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    Much better performance on newer pcs for the most part as it's a far more modern engine! The game will run far faster and smoother, and there's barely any lag. It'll be slower on older pcs unfort, but we've been able to optimize the RMXP port (aka the current engine) game for a good chunk thanks to the help of Cass that we've been getting, so there should still be a noticeable difference between V12 and V13 for those who are using the RMXP version of the game -- especially during battles, where the brief lag before move animations playing is no longer an issue.
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    That’s fine for me. Take all the time that you need. Rejuvenation is awesome as always! Had a similar de-motivation and/or burnout on Project Spork, but I am determined to continue.
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    All of your (and everyone else's) hard work is very appreciated! Your health is more important than getting new verisions out a month earlier. One thing that I've found really helpful to stay sharp and motivated during these tough times is to try to find the willpower to get regular exercise. The hardest part is making the decision to do it, but after you start doing it then it's a breeze. You don't realize how sluggish your mind and body are until you get the blood flowing. And even if you want to look at it from a raw mathematical standpoint, the increase of efficiency and productivity during the rest of the day as a result of exercise far outweighs the time spent exercising. Speaking of which, typing this out has made me decide to go for a run right after I'm done with this post. As far as puzzle ideas go, I'll admit this is taken from Pokemon XD, but I always thought the Battle CDs concept was cool. If you don't know what those are, they're simulated battles where you're given a specific Pokemon/couple of Pokemon, and you have to battle a specific Pokemon/couple of Pokemon in a singles or doubles battle. These battles require a you to figure out the right strategy/sequence of moves in order to win, and it essentially turns the battles into puzzles to find the right solutions. What's great about these are that they require you to use mechanics that you don't normally see, such as using Gust to hit a Pokemon during the Fly turn. Here is example of one of them (this was before Ghost-types were immune to Shadow Tag): Making these battles occur on all sorts of fields would add a lot of variety. You could easily come up with creative puzzles, such as requiring the player use a move to change the field as the "solution" to win the battle. Again, thanks for all of the work, and I'm off to go on that run! Edit: Making a late edit here so this might not even be seen but here's an example of a cool puzzle you could do. Your pokemon: https://pokepast.es/aedffbfac3828006 Your opponent: https://pokepast.es/f2aa387f6b433283 Field: Cave Field Solution:
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    Take all the time you need man. I can wait.
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    I know I'm extremely late, but please, by all means, take your time with the V13 update. This is a passion project for you, and while it may be frustrating having deadlines set that you're not reaching, at the end of the day you'd much rather release the work when it's your best. Don't let others rush you. I've seen your updates such as the Goldenleaf Town(for v13) and it's beautiful. it is absolutely worth the wait for you and for the rest of us. Besides that, doing as much as you can for V13 will alleviate lots of pressure on your back when it comes to creating the versions beyond that. Above all else, don't push yourself. Both your mental and physical health comes first. Take care.
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    Hey man, don't ever feel pressured to get the game out as soon as possible by people who are "annoyed" at the release taking longer than they expected. You're developing this game for free, and are doing it solely out of passion and to provide the community with entertaining content. Take as much time as you need, because I know how it feels to have struggles with motivation and productivity, and working on fan games is no easy task. Otherwise, you've knocked it out of the park, these updates are really interesting to read and the new developments to older and new areas are beautiful. To you and the rest of the development team, keep up the good work!
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    Hey Jan. Don't worry about how long it'll take. We all know you're doing your best and can wait however long. Your own well being is what's most important.
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    This year has been pretty rough. I have struggled with demotivation throughout this whole year. Seeing the game getting closer to a 100% gives me motivation to keep going. I really love Rejuv, but I love the developers even more for working so hard on this game, despite the circumstances. Stay safe, stay positive and help eachother through these tough times!
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    Well, I will get better with Aevis' new sprite in V13.
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