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    Last week I uploaded a small preview of v13 to my Patreon! This is a very rough draft of an early part of the main story. Of course, there will be slight spoilers. Continue at your own discretion! Not much else to say other than: If you have any comments, feedback, and or suggestions(relevant ones to this video), feel free! Still a lot to do, but I'm definitely making progress... Also there's a slight audio blip at 1:35. Sorry :[. Edit: These tiles were created by Ekat! These came out so well and pls thank her for her hard work! A full image of them are on her twitter. Please go check them out!!
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    Cass suggested coming out of the shadows and be social with a dev blog post so here I be. Please enjoy these animations that were forged from the cursed animation editor (would not recommend using that editor) so with that here are 3 moves that haven't been seen yet Power Whip the canon animation of this move did not look good until gen 6 so that was a bit of a struggle to translate that 3d look into 2d but thankfully Ame made amazing vines for this thing so along with that and trying to throw a ton of graphics onto every frame we got this. Thousand waves went through a few changes originally I was gonna try to make the wave go directly across to the target but there were 2 issues there. The first is if you used this in doubles there was the issue of trying to make the graphics not go over your partner which required me to set every cell to back and then back to front when it got to the target. The second issue is that it's an AOE move so I had to make it look like it hit both targets in doubles. Water shuriken's biggest hurdle was making the shuriken stars but it seemed vital to making it look good so I just grinned and bared through that. Thanks for your time and hope you liked what you saw
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    it's been a while since the last update, so i come bringing gifts, or at least screenshots! this area will be featured in the redo of chapter one! also, concerning chapter one's release date, i'm aiming for a late summer release, so sometime in late august or september! see you then!
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    To make it clear and ALWAYS able to find back; No, we are not adding Dynamaxing in V13. However, to not let the Gmax forms go to waste, the Gmax mons will be added as custom megas and have their own mega stones added for it. can we please stop asking this question now thanks
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    Alrighty, status update time! Eventing is well underway. All of the TMs that will be available this side of e19 are placed. Today I finished making the sidequests/puzzles for the Galar starters. NPC events are largely done, but I still have what is for me the difficult task of giving them dialogue, and placing lore around. I'm 99% sure of releasing in August! Maybe early, it depends how much needs fixing in the testing stage. Health-wise, I've had an MRI and I'm waiting for the results. Working on this mod has been pretty hard-going lately, so I'm really hoping for something helpful out of it. There's an EEG booked too, but not sure when it's happening. Anyway, here's some previews!
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    Hello! I have been working on a location guide for each Pokemon in Desolation for a bit now with 5 others (please send me your forums account name if you helped UwU), and I'm glad to be able to finally release it! *note: This is the very basic and unfinalized version. More edits are likely, even if just for V5. If you seen any mistakes or grammar edits needed, please alert me in PMs! *note 2: Any split evolutions are both bolded and italicized whereas notable forms are both bolded and underlined. ->*note 2.5: Since some Pokemon fit into both, they are italicized, bolded and underlined. *note 3: The only Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist line size is Super. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All POKEMON LOCATIONS: GEN 1: GEN 2: GEN 3: GEN 4: GEN 5: GEN 6: GEN 7: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNOBTAINABLE POKEMON: GEN 1: GEN 2: GEN 3: GEN 4: GEN 5: GEN 6: GEN 7: + All of Gen 8 (being added in V6) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERIC GAMER'S COMMENTS: *note: These are just for fun. You DO NOT NEED TO READ THESE TO GET HELP. GEN 1: GEN 2: GEN 3: GEN 4: GEN 5: GEN 6: GEN 7:
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    Desolation was a great game, so I decided to compile some items that I found after struggling a little myself. I currently have it updated to E5's information. Huge thanks to dragonza's E5 Item Guide and those who helped contribute to it, as it helped me confirm a few locations and rewards. If you have a fix/information, comment below and I'll try to keep this as updated as possible. Happy hunting! *UPDATED ON 8/11 NOTABLE ITEMS TMs CRYSTALS KEY ITEMS CREDITS ITEMS BY LOCATION (every item) * denotes hidden item denotes given by NPC denotes item obtained automatically during quest
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    So its been about a week since we dropped Episode 5 so its about time to drop the Obtainable List! So here.. go nuts. Use this thread as a place to ask each other where Pokemon are located (saves you asking in the AMA and on the Main Thread :D) Also to note, if someone wants to make a Location Guide for the Game, feel free! We will not personally be making one due to focusing our efforts on other aspects of the game so if you want to make one like Reborn's or Rejuvenation's then go for it! I do not mind at all pinning it for easy access for everyone! If you find a Pokemon that hasn't been listed on this list then please let me know, this took a good while to make and I made consistent edits due to changing Pokemon around, so its likely I've missed some.
