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    @Zumi deserves all of the biggest hugs. And so do you!
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    Yeah I agree with this - making them toggleable wouldn't be hard, you just define them based on a global switch defined in the options menu
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    I really like the idea of the notification about decisions, but for this to work and not ruin the mystery and suspense, especially in first playthroughs, it needs to have an option in the Options menu to switch it OFF. Just saying. That should not be impossible and for something like this it needs to be there in order to give people the ability to choose organically, and then not so organically during later playtrhoughs if they like it. Everything about the quest cards is awesome.
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    "For you see Madame X, you're not dealing with the average Blonde hair protagonist anymore, for I, Melia has become The Legendary Super Saiyan MELIATM!!!!
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    YES! i've been waiting for this! thanks so much jan!
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    Ahh really amazing work so far! Just finished the game a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been lurking here ever since! (that and searching for help lol) Oh and also really amazing art @Zumi it’s really inspiring and such a pretty art style! And thank you @Jan and the development team for this amazing game! Stay safe and I wish you all luck with the development of this lovely game ^^
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    I never would have imagined Cassandra like that. Interesting!
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    They're all stunning but Damien specificially is absolutely incredible and stunning and wow i am in love with him and his design
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    Nice. You (and Ame) truly are doing Arceus' work.
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    It’s perfection.... I love you Zumi! You too, Jan!
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    I'm pretty sure by answering the library likes decaf you get the worst ending
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    I've been waiting for Ren, lmao. Other than that I've been curious about Nastasia Also, in general, I'm super happy about all the official character art because it's a great reference when I want to draw Rejuv characters Thanks, and good work, Zumi!
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    I think the quest log is really useful for the people who do hiatus on their game and don't remember at what point in the quest they are lol About the path markers I'm not so sure an explicit warning about your decision being good or bad. In one hand, I would myself like to know where I'm going with my decisions (and sometimes you're going for a specific ending, for completion, etc) but somehow I also feel like irl decisions are not often marked or telegraphed like that. But its just my opinion. I think it's overall a pretty neat update!
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    I think being able to tell which choices matter and how will be a great addition but maybe give people the option not to see the gears because I imagine that there will be people who would prefer the surprise.
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    The 1 above Souta. Is that Super Saiyan Melia?
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    Bad future change! IIRC these are Amber and Tesla's natural hair colors, they both dye their hair slightly to be more red-red and less orange-red in the main timeline.
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    Eventually (obviously) we will be tackling dlc content and implement it into Rejuv. We started a bit on it earlier and it slipped in to this pack. That's all there is to that really ,lol.
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    omg that Eevee sprite. ITS SO FLUFFY OMG xd Im so excited for v13. Can't wait to make a new save to see all the new content Thank you for all the hard work going into it. I've never developed a game so I can't even imagine how difficult it must be.
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    These are bloody awesome! I don't have words that do your work justice. It's amazing!
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    We've made custom shinies for Rejuv already!
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    These sprites look sick! My favorite is duruladon and g-max duruladon. thank you @jan and @zumi
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    She does keep up the appearance of a prim and proper mayor, but the art that was made is of her Xen attire. Which hasn't actually been shown in game before, but here it is!
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    Cassandra has a heavy Asami Sato vibe and I friccin love it uwu
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    I should see Lorna and Mysterious Figures artwork in next part of artworks as they are enemies. And two Gym Leaders named Souta and Ryland.
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    It has been answered already in its thread in the forumd: Gigantamax forms will be added as Custom Megas, but no regular Dynamax
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    First reaction: Oh my god, the character art will be in the game! And I absolutely love it, I think I said that before, but just in case: @Zumi I love it Ahh, I love Rejuv so much, so excited for V13. You guys are doing great work
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    Ah hah that Glossifleur sprite is on point. So cute uwu And that titanic crystal in the cave is so eye catching, is that a new Ame cave or something. Looks like from Guardian Signs, but a variant of purple. Jan is right, the game being Zumified is for the better, I couldn't thank Zumi enough for @Zumi
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    Le jan: I can't wait to show you guys what we've been keeping secret. Le me: Then please show us Jokes aside, here's wishing sound overall health to rejuv team and everyone reading this.
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    Nice! Character portraits! I'm so pumped to restart with a full gen8 team! Good job, rejuv team! This game is gonna look gorgeous when it's completed!
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    Considering Jan did put it three times in a row, in red big underlined letters, I would only bet for people asking for the DLC content, yes.
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