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    ~A Fiery Passion~ Howdy folks! Its me once again giving you a good ole Desolation update! So lets just jump right into it shall we? So September has been a bit of a hard hill to climb over, from personal reasons to just the world going even more into the gutter. I did turn 21 this month so that's something atleast ahahahahah good lord I'm old. To put it bluntly, we just as a team haven't been terribly motivated to work on Deso/we have been busy with other stuff, Ruby has been working hard on zine work and other artistic practices, Caz is currently on an intense surgery run and myself, well besides trying to get them dubs in Fall Guys and framing someone to be the imposter (it worked several times, sorry Ceri), I've just had my focuses on other situations, also uni has just started up today, so I've been preparing for that. This month has just been more difficult than we anticipated but we are getting there! This doesn't mean we haven't been working on Desolation, no far from it! Just development has been a bit slower than we hoped, but we are progressing! Anyways life update DONE, time for the gamer talk. So this month, I've taken it upon myself to work on some hot areas in the game, some areas which you will get access to in EP6! so here have some hot content I wonder where on earth this could possibly be maybe you can figure it out~ I won't be saying anything. oh dear fucking god don't tell me its another one of these puzzles, how could you do such a thing?!?! So as you can see.. some very HOT areas will be available for exploration in EP6! why have I made these? what will we be able to discover here?? is this leading to nothing and you just want us to suffer?? who knows... well I know cause I made the maps.. and the team knows as well cause they also work on the game... you get the point! Maps aside, I've debated potentially making a community survey to determine which important battles that were in EP5 should be changed around, buffed, nerfed, etc you get the idea, that'll most likely be coming in a few weeks so look out for that! the feedback from that survey will really help me when re-balancing these teams, and don't worry, we are working on fields as well, so expect a field manual next EP as well as some revamped content! Thats about it for this dev update, Caz has once again dropped a Patreon post which is showcasing a really spicy area available in EP6 and holy fuck I can't wait to release this to the public! so if you want the more indepth scoop of our development, considering pledging to his Patreon! On top of that, we are closing in to our pledge goal which would mean we'll look into doing development streams! so if you're interested, do consider it! https://www.patreon.com/posts/42103055 shameless plug over That's all I have for you all today! Thank you for the continuous support! Stay safe and wear a mask out there :] Cheers~ Posty
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    I drew my favourite sister trio's artworks for my Chronicverse project. Also I drew their younger versions (possible after the tragedy in Belrose Mansion) and their current ones with a few alternatives designs. Hope you enjoy these, I'll start hopefully to publish artworks for my project. 3 sisters that survived tragedy since 8 years and fight their inner demons of their pasts. Broken, yet determined to make things better. Headcanons for the Belrose Sisters, that (might) come in Chronicverse: Saphira Belrose (24): Her real dream was to become a model (aside being a Dragon Ace maybe), but had to give them up due to taking over Monty's gym position. Her personality was more of a typical "Big Sis" and "normal teenager", but slowly changed into a stoic and aggressive person afterwards. She wasn't that interested in becoming a Pokemon Trainer, but she still loved to train her dragons back them thanks to her father. Her father gave her a Dratini, Tyrunt and an Axew when she was 8 years old. When the fired occured, she was 16 years old. During her 2 years stay at the orphanage (or I call it Lapis Treatment House), she often clashed with Dr. Sigmund due to his methods and what happened to her mother. Threats and escalations where exchanged. Saphira became the parent figure and protected Laura and Charlotte from constant bullying. After becoming a legal adult, her mother, Caroline, managed somehow to take her daughters only for 4 years before she died in an accident. Turns out she made a shady contract with the doctor, so her girls would be protected at her will. However Saphira's behaviour become worst when Caroline died after 4 years and Labradorra City was occupied by the Coldcution Family, forcing her to take some horrible choices, which made her slowly unstable, casing her to leave her sisters back at Lapis Ward. The reason: Saphira tried to kill the Chairman of the Yureyu Company and patriarch of the Coldcution Family, bit failed and got arrested for 8 months. After being released, she was in a unstable condition and that broke her down to the point of not talking to people till 2 weeks. As a result, she left for a 2 years hellish training with her Pokemon to make herself stronger. She mostly trains at Tazan Depths and Charos Mountain. She has a vengeful desire towards Sigmund (suspecting him about her mother's condition) and the Coldcution Family (taking charge as a co- government in Labradorra City and oppressing her people) and her hatred only grows. She doesn't trust Eliza Connal at all due