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    i'm happy you asked! the demo is very well under way. the core system is done, and we just finished the main battle map for the demo. we're currently in the process of making all the baseline assets for the demo (doing quite well, but a slowed due to virus), and then we'll need to put it all together, and spend quite a while on polish. i'm hoping it won't take too much longer but i'm currently not going to give a time frame yet. as for testing, the process is probably going to look very similar to reborn's: supervised > internal > alpha > beta > community > public ... only with a lot more supervised testing at the start. that's part of the polish. the official beta will probably be closed with access through open applications in the community; preference will be given to those who've helped out with bugs or betas on reborn in the past, longstanding community members, folks with a particular interest in the game, or whoever nails whatever quirky questions i slap on the app this time. the community release is basically an open beta though. we're not quite at the point i can post many screens yet, but soon... in the mean time, here's a title screen for the demo. actual game release will naturally look a little different.
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    @Amethyst Were you seriously waiting for someone to ask just so you could drop something like that on us? All this time, I thought we weren't supposed to ask about when upcoming stuff is coming out. Has everything I've been told a lie? Is my life a lie? Do auths still smell? Do the spider people actually exist? Okay being serious, what are you looking to do for a demo? Is it like an hour showcasing stuff or is it actually a big chunk of the game like the equivalence of a Reborn episode. If you make it a 2 minute limit demo I will riot. I'm mostly just curious as demo really can be quite vague.
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    @PokefanPT I've moved your thread from Fan Game Expose to the Spork club I'm okay that people find the game easy because accessibility (like being able to choose any Pokemon as a starter) is something I was going for. I wanted to give players as many options as I could make available. Additionally, fighting/combat isn't what draws me to games personally, and I can't really follow along when I see people going in-depth about mechanical stuff like damage calculations, EV spreads, etc. I don't do well understanding technical things in general, and I'd be just as lost listening to someone explaining how to change a tire on a car or how to build a computer as I would reading about optimal strategies and movesets for characters in a game. Combat is one of the least interesting aspects in games to me (in part because of how technical they can get sometimes), I think I have the most fun exploring and learning about the world, or just doing relaxing activities (like in Animal Crossing). I've done testing for versions of Reborn and I'm on the Rejuv team where my role is to test versions, and most of what I point out is typos and tile errors, other unusual overworld happenings, and once in a while something that might be confusing in the dialogue. I pretty much never give feedback on battles or balancing, because I don't feel that I could give good advice on it. If I struggle with a battle, it might not be that the battle itself is a bit much, it could just be my lack of knowledge about balancing and strategy. I also set my teams' natures, EVs, and IVs in debug mode immediately when I play fangames. re: the synopsis, it wasn't my intention for "the story is more lighthearted than most other fangames and the official games" to be read as there not being a story. What I meant by that is that the story isn't dark or sad. The story is actually one of the main reasons I made Spork, although it's true that there are less story events early on, since the player is still being introduced to the region and such and I didn't want to overload with too much information or too many characters that early in. It's after the second gym that the story starts to pick up more. I've wondered before if that part of the synopsis gave the impression you had, and I would be open to ways of wording it better so that when I say "the story is lighthearted", it doesn't come across as "the story is nonexistent". Could you clarify or give some examples of these: "I also find this game so "confusing" sometimes, because you do a certain event, and then it seems like the game ended there, just to find out you're supposed to go somewhere for some reason." "a sprite that is absorving all the light, and the sprite right next to it is the sun itself. There are also a lot of tiles that are not "walls", and I'm kind of tired in running into walls." Specifically: for the first one, at which events did you feel like the game seemed to end? I usually try to be as straightforward as possible with directions on where to go next. Although I feel like for the story between the 5th-6th gym the instructions weren't specific enough in the past and players might have just wandered around the city until they found what they needed to do, so I made the dialogue there more specific a few reuploads ago. Early on I don't remember feeling that way about any events? In the beginning the player is told or hinted on where to go next most of the time. for the second part I quoted, could you specify where the sprite next to the sun was? The earliest map that uses a sunny overworld would be past the point you've played to. And when you say tiles that aren't walls, I had a hard time understanding the sentence. Do you mean there were tile passability errors where you were able to walk through a wall you weren't supposed to or that you weren't able to walk through a tile that you should have been able to? also, can I ask what version of the game you're playing? Did you download from here in the Spork club, or another site? The reason I ask is because of this: and the issue you mentioned about Virima Trail being empty. Enigma Shot U, a member of this site, has been working on map revamps for Spork which I've been adding to the game across reuploads. If you have the most recent upload, then Virima Trail should have a cycling map and a Furret walk map. The older map and a lot of the maps I made in general had the issue of too much empty space, so I wanted to be sure of how recent your reupload is. If you do decide to play again, I would recommend waiting until the next reupload though, since one is coming soon.
