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    Hi! It's no secret that Rejuv is implementing Generation 8. We thought it would be nice to compile a free to use pack (with credit) for everyone to use! So please, go nuts. Use them for your projects! Click me now or suffer the consequences. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DLC CONTENT THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DLC CONTENT THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DLC CONTENT This means no G-Slowpoke line, Starter Gmaxes, and the Crown Tundra content, etc etc etc. If anything is missing, please let me know. I'll have the pack updated immediately. Have a nice day
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    so apparently it's been a week since last post???? and i didn't even notice. anyway the bois n i have been at this coding shit and it's all like dam gurl so fast like wo lemme show u a sample of what we got. Zoom so let's start off with an easy one this code is parked at the end of the script that updates every single event that has a sprite. each of these lines calls a function that calculates a lot of data about where the event is relative to you, and how zoomed in its sprite should be. i'm mostly interested in the zoom lines. now, TILEWIDTH and TILEHEIGHT are both defined variables. their purpose is kind of obvious. both of them have set values since the tile size doesn't change when you're in game. let me show you those values. now, class. could someone please tell me what you get when you divide either of the two tilesize variables by 32? anyone? essentials? here's what the code looks like now. better. this probably doesn't look like that substantive of a change, and, yes, compared to the sheer number of calculations that need to be done per frame, this is kind of a drop in the bucket. to this, i counter: - this keeps two functions from being called per event per frame. if you're in, say, charlotte's gym, these functions would get called a grand total of 9,120 times each every second - it's literally just one - it doesn't even do anything - it's just like "oh hey let's change the zoom from 1 to *shuffles notes um, 1" which is literally not even a thing which leads me to Math if you read through my entire last post (thx btw!) you'll remember that i was very tilted by the fact that essentials calculated the value of 128*4 a grand total of 8 times per event per frame via the in_range? function (which i'll be coming back to!). so, 72,960 times per second in charlotte's gym. this was not necessary. it was never necessary. it filled my heart with despair and my soul with rage. well. WE GOT A WHOLE LOT MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM Weather Updates! the snow and sandstorm lines hurt me. why would you have the thing multiply something by two and then divide by four. why not just divide by two? better yet, why not just set them all to the same value in the first place and then drop the value in there? this isn't even nearly as big of an issue as the 128*4 thing but it just bugs me. you can't even see the whole time because rmxp's script editor is ass, but i think you can get the idea here: all this does is multiply a bunch of shit together that doesn't need to be multiplied, and it gets called thousands of times every second. it doesn't have to be this way. i could go on, but like, do you really want to see me complain about math more? no, you don't. suffice it to say that about half the time i see a function is running absurdly often or absurdly long, it tends to be doing a whole bunch of stupid math. it offends my sense of justice. are you SURE you're in range?? this one i particularly wanted to include in the event that you also happen to make these games and are particularly interested in some shit that can help speed things up. good news! this is some easy shit that you can just grab for yourself. nearly every single aspect of the code that affects the overworld operates through one central script: the Scene_Map update function. nearly every aspect of your entire gaming experience has some sort of roots in that single function. it pushes all the overworld processing to two separate scripts: Game_Map which deals with the mechanics of the map itself (where events are, what maps are connected to it, etc) and Spriteset_Map, which handles everything you see on your screen. essentials comes with some helpful anti-lag scripts that use the in_range? function and the event trigger to determine if an event actually needs to be updated. it's actually helpful! it saves some time updating events that literally do not matter. here's the thing. despite the fact that the two major functions handle a lot of the same objects, they don't coordinate with each other at all. that leads to a lot of duplicated calculations. but there's a fix for that! in game_event: in game_map: in spriteset_map: and boom. ur game already goes at the speed of zoom. is this a deep bush? this is gonna be a short one because i'm getting tired. i've mentioned functions that run on a per event per frame basis. what this basically means is that the code runs for every event on the map regardless of what is, every single frame of the game. these functions are the core of why some places simply lag to hell: the game is updating so much shit that your computer- even with the hippest, hoppest, newest CPUs- can't keep up (especially on speedup). the reason that 18.4 was such a huge improvement is because it took a massive chunk of those updates and yeeted them. well, i'd now like to give you part 2: bush edition. when something is in a bush in pokemon, it looks different. we all know this. when something is in a big bush, it looks big different. but in reborn, nothing is in a big bush- except for you. so we just yeeted the code that dealt with that! and wow is it faster. you can even see for yourself! (i've updated the patch on the downloads page, too, but not the main downloads. it's not worth that level of effort.) anyway. trying not to pass out on my keyboard. there's still a lot of fixes i haven't mentioned that will be in e19 and just require more testing before i let them out into the wild. but that patch has some fancy new in_range functions along with it. if it breaks someone's game i will cry.
