone watching them impatient for the next release. (in fact, i think i just convinced myself that taking them down is a good idea and should probably be done.) we know that there's a lot of people hyped up for e19, and so I really want to make it clear that we will be playing everything regarding its development completely straight. when development picks up again I will tell you. when we're going to start testing soon I will tell you. when we're planning to do a community release I will tell you. (or, well, someone will. i've taken point on a lot of this lately but it won't necessarily be me.) so, in the interests of transparency... gen 8 i hope i don't regret this marcello wants to do it and i don't. that's the short version. the real version is a lot more complicated. will it be in e19? it is highly likely no. it'd involved redoing a lot of work that's been done on the game since e18 (much of which was done by me, hence my bias) and i think it'd be really putting way too much pressure on development/testing to implement it across the whole game. it'd also add on a lot of extra dev time to a release that is already massive. i say it's "highly likely no" because there are circumstances under which this may change, such as the current development slowdown stretching into next year and, thus, allowing some time for us to get everything implemented. the DLC may also influence this. will it come out after e19? maybe! it's still way too soon to talk about what happens after e19 since a lot can change between now and then, but I don't think there'd be any reason to avoid a DLC-esque update after the game is done. there's some other stuff we may want to do then, too (hard mode, maybe). i feel like there's more that I need to say... but i'm basically out of things to say. in short, don't panic. we're working on it.
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    And here are the sisters in the present now. Well adjusted, but still have some issues to deal with. Also those are official designs of MINE, NOT the canon game, to clear any confusion. Understood? Saphira Belrose (24)- Dragon Gym Leader and Guardian Angel of Labradorra Cit Laura Belrose (20)- Grass E4 Ace and Guardian Angel of Tanzan Cove Charlotte Belrose (16)- Fire Gym Leader and Guardian Angel of Calcenon City
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    It's about time ! PZ v1.12 : - Minimalist Indicators support ! With 3 presets : default, bright types (low contrast variant) and SINFUL (full text, half pixels) for people wanting the clarity of SWM type displays. - Uniformized all the box backgrounds and made the neutral ones. 14 left to finish. - Battle UI tweaks (text offset from game-z.exe is no longer here) I'm aware about the mega/crest icon offset in Rejuv, but since Megas are not out until v13 and the positionning is indeed a bit wonky, I'll wait before attempting something more serious. I'm updating an attempted fix for the time being, PZR v0.5b. EDIT : Updated the PZ archive again, the MI Sinful variant didn't have updated type bars for MI 1.0.6.
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    Pokemon Enigma - Shadows Revealed OUT NOW Download! Yeeeeeeeeeeee. It's been so long! But it's finally here! If you'd like, please be sure to offer feedback and suggestions after playing! (if you have an old save file please delete it before playing. THIS WILL CAUSE ERRORS). (there may be bugs so if there are please let me know)
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    Here's a better one Aaaand have a sketch of Cain with curly hair~
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    i uh ok that's enough comments are locked
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    Princess Guardian Titania. "This is already over. There's no need for your shining armor here."
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    I drew my favourite sister trio's artworks for my Chronicverse project. Also I drew their younger versions (possible after the tragedy in Belrose Mansion) and their current ones with a few alternatives designs. Hope you enjoy these, I'll start hopefully to publish artworks for my project. 3 sisters that survived tragedy since 8 years and fight their inner demons of their pasts. Broken, yet determined to make things better. Headcanons for the Belrose Sisters, that (might) come in Chronicverse: Saphira Belrose (24): Her real dream was to become a model (aside being a Dragon Ace maybe), but had to give them up due to taking over Monty's gym position. Her personality was more of a typical "Big Sis" and "normal teenager", but slowly changed into a stoic and aggressive person afterwards. She wasn't that interested in becoming a Pokemon Trainer, but she still loved to train her dragons back them thanks to her father. Her father gave her a Dratini, Tyrunt and an Axew when she was 8 years old. When the fired occured, she was 16 years old. During her 2 years stay at the orphanage (or I call it Lapis Treatment House), she often clashed with Dr. Sigmund due to his methods and what happened to her mother. Threats and escalations where exchanged. Saphira became the parent figure and protected Laura and Charlotte from constant bullying. After becoming a legal adult, her mother, Caroline, managed somehow to take her daughters only for 4 years before she died in an accident. Turns out she made a shady contract with the doctor, so her girls would be protected at her will. However Saphira's behaviour become worst when Caroline died after 4 years and Labradorra City was occupied by the Coldcution Family, forcing her to take some horrible choices, which made her slowly unstable, casing her to leave her sisters back at Lapis Ward. The reason: Saphira tried to kill the Chairman of the Yureyu Company and patriarch of the Coldcution Family, bit failed and got arrested for 8 months. After being released, she was in a unstable condition and that broke her down to the point of not