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    Since Desolation has a lot of content to cover and some of y'all probably know I am working on a 100% guide, thought I might as well make a status thread for anyone who is curious. Like the Rejuv/Deso status threads, I will sometimes post development updates. Sections: #################### | Beginning - Gym 1 (100%) #################### | Post Gym 1 - Gym 2 (100%) #################### | Post Gym 2 - Gym 3 (100%) #################### | Post Gym 3 - Gym 4 (100%) #################### | Post Gym 4 - Gym 5 (0%) #################### | Main Story (0%) #################### | Notable Battles (0%) #################### | Side Content (0%) #################### | Exploration (0%) #################### | Grammar Polishing (0%) #################### | Post Gym 5 - Gym 6 (0%) #################### | Post Gym 6 - Gym 7 (0%) #################### | Post Gym 7 (0%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (50%)
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    Hi everyone, I recently started playing and I did some sprite replacements to allow me to play as Rosa from Pokemon Black and White 2 in Pokemon Reborn. I'd like to share it with you all if anyone else is interested in using it. I customized all of her sprites to fit with the sprite size scaling in Pokemon Reborn, removed her handbag to make the sprites more symmetrical, and modified her face slightly to be a smile. Images: By default this mod will replace the sprites for the 5th player character model you see at the character select screen at the beginning of the game. To install it, download the Graphics folder and merge it with the Graphics folder in your Pokemon Reborn installation folder, overwriting all files when/if prompted. If you wish to replace a different player character model you will need to rename all of the image files to the appropriate player character. If you wish to uninstall the mod and restore the appearance of the original Player Character 5, you can use the Backup folder I've included with the files in the link below You can download the mod here. Please let me know what you think!
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    This topic is for reporting bugs/glitches in Spork, Delicia's Delicious Dreamland, and Delicia's Return to Dreamland. If you think something might be a glitch but aren't sure, it's best to report it just in case. Below is the list of currently known bugs, sorted by category. Ones in green have been fixed for the next reupload. BATTLE ERRORS -when a Pokemon faints from Stealth Rock, a non-game breaking error message pops up (game continues after) (may need additional verification/testing? someone else tested this and said it didn't happen to them) -when the opponent uses a 2-turn move where they disappear on the first turn (Fly, Dig, Dive, Bounce) the animations show as if you're the one using the move rather than the opponent (damage is still dealt to the correct side) -when using a move on an opponent that has Fell Stinger, a non-game breaking error message pops up (battle continues after) -Aromatic Mist raises the user's Special Defense instead of the ally's -a (non-game breaking) error message pops up when using Ally Switch, game continues afterwards -If Primordial Sea, Desolate Land, or Delta Stream are activated by the Pokemon on your second slot in a double battle, the ability cancels itself out -Thousand Arrows has the effect of Misty Terrain -Chinchou and Lanturn have different EXP growth rates -Thousand Waves has the move effect of Grassy Terrain TILE + MAP ERRORS -In some places where land tiles overlap with surf tiles, the player can Surf on land (ex: the bridge at Virima City) -can walk around the door frame leading to the training grounds in the Ceolis Ranger Base -at the outside of Cosmic Castle, a tree overlaps with the entrance/exit to Giggly Grasslands