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    Welcome to Pokémon Desolation - Story - What is a dream? A series of thoughts? Images? Sensations? No... perhaps it's something more? Welcome to the Ayrith Region, a large land mass split into several islands. Ayrith is clouded in mystery, with strange, inexpiable events happening in every corner. However, somewhere deep down, there is something more to this mystery. Something unexpected, impossible even. You will uncover this secret, and go down in history. What is your dream? Is it to be a hero? The outcome of Desolation is strongly based on the choices you make. Choose wisely. - Features 5.1 - - Episode 5 - Somnium - Important Note 1: If you are updating from E4, you may continue to E5 content by entering your room in the Cellia Manor. Important Note 2: Episode 5 runs on a new, faster engine, MKXP. To run Desolation, use 'game-z.exe'. If you issues with game-z, instead try running 'game.exe'. Finally, please note that during the update to Gen 7 and the movement to the new engine, many move ID's had to be shifted, resulting in a small number of instances where Pokemon have different moves than they should (ONLY in save files created prior to E5). - Download Links - 7 Badges are available as of this release. Version 5.1, 07/07/2020 Windows Mirror 1: Mega (521 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (521 MB) Mac Mirror 1: Mega (524 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (524 MB) For those of you updating from 5.0.4/5.05 and want a smaller, manual patch for 5.1 - download THIS file (4 MB) and extract its contents into Desolation's root directory (the one with game.exe), overriding the previous content. Please note that it contains most (but not all) of the bug fixes and new content. Do not load this update from the Manor Basement, Silver Rise, Bountilia Island OR Odis Village PBS files can be downloaded by clicking here Created by Caz, Ruby Red, and Posty Thanks to andracass for creating a Mac version of the game Feels good to be back - Other Screenshots - - Credits - Want to lend me a hand? Support me on Patreon! - Full Cover Art (downloadable) -
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    This is an except from my Patreon: "Every version I get a lot of questions asking what contributes to what ending. Will this decision put me towards the good ending? Maybe the bad? The worst? I became sort of tired of these questions, but I understood that it's because nothing is really clear outside of obvious circumstances. For example, the true ending of the chapter involving Melanie. If you get the good option, you'll know. If you get the bad ending, you'll know. But what about other choices in the game? How will I know? It's a long game and I would like to know which choices matter, etc. Well, from v13 and onward, you will know! Every quest that contributes to any ending will notify you. But what do I mean by "notify"? =============================== Quests that contribute to the good and true ending will display like this: https://imgur.com/XhoXDzZ Quests that don't necessarily contribute to any ending will display like this: https://imgur.com/WQPPJYX =============================== But this transparency isn't limited to quests. Any decision you make will clearly display which path it set you down. Decisions that contribute to the good ending will display: https://imgur.com/pzjphHj Decisions that contribute to the bad ending will display: https://imgur.com/APSyL8U ...And decisions that contribute to the worst ending will display: https://imgur.com/hpCBLyz This is all very WIP and the gears will disappear moments after they're displayed. I'll probably make custom graphics for each one, but for now, these are their placeholders. =============================== Speaking of Quests... They've also gotten an overhaul with the use of Quest Cards! These are just a few examples of the new Quest cards I'm working on. Really excited for them and gives each quest their own feel of importance. As shown above, each card will be personally stylized as well. Overall this is mostly a cosmetic change rather than a gameplay/mechanic change. Just one of those things I'm working on when I'm tired and requires not much effort from me." Let me guys know what you think. Any suggestions? Anything else you want clarity on? This is a great time to ask as I'll be watching this thread closely for a while. ...63% hype... Even though most of that is inflated bc of Gen 8 stuff.... But still!!
