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    This post reminds me of my math teacher who said that more math is good. I would like to throw this in her face as proof that less math is better You guys are amazing. Hopefully this will not cause any unexpected issues, it's too amazing to want to change back
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    I'd think of a clever and witty comment but my brain is now running slower that the latest version reborn because it's late at night so you're out of luck fast good. cass good.
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    sometimes, yes! i passed off a few of our less dangerous improvements to deso. the need_update code from from the prior post is a good example of something that's reasonably safe. other times the optimizations are pretty reborn-specific and targets features that we don't use. i'm generally fine with passing stuff around if they end up being interested in it.
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    Now my game doesn't freeze for a second or two before every move animation, it's instant! It's a miracle! As always, very fun post to read, cass, though I dumdum so I didn't completely understand everything. Y'all are amazing
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    My head almost went numb from reading the title... but this time it didn't... A - Am I... Getting used to this? I don't know if that is a good sign or bad sign for my brain, nor what that says about me. Buuuuuttt... On the real, great update Cass! We all really appreciate your hard work.
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    Jeeze, nice work. I'd like to think that those math things come from someone being used to compiled programming where that is optimized-out... but considering how messed up other stuff in Essentials is, I'm not optimistic.
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    The energy that the title radiates is terrifying. Honestly the whole post has me shaking in my boots. Mad respect for you Cass.
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    the original essentials itself had a shitload of bugs in it so like we're probably already there
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    its ok fam i gotchu *ahem optimization o'clock: abridged version SEE THIS SHIT IT BAD thx
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    Who TF is this Essentials, and why is he not essential?
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    don't cry you're doing great we appreciate u thank you for this code >>>>>>
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    hold on let me check something *flips through notes *flips through a complete log of everything ever said on the internet *flips through a compendium of all recorded thoughts in human history huh, i don't think anyone's ever said that before.
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    maybe one day this series will end
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