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    I agree with you on this point! Now that you mention it, Ditto could well be related to Envy. Even if it's not a Pokemon which represents this type of sin to perfection, that might be a good reference to the homonculus himself, since Ditto and Envy both share the same ability of taking the appearance of someone else to lure their adversaries. This way, El could either be Greed himself (Since there's no other strong Pokemon left at this part of the game to represent this sin in particular) or Father (The master of homonculus. The one who preferred to get rid of his imperfection by infusing it inside his own creations, so he can get closer to this image of flawless being that inspires him so much).
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    The only true wrath i care about is FUHRER KING BRADLEY
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    update: this is no longer a beta! the e18.3 beta has been released! finally, mac and linux users can play the game without WINE. get it here! What's New: we have a whole new engine! the sole purpose of e18.3 is to take this engine and give it to you. for the sake of this post (and likely future posts): RMXP is the old engine. this is what you've been running for every episode up to now. it is still included in the windows download as Game.exe. MKXP is the new engine. this is what you're running if you use the mac and linux versions. it is Game-z.exe in the windows download. both engines are included in the windows download for the sake of accessibility: MXKP has stricter hardware requirements than RMXP, so in the event that the new engine doesn't work on your computer you aren't locked out of playing the game. (Known) Minimum Requirements: Windows/Linux: OpenGL 3.3+ Mac: OSX 10.12+ Changes: RMXP: + animations are now pre-loaded when you open the game. this effectively reduces the in-battle animation lag to 0. - the R/S, FRLG, and D/P fonts have been removed. plus some other minor changes. MKXP: + exists! What changes for MKXP: it is much faster in general. this is its main advantage over RMXP. the difference will probably blow you away. the screen can be resized manually. you no longer are stuck with three particular screen sizes that can only be changed in options. it does not require you to install the fonts. the F1 menu has been removed. in a later update, it will allow you to change the controls; right now it does nothing. (this will be updated if i find out i missed something) Known issues for MKXP: the f1 menu doesn't work don't be scared off by the fact that this is still in beta- it's mostly in beta because it's still missing some features and is relatively untested, meaning some fatal errors might still be uncaught. if you get an error, there are reporting threads for windows, mac, and linux. bugs with the game itself (things that are not exclusive to MKXP) should still reported on the general bug reporting subforum. hope you all enjoy the new engine!
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    Welcometo Void Kissed, a lot of new pokemon have been added so I thought I would attempt to update the locations. Updating still, will do a separate post with them by Dex number Notes: All fishing changes for anywhere the water isn't blue after the city restoration Pokemon that require specific items like the rose insence require the item to be in bag, sometimes the silver ring for Corey's Pokemon will glitch especially for Stuntank Event Pokemon with * beside the name means it's no longer an event after the city restoration M=Morning (5am-11:59am) D=Day (12pm-7:59pm) N=Night (8pm-4:59am) Anything that is an event with the given EV point/s received means you battle it to capture it Opal Ward Lower Peridot Railnet Entrance Lower Peridot ward Peridot Ward Obsidia ward Railnet Obsidia Entrance South Obsidia Ward Coral Ward Onyx Ward Jasper Malchous Forest Beryl Rdodochrine Jungle North Obsidia Lapis Grand Staircase (This area becomes unassailable when reborn is renovated if you didn't rescue all the officers) Yureyu Power Plant/Shades Gym Citrine Mountain Under Ground Railnet Apophyll Pyrous Mountain Azurine Island Byxbysion Wasteland Tanzan cove Chrysolia Forest Chrysolia Hot Springs Lost Railcave Spinal Town Tanzan Mountain Wasteland Wall Route 1 Adventurine Woods Vanhanen Labyrinth Citae Astrae Unassailable after going to Argate Circus, would recommend getting Natu here if you accidentally KO'd the one in beryl ward as these are the only two place both Natu and Xatu have a chance at spawning and Beryl it can only spawn once, also recommend getting Sigilyph here as it's the easiest to catch here Iolia Valley Argate Circus Point of no return until Fly, get any events and stuff you want now