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    Well good news for you! Because today we are dealing with line breaks. A sort of intermezzo if you will. Line breaks are a pain in the butt cheeks, because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their existence. You can change the words before the line break and it will disappear. Okay, seems logical enough. You can add words after the line break and it will disappear. Okay, what? And until one of Ame's patreons looked into things, you could do nothing and they would randomly appear and disappear. RMXP are you drunk? When doing our optimization run (ha! still talking about optimization) I noticed something which I would've bet was the cause. Dear reader, always bet against me, for I was wrong. And then I found a line break while playing. And another. And yet one more. Time to actually look into things. After putting print statements down like no tomorrow, the following conversation between me and essentials happened: Memsplanation.mp4 See, the function in question is getFormattedText. And this function is over-engineered like no tomorrow. Want to left-align stuff? seems logical. Want to right or center align, this function got your back. Want to use the weirdest font you can find? No problem for this badboy. Want to add Icons? Make only one line right align? Okay please slow down. Color certain words? Add your own line breaks? A second way to add Icons? Want to try splitting the text? No, stop! And that one is the problem. getFormattedText decides to rerun itself when a condition is met. What that condition exactly entails, I still don't know. But to spice things up, getFormattedText quickly adds a \n in the middle of the string. Which in ruby is syntax for: start a new line. And when it is rerun, it starts another new line right before the word after which the \n is placed. That part of the function has officially been yeeted. We now are free after all this time of suffering.
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    its.... an actual game dev update???? that isn't a bunch of character art??? from ZUMI???? whoa! yeah i've actually been doing things that probably were a bit overdue anyways. Today's update from me to you is about the VS sprites! There's already been a couple of sprites that received updates, namely Zetta & Keta which I have shown off prior to this post -- go check the recap post at the start of the dev blog, they're in there somewhere! -- but I spent yesterday and today fixing up some more! And ooh boy, some of these took a good bit of time to fix up (ariana, i'm looking at you. why did your face give me so much trouble ma'am.), so I hope you'll appreciate the improvements on some of these! Let's do a before and after showcase! The sprites on the left are the old ones, and the ones on the right are the new ones. Amanda So this is, along with SEC, one of the sprites that has gone without an update for a long, long LONG ass time, and was in dire need of cleaning. Her hair and and cap have been sprited entirely anew, and looks much more accurate to her official art now.The shading also got a slight fixing, particularly on her hand and the pokeball she's holding. Ren Not much has changed in terms of the clothing, but the facial shape is different, along with the shading on the hair being a teeeeny tiny bit different. Honestly, looking at it now next to his old sprite I'm not 100% convinced it's exactly how I want it to look like quite yet? Ren looks kinda young in this sprite compared to the one he has at a later point in the game, so I might still do some further editing before V13 is out. It's headed in the right direction, at least! Eli & Sharon Eli looks even more clueless, and Sharon looks even more Tired Of This Shit(TM). This is one of the sprites that suffered from pointless detailing in the shading that made the sprite look messy and cluttered (Amanda, Valarie, Flora and Florin also being victims of this), so everything has been simplified a bit. Sharon also no longer has the earpiece, as it felt redundant to keep, and the pokeball shes holding has also been colored red. SEC I... Don't think this sprite ever got an update before LOL. I think the difference here is relatively clear; the color has been fixed, and the shading has been updated in several places. The black screen has also been made *slightly* bigger, and the pokeball icon has been redone entirely. Madame X Not a whole lot has changed on this sprite outside of that the shading has been improved, along with that the colors have been fixed slightly. The outline of the hand now also is darker, making the whole a bit more readable than it was before. Valarie Ah yes.... Miss hair clutter. