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    i appreciate u cass and yeah i have so many regrets i've committed to them, but regrets nonetheless i really appreciate everyone's patience here but have a snippet of one of starlight's maps just so you can see a little bit of what we're working on here. we're getting there.
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    i uh ok that's enough comments are locked
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    Marcello I do not understand
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    Hi guys. I might be a new member to this community since I just joined it a few weeks ago, but I actually started playing Reborn 7 years ago (I remember that Julia still has an Emolga, and the Tourmaline Desert is not done yet). I was young then. And stupid. I tried brute-forcing my way through every battle. It went about as well as you would expect. So I quit. I remembered exactly the point when I decided to quit. That damn Cradily. Fast forward to last year. Say what you want about USUM being a handholding game, but it reignited my interest in playing Pokemon again. So I recalled a certain Pokemon game which I abandoned years ago, and I typed it into the Google search bar, and lo and behold, there was this vibrant community behind this huge Pokemon Reborn. I put off playing again until I did my research this time, so I learned everything I could. I did it. I beat the damn Cradily that caused me to quit last time. And then the Crobat, the Volbeat, the Mimikyu (I remembered him having Chandelure before, but since I never got to this point, I don't know, my friend did). I beat Hardy two weeks ago. It's a rollercoaster. And surprisingly the community is supportive. Which is more than I can say about the community of some games. So, thank you everyone. Thank you Ame. And Cass. And everyone on the dev team. I'm a fan. If you decide to postpone the development of the game for the time being, I understand and support you. In the meantime, we'll just enjoy this great world you've worked so hard to make. Hiding the progress bars is a good idea. It reduces anxiety (out of sight, out of mind, right).
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    My takeaway from this post is Ame is making a different great game in addition to this great game and I look forward to playing them both
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    I really hope Gen 8 doesn't get added. I might be biased because I didn't like Gen 7 and stopped playing the main series after that, but Gen 8 would complicate many things. First, it removed more moves and Pokémon than it added, so would those moves also be removed and if not, would that break the balance? Some Pokémon getting stat and movelist improvements while others don't would probably skew the balance as well. Also Dynamaxing is just a boring mechanic. I remember the point where it was said that Gen 7 wouldn't be added to the game and I would have been happy with that as I liked the Pokémon selection and balance in Gen 6. Although Gen 7 did some fine adjustments to status ailments, it was also the point where GameFreak started unnaturally overbalancing some things. Dark Void's accuracy getting reduced from 80% to 50% is just ridiculous.
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    Please, you are doing us a service here, not the other way around, everyone who got to enjoy this game should be thankful. I assume I speak for many others when I say that the whole development team deserves a great amount of respect. Every development update has got me excited and reading them has been a blast so far. Please, take all the time you need, and thank you.
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    How dare they I'm pretty sure I've read every update on AI, cleaning code and stuff and while I understood roughly half of it, I remember you saying that you were working more than sleeping. Hope you're chilling right now. And, um, pls no gen 8?
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    Damn you guys all deserve a big rest... Appreciate all you guys for all you do, seriously... Don't overwork yourselves and work at your own pace!
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    I know that you all form the Development Team are with too much pressure and, of course, much of that is our fault as fans(basically all actually). Naturally, we all want to know what will be the end of our beloved game and have many hopes about how E19 will turn out to be, but no matter what, the true fans will LOVE the game and will wait all the time you need for completing it. Although I might have no place to say that, since I am no represantive or any crap like that(neither would like to be) I'd like to say for all the players of Reborn that we are so thankful for all yours, Ame's and all the team´s hard work and tell you to take your time that we'll understand. Sorry for the long text, but after this post, I felt that someone needed to say something about all this pressure we have put on the game's development and apolozige for that. I think that is enough for a comment, so take care you all folks( and plz wash your hands Cass xD)
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    I'm afraid I don't keep notes other than the change logs I post when a new version comes out. Upgrading will definitely be a harder task if you don't have some kind of record about what code you've changed. You can at least compare Reborn's code with vanilla Essentials v15 to get an idea (if you need a copy of that, let me know). (I recommend upgrading by starting with a clean copy of Essentials and porting code changes from Reborn into it, rather than backporting new code into Reborn.) While you're upgrading (or at any time), if you find anything worth contributing to Essentials itself, I'm always willing to listen. When Essentials gets put onto a GitThing, all its script sections will be split up into separate .rb files for easier editing. This will also make it easier to spot changes, not to mention having multiple people working on them at once and being able to immediately make small changes rather than saving them all up for a big release. I don't have experience working in this way, but it definitely sounds like a good thing to do and get used to. I can't say for sure when Essentials v18 will come out, but I'd be surprised if it was more than a couple of weeks from now. That's not too long to wait, is it? Definitely! It's been on the To Do list for months, but I didn't want to do it in the middle of a version's development (and this latest version has been in development for an awfully long time, which is one of the reasons why the current process is not sustainable). Apparently Pokémon SDK benefits a lot from a more open source approach, so hopefully Essentials will too.