because once you get fly very few of them will be left as the cities get a huge makeover and the pokemon change especially those you can fish up Route 2 Celestinine Cascade Route 3 Route 3 Caves Ametrine Mountain Celestinine Mountain Route 4 Non rock climb spot Calceleon City Amertrine City Glitch World Water Treatment Center (WTC) Neo Reborn (Renovated) Azurine Lake waters (Apophyll beach/Academy, Peridot, Opal, Obsidia and Coral wards and Azurine Island) Azurine Island Apophyll Peridot Wards Jasper Malchous Forest Beryl Ward/Cemetery Rhodochrine Jungle Opal Ward Lapis Ward Coral Ward Obsidia Wards Onyx Underground Railnet (Need to have access to basement of Grand Hall, talk to scientist near Victoria) Tourmaline Desert Teknite Sugiline cave Mirage Tower 1r253 Scrapyard Once upon a somewhere and Once upon a waste of time Upper Route 4 Charous mountain b2f Argate City Stolen Pokemon Quest Pokemon Events video Links Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 5 Gen 6 Gen 7
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    So, I've been doing a fair bit of online battling in Reborn, and at some point, it became too tedious for me to debug in every individual Pokemon for all those teams. Which is why I made this mod for lazy people which makes it possible to port over teams from the Pokemon Showdown team builder more or less directly into your Reborn game. The mod should be compatible with both the Game and Game-z versions of Reborn. Download: ShowdownImport.rb How it works: - Put the file into your Mods folder. If you don't have a Mods folder yet, go into the Data folder of your game, and create a new folder called "Mods". - Make a team on Showdown, then click the Import / Export button to get the team in text form. - Create a new text file, paste your team into it and save it in your Reborn folder as "import.txt" - Open your pause menu and select the "Import Team" option. You will now receive all the Pokemon your text file defines. However, since the way Showdown and Reborn handle some aspects of Pokemon are pretty different, there's a few things you have to keep in mind when creating your team. If you don't follow these restrictions, your game is most likely going to crash without importing the team, so try to avoid them. What not to do: - These are the things your Pokemon needs to have to be accepted by the Importer: An item, an ability, a nature, EVs and four moves. Everything else is optional but will still be accepted (Level, Gender, Shininess etc.). - If your Pokemon has a changeable form (Mega evolution, Silvally forms, Rotom forms), do not put the specific form into your team, but rather the base form. (Silvally-Psychic becomes Silvally, Alakazam-Mega becomes Alakazam, etc.). Alolan forms however work fine, and the same thing applies to unchangeable forms that have a notable effect on the Pokemon (which is just Lycanroc so far). These can be kept in their alternate form without issue. - Specifying a type for Hidden Power does not work at the moment. Just leave it on automatic type and set the IVs for the Hidden Power you want. - Certain items exist in Showdown but not in Reborn and vice versa. You can still keep them in your team, but they will be changed upon importing: - Electric Seed becomes Synthetic Seed - Grassy Seed becomes Telluric Seed - Misty Seed becomes Magical Seed - Psychic Seed becomes Elemental Seed - Terrain Extender becomes Amplifield Rock Some other quirks of the Importer: - Happiness is set to max automatically. - Importing Z-Crystals will not give you an error, but the imported Z-Crystal will not work. Instead, you need to apply them from the bag like usual. If you get an error message while importing your team, make sure that your text file follows the rules above. If it doesn't, you can send me the error message and text file you were trying to import and I can try and figure out what went wrong. Also, this mod is most likely not going to interact well with other mods that modify the pause menu, so if the "Import Team" option doesn't show up at all, make sure you don't have another mod in the folder that changes the pause menu screen in some way. Update: Alolan forms should work again, High Jump Kick can now be imported properly.
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    Thank u so much!! I manage to get it work
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    yes! if you right click on the app and click "show package contents", you find the files in Contents/Resources.
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    Lore wise, Father could be represented as a Silvally, since it wants to have the power of god (Arceus, in this case), and Silvally is basically designed to act as Arceus (the type changing, and some details in it's body).