talking to people till 2 weeks. As a result, she left for a 2 years hellish training with her Pokemon to make herself stronger. She mostly trains at Tazan Depths and Charos Mountain. She has a vengeful desire towards Sigmund (suspecting him about her mother's condition) and the Coldcution Family (taking charge as a co- government in Labradorra City and oppressing her people) and her hatred only grows. She doesn't trust Eliza Connal at all due to being Sigmund's daughter, although her actions tell otherwise. Despite being hardened and stoic, she still is caring and protective towards her family and her city. However enemies might use this against her. She and Titania became the Second-in Commanders for the Reborn Resistance. Saphira once had a girlfriend from Calcenon City, but broke up with her due to fearing becoming her a potential target to Team Meteor. They lost contact 6 years now. Her team consists of Dragonite, Tyramtrum, Haxarus, Goodra (found at the Water Treatment Center as Goomy), Salemence (at the Charos Mountain as Bagon) and Druddigon (inherented from her father). She's bestfriended all Steelix at the Tazan Depths; especially one shiny nicknaming it "Crysorock" Physically she's a force to reco with, but mentally not so. Despite giving up her model dreams, she does a few mini jobs for the Monthly Magazine and often dresses herself in her favourite style called it "Dragonic Might". Laura Belrose (20 Always was found of Grass Type and loved planting flowers. She has OCD (short for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder); mostly in symmetry and orderliness (like she loves the Nummer "8" or putting her clothes straight together the same way.) She was constantly bullied by other for her hobbys and often called her "Plant Weirdo", resulting her to become socially distant and often scared. She has still nightmares from her father's death and mother's demise; often calling out for them. Laura willingly underwent the ECT therapy as means to forget her own pain/ coping and EVEN asks them to rise the volts. This resulted her to become depended on Sigmund and being a voluntary subject for further research. As a result of several treatments, she suffered temporal memory loss, nausea, sore muscles and has low blood pressure. In her free time, she would neither write or drawn in her notebook (given as a gift) or helping with chores in the Treatment House. She's mostly shy, but very kind and helpful. However she would not hesitate to attack, when it comes to her love ones. She has mixed feelings for her Eliza and is a bit envious of her reputation, but holds no ill will towards the girl. She has a big knowledge about Berries and often would sneak a few to study them. Also an extent level to make healing herbs. When being allowed to go outside, Laura often visited Madame Megama (not the Megamium, but a 47 year old lady) an old friend of hers. Laura was never interested in fighting like her sisters, but with encouragement and slow gained self-esteem, she started to train Grass Pokemon since 14. At 16, she managed to pass an qualification for a E4 position (mostly with a weather strategy and some Recovery) and become one of the Elite Four. Her first Pokemon was a Petilili since she was 7, but later got an Eevee as well (recieved as an Egg given by her mother), which will become Leafeon later. Her favourite flower is Gracidea. She often would see Shaymin in her dreams and prays to it. One day, she found a harpin in such shape, that might be a special gift from Shaymin herself. She and Bennett had talked a little, as he admired and has a crush on her since then. Charlotte Belrose (16): Mostly inherented her love for Fire Types, thanks to her mother. Recieved Vulpix at 4 from Caroline's breeding projects; most of her mons were children from the former's ones. Often would cause mischief and already was a troublemaker back in her younger years. Originally a playful and active girl, who loved to play around till the tragedy and become a bit distant and bitter. After Monty's death, Charlotte had a hard time to deal with in the orphanage, as her sisters had resented her, her mother's condition and the bullying made her to become apathetic and distant since 9, though she softened up a bit after a few years. She would often visit her mother, when she was brought as well and even sleep with her. Her strong bond with her made Charlotte a bit suspicious of Sigmund, as he would spend time with her as well. Since then she kept an eye on them both and doesn't know, what he want from her. At 12, Charlotte witnessed her mother's death at the hands of a Pulse-Charizard, when the Grand Hall was attacked- sacrificing herself along with her Internape. Elena also was there, when it happened and was forced to take the girl away, while Caroline died. However her last words (Stay strong like a bright flame and never let your heart and life turn off because of misery) inspired her to stay strong and began to train for the Gym Leader Qualification and taking her mother's place in succession. Her Volcarona originally belonged to her mother, but she gave it to her, before her death. Charlotte is resembling Caroline in both tactics (using Eruption and Burning strategy) and pyrotechnic usage (gained access at 15). Her smoking habit started at 14 as means to cope with her issues. She secretly joined the Magma Gang and is known under the alias "Inferna", for more freedom and fighting against the injustice in Reborn. Charlotte is close friends with Eliza, despite being the daughter of the man that put her sisters a lot of pain, but sees her as a troubled girl innocent to her father's crimes. That was it with those headcanon. Phew, never though it would be that hard to make lores for that, but I'll learn to handle it more Also note: Some things are actually happened in the game and I took it from it, to put it on their characters. However as a result of AU magic, many things are altered so the characters.