TYPOS MISC/OTHER -Some people are automatically healed when entering a Pokemon Center or place with a healing machine for the first time -for a few people, font size randomly becomes smaller in a battle (only lasts the duration of the battle) -In the sewers, Quinn and Violet appear in the break room before they're supposed to (just their sprites; the dialogue/scene won't activate until intended) -Mysterious Mansion has no wild encounter music and the wrong battle background -When opening the map in Olidroll Recreation and Residential districts, the map cursor and player icon are on Aliora City instead of Olidroll -at the last hide and seek location, the hide and seeker is visible even if the player did not choose Umbreon for the Eeveelution zodiac -Emily doesn't appear at the table during the Emily Quinn conversation at Ocean Coast -Liechi Berries are not sold at the berry shop because I misspelled Liechi in the NPC's event page who's supposed to sell them ESSENTIALS ISSUES (these are inherent issues within the Pokemon Essentials engine itself) -In double battles where the opponent(s) have multiple Pokemon of the same species, the Pokemon sent out after the first two are invisible until they're hit by a move -script is hanging - this can happen randomly in multiple fangames, may depend on computer performance NOT BUGS BUT MIGHT SEEM LIKE BUGS -Gastly line having Levitate instead of Cursed Body, and the legendary beasts having their pre-Gen 7 hidden abilities instead of Inner Focus (I chose not to update these) update: Gastly line can now have either Levitate or Cursed Body -some starter Pokemon remaining after choosing: the dream starter selection was separated into 2 connected maps to reduce lag, and the ones on the other map that are still there after choosing will disappear when the player crosses over into that map -Carol still being in Umira after defeating Isabelle: this doesn't happen in the current episode, but there are some rom hack and fangame hosting sites that use their own custom links (without my permission) and one of those is pokemonromhack which has a custom link to ep 4.5 which went to the 13th gym; there's also some inaccurate information on the page as 4.5 was not the complete version and the page refers to me as his when I'm her. if this is happening then you have an outdated link from pokemonromhack or a similar site; only the links in the Spork thread in this club can be trusted to be up to date as those are the only official links DELICIA'S DELICIOUS DREAMLAND DELICIA'S RETURN TO DREAMLAND
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    Over the course of playing the game, I've encountered a number of bugs and inconsistencies with the main games and Reborn. I may have listed some of them on Reddit, but I want to put them here in case people are looking for them. -Curse (used by a non-Ghost type), will give the message, "But there was no target" if both opposing Pokemon are knocked out in a Double Battle, and therefore fail. I am unaware if this move fails in Single Battles if the opponent is knocked out before the move is used. -Weakness Policy is knocked off and removed without being activated if a Dark-weak Pokemon is hit with Knock Off. Weakness Policy is supposed to be triggered and consumed before Knock Off removes the item. -Z-Powers (the stat boosts you get from using status Z-moves like Z-Conversion) do not ignore abilities like Simple and Contrary. A Simple Swoobat will get +4 Special Attack when using Z-Psycho Shift, and a Malamar will get -1 Speed when using Z-Hypnosis. -Tauros cannot learn Role Play from the move tutor despite being able to learn it by tutor in USUM. Furthermore, Aromatisse (and maybe Spritzee, haven't checked) gets access to Focus Blast by TM even though it doesn't learn that in the main game Though if you chose to ignore that my own Aromatisse wouldn't complain.