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to add so much detail in her hair back when I did the first edit of her existing sprite, but the messiness should be quite a bit less now! Her eye shape is now also slightly different, giving her a little bit more unique facial features instead of being almost entirely the same to Elesa's sprite in B/W. Other than that, there's been some color correction and reshading, so all in all the sprite looks a lot cleaner now! Crawli I think out of all the edits I've done this one is the least notable? But his face is slightly longer, the eyes are a bit different and his shoulders a bit wider. At least he no longer looks like he's like 9 years old lmao Flora This is probably one of the more significant updates! As much as I like her old hair (despite it being huge in her vs sprite, what the fuck), it's not accurate to her official art, and therefore I had to change it. Next to that, her facial expression is quite different now, along with that she no longer has her hand resting against her face, but instead in a semi-relaxed pose on the right of her. I did this for the reason that I'd like to keep the amount of duplicate poses to an absolute minimum, and Flora used to share a base with Melia's 1st and 2nd VS sprite, which is something I no longer wanted. Florin Florin's sprite DEFINITELY needed some polish. His hair was a mess, and so was his hand! Sir!!!! ARE YOUR FINGERS OK????? i don't know why i thought it looked fine the way it did. i suppose as time goes on you get a better eye for these things. Either way, he looks quite a bit better now! His hair looks closer to his official art now, and his hand no longer has broken fingers (i also switched it to be his left hand instead of his right). The colors of his shirt and vest now also match the official art better, along with that his shirt has a collar now. The face also has a better overall shape now and has his chin looking less like a V -- and to top it off, he looks more confident in his sprite now! Adam Probably the edit I'm the most proud of out of these! The old one honestly looked kinda weird and I 100% understand the comments that I got at the time of V11's release that Adam looked weird (mostly because of his hair), so I made it a point to make him look Less Weird(TM) in his official art. And as I said before, I was going to fix Adam's sprite to match his art better, so here we are! Adam 2.0! His eyes are now peeking from behind his sunglasses (which are smaller now), along with that his facial shape is thinner and his hand is in a slightly different pose. His ponytail now also shows up on screen and his bangs are a bit shorter so they no longer rest on his shoulders. I feel like his sprite emanates a lot more personality in the second version, so I feel like this is a significantly positive change in appearance! Moving on, the protagonist sprites also got a couple of touch-ups. Ariana Almost nothing beside her hair color being slightly lighter, her skin color now matches her official art and her facial shape has changed. However, can I complain about her face for a second? For SOME reason, her face gave me absolute hell to get right. THE EYES, MAN. HOW DO I GET THEM TO LOOK RIGHT. THE ANGLE IS SO WEIRD AND YOU HAVE SO LIMITED SPACE TO WORK WITH. HFJDGDFGNDFBGDHJF I AM DYING, SQUIRTLE ahem. i am ok. i think. either way, Ariana, like Ren, is subject to change in the future because I am still not fully settled on if I'm satisfied with this or not. I'll sleep a night on this one and see again later. maybe i'm just tired and that's why it turned out weird. idk Axel Axel had a bit of a messily shaded vs portrait, so I've gone and fixed the shading on his hair, face and vest. He also has a grin on his face now to match the official art better!! The hair has one less color used now, giving it an overall more clean look. His vest is now also distinctly grey, as for some reason the vest in the previous version was the same color as his shirt??? which isn't actually the case in his art?? oh well. in his alt outfit, the edge of the lil jacket he has over his shirt now looks a bit cleaner. overall, it's not that big of an update, but an update nonetheless! And last but not least... Aevis okay. so i can hear you thinking "WAIT. BUT THAT'S A LOT MORE DIFFERENT." and i respond to that with yes! it is! his hair is different! Aevis has been under prospect for a while in regards to a slight design change, due to feedback from a good amount of people that his hairstyle felt very plain compared to all the other protagonists. Jan and I did a bit of brainstorming (along with collecting some feedback from Jan's patreon server members), and eventually settled on this