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    Hope you like it! Dont break the game, haha uwu
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    Special mention to @Ikaru for always being a champ. Any proper interaction started thanks to FFXIV but then spiraled into every other field. And the similarity in our tastes is insane that at times I'm like this guy is my brother from another mother (you'd think it'd only be good but something always comes along to prove me wrong ha ha). And for the rest of The People @Arkhi @Inuki @Felix~ @Zumi @Jan @Azeria @Alex @Winter @Marcello. Always enjoy talking to you guys, whether it's about music, games, current affairs (or CS if it's Arkhi). And we may not have talked as much lately cause life and timezones make it rough but I do want you all to know that I hella appreciate you (yes, that ain't any old normal "appreciation", it's Appreciation). And you guys make sure to take care of yourself. The grind is important but taking it easy occasionally is also important
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    Hey all! As you know I'm the new spriter/artist for Desolation, and since I've been working on this for nearly a year I have some goodies to show... But first! How this'll work is that whenever I have enough art to show, I'll just reply to this topic with it and edit this main post to include it, along with the upload date of the newer images! Easier for you and me to keep track that way~ also some shameless plugs,,, my twitter and instagram uwu Lets goooooooooooo New Desolation Logo: Cover Art: Inspired by the lovely @Zumi and her incredible character art for Pokemon Rejuvenation, I felt that it was fitting for the Desolation characters to have similar artwork as well! Especially after being gone for 3 years, aha~ Sorry for the Green Charlotte Fans... I've got something better :^) Character Art: And well, I couldn't help myself so I made icons of them too! Free to use, and no need to ask~ Character Icons: Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I hope you liked the art I made, as well as the new design for Ava! **Note, This thread is for all Official Artwork for the Game, If you have created fanart, please post it in this thread here!**
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    Rejuv fanart dump that already exists on my art thread, but oh well ~ A week late, oops. :')
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    I really like the idea of the notification about decisions, but for this to work and not ruin the mystery and suspense, especially in first playthroughs, it needs to have an option in the Options menu to switch it OFF. Just saying. That should not be impossible and for something like this it needs to be there in order to give people the ability to choose organically, and then not so organically during later playtrhoughs if they like it. Everything about the quest cards is awesome.
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    this is a little late, but happy pride month from aria and the rest of the enigma dev team. this is basically a reveal of aria's redesign, that i drew. i kinda messed up with some shading on the face, but i hope you enjoy despite this. oh yeah, since i'm still practicing art, i traced this image so credits to the original artist.
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    Yeah we'll be porting over to Game-Z(MKXP) for V13 ourselves.
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    It is, @andracass, it is. Why are you all even using that? Please take a look at this, from KK20: https://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php/topic,15072.msg191963.html#msg191963 Crashes with game-z, but works fine with game.exe Instructions in the script itself. It can: export the game's scripts from Scripts.rxdata as plain text, which you can then edit freely with actual editors (for example Visual Studio Code) import that plain text back into the game, re-packing it (including any edits made) also has a "playtest" mode which sounds incredibly useful, as it automates the import on a game restart without actually editing the Scripts.rxdata file Since this is for anyone interested and not just for cass, a word of warning: ALWAYS MAKE BACKUP COPIES OF YOUR FILES BEFORE TRYING A NEW TOOL!!! In case the linked post goes missing in the future, I'll copy-paste version 4.0 of KK20's script in the SPOILER below:
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    Hello everybody, how are you all doing? Don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been pretty busy these days. For those who wanted to know why, that’s because I’ve been teleworking for my internship without any day off, and I’ll still be at it until mid-August. As a result, I’ve somewhat lost the sense of time and was quieter than usual. My organisation may have approached the ‘doughless pizza’ level, I’m commited to get the next episode of TTOAF done in the most proper way. Furthermore, I’ve quickly realised that some steps during the writing session could be ignored, so the timelapse between two uploads wouldn’t last forever as it currently happens. Because yes, there’s no need to sweep it under the carpet. Overtime, it became pointless to translate Flannery’s adventures in two different languages, especially since there’s only one version out on Team Showcase. If I only focus on the English version of the episodes, my work would become significantly easier and less tiresome. Don’t think however that I’ve grown tired of my hobbies: it’s basically my defective way to proceed that made me slow down the pace. The fact of writing down the same thing two times in a different format had made it redundant to me, so I had to seriously meditate on a long-term solution. Now this is clear: I must draw a line on my native language and essentially opt for English during the writing sessions. This way, the timelapse between the future episodes would become shorter and it would be a way more enjoyable experience for me and for you. All this to say, gomenasai everyone! I know it’s been forever, but this plus the fact I’ve been busy because of my internship has led to the muffle of my overall activity on the community where all I did was sharing music and participating to the prediction game in Onyx Arcade. Be reassured, the day I’ve decided to let TTOAF down has not come yet. The proof is, I’m almost done with episode twenty. Hope it will be worth the efforts (and the wait)! Stay tuned for further information~
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    I love the new artwork, Shiv do be giving me some Chrollo vibes tho. Also, Ava's new look has reinforced my belief in the fact that she is, and will always be, b e s t g i r l
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    Nominating @Cerise as my noble successor for Sunlit Sovereign and @Azzie for Midsummer Queen uwu
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    Hey guys! If your save somehow got the game breaking strength bug and it's keeping you from completing the game, we have a mini patch available now that should fix this issue and keeps your game from crashing when touching strength boulders. It's something that straight up prevents ppl from completing story sections so it's something we deemed an important enough fix to roll out a mini patch for. This fix will also be included in the files for V13 so it won't have a chance of occurring in newer versions of the game either. Simply download the scripts file included in this post and place it in your data folder where you have the game installed, and you should be ready to go! Have fun! Scripts.rxdata
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    There can be no greater heresy
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    Ahh, that's so exciting!! Thank you, i'm excited to play as the yellow haired chara again, it's been a while!!