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    I can watch too! Silver, where are you?~
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    First off, the whole thing is random iirc. You'll start with one set of the oasis and when you click on it, try going to the mirage tower each time. It's very tedious but it'll eventually be the right one. It's very tedious since it'll loop but you'll see the tower in the top right when you have the right oasis
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    ah i see np^^ i respect your decision if you prefer charizard Y over X, im going to test out every movesets of different pokemon and all the forms to see if they work i'll let you know when i see any more defects, its the least i can do for an awesome fan made pokemon game keep up the wonderful work, i may not being as good as you for making fan made games but i used to be a former pokemon battler profesional myself
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    not that goldenleaf was bad before but it really looks like it got a personality 1,000/10 but like the likelyhood of rens mom saying like is like annoying but just like a little
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    In fact, Greninja is more of a Swiss knife due to his Protean ability while Blaziken makes a pushover of almost all the Reborn Gym Leaders. The Speed Boost + Bulk Up combo is a no-brainer that can bypass all the physical opponents as from the very start of the game. Therefore, Greninja requires you to choose your moves more strategically, and turns out to be a marvelous asset for your team if used with a diversified moveset. Flannery approved your statement
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    Hmm well now that I have you rooting for me, I feel I have to pick him now. Also, as much as Grenny is my favorite water starter, his lack of TMs until Agate makes me nervous so I'm definitely hesitant to pick him. Luckily since there's an ability capsule in the beginning, I can make sure I get good IVs/nature but not be too worried if I end up getting blaze. That's what I did with my Infernape. Jolly plus all it's IVs were 25+
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    Welcome to the forums. Hope u enjoy ur time here. And if u want to do some competitive battles, then contact me pal. I love pvp battles. And lastly, hope u enjoy the game
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    Guys new theory its the fucking malamar. the true villans behind everything is the Malamar
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    I don't know about you people, but today and yesterday, more than any other days, I felt some soothing vibes of summer and relief taking possession of myself. It makes me want to do things that I wanted to do for a long time now and break the routine!
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    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've reported but now I'm back and ready to report some news. This week on the Reborn Devolved League: Badges β€’ Rage, A.K., and Tsubabikun have all gotten 3 badges, Node, Sleepy Boi, and Dream Catcher have gotten 2 badges, and Aura Guardian, Skyseer Arex, Si, and Ryou have all gotten one badge. β€’ Daquan has recently defeated two of the Elite 4 leaving only one remaining. League News β€’ Our admin Cervys has retired and Baz has taken her place as admin. You will be missed Cervys! β€’ Also speaking of Baz they were also promoted to the position of Elite 4 leaving Skyseer Arex to take there spot as ghost leader. β€’ Flying Leader trials are currently taking place they will decide who gets the title of Flying Leader. β€’ New reserves have also been appointed Exomorth9745 is now our Ground Reserve, Dream has switched from Dragon to Grass reserve, and Rage retook the fire reserve slot. (And we plan on interviewing all of them OwO!) Now, to close off this edition of The League Report, you can check out the hottest battles of the week in the links below! Sassy Sylveon, over and out! OwO
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    Okay let me explain in more depth about what I mean, take this Murkrow for example from Reborn, and compare it to the normal Shiny for Murkrow from the main series games, (omg its smol) As you can see, compared to what the basic shiny is, the Reborn Shiny has a unique design, with the ring of the hat having a different colour, and theres an extra bit added on. If you were to re-colour this "custom design" for Murkrow, then it will be rejected, this is because you have not put any thought into the design, you just re-coloured an existing one from Reborn. If you are going to create a "custom design" for a Shiny, then it has to be your own "custom design", not an existing Shiny design from Reborn/Rejuvenation which you just re-coloured. If you just take the basic sprite for Murkrow and then colour it to make a Shiny, thats completely fine! thats essentially what we are after, the point of the post is that, if you want to be "extra" and put more "effort" into the Shiny with a "custom design", you can do, but we will not be accepting anything that is a straight up copy of an existing design in Reborn or Rejuvenation (or any other fangame frankly).
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    Hey there, i always preferred to start with fennekin. Its ultimate evolution Delphox rocks. Dual type fire/psychic , special Attacker. With stab attacks like mystical fire/flamethrower & psyshock/psychic and other moves, it will be a solid dual pokemon for sometime.