new hairstyle for him! His battlesprite and backsprites will be updated to match the change accordingly. Nothing else about him has changed though -- it's just the hair. He'll keep his good ol' green clothes as we saw no reason to change that from what it was before. ----- Honestly, normally I don't even write these long winded posts for sprites, but I felt like some people might like to know the thought process behind some of these changes I make to sprites, so I wanted to have a more elaborate post for a change when it comes to graphical updates. I'll also very likely be doing a pass on a couple of battle sprites as well, but I won't be making a separate post for those. For now, thank you for reading! Let me know what you guys think of the changes! Until next time! (which will probably be a character art post or smth. yeehaw) o7
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    Essentials supports 4 hidden abilities, which is why it loads four individual abilities. Essentials is built around the whole "dexdata" approach. species/abilities/forms and all that are loaded by opening the relevant data file, reading from the relevant section at the desired offset. This is an archaic data structure, but removing three string read points isn't going to make a difference. A real difference would be switching to a Hash-based data structure, like how item data is stored ($ItemData). This would actually have a noticeable impact on performance, unlike what is suggested here. I also can't help but comment on your older optimization claims. The idea that "something*2/4" versus "something/2" makes any difference or what-so-ever, is ridiculous. This would take one processor cycle, of which there are roughly 3,000,000,000 per second (3.0 GHz) on modern computers. Even if it did run some 76000 times per second as per your claim, that would use 0.0025% of your processor's capacity in one single second. And then you claim that it makes an impact. Doing this with 128*4 in particular also obfuscates the meaning of the variable, which is Game_Map.realResX * 4 (why it didn't use that instead, I wouldn't know). This also applies to "4*Game_Map::TILEWIDTH", which is equal to Game_Map.realResX. Again, tailored for variable tile sizes. Pokémon Essentials is a starter kit, and requires a degree of documentation. Read also: https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-magic-number-in-programming You also talk about using constants for tile width/height and subpixel calculations, and ridicule Essentials for it. I think you've forgotten that Pokémon Essentials is a kit that was built to suit everyone's needs, and those may including variable tile width and height. As such, this needs to be reflected in the math. Perhaps Reborn, or most other fangames don't use this, but that doesn't make it Essentials' fault for including it. Then how in the world can you use said profiler to measure performance increases? After all, addition, subtraction, muliplication and division and all other mathematical operator all call functions too. As for the profiler, does it take into account averages, or do you just run it 10 times and pick the biggest speed difference to advertise your "improvements"? Based on some of the percentual increases you've shared, I wouldn't say you're using a particular reliable profiling method at all. Note that the context of quote was for event reflections, which was a good improvement. If you want to tackle real performance issues, you should look at calling external code (e.g. Win32API) or graphics processing (as you've done with mkxp; that's good). Or rewrite the map renderer, which is without a shred of doubt why Essentials tends to run poorly. That's where you can make real change, or with the aforementioned changes to the data structure. But from what I've seen, you prefer memeing over programming. Why do I care? You're claiming that Pokémon Essentials is the offender in most cases here. However, what you've shared is largely to be attributed to your ancient version of Essentials, or to things that are highly specific to Reborn. And that's not even to mention all the factual inaccuracies and exaggerations. Yes, Pokémon Essentials runs poorly, and yes, it needs improvements. But what you're doing is oftentimes wrongfully alienating Pokémon Essentials to your playerbase, and giving other fangame developers the impression that these changes are meaningful. I have read some decent improvements, like assuming a sprite does not warrant a reflection, as opposed to assuming it does. Or checking less input keys (although, if this is only called once during Input.update, you're going to have a hard time convincing me that it made any difference at all).
