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    It's been awhile, so I've decided to make an important announcement: I now work for the Department of Defense and am now making a healthy salary, which has put me in a much better spot than I was last year. Most of what I make will be put towards bills, savings, etc, while the rest will be put towards my game's annual budget. I will be getting back in touch with my artists and crew, to put something amazing together for all ya'll to see! Also, I have a corgi and his name's Pepin:
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    It's been forever since I didn't melt in front of a fanart of Vulpix! Here is one Picture made by Lushies-Art
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    me, explaining to my friend who doesn't play reborn, why i can never leave the desert in reshiram route
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    Pokemon Enigma - Shadows Revealed OUT NOW Download! Yeeeeeeeeeeee. It's been so long! But it's finally here! If you'd like, please be sure to offer feedback and suggestions after playing! (if you have an old save file please delete it before playing. THIS WILL CAUSE ERRORS). (there may be bugs so if there are please let me know)
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    Happy birthday Evi!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day and i also hope you'll receive what you desire I'm very happy that you returned to stream, even if i'm not there when you're streaming i always watch them the day after
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    I know this might sound weird but.. I laughed at my dog earlier when I was looking at him because I was thinking about giving him a Choice band when... Surprise! This isn't Pokemon anymore
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    Hello Jan. You may know me from Tumblr with the questions...I'm trying to not be a bother to you
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    Happy {belated] Birthday Raion! I hope you've enjoyed some yummy food :3
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    Heyyy happy birthday Posty , i hope you will have a wonderful day because you really deserve it
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    I am probs one of those people who thinks Blade Runner is "just okay," alongside the Matrix. Change my view.
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    Dammit. I feel so sorry that I have forgotten your birthday. Happy birthday, anyway.
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    Update: Good news: Not cancer. Bad news: I have to get surgery on my mouth and excise it, because it's really freaking huge.
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    Happy Birthday i just saw your post about the dental checkup, i hope nothing bad happened and i also hope you'll have a wonderful day
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    today I thought a lot, even more than I do on the average day. In a convo with my brother I remembered that I wanted to become a game developer when I was a kid, remembering this really motivated me and I really want to pick it up as a hobby now. Can't wait to dive in and explore the world of developing soon!
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    A bit late but Happy Birthday Hope it was an awesome day and hopefully your new year is filled with lots of good moments
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    Congratulations on surviving another year around the sun my dude!
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    I know its a little late but... Happy birthday!!!!
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    real image of me, finally leaving the desert and entering the castle
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    lol you're older now, congrats.
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    Happy birthday Jan and I hope you can kick back and enjoy something yummy todiay!
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    am i rly about to redo the entire desert bc i missed a relationship point with taka? ...yes i am. i want the Soft Dialogue (tm) :<
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    School is starting for me tomorrow, i'm actually kind of excited, because going to school means i'll have less free time to work with so i won't really get bored anymore (well i hope at least)
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    Evi-chan! Happy Birthday~ I hope you get to dig into that confetti cake you were talking about! Have best birthday! Lots of wishes, Sol.
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    Happy Birthday Evi! Your livestreams are always great to watch! I hope you will have a wonderful year!
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    Hey mate I've received your birthday message from year ago, Thank you & I apologize for not replying I haven't been on for a while!
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    my name is Lin and i am the cutest biatch alive. When i was child , i obviously spent my time in an orphanage where i was busy to play poker with Charlotte , Orderly John and other shits. To the outside world i'm an ordinary sereal killer but secretly , with the help of my pit bulls Solaris and Sirius , i plan to destroy reborn city and behead every gyms leaders or heros who will stand in my fucking way. I am SATAN HIMSELF.
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    "I'm completely over Fern" - Me, Sleppu, telling the biggest lie of my life
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    I..... have been playing God Eater 3.... for the past.... 21.... hours... in a week.... for 2-3.... STRAIGHT days...... I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
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    First, my brother got COVID back in June, then I got COVID, then my sister-in-law got COVID. And to top it all off, my dad over in Arizona died of COVID in early August. This has not been a good year for me.
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    Going to be getting a dental checkup to see if this lump that's been in my mouth for the past 2 months is cancerous or not. Actually quite worried. Wish me luck.
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