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    Nice. You (and Ame) truly are doing Arceus' work.
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    hi! i forgot to make a post here too. we have a new version! the change to it is really small but it should help speed the game up a lot. it's also in a patch version if you already have 18.3- just download the patch at the bottom of the downloads page and replace your scripts file. enjoy!
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    Ok I know how it feels to be disappointed in Rejuvenation and when I first played the game I didn't really like it as much as Reborn and I too also stopped playing in after the third gym. But then when version 12 came out I decided "you know what I've got nothing better to do let's continue this game" and it gradually started to grow on me the further you go into the game the more you appreciate all these mechanics. If you just continued to play this game you can see why so many people love it and even put it above Reborn. So I mean give the game a second chance man just play through it once like I did before thoroughly assessing it. Sure Rejuvenation may not be good as Reborn in your opinion but I think that Rejuvenation excels in many areas where Reborn doesn't. And you know what if you finish and you still don't like it then I respect that just don't call it bad when you have yet to even experience everything the game has to offer. And sure maybe those mechanics are things that you despise but Amethyst is adding in the Lvl Cap idea, and the game already had like hundreds of useless battles so i mean it can't be that bad. But yeah hopefully if you decide to continue playing you'll love Rejuvenation as much as you do Reborn maybe even more (I still like Reborn better but I'll admit it's because I played it first I hadn't then I can't say which one I would love more)
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    1. So previously if people remember, Desolation was going to have 16 Gyms. After thought and consideration also the level curve Desolation will now only have 12 Gyms. This will be more suited for the story we want to develop 2. Umm I guess? Depends on your party idk 3. For the engine, most likely we will be. Since the engine was produced and released during the ending party of v5 Development, we didn't even consider it but v6 maybe who knows, we'll have a discussion about it, cause Reborn does feel extremely nice now I will admit. Nope! like Reborn/Rejuvenation, your savefile from v4 will be compatible with v5. However we highly recommended that you do create a new savefile because with the complete overhaul of graphics, trainer battles and encounters, some parts have been redone and other stuff that you may miss out on if you continue from v5. It would be worth playing again from the start, plus the game has been on hiatus for 3 years, you might have forgotten some parts of the story
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    The makuhita actually is catchable, u just have to talk to it again, but yes there are several mons that serve no real purpose atm (Scrafty at Celia docks, Scraggy at North Celia, etc).
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    Which option provides riolu? I know one path gets gastly, and I got sneasel on my path.
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    No problem, always happy to help Take care
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    Thank you very much. I apologize for posting in the wrong area. I will remember it in the future so it doesn't happen again.
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    I think the quest log is really useful for the people who do hiatus on their game and don't remember at what point in the quest they are lol About the path markers I'm not so sure an explicit warning about your decision being good or bad. In one hand, I would myself like to know where I'm going with my decisions (and sometimes you're going for a specific ending, for completion, etc) but somehow I also feel like irl decisions are not often marked or telegraphed like that. But its just my opinion. I think it's overall a pretty neat update!
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    Jesus fucking christ Amelia does look better Holy shit
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    I don't think you're talking about me. Is Silver around?
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    Alternatively, maybe Madame X is a brainwashed Saki? Maybe Freya and Isha did their work on her, and told her that she was the daughter of Freya and Kieran. We saw her on the pyramid just after she was brainwashed, but then she was taken to the Miera region in the past. Freya then somehow died in the nuclear explosion, but Madame X lived on. Or something like that. After all, Saki's final tweet was signed with an X.
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    Yeah it's in the Malchous Forest if you can't find it I'll trade you one
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    I feel that... Well, it's mining time, yay...
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    Vendor Name : @seki108 or @Starry Knight or anyone Requested Pokemon : mudkip low level with preferablly good nature and stats Offered Pokemon : trashmon Online ID & Time with timezone : youngtyrant, time zone- eastern available whenever
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    @Gastronely shhhhh i know that you know that but dont let Jan know that
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    Lol Darkrai is Deso's mascot and I also have an unrelated darkrai oc, so we tend to meme darkrai here and there~
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    Leftovers are only obtainable through pickup atm ( Level 71-100) 1% chance
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    Who TF is this Essentials, and why is he not essential?