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    To keep you guys updated in the clearest way possible, I thought I should make this a thing. I'll throw a big thank you to the GOAT devs Jan and Ame for this groundbreaking graphic. _________________________________________________________________ Pokemon Desolation Episode 6 Development Progress Old Content #################### | Map Updates (0%) #################### | Script Updates (10%) #################### | Misc (0%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (3%) New Content: #################### | Story (5%) #################### | Mapping (5%) #################### | Scripting (0%) #################### | Sidequests (5%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (4%) _________________________________________________________________ Yeah, there's a lot of grey, but we'll get there one day This thread will be locked (in order for all of my posts to be easily accessible), but don't worry, I will provide updates when I have things to report, that is, a few days after posting to Patreon. Development of Episode 6 should be a great time, especially now that Ruby, Posty and I have really got the gears turning in terms of efficiency. I'm excited to see what we will bring to the table, and I'm excited at the prospect of really stepping things up, especially with the feedback that I have received. I'm honestly stoked to see how well Desolation was received by the community, despite it's multi-year absence. We'll be in touch! Caz
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    today's devblog comes straight off of discord, where i was very angry at some things earlier. i had noticed while playing a certain pokemon desolation that in four-person double battles (you and a partner vs two opponents) the AI phase of the turn would occasionally lag just a bit. deso uses the reborn ai (because they're not, y'know, animals), and so earlier today i took a peek at its inner functionality. it is, uh, something. firstly, it makes the "movescore" calculations (the ai's entire claim to fame) three times per round instead of, y'know, one. this was kind of an oversight on our part. silly, really. with some restructuring, it was patched out and now runs a lot smoother. however, upon further investigation, it became clear that fixing this issue did not yield the expected improvements. i identified a culprit: the hasWorkingAbility function. this function does two things: it checks to see if you have an ability and it checks to see if it functions (not moldbroken, etc) it's not very good at those things. and that frustrated me. in a fit of righteous fury at this function that had wronged us all, i prepared to re-code all 1002 calls inside the move scoring system. but then. things changed. what follows is a direct transcript of my angy in its purest form. (for reference that 15.8s -> 14s thing is just how long it took to profile- so by the end of this the profiler ran about 20% faster) *sighs anyway what i'm trying to say here is fuck essentials.
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    So if abil is 1, it doesn't actually run pbDexDataOffset to ensure that it's getting the correct byte from dexdata (i.e. the ID number of the second natural ability available to the Pokémon). And if abil is 2 (perhaps by mistake) and there happens to be no hidden ability available to that species, it doesn't fall back on one of the natural abilities and instead returns ret, which is actually undefined in this case and will cause a crash (or at least make things work very wrongly). At least the code in Essentials worked properly, even if it's not quite speedy enough for you (and I doubt making this change would noticeably affect anything; 20% quicker than almost no time at all is practically the same).
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    um so everything will be put under a spoiler tag- but the e5 stuff will be separated from the other stuff just in case! ( the only e5 thing here really is a character that was introduced. not really any plot related drawings with me yet lol ) Ok that was the first box! Now this second spoiler box DOES CONTAIN E5 STUFF. Be warned!! That's it-! For now~~~~
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    Heyooo We got some requests to make a fanworks thread on here, so... here it is! Thank you all for the support! Also note that any works that have to do with E5 have to be spoiler tagged. Memes are fine too, of course! And I might as well throw in some of the meme stuff I made, to start it all off \o/ these arent e5 spoilers until later btw I just dont like my images being huge lol