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 72 Azurine Island had somehow stopped looking like a setting for a horror movie, and now looked like a pleasant island to spend a weekend at. I saw a few people apparently surveying the area. Perhaps they were researchers, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Then, we made it to Apophyll beach, which was left the same as I remembered it, despite the huge metamorphosis that the region had undergone. I figured that Apophyll, with its focus on tradition, would oppose any changes even if it were for the better. I walked to the Academy, and once there I took off my shoes to clean out the sand that had accumulated inside. I asked a student whether Victoria was in, but she told me that she unfortunately wasn’t. According to her, she and quite a few of her students had left Apophyll to help out with the city’s construction work, saying that this was a good chance to build physical strength while helping out the region. That was noble and all, but it also meant that I had to walk back through the sand once again and without Victoria. “Now where shall we go, Pikachu?” I scratched my head. Construction work was going on all over the city, so she could be anywhere. “I guess this is the time to do as Candy suggested,” I said, holding back a smile. “Time for sightseeing the whole city.” Once I returned to Coral Ward, I passed by Adrienn’s gym briefly to make sure Victoria wasn’t there. Xe noticed me and waved a hand. The audacity! After treating me like a criminal down in the creepy underground castle, xe means to act like it didn’t happen? I turned my face away and kept walking, since the person I was looking for wasn’t there. I went through South Obsidia Ward, so far the part that had been neglected the most by the construction workers. It was still a hub for thugs, who looked at me with disapproving expressions while they lit up their oddishweed joints. Meanwhile, business was buzzing and more than ever in Obsidia and North Obsidia Wards, so much so that a few companies’ representatives gave me applications for positions I had zero intention to occupy. It was a stark contrast with the area I had just passed, reminding me that walls would always exist between the fortunate and the less fortunate, whether such a wall was imposed by law or just the invisible hand of supply and demand. I shook my head. “It’s better for it to be imposed by supply and demand. At least one’d have more autonomy over one’s fate that way.” Lapis Ward was pretty much unchanged. It had always been the most ordered ward, owing it to the high number of wealthy people who lived there. The prison… the orphanage was closed as always, and I wondered what had been the fate of the children who weren’t so lucky as to escape it. At least, I hoped it had changed for the better, given that Dr. Connal was currently in Labradorra. I also stepped into Shelly’s Gym. Inside, I found a man guarding the entrance to the library portion, and he told me that Shelly was absent and thus I’d have to come back another day for a battle. “Actually, I don’t really know when she’ll come back. Last I heard, she’s in Calcenon helping fight Team Meteor.” When I came out of the Gym, two people who were talking to each other approached me. “Hey, you’re Vanilla, right?” one of them asked. “Yes. Why?” “We’ve heard much of you in the news lately.” “Is it true that Candy and you restored the Water Treatment Center? Thanks to you, the price of clean water has gone down by a lot.” “It’s not just us. Titania also helped,” I corrected. The two looked at each other with forced smiles. It would seem I bumped into Titania-haters. “Ah, by the way, how is Shelly doing? Do you know if she plans to return anytime soon? We have a few friends who are itching for a Gym battle.” “She’s doing well, but she’s busy with the situation in Calcenon.” “Yeah, we figured.” “Bummer for my friends. With over half the leaders absent, it’s practically impossible to complete the League, and the whole terrorist situation is taking forever to resolve.” “It would seem so,” I said. “Tell your friends to stop idly complaining and come help fight terrorists so that it’s resolved as soon as possible.” Then, I left them behind to keep looking for Victoria. “You heard that, Pikachu? Complaining about silly things while people put their lives on the line.” Needless to say, I was put off by the conversation, but I was determined not to be in an ill mood. We still had a few wards to check out, and I wanted to do it with honest appreciation. Peridot Ward was also greatly remodeled. There were a few parks that were added in, giving the neighborhood a higher quality of life. Children were playing catch, while the elderly sat on benches to watch them. As I watched from the side, the small ball missed the catcher’s glove and bounced twice before rolling to my feet. I bent down and picked up the