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    HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE! MWAHAHAHA! Good to see ya again Caz! Hope life's been treating you well in these crazy times.
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    Or be like me and invest in special attack on a Carbink (which saved me the Charlotte battle in a fairy monotype tbh)
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    Hi! So I'm onto the mapping, events and teambuilding now. Leaving the sessions to fix gen 8 code until after that, it'll be the last thing to do before about a week of testing to catch bugs. Reason being: I've heard that a gen 8 public project for reborn/rejuv versions of essentials is close to being released, and it would be more time efficient to use better code from that, and have a little extra time to work on the rest of v0.6's content. As it is, I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff I'd like to include in the Altforms mod so that I can get the new version out sooner, it's been quite the wait already compared to previous versions, and add the cut content back in over 0.6.X versions. v0.6 is, after all, only a tenth over halfway. Still looking at a release towards the end of June!
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    Yes, some obtainable Pokemon have been axed, and replaced with others. I won't delve into which have been replaced. The manor will have a small handful of upgrades in E5, but nothing extravagant. I suspect that the whole manor system will change dramatically in the future, particularly in E6. Thanks! For now, we won't be accepting new ideas for custom mega evolutions. We want to be really careful with how we put custom megas into the game. I want them to feel authentic, and not out of place. For this reason, we're being very cautious in our approach as to how they are implemented. We have a small catalogue of mega evolutions in the works, but we'd prefer to keep it small.
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    I went thru the struggle of remembering my password for the forums just so I could log on and tell you that I'ma kick your ass ...Which actually is to say ily and fully understand what you mean about feeling the need to detach from this place, so you do you, I respect your choice, whether it'll end temporary or permanent. You're one of a kind in the best (but also slightly cursed) way possible - I'll sorely miss the frequent interactions with you on lobby. But for what it's worth, I know where to find you. That's a threat and a promise.
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ My Mother Expected Season 4? No? Well, fortunately for you, it's not Season 4... yet. Following the rules of this universe, I've written a random-ass, totally-inappropriate-timing-wise story because I'm super busy supposedly writing a grant proposal that is my qualifying exam. It's about Vanilla remembering her mother, even though we all think she's still alive. I dunno why, I felt like writing it and y'all know I'm not one to contain myself. At least the creation of Everland part of the story is enjoyable, maybe? My mother was an odd person. Even though she was supposedly the only surviving member of an ancient wealthy family, her mannerisms betrayed an unexpected unease when it came to social interaction. She rarely accompanied my father to his social gatherings, as a result, and instead spent most of her time alone in our gardens. It seemed as though she could easily substitute human connection with taking meticulous care of her plants. She was the same with me as with everyone else. Growing up, I don’t think I heard her say any more than two words to me. I remember that when I was young, I craved attention from my parents, so I tried spending time with her in the garden. She didn’t express pleasure or distaste at me being there with her, and instead proceeded to tend at her flowers without acknowledging my presence once. In due time, I gave up on forming a bond with her, and instead grew closer to my grandmother and our many servants. However, there were two times when she broke her routine and reminded me that she was not just a deaf robot. The first time was when I was ten years old. On the night of my birthday, she came to my room. I was playing with my dolls, and thought it was a servant entering my room without knocking, which usually never happened. Needless to say, I was shocked to see her standing at the doorway. She watched me, with her default grin that she constitutively carried and made her look all the more like a robotic doll. “Hi,” I said. It’s my chance to talk to my mother, I thought at the time. However, since I wasn’t used to talking with strangers, I didn’t know what else to say. Besides, it didn’t help that she was just silently staring at me, even after I said hi. “Hello, princess,” she said at last… but she rather whispered it, so I wasn’t sure I even heard her right. Even then, my ten-year-old self was elated to think my mother said hello to me and that she called me princess. She moved slowly inside, and came to my bed where I was sitting. She was holding a book, which she offered me when she was close enough to me. I took the book, but wasn’t particularly excited when I read the title. “A copy of the Book of Influx? They already taught us Everish history.” I wasn’t sure whether she heard me, since she just smiled and soon after left my room without uttering another word. I put my dolls aside and opened the thin book. It was an illustrated version; the type for children who are learning how to read. I didn’t question why my mother had chosen an age-inappropriate edition for me and started reading. “In the beginning, there was nothing. No peace, no hope, no freedom,” started the book. I turned the page over, and found that my mother had colored all of the illustrations, which had originally been printed in black and white. I turned the pages without reading the text, because I already knew the story, and