to being Sigmund's daughter, although her actions tell otherwise. Despite being hardened and stoic, she still is caring and protective towards her family and her city. However enemies might use this against her. She and Titania became the Second-in Commanders for the Reborn Resistance. Saphira once had a girlfriend from Calcenon City, but broke up with her due to fearing becoming her a potential target to Team Meteor. They lost contact 6 years now. Her team consists of Dragonite, Tyramtrum, Haxarus, Goodra (found at the Water Treatment Center as Goomy), Salemence (at the Charos Mountain as Bagon) and Druddigon (inherented from her father). She's bestfriended all Steelix at the Tazan Depths; especially one shiny nicknaming it "Crysorock" Physically she's a force to reco with, but mentally not so. Despite giving up her model dreams, she does a few mini jobs for the Monthly Magazine and often dresses herself in her favourite style called it "Dragonic Might". Laura Belrose (20 Always was found of Grass Type and loved planting flowers. She has OCD (short for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder); mostly in symmetry and orderliness (like she loves the Nummer "8" or putting her clothes straight together the same way.) She was constantly bullied by other for her hobbys and often called her "Plant Weirdo", resulting her to become socially distant and often scared. She has still nightmares from her father's death and mother's demise; often calling out for them. Laura willingly underwent the ECT therapy as means to forget her own pain/ coping and EVEN asks them to rise the volts. This resulted her to become depended on Sigmund and being a voluntary subject for further research. As a result of several treatments, she suffered temporal memory loss, nausea, sore muscles and has low blood pressure. In her free time, she would neither write or drawn in her notebook (given as a gift) or helping with chores in the Treatment House. She's mostly shy, but very kind and helpful. However she would not hesitate to attack, when it comes to her love ones. She has mixed feelings for her Eliza and is a bit envious of her reputation, but holds no ill will towards the girl. She has a big knowledge about Berries and often would sneak a few to study them. Also an extent level to make healing herbs. When being allowed to go outside, Laura often visited Madame Megama (not the Megamium, but a 47 year old lady) an old friend of hers. Laura was never interested in fighting like her sisters, but with encouragement and slow gained self-esteem, she started to train Grass Pokemon since 14. At 16, she managed to pass an qualification for a E4 position (mostly with a weather strategy and some Recovery) and become one of the Elite Four. Her first Pokemon was a Petilili since she was 7, but later got an Eevee as well (recieved as an Egg given by her mother), which will become Leafeon later. Her favourite flower is Gracidea. She often would see Shaymin in her dreams and prays to it. One day, she found a harpin in such shape, that might be a special gift from Shaymin herself. She and Bennett had talked a little, as he admired and has a crush on her since then. Charlotte Belrose (16): Mostly inherented her love for Fire Types, thanks to her mother. Recieved Vulpix at 4 from Caroline's breeding projects; most of her mons were children from the former's ones. Often would cause mischief and already was a troublemaker back in her younger years. Originally a playful and active girl, who loved to play around till the tragedy and become a bit distant and bitter. After Monty's death, Charlotte had a hard time to deal with in the orphanage, as her sisters had resented her, her mother's condition and the bullying made her to become apathetic and distant since 9, though she softened up a bit after a few years. She would often visit her mother, when she was brought as well and even sleep with her. Her strong bond with her made Charlotte a bit suspicious of Sigmund, as he would spend time with her as well. Since then she kept an eye on them both and doesn't know, what he want from her. At 12, Charlotte witnessed her mother's death at the hands of a Pulse-Charizard, when the Grand Hall was attacked- sacrificing herself along with her Internape. Elena also was there, when it happened and was forced to take the girl away, while Caroline died. However her last words (Stay strong like a bright flame and never let your heart and life turn off because of misery) inspired her to stay strong and began to train for the Gym Leader Qualification and taking her mother's place in succession. Her Volcarona originally belonged to her mother, but she gave it to her, before her death. Charlotte is resembling Caroline in both tactics (using Eruption and Burning strategy) and pyrotechnic usage (gained access at 15). Her smoking habit started at 14 as means to cope with her issues. She secretly joined the Magma Gang and is known under the alias "Inferna", for more freedom and fighting against the injustice in Reborn. Charlotte is close friends with Eliza, despite being the daughter of the man that put her sisters a lot of pain, but sees her as a troubled girl innocent to her father's crimes. That was it with those headcanon. Phew, never though it would be that hard to make lores for that, but I'll learn to handle it more Also note: Some things are actually happened in the game and I took it from it, to put it on their characters. However as a result of AU magic, many things are altered so the characters.
