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  1. hi everyone. there's something that i need to say. so i've been working on this game now for, what, three years? a lot has happened during that time. now, i've always done my best to maintain a high standard of quality with my development posts. i am the most professional person i know and i believe that comes across in all of them. i especially pride myself on the extent to which i capitalize all of my letters. it is because of this- my aim to provide you all with quality and accurate content- that i am here before you today. i have misled you all. i have sa
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  2. fine. i concede. you've worn me down-- twisted my arm clean off-- both of them in fact! i'm typing this with my toes. the white flag is raised, having been tirelessly goaded into it by the demands of an uncaring populace, night after night spent in fearful agony, whimpering in hidden corners that are yet unequal to the task set before them of simply shielding me from the slings and arrows of the greater internet community,* i accept i have no choice but to lament simply having no other choice, i deign to give you.... one progress bar. * none
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  3. hello my children, i have come to feed you since coming back to the project a month and a half ago, a fair bit has happened. i did take some time to warm up back up to thing, we moved over to a new file management system, also cass and i just moved into a new place like, last week so that's been taking up a fair chunk of time.... critically, we also have two new additions to the team: @crimsoncrim and @Azzie ! those of you who frequent the discord server probably already know them, and might've already noticed them popping up in the Developers group, those of you who don't al
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  4. wow it has been nearly 6 months from my last post. well, if you're new here: hi, i'm cass. i get mad at the scripts. sometimes i even post about it! lately, though, i have not. grad school kinda showed up and kicked my ass, and the two primary things i've been working on are suuuuuper big and not ready for prime-time. those two things are a rewrite of the AI and a more organized method of handling field effects. the AI isn't ready because the AI has like 40000 lines of code and if i think about that for too long i lose my will to work, and the field effects aren't ready because the f
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  5. hi there. i've posted nothing but the heaviest fuckin code posts for, like, 10,000 dev blogs now. have some cat. now i know what you're thinking. "is this cat actually that fuckin pretty" and yes. she is. this is important. oh also we made a thing for when you choose theme teams. that confetti thing is supposed to be an arrow, but ame's really funny so she changed it to confetti. and i know what you're thinking- "hey wait isn't [character] missing?" this is a spoiler free post. terra is definitely just there be
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  6. hi. at long last, the postgame progress bars have been unlocked. as you may have noticed, it is, uh..... lil big. so lemme break it down for ya. first we got the CONTENT. some LEGENDARY content. see what i did there. but actually there are like 76 legendaries and you've Gotta Catch 'Em All™ 'cept we already gave you, like, five. so you'll have to Get 71 More™ now i'm sure you're wondering. "But Cass, that's so many legendaries! How do you intent to pu-" QUESTS. 39 of them to be exact. it is why this bar is so big. see, we _could_ just be like "oh look! it's
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