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    Hey, look, I'm on the forums. That's rare. Y'all know what time it is! Party Time! That means it's once again time for that beloved Reborn tradition: Reborn Royalty! Side note: I've been told that I completely misinterpreted what "Reborn Royalty" meant and that we aren't deciding who among us shall rule over the peasantry as is divinely ordained by Our Lord and Savior. But, like, why even HAVE an aristocracy in the first place? This government is ridiculous. Anyway, for those of you unaware, let me quote the Lady herself: A few changes from that quote, though: NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN AT THE START OF THIS TOPIC! So go ahead at it. The floodgates are open; nominate as many people as you want until the day of the party. To keep things funky fresh and fun, y'all ain't allowed to nominate Jan, Zumi, or ZEL for any category since they won last year. Pick someone new, you filthy meme children. Okay so just two changes, I guess. I'll keep a running list of nominees ITT. Have fun, y'all NOTE: Please tag your nominations so that I can insert their links into this list easier okay thanks bye Ember King Abyss Alistair Bibs Brave Candy Caz Chxxo Godot Hellscythe Huggy Hycrox Kyle Marcello Pyrros Midsummer Queen Amethyst Azzie Broken Elegance Cass Chevalerazze Cicada Crimson Ice Cream Sand Witch Kanaya Lost Lore Mu7e Posty Ruby Starry Night Vanitas Vinnie Walpurgis Sunlit Sovereign Adrian (A11) Alex Candy Caz Ceratisa Cerise Inuki Khrona Posty Sin City Toothpaste Fairy Waynolt Super Sunrise Emperor (All 3) Ikaru Kyra Ruby Smooth
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    ⚔Prologue⚔ Dark Decade A decade of without hope. A decade of pain & misery. A decade of injustice & corruption. A woman entering the region with the goal for domination and a thrist for pure unbridled power. She loves to play with people lives and emotions, claiming to be above anything else. She's responsible for all of this. Her corruption spreader like a virus. She knows every weakness of yours. But she wasn't alone doing this all. There were other people, who were causes of that decade. An aristocratic assassin with bloodlust, killing any lowly commoner; deemed them unworthy in his sighs. A twisted scientist and broken father, breaking families and ruined lives as uncontrollably vengeance for his daughter, whose live got forcefully taken away at wrong time. A young man, who willingly joined and become her loyal follower, became she acknowledged him as equal for the first time in his life. The resistance is falling apart. With Gym Leaders death, missing or simple broken, the league became inactive. The next generation paid the price of it's former for being relatable. 4 Keys are the centre on this play for unlocking the Meteor's great legacy beneath. Ruby Saphire Emerald Amethyst Their origins leading under a transformation into jewellery and given to 4 families to guard them. But at what price... 2 Gym Leaders died later due a unforgivable crime was committed in accident. 3 sisters left alone to fight for themselves. 1 woman's sacrifice to protect the ones, she loved and two little stars hidden from prying hands. A surviving family hidden from them, but with the agent's undercover to gain their token of happiness back. A young girl being left out, due to her mother's sacrifice for providing her a carefree live in sweet dreams of beautiful darkness. 3 stars and a misunderstood Pokemon guiding and protecting her. A silver haired maiden's pray for restoration and helping those unfortunate souls, but proves to be challenging due to enemies of her blood trying to eliminate her. She cries for answers. She wants piece. She wants to fight back the organisation, who ruined her homeland. She wants to finish and protect, what her father left and took his position. Let the war of legends begin!
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    "Hm, I've done a bit of Reborn and Rejuv fanart, I could make an art thread." ...ok, here goes. Reborn Rejuv
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    @Posty for Midsummer Queen
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    Nominating @Cerise as my noble successor for Sunlit Sovereign and @Azzie for Midsummer Queen uwu
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    Hey we appreciate it my guy! we are excited to be bringing you the game soon! In regard to your question, yes and no? Lemme explain. So Caz has edited a few of the older maps slightly and I have personally gone back to adjust and fix anything that looked out of place, few errors etc, for example.. trees.. I now despise trees.. You may notice a few maps having a slight revamp, not major! just a little polish up for details. However with myself only starting mapping recently (as in the past 6 months?) the maps will mainly get a major rework when we start development on v6! This is because for v5, our main focuses were: 1. Revamping the characters, Ruby did a fantastic job on giving them new life. 2. Balance, my main goal was to adjust the game and make the overall "Pokemon gamplay" aspect more enjoyable 3. Actually pumping out the story lol We have goals set in mind for v6, one of them will be reworking the maps! This is a long project, and as you can expect with gaining a team, it's gonna take a bit of time before everything is completely up to scratch with our vision! But we hope we deliver an overall enhanced Pokemon Desolation in v5!