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    Hey y'all! We have a big ole announcement! Introducing... The Pokemon Desolation Community Shiny Project! Yes that's right you heard it here, we at the Desolation Dev Team want to customise every single Shiny Pokemon in the game, but we are busy at work fixing bugs and looking to begin development soon for Episode 6 So this is where you come in! We are opening the floor to the community to essentially create Shinies for every single Pokemon in the game! (including Gen 8! use the >> Gen 8 Sprite Pack << *NOTE* we are not adding Gigantamax Forms) So... how do you even get round to submitting your Shinies? LET ME TELL YOU! Below are two very important links! One is to the Shiny Project document and the other is to the Google Form where you can Submit your Shiny Sprites, let me go into detail about these links. First is the Shiny Project document which is linked >>>>> HERE <<<<< This is essentially a Checklist to keep track of what Shinies have received a brand spanking new Shiny! Use this to check to see if a Shiny you want to submit has already been submitted The document is split into Generations (Ordered by National Dex) with Regional Variants, Megas, Silvally Forms (please submit cool Silvally forms like in Reborn/Rejuvenation) and Arceus Forms (they dont have to be wild, but yeah go nuts if you want lol) having separate tabs. When a Shiny has been submitted and approved, I will be updating the document, so make sure you keep an eye out! Second is the Google Form which will be used to SUBMIT YOUR SHINIES which is linked >>>>> HERE <<<<< Answer the questions on the Form in order to submit your Shinies You can submit as many Shinies as you want! but the Form is limited to 10 uploads per response so take that in mind. **NOTE** When submitting Shinies, We would like the entire Evolution Line to be submitted along with Backsprites and Gender Differences. This is because if for example, One person creates a Litten Shiny and someone else creates a Torracat Shiny, they may look completely different and continuity is lost. We will not be accepting single Shinies if they are apart of an Evolution Line, If more than one person has worked on a set of Shinies, please submit this as one Response and link all names who contributed. **ALSO** If you plan on submitting a Mega Evolution, we would prefer if you submitted Shinies for the whole line, for example if you wanted to submit a Shiny Mega Beedrill, we would prefer it if you submitted Shinies for the whole Weedle Line! (I know this may mean making a second Response, but just make sure you have the same name so we know it's your Shinies!) Arceus Forms can be different however we would prefer if they were all similar (like the base, use Reborn's as an Example) with a few differences, so if one person is up for the task go for it! ALSO PLEASE USE THE BASE SPRITES IN THE DESOLATION FOLDER FOR WHEN YOU MAKE SHINIES. Remember we will be having the Final Say, we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to create Shinies and submit them however if we ain't feeling them, they will not be included in the game. This also means that we may adjust a Shiny slightly if we really want it however one aspect is putting us off (for example, Eye Colour, few Pixels etc) If two Legendaries for example Solgaleo and Lunala are meant to be "grouped together" (Shiny Wise mainly), for continuity purposes we would prefer it if the person who creates one of these Shinies would create the other pair! When you submit a Shiny, please try to label it properly. What I mean by this is that, when the game checks for a Shiny Sprite, it'll look for the Pokemon Number with the letter "s" at the end, for example Charmander's Shiny is labelled "004s" and "004sb", if theres a female version for example with Venusaur, then it should be labelled "003fs" and "003fsb". This will save me a lot of time when filtering through the Shinies and putting them into a folder for the Shiny Pack! **WE WILL ALSO NOT BE ACCEPTING** - Half Pixels (Please check your Shinies before you submit, if we notice several Half Pixels, we will not approve of your Shiny, we will have the final say!) - Blatant Video Game/Series References (We do not mind a slight reference to a series, however if its extremely obvious we will not be approving, Shinies relating to other Pokemon Fangames are fine, just don't go over the top with them) - Over-saturated/Too Bright (If it hurts our eyes to look at, we won't accept it) That's about it, we can't wait to see what you all come up with and submit! From Desolation inspired Shinies to a custom palette! From the Desolation Dev Team we once again want to say a major Thank You for all the support everyone has given us with the release of Episode 5, its been a wild ride and we can't wait to bring more to you soon! *One More Thing* I will be updating the document every Wednesday and Saturday, so check around 12pm BST on these days to see what has changed on the checklist!