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    Got bored in class and decided to draw something
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    The EEG has been suspended, again, due to the pandemic. I'm exploring new medication options, though, which may help. At the moment in the stage of weaning off of one before taking another. It sounds like the Totem you're missing is...
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    Oh I already have the two from the title.
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    Hello where 's the tree to get to the 8th gym. I dont can find it It 's so difficult man.
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    Ah, I know what's causing that - I'll have that fixed as soon as I can!
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    This has been on sitting on my laptop for a while now. Am I the only one who thinks of this scene with that background music?
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    And here are the sisters in the present now. Well adjusted, but still have some issues to deal with. Also those are official designs of MINE, NOT the canon game, to clear any confusion. Understood? Saphira Belrose (24)- Dragon Gym Leader and Guardian Angel of Labradorra Cit Laura Belrose (20)- Grass E4 Ace and Guardian Angel of Tanzan Cove Charlotte Belrose (16)- Fire Gym Leader and Guardian Angel of Calcenon City
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a fun day
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    warning. lots of words that don't mean jack shit below. view at your own discretion. Just another general update! I've been working hard on the game, but I've also been feeling pretty demotivated and burned out lately. Mainly due to me being home all the time and not being able to get out as much. You'd think I'd get a lot more done with the massive amount of time I've had, yeah? Hahaha, no. In fact, I've been slower because of all of this.(More of this rant below!!!) Depression.png Because of that I've taken a week off. Like... actually. An entire week. I've done nothing. Man did it feel awesome. (Afterwards, during the break I was bored as hell.) Imagine that. Taking genuine breaks HELPS your motivation and mood. ???? Sounds fake, but okay... Anyway. I've switched my focus to working primarily on v13 story content. I feel like if I have that out of the way, releasing v13 will feel... Idk. Possible? *Cough* Well, it's the end of August. That means we're all going back to school... Huh? You're done with school? Y-You graduated? Well... Courtesy of me, I've re-enrolled you! Who's ready for a new semester of dreams and nightmares?? You are!I ---REJUV MK UPDATE--- As well as working on main content mostly, @andracass helped us create our own MK build! Starting V13, Rejuv will have MK support. There are still a few things that need to be ironed out, but things are looking really promising! As for Mac support... We have something for that too! Mac users won't be left out B). ---Puzzle time Baybeee--- One thing I've been trying to do in past areas is add more puzzles. Most of these puzzles aren't difficult. They're just there to add some sort of interactivity in places that have gameplay luls. I've created some things that I'm proud of, but coming up with puzzles in RPGMaker seems impossible to me sometimes. I'm the first one to admit that I'm not excellent at making them, but I would like to be! If you guys have any puzzle concepts to share, I'd be happy to hear them! I beg you. ---When is V13 dropping?--- Short answer: Still trying for this year. Long Answer: My goal is to have it out by the end of the year, but that's still only 3 months from now. I've seen people get annoyed with me because of the long wait, but I assure you no one is more annoyed than I. Like I said in the beginning of this post. I've been burned out and unmotivated all year. I'm not going to sit here and lie about my productivity. I said I've been working hard on the game, it's true. But that wasn't the case for the majority of the year. There were days where I would do one event and just feel done. I've felt guilty about it, but I've also just felt numb to the fact that I pretty much just vegetated this year. Everytime I felt like things were getting better, things would knock me down another peg. It's been a cycle since February. Aghjgfsghskjlghsdgjds;jgsdh; I've read articles about how this isn't a problem exclusive to me. Working productivity for tons of people have been almost 0 this year. With circumstances I don't have to repeat because we all know-- It's just difficult. I just try to tell myself that next year will be better. Whether that's a blatant lie or not doesn't matter. It's there for a sense of purpose. If I can sum up this year for me in one image, it'd be: and that's all it is. That being said, we've gotten progress up to 71%!! Even though most of that is bloated because of a lot of smaller things getting done... It still looks nice and is a motivating factor for me! Still have a lot of sidequests to do and I have to finish the main story (Which is over 50% done now!). Alright that's enough rambling. I'm done. I promise. Rejuv v13 hopefully drops this year. If not, early 2021. Definitely not any later than that. Then onto v14... Ha. HAhahahaha. I can't wait for v14.
