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  1. It's been a while since my last post, so I decided that I'd give a little update and talk about a few things! In the format of a Q/A! What's going on with Rejuvenation right now? It's been almost 2 years!! - We are currently doing internal testing as of right now! There's still one segment of the game that needs a bit of work from me, but after so long, v13's main story and early-mid game are being tested and things are going smoothly!! Lots of things to patch up, but smoothly nonetheless! We may... actually release something soon(tm)??? Soon. W
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  2. Merry (Belated) Christmas! Today I wanted to talk to you all about the story structure of v13 and why it's been taking such a long time for it to release. v13 is a special version, that's for sure. It's one of the longer episodes the game has put out. Actually, i'd say it's the longest? Either way, the main story this time is taking a LOT more effort than usual and I wanna make sure everything is absolutely perfect. That being said, what -exactly- is causing v13 to be the behemoth it is? Well, let's dive into that! Some of you have already guessed, but the crew is
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  3. Whoa! Wasn't expecting one of these until after V13, were you? Well, Boy Do I Have A Surprise For You(TM) For context -- not too long ago I mentioned to Jan that if I had free time I'd like to try and redesign some of the outfits for the Team Xen members, for the heck of it! The designs were thought up on the fly and the generic grunt uniforms were a bit too similar to the original sprites they were edited from, so I wanted to see if I could redo the designs to be more thematically cohesive, while remaining recognizable compared to their old outfits. A few days ago I decided to fin
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  4. Hello one and all! Would you take a look at this hot diddly darn new spiffy lookin' dev blog we've got for Rejuvenation here! hellllll yeah. From now on, all the important news on the game's development will be posted here instead of in the V13 status thread we used previously. As some probably noticed, the V13 thread tended to get messy and would bury any significant updates in regards to the game as quickly as they got posted. So! After some consultation with Ame and Cass, we finally got our own Dev blog so these updates no longer will get buried and will remain easy to find!
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  5. So, unsurprisingly, last time I posted an audio preview people were trying really hard to guess where the song would play -- And a lot of people guessed for older, already existing areas. While I won't spoil which location specifically, I can at least tell you guys that these audio previews are NOT for old areas, but for new content in V13! So yeah, these are all songs that will play in areas you haven't seen before. Maybe it'll be fun to try thinking of what locations you'll be visiting that could have these songs playing in the background, hm? I won't be giving away any hints though, so have
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  6. A little bit of news coming in fresh from the music department of things! So while V13 obviously got a lot of graphical and gameplay improvements and new stuff added, both in terms of sprites, maps and game performance, there's also some stuff that'll be fresh off the grill in the music department! In fact, V13 will bring quite a number of new songs to the table that were custom made for the game. I myself am also once again providing a good number! ...Though, I can't go and let people listen to all of the tracks that have been made so far right away, now can I? Nonono,
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