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    Welcome to Pokémon Desolation - Story - What is a dream? A series of thoughts? Images? Sensations? No... perhaps it's something more? Welcome to the Ayrith Region, a large land mass split into several islands. Ayrith is clouded in mystery, with strange, inexpiable events happening in every corner. However, somewhere deep down, there is something more to this mystery. Something unexpected, impossible even. You will uncover this secret, and go down in history. What is your dream? Is it to be a hero? The outcome of Desolation is strongly based on the choices you make. Choose wisely. - Features 5.1 - - Obtainable List - - Episode 5 - Somnium - Important Note 1: If you are updating from E4, you may continue to E5 content by entering your room in the Cellia Manor. Important Note 2: Episode 5 runs on a new, faster engine, MKXP. To run Desolation, use 'game-z.exe'. If you have issues with game-z, instead try running 'game.exe'. Finally, please note that during the update to Gen 7 and the movement to the new engine, many move ID's had to be shifted, resulting in a small number of instances where Pokemon have different moves than they should (ONLY in save files created prior to E5). - Download Links - 7 Badges are available as of this release. Version 5.1, 07/07/2020 For those of you updating from 5.0.4/5.05 and want a smaller, manual patch for 5.1 - download THIS file (4 MB) and extract its contents into Desolation's root directory (the one with game.exe), overriding the previous content. Do not load this update from the Manor Basement, Silver Rise, Bountilia Island OR Odis Village Windows Mirror 1: Mega (521 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (521 MB) Mac Mirror 1: Mega (524 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (524 MB) Created by Caz, Ruby Red, and Posty Thanks to andracass for creating a Mac version of the game Feels good to be back Want to lend me a hand? Support me on Patreon! - Other Screenshots - - Credits - - Full Cover Art (downloadable) - PBS files can be downloaded by clicking here
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    Hello! I have been working on a location guide for each Pokemon in Desolation for a bit now with 5 others (please send me your forums account name if you helped UwU), and I'm glad to be able to finally release it! *note: This is the very basic and unfinalized version. More edits are likely, even if just for V5. If you seen any mistakes or grammar edits needed, please alert me in PMs! *note 2: Any split evolutions are both bolded and italicized whereas notable forms are both bolded and underlined. ->*note 2.5: Since some Pokemon fit into both, they are italicized, bolded and underlined. *note 3: The only Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist line size is Super. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All POKEMON LOCATIONS: GEN 1: GEN 2: GEN 3: GEN 4: GEN 5: GEN 6: GEN 7: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNOBTAINABLE POKEMON: GEN 1: GEN 2: GEN 3: GEN 4: GEN 5: GEN 6: GEN 7: + All of Gen 8 (being added in V6) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERIC GAMER'S COMMENTS: *note: These are just for fun. You DO NOT NEED TO READ THESE TO GET HELP. GEN 1: GEN 2: GEN 3: GEN 4: GEN 5: GEN 6: GEN 7:
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    I have been doing nothing for the last 2 days except trying to make custom shinies for Desolation. xD This is gonna be awesome.
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    Been drawing more Deso for the past few days, so let me slap some of them here again! Spoilers for characters you meet before the 5th gym.
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    Install Rejuvenation's V12 Patch 2 from here:
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    The reason they won't is bc they might not get a proper chance to do so when word gets out on the internet that 'Pokemon Reborn is finished'... The Pokemon Uranium-story, if one recalls. Nintendo is...very strict about these things. I might not go for the collect-a-thon either, but I don't think Reborn could get a (proper) postgame if they released it separatedly.
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    It doesn't matter. We all know, PC and Ava are meant for each other, even if it never happens in-game.
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    Perfect, he usually just sleeps, but, this time he ruined coded data just to sleep. Wow
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    Well this chapter is dedicated to the side quests in Gearan city introducing Karen, the pyroar pokegang and the hidden library Link to the Wattpad story below Ray's side adventures https://my.w.tt/6qBxK8rEY7
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    PM your save, and I'll fix it. It's likely due to the Tristan bug being activated.
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    Hey guys! If your save somehow got the game breaking strength bug and it's keeping you from completing the game, we have a mini patch available now that should fix this issue and keeps your game from crashing when touching strength boulders. It's something that straight up prevents ppl from completing story sections so it's something we deemed an important enough fix to roll out a mini patch for. This fix will also be included in the files for V13 so it won't have a chance of occurring in newer versions of the game either. Simply download the scripts file included in this post and place it in your data folder where you have the game installed, and you should be ready to go! Have fun! Scripts.rxdata
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    Been a small while, so here is the second Pokemon fusion I've done!
