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  1. what up, fuckers it has been roughly five million years since i've grabbed the mic. it feels like just yesterday i was telling the dinosaurs all about meech. it has been roughly 50 million years since our last release. we have eliminated progress bars from the face of the earth, so i'll not hold up the show and just answer the question that i posed in the title: spring 2022 (if all goes well!) ok everyone who just wanted the date can go. for everyone else: where we @ first, there is a nightclub! you can hang out with people and battle to your heart's content. there's a shitload of battle content, from the boss rush to the battle tower with lots in between. it's basically just everything detailed on this post here so instead of rehashing that all out here, i'm just going to tell you to go read what i said way back in may 2019. *dies basically, the nightclub is done and functional. there's lots to do there. it'll be neat. second: there is a postgame! structurally, it plays a bit more loosely than the main story- completing postgame will still require completing all the quests, but there's a bit more flexibility in what you want to do and when you want to do it. and if i'm being perfectly honest it is way too fucking big. stupid huge. turns out the whole quest-per-legend deal results in a massive amount of content. obviously i don't have a solid estimate since no one's quite played through it all, but it sounds like it might work out to be 4-5 episodes of content. hell, the main story content is already, like, two episodes of content. we're basically just adding a third of the game's current length to it. which is important because... what's left testing is left. what's right well, we gotta clean up a bunch of loose ends before we even get to testing. this is the last episode! and if i'm being perfectly honest, we're tired. free us. things that need to be finished before testing: (this is where we hid the dead progress bars) - Animations there's, like, 18 left? the animation squad has been working real hard on making the move anims super sharp. make sure you turn them on!!!! - Early game updates haha yesssss i finally got ame to do these i'm not going to dig up my old posts on early game since i don't want to look at the date and take psychic damage; suffice it to say that early game kinda sucks compared to the rest of the game and it's getting a revamp. there's some new areas! some redone old areas! a plot that makes you a little less dizzy from running back and forth! man its gonna be great. right now 3 episodes have been updated, and we're doing some touchups for the rest. - Ending scenes so this content is classified, but eventually this stupid fuckin game has to end and you'll get some bonus scenes with some chars under certain circumstances. - Nightclub polish so shout out to azzie for doing a fuckload of dialogue for the 500000000 (that's a metric fuckton for those of you unfamiliar with math) battle tower trainers, as well as some general chat dialogue for the chars you've been stuck with all game. there's still a bit of that left to do. - teams hi so from what i understand, the "gameplay" in these types of games consist of "battles" that someone has to "make". and "apparently" the person making them has (mostly) been "me". i've got like 12 left. oops. - Field updates making hundreds of teams means that i've taken a pretty close look at the field effects, and there have been a lot of minor changes to fields to make them make more sense/more balanced/better. - Bugs mr lord Perrence has been doing god's work wrangling our massive fucking buglist and making the new AI functional (oh yeah that's right we redid the ai but don't worry about that) bugfixing never ends, but eventually we will stop trying. - Sprite updates a lot of the sprites are, and i believe this is a term the kids are using these days, "crusty". we only produce well-made sandwiches here, meaning we are removing the crust. here's a preview of what's been done: we're buying the protags some fucking shampoo. you can actually watch us do for decibel live on twitch this sunday at 3p MDT! (that is 37 hours from the time of posting.) - leftover bullshit look you never know what's gonna come up while we clean up the rest of this. i can't even remember what all we've done since e18. and then- and then- we will do some testing. this is the largest amount of content we've ever tested at once by a gigantic margin, so we're not even sure how that's going to go. the first round of semi-public testing (that is, something you, dear reader, will be able to participate in) will be the community release, which occurs after beta testing. we will say when beta testing starts. at that point we'll probably have a general sense about how long each phase will take. the rest of the details will probably be kept under wraps just to preserve what middling amounts of sanity we've somehow maintained a grasp on. i've been holding on to an @everyone on the discord server for years and you better believe it'll be used when the game's ready. this is the home stretch, y'all. thanks for all your patience. it'll be worth the wait.
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  2. hello quests are progressing well! we'll have another talk once we're done with them. but that's not what i'm here for today. today, instead... well, some of you will remember that a few months ago i posted about Anomaly Battles however, i realized that i forgot to mention one small detail about them. those other-worldly auras that alter the rules of reality and cause their subjects to behave erratically? they don't affect only pokemon. (once again, huge shoutout to cass for making the bulk of these teams, girl cray, much appreciate her ty )
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  3. So, I think this postgame stuff we're working on is gonna be pretty hard.
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