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    Hi! Glad you're enjoying it After Reborn City's restoration, you cannot get into the underground network of tunnels from Reborn City - they sealed it all up! You can still access them from Isolated Farm (via Route 1 -> North Aventurine Woods), Route 2 (into Northern Undernet) and Route 4 (by Rock Climb into Northern Undernet's icy crevasse). There's also a shortcut unlocked in Southwest Undernet from near the Isolated Farm entrance to near the Undernet Digsite entrance.
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    Ah! Another thing I forgot to do: Add hints from Verity about those ruins. Here's the hint: The next hint would be: Then: And finally, after getting inside: The Wooloo song is a hint as well! The Spiritomb sound while you sleep unlocks a new area to come in v0.7 - It was cut from v0.6 to save time, and it looks like v0.7 will be coming sooner than expected since Crown Tundra is also. The TM inaccessibility is an accident. I'll get that fixed for the next version! I hope that helps! If not, let me know and I'll walk you through it.
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    Time to play this again! I like the new name of the game :3
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    Personally, I think you should continue the run, BUT, start a new mono run after you completed V13 content. That way, you won't lose your progress AND you get to experience V13. You'll kill two birds with the same stone!
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    A game by @Michael_ and @Ekat Introduction: It's about time I brought the club back from its incorporeal state. Pokémon Ashen Frost, formerly Pokémon Present, revolves around Sylvester, a kind, albeit surly, officer-turned-detective in Riverview City. Sylvester works alongside his not-quite-canine unit, Swinub, to solve minor cases. Tracking down missing cheques and ice sculpture vandals doesn't come without risks, however; the frigid metropolis is home to ordinary people and criminals alike. To uncover the truth, Sylvester steps on the toes of some of the city's most important figureheads... as well as the mafia's. Features: A story-driven plot consisting of 14-15 cases, involving searching for clues, presenting evidence and solving mysteries A fully fledged case system, complete with its own ui and features Pokémon from Gen 1-8 available A continuously expanding city to explore, complete with a ton of side content Reborn AI and field effects to keep players on their toes An optimization area to allow any party member to become battle-ready in no time! An overworld encounter system, with areas involving wild grass being very far and few between A unique battle tower system, complete with random teams akin to the battle factory as well as its own field effect Fully functional and running on MKXP, yielding improved performance and modular screensizes Screenshots: Download: Following Progress: Progress can be followed in a number of places. Some notable options include joining our Discord Server where the most up to date news is posted and following our Twitter. Above all though, hopefully this project looks interesting to you. If you've read through this far, thanks for checking out the game! Hopefully you'll hear back from us soon with the release! Cheers! Credits:
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    Good Evening Everybody It is my first time on this forum The game is very interesting first of all I would love to contribute some ideas to Pokemon Reborn I will be happy to share my ideas with anyone
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    Hello how can you get the hm strengt
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    Hopefully I don't get in too much trouble for bumping this, but I finally updated this thread and will hope to keep it updated throughout the final release of Reborn. I hope this thread & my channel has served useful for many of you all throughout the years!
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    Me after seeing the results:
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    I have all three of them, Scyther has perfect IVs in both Atk and Speed + Adamant nature. Are you online right now?
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    you can leave through the portal behind Angie
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    Hey there, It depends on luck if a Fire Stone appears in a minable rock, I guess you were just unlucky. As for evolving your Growlithe, I would wait till it reached the mid-40s level wise, so that it's still able to learn good moves. You can find a fire Stone shortly after the 5th Gym inside Pyrous Mountain. If you don't want to wait that long I could give you one, if you're interested.
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    Update: Good news: Not cancer. Bad news: I have to get surgery on my mouth and excise it, because it's really freaking huge.
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    Uploading this to all 3 threads A bit blurry because I needed to compress so it will be the right size. These games are just amazing, each one in it's own way and has it's own strong point: Reborn: characters. Between Julia, Randomus, Taka, and my hate for Fern, I think this game has the best charcters. Rejuvenation: Gameplay. Took Reborn's gameplay and upped it. More fields, crests, puzzles, side quests and even new attacks. It adds so much, but doesn't feel out of place. Desolation: Story. Damn, the story of this game is awesome! the option to choose your decisions and the whole part of who to trust is just amazing. Thanks for creating these!
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a fun day
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    Spoilers for early game (Act 1, before Terajuma Island) inbound! Pirates of the Caribbean theme blasts loudly in the background
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    this time it's Water/Electric type Garchomp UwU.