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    You're absolutely right. Aelita, Vivian and Taelia are just simple side characters without any meaning to the plot, whatsoever
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    All praise be to Her Excellency, Kyra.
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    Ren is Rejuv best boy, this is a fact! Anyway. I have more, because I couldn't fit all in one post. Rejuv Both (Main character thing that belongs together) Ok, this is all for now.
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    I made a small face doodles of Angie and Damien
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    nomming @Ojama Yellow for all three categories cuz why not :] for real though, nomming @chxxo for ember king and @cicada for midsummer queen
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    Darn, I was gonna nominate Jan for everything I nominate @Ruby Red for Ember King, Midsummer Queen, and Sunlit Sovereign (On the off chance that Ruby read this: hiya! Pretty sure you donut know me, but I nominated you anyways )
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    Let's add @Caz to the Ember King pool to make this like lord of the rings part 3 or something, and I will pit @Amethyst and @andracass against eachother in a deadly boop war battle for Midsummer Queen
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    yay! i'm officially a veteran now. i remember when i was a young whippersnapper
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    This post reminds me of my math teacher who said that more math is good. I would like to throw this in her face as proof that less math is better You guys are amazing. Hopefully this will not cause any unexpected issues, it's too amazing to want to change back
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    Hi all! I'm back with another batch of characters! No rift mons this time around as I didn't really feel like working on them, but hopefully the 9 new art pieces will make up for it. This time, it's the remaining characters from Chapter 11 and a couple of characters from the start of Chapter 12 -- Risa, Cassandra, Madelis (2nd outfit), Puppet Master, Damien, Cella (Old & Young), Vivian and Anju. Part of me feels like I could've probably waited with Damian, but considering you see him for the first time in GDC, it's fiiiiiiiiiiine. Here we go! Not counting V13 content and the rift mons, I have roughly another 28 pieces of art to go for characters that are mandatory! I still plan to draw a couple of bonus characters (Think Goomink, Truck Guy, Piano Lady etc.) as well as Karen and Karinna at some point, but those are all for after I've done all the artwork that I currently have listed for myself. Either way, we're at LEAST 2/3 done when it comes to all the official art for characters! WEW. As per usual, all the artwork can be found back in the art thread, along with icons and wallpapers of the characters! Also, on a final note, thank you all for the kind words you've been sending my way after Jan put up his update post! It's very, very much appreciated and motivated me to keep going with the artwork I plan to do one batch at least once every two weeks to keep up the pace and have everything done on time so it can all be implemented into the game as Jan has shown off they will, so I hope you will keep supporting the development of the game and the artwork!! o7
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    Lots of cool things coming in V13! So it seems we're over the 50% mark. I still have a LOT of work to do, but I can see the light now. A glimmering light that's evaded me for so long... Gen 8 is almost completely implemented. We need to update some team rosters for some new additions, as well as edit fields to work with new abilities and moves! Zumi, as you can tell, has focused more on the character art, and lemme tell you... They work so well in game. Zumi's really carrying me right now. If you like the art you've seen, please, please, PLEASE, tell her how much you love it. Because my goodness is it great. As for me, I've taken a break from tweaking early content and decided it's time to focus on main story stuff, and oh boy... No one's ready. Finally, so many answers will be given. I can't wait to show you guys what we've been keeping secret. But with even more answers, I know for sure that more questions will be raised. Maybe this cycle can never be broken. Who knows? We'll have to see.
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    this is a little late, but happy pride month from aria and the rest of the enigma dev team. this is basically a reveal of aria's redesign, that i drew. i kinda messed up with some shading on the face, but i hope you enjoy despite this. oh yeah, since i'm still practicing art, i traced this image so credits to the original artist.