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    here is Leaf, Red and Blue in their sygna suits. It is also used as a banner in a pokemon server. Also I've only draw humans once or twice so this is hard AF
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    ~ Snippet from Patreon ... it's about the friends we made along the way! Hi guys! Just a quick update today. I've finished up with the final bits of writing for Episode 6, and I've very happy with how it's turned it. There's still some side quest stories that I want to iron out, but following that and we'll be starting to chop through things at a faster pace. I wanted to dedicate this post to showing off some of the work that Posty and Ruby have been doing, and illustrating how much their role has expanded since they jumped on this rickety wagon. Firstly, Ruby is now playing a much larger role in the design elements of the environment, with Cellia East being our first look at Ruby's work in turning a city map into a fun, engaging, and unique experience. Here is a small spoiler-free showcase of some of the pieces she has been working on. Ruby's created some over cool things that I'd love to show off, but we're keeping that stuff hidden for now! I want to give Posty a shoutout here as well! When he first joined on he was solely involved in balancing teams, but his role has expanded quite a bit since then. He's been doing quite a bit of mapping, and his recent maps, in particular, have been awesome! Here's a snippet of the kind of stuff he's been up to in the Dreamscape, which we're greatly expanding upon in Episode 6. I'm really looking forward to all of you checking out what we have in store for the Dreamscape! I've got quite a bit planned for this area in Episode 6. Taking the feedback from Episode 5 into account, I really do feel like this will be a staple of the game in the future. Anyway, this is it for now. Cheers for the ongoing support guys! I've been really busy with medical school lately, but things are coming along quite nicely. I'm still alive, I guess. 'Till next time, homies. Caz
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    Hi! I thought I'd give a quick update now that things are starting to tone down a bit. This post will cover some finer points around Patreon, as well as just giving y'all a general update on stuff. This'll be the last update for a while, but it's a good point to just check in regardless. - Patreon - I thought that I would start by discussing my Patreon. This is a really important topic to me, and I'll be discussing why I've started one, why I need it and what its exact purpose is. I will keep this explanation brief, and to the point. It'll be a good ol' heart to heart. After that, you won't hear about it again o7. If you'd rather not hear about it at all, you can just skip the following section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, Caz, why do you need one? There's basically two reasons Episode 5 took three years, homies. Time and money. Rent prices in NZ are sky-high, especially where I live, so I work a couple of jobs to keep up with that. That'd be fine, but the medical degree I'm doing is also incredibly time-consuming (unfortunately Posty and Ruby can attest to my irritatingly frequent absences), leaving very little to often no time for my project. I get it, everyone works hard, and has their own struggles. This is true, and for this reason I only ask for Patreon support from those who are truly able to support this project without causing any problem for themselves. What's the plan? Do you even have a goal? Yes, I have a very specific goal with Patreon. My ideal situation would be to make just enough to drop one of my jobs, and to inject those hours (from otherwise working) into grinding out this project. This would speed up the development process dramatically, and allow me to put more time into crafting a product that I could be genuinely proud of. Closing thoughts In an ideal world, I wouldn't require Patreon. Unfortunately, it's not really an ideal world for me at the moment. That being said, I actually believe that Patreon, if utilised correctly (using the tiers), should be pretty fun for everyone involved. It's also where you can join my Discord and hang out with the team aww damn. In conclusion, Patreon is an avenue that allows me to work on my game as much as I want to, which is far more than I am currently. I cherish working on the game, and I would love to spend more time doing so. For that reason, I see Patreon as a means to largely improve upon this project. I'm glad to have got that off my chest. I'll shut up now, don't worry! Love y'all <33 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway... moving on! Intermission wholesome boi from Ruby - Aftermath, and looking forward! - It's been just over a week since we dropped Episode 5 and boy, it has been wild. It's been so great to see the community's reaction to the new art polish, the balancing, and the story that I worked so hard on. Before I released Episode 5, there were a large number of things that I worried about - did we live up to expectations? Could I continue the story in a way that I was actually happy with while respecting the characters that I had already created? Did Desolation still have a community that would hold it up after it re-launched? Despite the issues that Desolation launched with, I'm pleased to say that things went pretty well. So then, where to from here? I just started a new medical run at the hospital that I'm studying in, and time has already started to run away from me again. The hours at my (less desired) jobs have increased as well, following New Zealand basically returning to normal. This time, at least, I've put a lot of thought into how I can keep Desolation moving forward (at a reasonable pace too!) without wearing myself out, and I'm excited to see how that turns out. To be fair, I don't have much else to tell you guys at the moment - except to watch this space. I'm looking to make some big changes with Desolation in the near future, especially with the help of some friends in the community who have really broadened my outlook on what can be done (mechanically) with a fan game like this. As time goes by, I'll be certain to keep you guys updated when there are interesting things to report. For now, I'll keep a pin on things, but I'm incredibly happy with the future story of Desolation. Thanks again for your support, it really means a lot! Cheers, Caz
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