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    It only applies to shinies from those two games that have different designs in them than the normal sprites. But the safest thing is to just take the normal sprites from Desolation's graphics folder and use them as your base to design your shiny sprites and yes just simple recolors are okay or if you want you can put your own spin on it
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    Hey Jan! Glad to see the progress and that you're back on your feet after being ill. Super excited to see what's in store for us, and you leaked the perfect stuff to get me excited! Go Ren! Confront your past! Hope you're staying safe during these times. I do have a question, though. For Ren's house, are some of the graphics, like the vines growing on the right side of the wall, custom made? I'm pretty uneducated on this sort of texture stuff . Thanks for everything mate.
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    I like how Watershuriken looks so similar to someone yeeting some Starmie
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    All valid points my friend. While I might not agree with some of them I respect your veiws on them. What I DO agree on is how it kind of is anoying that in Reborn, apparently only the player Character is truely capable of taking on the big baddies without risk of capture or death. Like for instance, when your And then to your point on the badegs. I do agree it kind stinks that you end up not actually being able to fight some of the leaders as I kind of wanted to. There are some instense I kind of get why getting the badge without an offical battel makes sense cause they see they you are clearly strong enough to be them but ah well. Anyways, thanks for your in depth opinion and analysis.
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    ...For now, that is! So I know I said in my previous character update post that I'd do one more character art batch, a rift mon and then *maybe* a bonus batch for some of the sidequest characters, but... well, let's just explain it like this: the angel on my left shoulder said "keep the work split up in several batches and spread it over time so you don't get burnt out!" the devil on my right shoulder said "DO EVERYTHING AS FAST AS POSSIBLE IN ONE BIG BATCH SO YOU CAN GET TO V13 STUFF FASTER" so of course i kicked the angel straight out of the window and did the thing the little devil told me to do. and i didn't get burnt out either! so i see that as a victory. heaven can suck it. im walking backwards into hell facing god flipping the bird at him ANYWAYS, my ramblings aside... This is the final batch of character art that will be publicly released prior to V13. It includes all of the remaining characters from Chapter 14, several characters from the more significant sidequests, as well as all of the remaining rift mons. In this final batch we have Aelita (3rd), Lorna, Alice, Allen, Sakitron, Amandabot, Ryland (Posessed), Kieran, [REDACTED], Isha, Delpha, Karen, Karrina, Spector, Ana, Dylan, Volta, Jolene and Goomink for the characters, and for the rift mons we have Chandelure (which got a slight redesign!), Ferrothorn, Gardevoir, Hippowdon and Dufaux! Let's take a look below! CHARACTERS RIFT MONS *EXHALES* i can't fucking believe that i did all of these in one go. oh my good fucking god. and now i'm done. that's 109 character and mon drawings done in a little less than half a year. am i dead? maybe. was it worth it? absolutely. Anyways, as always, all of the art can be found back in the official art thread, along with bonus icons, wallpapers and links to the full resolution versions of all the individual works! I've also uploaded versions of the rift mons without the rift background (since i finally got off my ass and decided to free carnivine from being stuck to a background lsdhfjdsfk) so you can use those for whatever purposes too. So yeah! That about wraps it up for me with the frequent updates on the dev blog for now. I'm done hogging the place for the time being and won't be posting unless I've got some other graphics update that's significant enough that it's worth making a post about. Unfortunately for those who are interested in the art side of things, I'm pretty certain that all the work from this point on out for me is V13 related, and therefore I very likely can't show it off until V13 itself is actually out, so for now I'll be handing the dev blog back to Jan and quit flooding the place with my nonsense lasjdkgagdsjfask Thank you all so much for the support and kind words you guys have given throughout the past couple of months while I was working on these! I'm honestly so incredibly happy I was able to bring all of the characters and rift mons to life in their artwork. It was a ton of work, but I had an absolute blast working on it, and I'll definitely be making more the more versions come out. Until next time! Zumi, heading out o7
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    Wow, I can't believe I managed to so completely miss the release of your chapter. It was pretty nice too, although I was quite surprised at Flannery's brutality -- it's well-motivated, of course, but it's still unsettling to see violence escalating this much. (Although I believe she would have a very long way to go to be what Sirius would wish for her to be) Your visuals are amazing too. I'm surprised that no one seemed to comment on Fern's behavior -- and how Flannery was perhaps slightly hypocritical when she complained about the blatant lack of empathy of men she had known. Fern's attempt to defuse and pass the bucket is, if somewhat thoughtless and cowardly, very human in my opinion. It was Flannery's choice to escalate violence to "I'll literally burn you" levels in the confrontation, without Fern's backing. That Fern decided to rather let her down rather than risk being burnt alive as retaliation isn't surprising (not heroic, for sure, but hardly callous).