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    the clamperl that kisses back
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    I can't believe this is my first post on the forums. Introducing the un-holy trinity
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    He got an award for being the most prestigious owner of sore toes *Reference:
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    A small Taka face doodle
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    figured i should show these off. these are the new player characters! each of them can be fully customized, with shorts, shoes, shirts, hair, eye color and an optional hat, along with three skin tones for each; white, black and tan. they don't have particular genders per say, but they have been classified as masculine and feminine, but you can choose your pronouns. sorry if that didn't really make sense. tldr; these are the bases, and you can customize them.
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    a small doodle i made of Luna
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    "A stroll through the plains" Just my trainer having a walk with his Mawile, Alpha
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    Ahhh I keep telling myself to stay off this website because I keep seeing spoilers but I can't help it (ToT). I was holding off on posting fanart because I still haven't made it to the latest chapter (I just beat Aya ahaha I'm so behind) but now seems like the best time to post. I read that post by Amethyst on the development of Chapter 19 and I wanted to show my support with some art! Here are my favorite protagonists and my headcannons for them! I played Alice for my playthrough but my trainer's name is Kitchen and I chose a mudkip as my starter ^^ I have more art coming soon~ BTW I'm super new to forums, sorry if I did something strange or posted in the wrong area, I've never used forums for anything lol
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    it is the room that has the starters
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    Besides Fern and Titania, the character I hate the most is Sirius. Not only has he harmed multiple families to get the keys, He destroyed Eclipse's soul. For that I consider him to be worse than Lin and any other pokemon villain besides maybe Indriad/Vitus/Sirius/whatever that guy's name is from Rejuvenation.
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    Shh, no words now. Only videos. After all, it's the start of the game so it's not like it's a spoiler or anything.
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    I..... have been playing God Eater 3.... for the past.... 21.... hours... in a week.... for 2-3.... STRAIGHT days...... I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
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    First, my brother got COVID back in June, then I got COVID, then my sister-in-law got COVID. And to top it all off, my dad over in Arizona died of COVID in early August. This has not been a good year for me.
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    Preposterous! Not in my Reborn! Perish the thought! G R E E T I N G S, Rebornians. Over the years I have carefully crafted Reborn's AI from the ground up (shoutout to ame who actually designed it tho, she the real mvp). With each episode the AI has only gotten smarter, and better at playing pokemon. In particular with the advent of 18.2, our AI has really stepped up it's game with some major bugfixes, outplaying you* so hard, it really makes you FEEL like you're a shit pokemon trainer. *by 'you' I mean me, I'm terrible at pokemon and the AI has consistently been better than me since like, E18, let alone 18.2 And with the constant AI improvements, we are often asked 'Hey, how come the AI is so smart when battling me, but so garbage when it's my partner? Is this just designed that way to make the game harder?' To which we say 'No, of course not! We don't believe in that kind of unfair game design, AI shouldn't cheat and we would never artificially dumb it down in situations where it should be helping the player!' ...on purpose. ...We'd never do that on purpose. So have you ever had an experience in Reborn where your AI partner has an all hitting move like, say, Earthquake, and uses it when it would KO your mon? Or doesn't use it when it would barely damage your mon and seriously hurt the opponent? Because in E18 we added code specifically to deal with that, and have your partners make smarter choices! And guess what? They still didn't make smart choices and we were sad. So let me tell you a little something about loops. Loops are great. They let you check through a bunch of cases with only a single block of code! I could write 'for i in 1..4' to go through four different cases (funny that, just as many cases as a mon has moves!) with a single bit of code! But do you know what is near i, both in the alphabet and on the keyboard? j. And do you know what happens if you loop through i and accidentally type a j somewhere? Why, it checks whatever j is, which is probably something else from earlier in the code, nothing to do with poor old i. And that can have the side effect of making AI real unpredictable. Like, for example, lets say your AI wants to use Earthquake. But part of the AI for that is to check how much damage it does to it's partner. But oh no, I typed a j instead of an i in that check? So instead of checking how much damage Earthquake would do, it checks another move. Could be any of them. Like say, a status move. So it'll think no damage. And Earthquake away no matter how hard that'll hurt your mon. Oops. But now this is fixed. We have officially cancelled j. Except for like, the places it's meant to be. In those places we've cancelled i. So for E19, you can finally look forward to the partner AI being just as smart as the opponent AI! Hopefully that should make some of the paired fights in the game a lot easier. ... ... ... Eeeeeeexcept the fact that this cuts both ways. The AI is also now much better at being a partner, regardless of which side it is on,, so this fix will also mean that AIs will act a lot smarter about not sacking their own mons in doubles so like... Y'know, have fun with the AI being better in literally every double battle in the entire game! Of course, this wouldn't be a devblog post without at least a LITTLE teaser for E19. And sure, I've told you about an AI update that it will bring but, because I'm such a great guy, you can have a little more. So I leave you with a screenshot of some actual dialogue from E19 with no context... I wonder what character would say this?
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