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    Mega Aggron crushes the Glassworks factory gauntlet. Honestly disappointed me. I wanted more of a challenge. Thankfully Commander is with us and gave me the much nastier version of it in Redux. It's funny though, because I found Rejuvenation much harder than Reborn, at least post Episode 16 Reborn. (I think the AI for that ep in my game especially was just somehow smarter, not sure. And E17 changed team rosters). Hard Rejuv in the beginning was MURDER for me, though. My replay of that was difficult up until the end of Terajuma, though there's still plenty of dire struggle boss fights near the end... I'd say I prefer Rejuv, if it weren't for certain plot points that are revealed near the end that... do NOT work for me. AT ALL. And Reborn literally saved my life. I would not be anywhere anymore if I hadn't discovered Reborn when I did. I was on my last wisps of ether like mist in the midday sun. It came at the last moment, and well, saved me from the darkest stages of depression when nothing else could. Thank God for Reborn! Amethyst did amazing work. Desolation still got best potential though. And it's Baaaaack~ And absolutely gollygosh yes! Ttar MUST play Rejuv. He will have FITS over his wild theories. Though let's hope he doesn't decide to include Shade. Or it will be a running gag that exhausts his imagination. I can already hear him. "It's SHADE!'s origin story!" Though at the same time, I can imagine him doing this with Indriad. Funny, because that would likely lead to some legit theorizing.
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    Sorry if I was rude, or something : (
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    You're definitely right, I knew I forgot someone.......even though that I thought Aelita's (and her prior incarnations) hair colors to be a sort of bluish purple...I guess I was mistaken, sry
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    Nominating @Ikaru for everything, ez
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    I nominate for kyra to be our queen and sovereign!
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    Ember King - Godot Midsummer Queen - Lost Lore Sunlit Sovereign - Sin City
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    First of all, thank you very much for translating Reborn. I know of people who could not play the game because they were not confident enough in their English to be able to enjoy such a text-heave game, so it is great that this is getting done. Now, this said, the main problem with these terms is that you are trying to translate words that only exist in English. For many games, since all the metagame discussion happens entirely (or at least mostly) en English new words are created that only exist in that language, and so they do not have a translation to other languages. If we take "sweep" as an example (and simplifying things a lot because both "sweep" and "barrer" have a bunch of meanings but I don't want this example to go on forever), we could say that apart from the usual meaning of "Clean an area by brushing away dirt or litter", sweep has an additional meaning as something like "to KO all the remaining pokemons of the opponent with a single pokemon, which will usualy be faster than them and KO them with a single hit". This second meaning does not have a translation in Spanish, because such a word does simply not exist. So, long story short, you're in a field of eggplants XD (For the totally lost: the fact that the translated sentence doesn't work is actually the joke). So, what can you do? First, you have the easy solution proposed above by LightningZeno, of just not translating the word, and you use "sweeper" and "sweepear" and whatnot. This does the work, and although I think it's completely fine to find such a phrase in a casual conversation or a forum, the fact that it will go to the dialogue of the actual game I like it less. It reads like lazy translation, and it can be off-putting. Another risk of this technique is that people who rely too much on it end up overdoing it, and making up anglicisims for words that actually exist in the target language, or falling in false friends. Proof check well your translations to not end up writing something of the likes of "librería de javascript" or "gobierno conservativo". It is nevertheless a possible solution that can get the work done. Sor some words you can get away with clarifying what you mean with context or examples. Let's take as an example, "all you need is set up and...", and the translation that didn't work, "todo lo que necesitas es prepararte y...". If you just add something like "todo lo que necesitas es prepararte con movimientos como Danza Dragón o Paz Mental y...", it's crystal clear what you mean. Everybody knows Dragon Dance and Calm Mind, and should be able to make the abstraction to what they have in common, so it works. Another thing you can do is to try to assign new meaning to already existing words. This may need some obvious context the first times, but it can work. Going back to the sentence above: "all you need is set up and sweep". If you go to the RAE's dictionary, you actually find that the eighth meaning of "barrer" is "Vencer de forma contundente a un adversario." For example, "El Barça barrió al Madrid en el partido del sábado". It's not an exact match, but you can make that work. "todo lo que necesitas es prepararte y barrer (a su equipo)" can actually work acceptably well. The good thing of this is that once you have introduced the term and made the reader familiar with it, you can actually use it more without being so worried about the context because the word will start carrying the meaning on its own at some point. It may also be a possibility to try to find a Spanish speaking competitive pokemon community to see how they actually speak, and just use the terms they use. Although this will most likely take you to solution one. So, in conclusion, the problem is hard, and probably whatever you do will feel unnatural for some and will leave someone unhappy. Translating is hard and translating words that only exist in one of the languages even harder. As in all good translation, you will probably need to go case for case deciding what is best for that exact situation, considering the context and the information that has already been given to the reader, so there is probably no exact match for each word that you can substitute always and have it work. I wish you the best of luck, I hope the ideas I give you above provide you with tools for the task and I am looking forward for the final result.