I could essentially recite it in my mind while I looked at the drawings that represented key passages. The story was of a time long ago, when magical beings were hunted and burned at the stake or placed in a ship and dropped into the sea while tied to large rocks. Just for the sin of existing. It was a practice widely held in Kalos and Galar, and it was a nightmarish time for people like us. There was an illustration showing people hiding, and turning a blind eye to the unfortunate who were caught and taken away from their family. The protagonist, Yveneas, was born with the powers to control life and death. Given her magical ancestry, she was also a target of the witch hunt, which eliminated her own parents. At the time of the story, she was ten years of age. She found one of the ships which were being loaded with magical children: offspring of witches, wizards, self-aware wolves, mermaids, faeries… you name it. However, among them there were also non-magical children, who had been unjustly tried. The matching illustration showed a medieval ship with young people being tied to one another and being pulled towards the inside of the ship. Yveneas slipped into the ship and started freeing the children. However, she told them to keep quiet so they could all escape when the time was right. When the ship was stationed in the middle of the sea, and the sailors were ready to drop everyone to their deaths, she acted. She conjured up a giant whale, which destroyed the ship into pieces. Of course, everyone fell overboard. Only the children and Yveneas were saved by the whale she controlled. The illustration had about 20 children dancing in circles on top of a whale, which also smiled. I didn’t question the feasibility of such a scenario, and carried on turning the pages. They went to many regions, but they found out that none were very kind environments for children that were basically penniless orphans. So they decided to find their own place. A place where they belonged, where they could have everything they couldn’t in their hometown. They wanted peace, hope and freedom. There were not many deserted places where they could start from zero, but they eventually landed on a literal desert. No one lived there, because all there was was sand. Yveneas reassured her new friends that the place was perfect. She once again showed them her magical powers. From where only sand existed, came a patch of grass that extended in every direction. Then from grass came trees that grew at an unrealistic rate, and these trees bore fruit so that the children could feast on them. She created birds, which provided music to the once silent desert. She basically created paradise, and the children were ecstatic. And she was ecstatic, because she had made her friends happy. “In the end, there was everything. Peace, hope and happiness. There was Everland,” is how the tale came to a close. I still have the book in my room, if no one has touched anything since I left. The first few years since its acquisition, I read it very often, imagining how my mother would read it to me if she were to. However, as time passed and I came to understand my situation better, I discarded any such hope and left the book untouched in my bookshelf. My mother didn’t speak to me again after that one incident, until more than 8 years later, the very last day when I was leaving Everland. My grandmother was trying to convince me to wear our traditional bubblegum dress, so that I would have Everland and my family in my mind at all times. Though I gave it credit for the convenience that came with its magical abilities, I didn’t want to wear such a flashy pink dress. I felt it didn’t match my persona, or the impression I wanted people to have of me when I arrived in the Reborn region. My mother came to us and looked at the dress. “A dress for a princess,” she said, with the same whispering voice as always. “If you’re going to say something, at least say something useful,” said my grandmother. “This is a dress passed down generations in the Hansel and Gretel line. It’s not a costume to play princess, but a garment that deserves respect.” My mother took the dress in her hands and stroked the smooth silky bubblegum fabric and fiddled with the gems that decorated it. When she was done with it, she offered it to me. The way she did, reminded me of the time she gave me her book. I practically tore the dress of her hand. “Fine. I’ll wear it. Are you satisfied?” “I’m glad, Vanilla,” my grandmother said. My mother said nothing, but smiled showing her teeth and went away to her garden. That was the last time I saw her, since I left Everland. I don't think about my mother much, because there are not many things about her to remember. However, sometimes I wonder where she might be. In a prison cell or just under house arrest, since her only crime was to have a treasonous daughter? And if she's in a prison cell, I wondered whether someone might've given her a potted plant to keep her company. Also bros look at the obviously br0ken view counter. Seems this story got 50k views out of nowhere which is more than the amount of money I'll ever have to my name () Press F for my also-br0ken bank account. See y'all in Season 4 this time for realsies... maybe?
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    With Divulgence, Enigma and reworld i think we're seeing the next generation of great fangames to go along with reborn and rejuvenation. 1st impression about divulgence is it looks great and story has a good hook to it. Good luck in development. Looking forward to playing
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    Ayyy glad someone commented on that music. I spent way too long deciding what music to use for Gym battles.
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    I released this five days ago ._. I think I'm pretty fast, considering I've done two bugfixes and mapped two new areas, but I'm not that fast. Give me a couple months
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