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    Hi! I thought I'd give a quick update now that things are starting to tone down a bit. This post will cover some finer points around Patreon, as well as just giving y'all a general update on stuff. This'll be the last update for a while, but it's a good point to just check in regardless. - Patreon - I thought that I would start by discussing my Patreon. This is a really important topic to me, and I'll be discussing why I've started one, why I need it and what its exact purpose is. I will keep this explanation brief, and to the point. It'll be a good ol' heart to heart. After that, you won't hear about it again o7. If you'd rather not hear about it at all, you can just skip the following section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, Caz, why do you need one? There's basically two reasons Episode 5 took three years, homies. Time and money. Rent prices in NZ are sky-high, especially where I live, so I work a couple of jobs to keep up with that. That'd be fine, but the medical degree I'm doing is also incredibly time-consuming (unfortunately Posty and Ruby can attest to my irritatingly frequent absences), leaving very little to often no time for my project. I get it, everyone works hard, and has their own struggles. This is true, and for this reason I only ask for Patreon support from those who are truly able to support this project without causing any problem for themselves. What's the plan? Do you even have a goal? Yes, I have a very specific goal with Patreon. My ideal situation would be to make just enough to drop one of my jobs, and to inject those hours (from otherwise working) into grinding out this project. This would speed up the development process dramatically, and allow me to put more time into crafting a product that I could be genuinely proud of. Closing thoughts In an ideal world, I wouldn't require Patreon. Unfortunately, it's not really an ideal world for me at the moment. That being said, I actually believe that Patreon, if utilised correctly (using the tiers), should be pretty fun for everyone involved. It's also where you can join my Discord and hang out with the team aww damn. In conclusion, Patreon is an avenue that allows me to work on my game as much as I want to, which is far more than I am currently. I cherish working on the game, and I would love to spend more time doing so. For that reason, I see Patreon as a means to largely improve upon this project. I'm glad to have got that off my chest. I'll shut up now, don't worry! Love y'all <33 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway... moving on! Intermission wholesome boi from Ruby - Aftermath, and looking forward! - It's been just over a week since we dropped Episode 5 and boy, it has been wild. It's been so great to see the community's reaction to the new art polish, the balancing, and the story that I worked so hard on. Before I released Episode 5, there were a large number of things that I worried about - did we live up to expectations? Could I continue the story in a way that I was actually happy with while respecting the characters that I had already created? Did Desolation still have a community that would hold it up after it re-launched? Despite the issues that Desolation launched with, I'm pleased to say that things went pretty well. So then, where to from here? I just started a new medical run at the hospital that I'm studying in, and time has already started to run away from me again. The hours at my (less desired) jobs have increased as well, following New Zealand basically returning to normal. This time, at least, I've put a lot of thought into how I can keep Desolation moving forward (at a reasonable pace too!) without wearing myself out, and I'm excited to see how that turns out. To be fair, I don't have much else to tell you guys at the moment - except to watch this space. I'm looking to make some big changes with Desolation in the near future, especially with the help of some friends in the community who have really broadened my outlook on what can be done (mechanically) with a fan game like this. As time goes by, I'll be certain to keep you guys updated when there are interesting things to report. For now, I'll keep a pin on things, but I'm incredibly happy with the future story of Desolation. Thanks again for your support, it really means a lot! Cheers, Caz
