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    I hope this proves that I'm here to stay. Cheers for the support!
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    Justice has been served
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    hello! lol I drew Aelita this time and I kinda tried to improve my shading and background. Just thought I'd share my work again =D
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    so I just tried drawing my current team in Reborn lol I know it's a bit sloppy but it's literally my first completed digitized work and I'm kind of proud of it ngl =D what do u guys think??
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    So, I messaged Ame and she gave me the okay to post my pokemon fan art! So here is my first one! I promise I wont spam my feed every hour! I'll probably upload one once a week or something.
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    1000 approaches....
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    this is a little late, but happy pride month from aria and the rest of the enigma dev team. this is basically a reveal of aria's redesign, that i drew. i kinda messed up with some shading on the face, but i hope you enjoy despite this. oh yeah, since i'm still practicing art, i traced this image so credits to the original artist.
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    Hello everybody, how are you all doing? Don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been pretty busy these days. For those who wanted to know why, that’s because I’ve been teleworking for my internship without any day off, and I’ll still be at it until mid-August. As a result, I’ve somewhat lost the sense of time and was quieter than usual. My organisation may have approached the β€˜doughless pizza’ level, I’m commited to get the next episode of TTOAF done in the most proper way. Furthermore, I’ve quickly realised that some steps during the writing session could be ignored, so the timelapse between two uploads wouldn’t last forever as it currently happens. Because yes, there’s no need to sweep it under the carpet. Overtime, it became pointless to translate Flannery’s adventures in two different languages, especially since there’s only one version out on Team Showcase. If I only focus on the English version of the episodes, my work would become significantly easier and less tiresome. Don’t think however that I’ve grown tired of my hobbies: it’s basically my defective way to proceed that made me slow down the pace. The fact of writing down the same thing two times in a different format had made it redundant to me, so I had to seriously meditate on a long-term solution. Now this is clear: I must draw a line on my native language and essentially opt for English during the writing sessions. This way, the timelapse between the future episodes would become shorter and it would be a way more enjoyable experience for me and for you. All this to say, gomenasai everyone! I know it’s been forever, but this plus the fact I’ve been busy because of my internship has led to the muffle of my overall activity on the community where all I did was sharing music and participating to the prediction game in Onyx Arcade. Be reassured, the day I’ve decided to let TTOAF down has not come yet. The proof is, I’m almost done with episode twenty. Hope it will be worth the efforts (and the wait)! Stay tuned for further information~
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    yay! i'm officially a veteran now. i remember when i was a young whippersnapper
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    So as most of you know, I've restarted my Rejuvenation Written Story Run. As part of the restarting of it, I've also been working on an overlay for important battles. Here's an example of how it will look like whilst battling against a Gym Leader.
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    Cheers to everyone who is helping out with Desolation by answering questions in the Deso Club - it really saves myself and Posty a load of time, and it's cool to see the community help one another out
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    Good news: those who waited so long for the next episode of TTOAF to be uploaded, something pretty cool is supposed to happen during this week! Not gonna hide you anything, I feel horribly torn because of how my life style has impacted my writings. Hopefully, I'll feel more serene when the last month of my internship will be achieved, just like the report and diaporama I'm currently working on. Don't worry for me, I'm still here. Silent and not very communicative, I agree, but I'm still here. See you very soon, and take care!
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    I literally just woke up to seeing Posty's consecutive posts and bam e5 got released... well its a damn good morning
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    Has anyone felt out of place liking pokemon till they joined the reborn group??? >..> Cause uhh...I have and im glad I feel at home now
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    There can be no greater heresy
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    Happy Birthday, hope u have/had a good one
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    Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great time~
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    Happy Birthday hope yu had a Mega awesome day
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    me watching rwby7
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a fun day ^^
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    Episode 10 of My Rejuvenation Adventure is up! I meet Karrina! And she wastes my time basically! I also meet Dr. Jenkel! What a weirdo! Then I meet Novae! Finally! A nice person to meet! Please Read & Enjoy!
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    Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
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    ^-^ I love how my character looks in reborn. working on editing the sprites actually made me REALLY wanna make my own game based off of a roleplay me and my friend did a long time ago. I'd have to think about a lot of stuff for it though. On the upside I have a title; Pokemon Rebellion (kinda like the Alliteration, Reborn, Rejuvenation, and Rebellion)
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    I'm gonna take a break from writing "A Star's Tale- Chronicles of Reborn" & will focus more on doing descriptions with what's different in Chronicverse for 2/Β½ weeks. Therefore I'll make a little post called "Dark Decade", which describes the lives of many characters drastically changed by of tragedy, sins of a love one and with the 4 keys. That's before Lucia came into the picture.
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    Rejuvenation has 1 thing over Reborn. No matter how crazy or wacky the reason, a lot of the characters change their clothes at least once.
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    Happy birthday hope u have a good one
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    Episode 3 of My Rejuvenated Adventure is up! I've been rescued by a red-headed girl's Talonflame! She lets me rest up in her yacht for the night! The next day, I go to the Gearen Laboratory to get my starter Pokemon! But will a Pokemon even want to come with me?! And a surprise at the end of the Episode! Do I get a Starter!? And what's the surprise?! Find Out By Reading & Enjoy!
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    More work on Altra, debating on clothing style and ways to make him seem 'off' in appearance outside the minor physical abnormalities. Hmmmm...
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    Happy Birthday hope u had a good one
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    mega mew = champion charmander CONFIRMED ? okay. reawakened. you may know it, you might not. please, its not worth it. in january of 2018 i entered these forums, posting my idea, pokemon reawakened. i didn't like reawakened much. the assets were mostly recolors, the story had no general direction, and i was sort of going with it as i went. it was buggy, and i felt a need to deliver new content every few weeks. i drove myself to anxiety, thinking no one would continue to like the game if i couldn't get another episode out. i pretty much ghosted the site for a while. i stayed pokemon free for a few months, until i picked rpg maker back up. i had an idea, and began work on it. pokemon enigma. i knew that if i uploaded it as champ. most people would ask 'what about reawakened', and other stuff like that. and i really couldn't deal with that. so i came up with an alt. mega mew. everything's fine, i just figured that i should reveal who i am sooner rather than later. in case, somehow, you are still unsure: pokemon reawakened will not be continued. i am focusing on enigma and everything's better now. i no longer have stress forcing me to get enigma out. i am doing okay. oh and here's proof, in case you think this is a joke: see you later -MegaMew
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    Happy Birthday Hope you have a great day hope you and fam are safe
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