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  2. Cover art: By @Zumi Hey! It's been two years? How are you? How are the kids? No kids? Okay. Well.... Anyway. It's time. I'm not going to make a huge post about how much of a hell year 2020 was... like, in general, because I'm going to talk about that on stream at some point. So I'm just gonna hand over the game. Sound good? yes. Wait no, I lied. First, we have a brand new website! Check it out! There's a lot of cool things and we'll be actively updating things as time goes on. (No, we're not leaving Reborn. We just felt like it was necessary for
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  3. SPU delivery for a certain P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸! Hey, uh… Is this the right place? I’m s’pposed to deliver this to P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸… They told me they were staying over at this place for the time bein’. ...Oh, they’re not here right now? Well that’s a lil’ unfortunate. Do you mind holdin’ onto it until they receive it, then? That’d be real great, thanks. It’s uh... Kind of a suspicious package if you ask me, bro. What’s up with it lookin’ like a present and that creepy lookin’ mask… button… thing... holdin’ together that ribbon? Not that it’s really any of m
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  4. SPU delivery for P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸! ...Again! Oh, it’s you again. Did P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸ receive the previous package? Because I have ‘nother one for them. But, just between you ‘n me… I trust this one even less than the previous one. It looks the same, but i'unno dude. Swear I heard buzzin’ coming from inside the box while carryin’ it up here. I don’t know what was in that last package, I don’t wanna know what was in it, and to be honest? I’d really rather not know what’s in this one either. Oh, and before I forget ‘n leave, they left me the same note as last t
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  5. TL;DR Someone in testing wasn't able to run the game and I freaked out. So this is an explainer for MKXP and why we're using it. There will also be a linux version! Hope I'm not interrupting anything. So, a while back, Jan mentioned that v13 would run entirely on MKXP. There were some people who were concerned about this because of the hardware requirements for the reborn/deso brand MKXP. In response, I said this: This comment didn't age very well. We may have some issues. I haven't posted over here before (hi rejuvians) but y'all who know me fr
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  6. Hey, SPU delivery! Listen, it’s the same kind of package for P̸͡L̸AY̴͢E̢͘R̷̸ but please please please just take the damn package off of me, I don’t wanna be holdin’ onto this for any longer! There’s something SHAKIN’ in there dude! I felt it! It’s creeping the shit outta me and I really don’t get paid enough by SPU to be dealing with haunted or possessed shit! Ya know the drill by now, no speakin’ the answer out loud and everythin’, yadda yadda yadda! I dunno if it’s your friend ordering these boxes or someone’s sendin’ some fucked up shit to th
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  7. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK SINCE V13 CAME OUT. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, AND THEREFORE I AM NOW HERE TO FINALLY PRESENT TO YOU; *inhales* ALL THE OFFICIAL ART & MUSIC I'VE MADE FOR V13!!!!!!! ...ahem. Anyways, so like I promised, here's everything I've made! There's a ton of it. And a lot of it I've also been sitting on for like a year! But I'm very, very happy with all the work I've delivered for this version, and I really do hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I'm excited about it. Everything will be put in spoiler tags of course -- both for rea
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  8. Hello one and all! Would you take a look at this hot diddly darn new spiffy lookin' dev blog we've got for Rejuvenation here! hellllll yeah. From now on, all the important news on the game's development will be posted here instead of in the V13 status thread we used previously. As some probably noticed, the V13 thread tended to get messy and would bury any significant updates in regards to the game as quickly as they got posted. So! After some consultation with Ame and Cass, we finally got our own Dev blog so these updates no longer will get buried and will remain easy to find!
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  9. its.... an actual game dev update???? that isn't a bunch of character art??? from ZUMI???? whoa! yeah i've actually been doing things that probably were a bit overdue anyways. Today's update from me to you is about the VS sprites! There's already been a couple of sprites that received updates, namely Zetta & Keta which I have shown off prior to this post -- go check the recap post at the start of the dev blog, they're in there somewhere! -- but I spent yesterday and today fixing up some more! And ooh boy, some of these took a good bit of time to fix up (ariana, i'm
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  10. Yes hello hello hello!! I am back with more character art, this time with the characters from Gearen city, both from the past and the present! From Kugearen we have Melia's 3rd appearance, Venam's 2nd appearance, Kanon, Maria, Vitus and Anathea, while for West gearen we have Amanda and Erick. That's another eight characters off the list! There's still, uh.... many to go. Counting everything not including V13 content, I still have another 46 characters to go (even though some of these are alternate outfits for characters, kinda like how Melia, Venam etc.
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