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    To keep you guys updated in the clearest way possible, I thought I should make this a thing. I'll throw a big thank you to the GOAT devs Jan and Ame for this groundbreaking graphic. _________________________________________________________________ Pokemon Desolation Episode 6 Development Progress Old Content #################### | Map Updates (10%) #################### | Script Updates (10%) #################### | Misc (5%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (8%) New Content: #################### | Story (5%) #################### | Mapping (10%) #################### | Scripting (5%) #################### | Sidequests (5%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (6%) _________________________________________________________________ Yeah, there's a lot of grey, but we'll get there one day This thread will be locked (in order for all of my posts to be easily accessible), but don't worry, I will provide updates when I have things to report, that is, a few days after posting to Patreon. Development of Episode 6 should be a great time, especially now that Ruby, Posty and I have really got the gears turning in terms of efficiency. I'm excited to see what we will bring to the table, and I'm excited at the prospect of really stepping things up, especially with the feedback that I have received. I'm honestly stoked to see how well Desolation was received by the community, despite it's multi-year absence. We'll be in touch! Caz
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    I've been playing reborn since ep17, and I loved every moment of it. Take as much time as you need to finish this, but I'd be happy playing Episode 19 without the postgame tbh, the game feels large enough as it is. It'd be easier to release the main story as ep19 (letting the puplic test the first half before the full release) and add postgame as a .1 patch (or just call the full package reborn and ditch the episodes alltogether). Also, can you fix the randomizer so that 7th street shard pokemon don't change? It prevents us from completing the mega ring sidequest since their owners request the original species.
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    Remastered Edition? More like... Reborn Edition
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    well... This batch is out a lot earlier than I initially planned for, but considering I have a lot of work I need to do this upcoming week that isn't Rejuv related, I felt it'd be a good thing if I did this one in advance. And lo and behold - probably the largest batch of characters thus far! ...If you don't count the rift mons from one of the previous batches, that is. Whatever the case, let's take a look at the characters that received art. As a continuation of chapter 12, Mosely received art of both her regular timeline outfit and her bad future outfit. Next to that, we've got the Bad Future editions of Kenneth, Amber, Tesla and Valarie, along with Melanie, Melia in her Absolute God Mode(TM) outfit (for a lack of better terms. honestly i don't think Jan ever gave it a proper name), Souta and Rift Aelita! And speaking of rifts, as a bonus, I've added artwork of Rift Garbodor as well. Might as well, no? Here they are! Rift artwork: man, did i tell you guys i love drawing spooky shit? because i do. it's so incredibly fun. y'all should try it sometimes if you're used to drawing mostly bright and colorful stuff. it's SUCH a nice change of pace Also, as a general note, I've sorted the full resolution artwork per chapter now in the albums! Some characters that appear in new batches of art might be sorted in a different chapter than the batch of art they appeared in when looking at the full res art albums. This was i.e. the case for Amanda who got placed in Chapter 1, as is the case for Mosely as well -- her regular outfit is placed within Chapter 4's album. This is done to avoid spoiling people who might need the art for stuff like thumbnails (or just wanna see the art) for content they haven't reached yet in the game. Hope that clears up any confusion people might have with how the artwork is sorted. regardless, as per usual, all the art can be found back in the official art thread, along with bonus icons! i haven't done the wallpapers yet this time around bc i'm a lazy bastard but i'll have them done by the time the next batch rolls around. anyways, that's all for now! see y'all later o7
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    I think I remember hearing of a similar EXP bug with Ralts, though I don't remember if it was Spork-specific or happens with the Essentials engine. The next reupload is going to be within the next couple hours but I could do more research in the future for what causes it and how to fix. In the meantime if you go into your party, select Lanturn and then Debug, it should bring up a menu where you can change its level so you can get it to where it would've been normally.
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    unfortunatley I cant move the target in thousand arrows/waves because essentials is stupid it would only effect one target so that would look weird in doubles
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