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    This is an except from my Patreon: "Every version I get a lot of questions asking what contributes to what ending. Will this decision put me towards the good ending? Maybe the bad? The worst? I became sort of tired of these questions, but I understood that it's because nothing is really clear outside of obvious circumstances. For example, the true ending of the chapter involving Melanie. If you get the good option, you'll know. If you get the bad ending, you'll know. But what about other choices in the game? How will I know? It's a long game and I would like to know which choices matter, etc. Well, from v13 and onward, you will know! Every quest that contributes to any ending will notify you. But what do I mean by "notify"? =============================== Quests that contribute to the good and true ending will display like this: https://imgur.com/XhoXDzZ Quests that don't necessarily contribute to any ending will display like this: https://imgur.com/WQPPJYX =============================== But this transparency isn't limited to quests. Any decision you make will clearly display which path it set you down. Decisions that contribute to the good ending will display: https://imgur.com/pzjphHj Decisions that contribute to the bad ending will display: https://imgur.com/APSyL8U ...And decisions that contribute to the worst ending will display: https://imgur.com/hpCBLyz This is all very WIP and the gears will disappear moments after they're displayed. I'll probably make custom graphics for each one, but for now, these are their placeholders. =============================== Speaking of Quests... They've also gotten an overhaul with the use of Quest Cards! These are just a few examples of the new Quest cards I'm working on. Really excited for them and gives each quest their own feel of importance. As shown above, each card will be personally stylized as well. Overall this is mostly a cosmetic change rather than a gameplay/mechanic change. Just one of those things I'm working on when I'm tired and requires not much effort from me." Let me guys know what you think. Any suggestions? Anything else you want clarity on? This is a great time to ask as I'll be watching this thread closely for a while. ...63% hype... Even though most of that is inflated bc of Gen 8 stuff.... But still!!
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    So I discovered something rather humorous happened when I was trading for the Budew...it came out as an egg. A very mysterious egg. Budew is not supposed to be an egg. In fact, nobody so far has experienced this scenario so it'd be easy to believe I screwed up my game. I tinkered a little bit and...lo and behold I was able to get a normal budew and working backwards I found something crazy to be the culprit. Something in a million years you'd never guess could cause this...a Pokesnax. Most people probably won't experience this glitch as Pokesnax aren't obtainable under normal circumstances. I don't even remember how I got one. My only guess is that I picked one up using Pickup as it is still an obtainable item from the pickup list which...was what my Zigzagoon was doing. This doesn't really break the game but if you are experiencing anything weird, I'd check your bag for a Pokesnax and remove it since it's linked to a lot of placeholder code. I'll try looking more into where that Pokesnax came from in the meantime.
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    Hello I followed all the steps correctly and dropped the save file into the folder but when i start up the game my file is not available. I retraced my steps but i’m perplexed on why it’s not working plss help
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    you did this like i'm seriously genuinely just you fucked with the code. you turned your budew into an egg. you were fucking obnoxious to the devs about it. but you fucking did this. now i know what you're thinking "cass its switch 999 pls believe me i can game dev" and here's the thing that switch doesn't exist in desolation you put the switch in you triggered it and then when you solved the problem you made you patted yourself on the back for it (re: this thread) stop wasting everyone's time. edit: hi so it looks like i should add some clarification here because this is now cycling around the internet. if you add pokesnax into your bag and then trade for budew in desolation, you will not see commander's issue. the switch exists in the code, but because it is not implemented into rmxp, changing the switch does nothing. by modding the game, commander caused the bug he reported by making the switch exist. i had told him this in advance, and despite that he posted here. this was not the first time he had bothered the devs for a bug that was caused by him, hence the harshness.
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