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    Jeeze, nice work. I'd like to think that those math things come from someone being used to compiled programming where that is optimized-out... but considering how messed up other stuff in Essentials is, I'm not optimistic.
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    The energy that the title radiates is terrifying. Honestly the whole post has me shaking in my boots. Mad respect for you Cass.
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    nominating myself and Brave for Ember king. I'm already king of the mountain so maybe he'll have a chance at this one
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    Vendor: @peden or anyone Items: Exp Share and Amulet Coin I hope they available, thanks in advance P.D: I'll just trade and take the items and give the Pokemon back 1. Offered Pokemon : Meowth Gender : Male Ability : Unnerve Nature : Brave IV Spread : 19, 22, 19, 4, 18, 30 EV Spread : Pokerus : N Shininess : N Egg Moves : Item : N 2. Offered Pokemon : Hoothoot Gender : Male Ability : Insomnia Nature : Bashful IV Spread : 14, 10, 26, 19, 0, 2 EV Spread : Pokerus : N Shininess : N Egg Moves : Item : N Online ID & Time with timezone : Mercury643 - UTC-6:00 (All day)
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    I'd think of a clever and witty comment but my brain is now running slower that the latest version reborn because it's late at night so you're out of luck fast good. cass good.
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    I never would have imagined Cassandra like that. Interesting!
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    Maybe he.... has a busy life? Very shocking information I know.
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    It's in a pretty much 100% done state, unless I've missed something. Items, Z-Cells, Pokemon have all been checked for. Enjoy! The walkthrough is made for, well, a player like myself - who tries to get all the items and Pokemon as early as they become available in the main story. Use this thread to talk about it - suggestions, etc. Without further ado - here is the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Dk0g5bVs0B4JNuSR-f4AAFIeWQozHosKFS-wPao9bc/edit?usp=sharing
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    hi! this is like, my second real forum post?? wow. i really, really hope i won’t miss anyone, because there are so many people i want to thank very badly. i know that im pretty new to this community but i have never regretted becoming a part of this haven. im not very good with words but i'll try!! firstly, my one and only mom. like, really. pls adopt me one day. i could go on about this for a long time but, it is the one and only mom-- i mean @andracass!!!! k im getting emotional its only the first person who will be my next victim??? ah yes. @cicada. it you. next is @Azzie!! let me just say that i LOVE your works, and you are so sweet, kind, and uwu @Starry Knight @Cervys. u thought i forgot ya, didnt you >:) sorry i dont forget my prey t h e t e a r s moremoremoremoremoremoremore!!! @Khrona, @Hellscythe, @Ojama Yellow, @Bazaro, smooth and @MintMan……... @Skyseer Arex honourable mentions uwu @Amethyst @Godot @Azeria @Sin! @ZEL @BlueTowel @Abyssreaper99 @Posty @Marcello @Zumi and of course, i thank ame, @Jan , all the moderators and developers for making this wonderful community possible - reborn+rejuv has definitely been the start of many positive changes in my life. sending love!!! (also lets talk about how all the mods and devs are able to make forum posts and updates so gosh darn funny and hilarious wow do you commit words) shit. i'm so sorry for all the pings. ill see myself out. love you all
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    Better late than never I guess. Amethyst- As we all know, we wouldn't have this lovely little sometimes chaotic place to call an online home without you. Back when I discovered this place in 2012 I never would have imagined I'd still be here today. Granted, I'm not nearly as active as I once was but I still exist to some degree. Reborn made a rough part of my life a lot easier to deal with, and I would not have met any of the people I did during that time if not for you creating this community. So, thanks. Ikaru- Bro, you're the unsung hero of this place imo. Or rather, you're basically Reborn's Batman. You and Amethyst have held this place together very well, and all though your appearances to us mere mortals is rare I appreciate the times you do show up with some funny or sassy comment/reaction image. Hopefully we can play PSO2 together! You're an awesome man, Ika, and I don't pick favorites when it comes to admins but you're totally my favorite Azery- We don't speak as much anymore which is something I'd honestly like to change. I know we shoot the piss about each other all the time, but in the end I hope you know I still consider you a buddy. If nations 4 takes off(and at this point I'm still hoping it was some sick joke) we'll definitely have more shenanigans to experience. Brave- Even if you're auth again I'm not entirely sure you even check the forums. I'm gonna lean towards the off chance you do. I want to start off by saying sorry for my joke the other day. My fault for scheming with Neo honestly. I joke