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    You could combine all of these optimisation posts into an actual thesis and get a research publication out of this literal madness
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    guys i don't know what happened i got home earlier and then the sun went down and then i checked the clock and it was 10 hours later and i wrote a fucking dissertation
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    o my. hello there. I'll put on my serious face for this. Before getting into the more active quote/explanation back-and-forth that usually emerges from this, I want to clarify two things that seem to generally apply to a lot of your comments: first, that there's a lot of stuff I've worked on that is very much reborn-specific and I fully realize that it won't apply for a starter-kit meant to apply for all fan games; second, we're also running on an older version of essentials, and I'll clarify whether what I've worked on is in the newer version or not. Regardless, none of this is meant to be a personal attack on you or anyone else involved in the development of the engine itself- if this eases some of the hostility at all. Anyway, into the nitty-gritty. This is going to require some additional clarification. After some later probing at the system, it appears that this was not the primary source of the issues I was seeing. The real issue was PBMoveData.new. I'll consider your comments towards dexdata to be effectively the same as what you may say towards this, as the two functions work very similarly. You may say that cutting the number of abilities read by 3 is insignificant. In many cases, I would agree. Inefficiencies of that sort are so minor as to not be worth fixing. However, my assumption going into this fix was that this function was called a lot. Our data showed that we had 5250 calls to hasWorkingAbility and I had (wrongly) assumed that every call corresponded with a call to the ability function. Had that been the case, the decrease in CPU load caused by this would've been substantially greater. The real culprit, PBMoveData.new, instead does... 11 string reads? each time it's called. And it ends up taking a significant amount of times to process this. Changing this function lead to a noticeable speedup during AI processing. So, sure, if the function was called once, I'd agree. And, in general, fixing some minor math functions is not the focus of what our optimizations have been about. I mentioned them because I find them irritating. It really puts the cherry on top of the "why is this here" feeling that I often have while working in the code. It certainly doesn't help that there's a noticeable lack of comments. I also can't help but notice there's more of this in 17.2's in_range function. But this isn't quite how interpretive languages work. Nor is it quite how CPUs work. Pure machine code instruction for multiplication can take 1-4 cycles depending on number size. Division takes at least 10. This is further complicated depending on how exactly Ruby decides to send the instructions in the first place (which, considering we run 1.8, is likely not done very well). This is a bit more of a technical gripe, but the point I'm trying to make is that this isn't quite as clear-cut as you may want it to be. In our version, this was set as a specific number and never changed (aside from a random dungeon generator that, I believe, doesn't work), which thus incurred the same ire as normal excessive multiplication. So, I say this about the profiler a lot, but it's probably worth repeating again since I'm sure a lot of this was specifically on the dev server: It's bad. It was designed for RMVXA which has a much faster version of ruby. It adds a shitload of overhead to every function, and the ms/call readouts that it produces need to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, some of this seems... mildly insulting? No? That would be dishonest? I'm not here to flex on essentials or some bullshit. I'm here because people regularly complain about the performance. It has been a thorn in my side for a very long time. Lying about improvements does no one any good. If you'd like to see some actual evidence of improvements, I have a lot of it. Perhaps it would be worth making a devblog post to better document this. I feel like this highlights a pretty fundamental difference between how you and I view this problem. You're here for the engine, I'm here for the game. If these performance issues are fake, as you imply, then why am I seeing improvements? Yikes. Uh. Okay. So. Firstly, as, well, self defense, this is a devblog post for the game, not the engine. I write with a very informal style that people seem to find entertaining. The optimizations I've discussed are not exhaustive, they do not represent everything I've worked on, they are specifically chosen because of the blend of information/enjoyment value I feel they offer the reader. If you read the optimization posts and think there's a lot of memes in there....that's the point. If you think that is all I do, then, well, that's insulting. I... look, I don't want to break this down here, because overall it seems like this is just a knee-jerk reaction to a series of posts that disparage essentials. And, like, I understand that. But I feel like there's a disconnect here between what you're talking about and what's really happening. I'll put my money where my mouth is. I implemented three changes into Desolation: the needs_update variable for events; the updated in-range? function; and the new controls checker. 50% improvement in FPS on the overworld. If you still doubt me, I can personally show you what I did as I did it. We can use vanilla scripts and everything. But I also really don't think that it's worth fighting this out. I'd like to call a truce on this and, perhaps, work on making the next release of essentials more efficient. We can backport some other improvements to our version and push some improvements to yours.
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    I'm calling it now. The turnip quote is from Titania.
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    hi i'm new here in the community i played reborn a little bit ahead of the battle with Noel but i stopped playing when i found out the game wasn't complete so i would like to know if you intend to finish the game on e19
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