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    Hi and Welcome to V18: Void-kissed Item Guide The guide took its time, going through hardships and trails but finally it's here at last! If you find any more items please comment bellow from where you can find them (if I missed any by chance) Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! It might include some spoilers so be warned! Marks: + mark before the item name indicates that the item is visible, a similar symbol shown on its place as follows: - Red Pokéball for General items. - Yellow Pokéball for TMs and HMs. - Gray Pokéball for Mega Stones and Z-Crystals. - Dark Gray Pokéball for Field Notes and Pulse Notes. - Shiny Symbol for some Key items. Have fun hunting. Items Listed by Location Items Listed by Typing Shops Move Tutors Arcade Lottery Mining Rock Wild Pokemon Other Services Item spreadsheet compiled by Starry with help from Azzie and Nikai
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    Hey forum, CloudyFuture here and I'm presenting a VERY EARLY work-in-progress fan game of a fusion between Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon. As of now, Mapping,Scripting,and sprites are the main focus so there Isn't too much to say regarding the character's or the story yet but I will say this has been a really fun project so far and I hope you look forward to what I've got coming. My inexperience may show as this Is my first ever full-effort fan game I've ever done so bare with me. Features (Currently) Progress Pictures:
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    Okay, so just reverting to a slightly older save fixed it Thanks for the help!
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    Guilty People always get so edgy at this stage of the game
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    Madame X: You delete that RIGHT NOW! I will NOT be upstaged by those Anti-Assist COWARDS! Kieran: Uploaded, saved, and already Trending. Madame X: GOD DAMN IT! I hope you dont mind me adding onto it
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    Just set my clock back and that was it! I feel silly now haha. Thanks so much!
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    Did the weather or time of day change between resets? A lot of events are influenced by those even if it's not immediately obvious.
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    So first off, don't be afraid to state your opinion. It's not being mean as ultimately it's just your opinion. Just don't take lessons from me. That never ends well it seems. I'll be up front and say there are games I've played and didn't like that other people love. There I games I love that a lot of people hate. It's honestly a good thing as it means you have taste and know what you want out of a game. I haven't played Spork but perhaps I can give you some insight and maybe it'll make it easier for you to decide: I'll just start off by saying this game was made in a significantly smaller time than either Rejuv or Reborn with a significantly smaller team. The game's aesthetics always gave me the impression it's more about silly fun more or less. The tile errors isn't a big surprise as there isn't actually an erase button in RMXP so it's so easy to screw up and you don't even know it. I had to redo maps even modding due to this misunderstanding and oh my god it's a pain. Reborn actually had quite a number of those in the early days and when one would be fixed, another 7 would pop up. The whole wondering around thing is more old school where you get barely any context and have to figure it out themselves. Easy to see why it can be hated. I could go into a tangent of linear vs open world here, but alas, now's not the time. The graphics is something understandable as well because people can be bothered by them. Reminds me of the great debate if Xenoblade has good or bad graphics. When it comes down to it though, fan created content is just so much hit or miss. I have a number of old hacks lying around on my computer (like 30) and some of them sucked and other were a blast. One of my favorites was Raptor Ex which honestly really aged badly but it really stuck out as after playing a Raijon Adventures (old dead fan-game) I always thought it'd be so cool if people could do more with this kind of stuff. Really might blow you away just how much better the fan-games are nowadays due to all the things fans have been making. 10 years ago I'd call you mad saying one day people would make games with 18 gym leaders in them or a long ass game easily taking over 40 hours to complete. Actually, I'd still call anyone who tries that crazy. You've probably played certain things that make stuff in your mind set boundaries to what is and isn't playable for you. End of the day you shouldn't feel bad for not liking a game. I'd say stop and put it on the shelf for a month or maybe even a few years (there have been games I put on hiatus and finished 5 years later. Longest was 13 years). If you yearn for it, then you'll pick it up and finish it and if you don't, you'll end up forgetting about it. There's an ocean of games to try and give a chance so not liking even a bunch isn't unheard of. Sometimes you do find games you absolutely love like me with the FFVII Remake. That's always why it's hard for me to give blind suggestions to people.
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    Hello everyone! We almost have a alpha, or for you it would be a beta(?) build out. It's just 1 gym and a couple side-quests, nothing too shabby. Updated the front page with this, so the progress is now real.
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    Our dear @Vinnie made a full playthrough of E18 up til the very end. You can check it out over here. He gives lots of advice on upcoming battles and event pokémon. I'd recommend restarting the game from scratch to jiggle your memory.
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    Guys... This is a status thread for v13. Which means only posts regarding v13 should be in here. If you have trouble with a fight, please make another thread or something. Even when, again, most of the trouble here seems to be from a LACK of understanding basic field mechanics. But I don't think that's being received. This thread has constantly gone off topic so I think it's time for a time out. It'll be open again in the future, but for now I think it's better to lock things up.
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