around a lot, too much if I'm being honest but I should have known better. That being said, I love the hell out of you man. You, as well as the rest of the SU gang are my closest online friends and I hope nothing ever changes that. I know you'll do great things. You have a strong sense of justice, and really great morals. I'm honored to be considered your friend. Azzie- Honestly, I can't say much but from what I gather you're a really good positive influence. And as the world is now that's a really good trait to have so keep it up. Bibs- Do I even need to say it? You already know. Godot- We meme each other a lot but the game discussions are always nice even if we don't see eye to eye on some things. Aerith sucks and XBC2 is better than XBC1. There's not much fun if you agree with everything your pals say though, so the differing opinions are welcome and usually exciting. If I'm being real, back when I first joined I never could have seen us interacting as often as we do now. Granted, back then I was more focused on playing Pokemon than anything else lol. Either way, glad we are. Stop calling me by that cringe nickname though. My cereal is gonna get soggy if I drag this out anymore so I'll just throw out a quick appreciation for the rest of the auth team and the community as a whole. You all make this place thrive and make it an exciting place to be. Without the community, and the auth team to manage the madness that exists within Reborn couldn't survive. So keep being awesome and Reborn could surely last forever. Or until Ame gets bored and yeets us all into the cold, black void.
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    Alright, my memory has been sincerely lacking so this will be the last one of these I make, promise. First off, thank you @AmethystI truly think you are amazing, all the work you do is super fantastic and you're a genuine inspiration to me. Secondly, @andracassI think you're one of the most humorous and wholesome people I know, I always find myself laughing or happy when you're around and it's genuinely great. Cheers to you. Thirdly, @Azzieyou are legitimitely such a ray of sunshine in the community and I know you probably hear this a lot, but seeing you does WONDERS for my mental and my mood in general. I don't know how you do it but it's literally amazing to me. @IkaruIka you're an amazing fella too and though we don't talk much, I appreciate you when you're around. A ton. @FelixI know you've recently sought distance from reborn, but I will always remember and cherish our friendship. You're an amazing person and I feel like you've helped me a lot more than I can express here. Finally, @Godothey big fella you're the bEST. i almost forgot you twice but that doesn't mean crap because you're one of the best friends i've made here and you're an absolute gem of a person. thank you for everything Godot. Thank you to everyone. Have a nice day.
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    @ssbCasper for bringing the empire family together and keeping us going. you've had quite the anime arc so far! @StoicStone for your great ideas, pithy banter, and writing... and not hunting me down and shooting me when i rewrite your dialogue... @groniack for obvious reasons. so many great ideas would have never been possible without your coding skills, good sir. i'll always feel indebted to you for that. @Swamp King for being the draft league rival i never knew i needed! now go make some back sprites! @Dypatome for organizing our many files and for those celaena sprites which i have not been able to top... yet... @ty (did you change your name on this site lol?) for developing into the content developer we always knew you could be. @Zygrado for helping and getting involved in the most delightfully weird ways. @WSGreen for teaching me how to map. @Autumn Rain for the artwork and finishing touches that make the game that much better. @ Commander for absolutely nothing. Thank you all for being the (digital) friends I never knew I'd have. Here's to many more years of smooth game development, deep conversation, quality jokes, and a near endless supply of really amazing puns! God bless you all, and long live the Empire!
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    Assuming Jan has intends to make them plot relevant at some point, I don't see why Cera/Eldest couldn't have Regieleki. Then, seeing as how Damien is Alexandra's brother, and therefore also a descendant of Nymeria, and a Dragon Type master, it would make sense for him to obtain/posses Regidrago.
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    Done with the drawing of the shipwrecked Arc for my Wattpad story. It shows the major characters of that Arc including, the main character, Nancy, Augusta, piano lady, Cresent, Tesla, etc. Enjoy, I'll be posting chapter 1 soon after this
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    That Danny Phantom profile, cool. I gotta say, the new menu seems Sword and Shield inspired. I would love for Hop's theme to be played in a friendly fight with Melia, and Bede's theme for Lorna.
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    Both games have cheered me up during difficult times, if they get cancelled, I don't see why I wouldn't throw myself off my house
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