ball. “Sorry sis,” said one of the kids when he came over to retrieve the ball. I handed him the ball, but the boy kept staring at me. “Can I help you?” I asked. “Sis, your face seems familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?” “As far as I remember, I don’t know you.” The child stared some more with a pensive expression. Then he clapped his hands. “Oh I know. You’re the sis from TV. The one fighting the bad guys, right?” “I guess I am.” “Wow it’s so cool to meet you. I also want to fight bad guys but mom says I have to go to school and train my pokemon first.” “It never hurts to be prepared,” I said, but it sounded more like something Wolfie would’ve said. “But that’d take too long and they’ll get beaten before I finish,” the boy pouted. “Say, sis. Would you talk to mom and tell her to let me fight?” “No, sorry but I won’t,” I said, instantly clouding the boy’s glittery eyes. “If you had enough strength, you wouldn’t need to convince anyone of the fact. Come find us when you and your pokemon have won people’s respect.” Then, I remembered the couple from Lapis Ward earlier and added: “Your bravery and will to help, though, are very welcome. Thank you.” I thought the child would cry, but he held back his tears. I stood back up. “You shouldn’t think ill of your mom for not letting you fight. It’s a sign that she cares about you.” With that, I left the boys to continue their game of catch; however, soon after I left I heard a shout from the same kid I was talking to. “Hey, let’s stop. I challenge you all to a pokemon fight!” When I entered Jasper Ward, I was dumbstruck. So far, the wards I had passed through must have required some repairs of the broken ground and decorations of the parks; however, nothing compared to what the Jasper Ward must have required. After all, the last time I visited, it was basically destroyed to an inhabitable degree. Now, it was not only repaired but beautiful, almost to the extent that I couldn’t believe what it once was. From what I gathered, the majority of people who lived here were over 50 years of age. That was no surprise, since the ward was practically filled with clinics and elderly homes. It would be mighty convenient for old people to live here. I also took a peek at Malchous Forest, which from afar seemed to be about to lose its forest status. A lot of trees had been cut down, probably to reconstruct the city. There was a young girl with a sign arguing with the workers that were still busy cutting wood and transporting it around. I was rather surprised there weren’t more people fighting against deforestation, but I guessed people were either too busy building homes or being elated about restoring a broken city. Lastly, I entered the northwestern-most ward, which was the Beryl Ward. This one hadn’t been destroyed as much as Jasper Ward, but still had a good amount of vegetation outgrowth in some areas due to the PULSE. Now, those patches of grass had been mowed and the pavement had been restored. I wondered if Heather would be glad that her home had been fixed, or get angry at the workers and Adrienn for doing what she wanted to do. I walked the streets of Beryl, which had more people than I remembered being around when I visited in the past. When I reached the front of the now-deserted Gym, I stopped in my tracks. “This ward only brings back bad memories,” I said to Pikachu. “It’s the place that a person committed suicide in front of me, and also the place I came when you…” I patted the head of his disguise. Pikachu bent his neck so that he stroked my hand instead. “It’s no use remembering painful memories. I always try not to think of that sort of stuff.” I turned left to head to the cemetery, thinking that Victoria could be visiting Kiki’s grave. Kiki's ashes had been mostly scattered on Apophyll beach, but I remembered seeing a tombstone with her name in the past when I'd visit Pikachu's. Perhaps Victoria wanted a separate, more tangible place of mourning. At least that's what I assumed, since it wasn't my place to ask Victoria unnecessary questions regarding her mentor. However, when I made a left turn from the supposedly-empty Gym, I heard a couple of loud animal cries from within it. I jolted from the sudden sounds and rushed in to see what was happening, hoping that it was the doing of a stray pokemon and definitely not a ghost’s. Indeed, I found two pokemon. Two, apparently stray, skuntanks, to be precise. One of them appeared to be angrier than the other, and kept trying to scratch its opponent. All the other one did was dodge the attacks, which pissed the offense even more. I sent out Wolfie (lycanroc) and told her to use a couple of attacks to knock out the violent skuntank. Fortunately, the skuntank wasn’t very strong, so we could calm the situation in no time. The other skuntank looked at me, at Pikachu, and then quickly ran away from the Gym. “What could that have been about?” I pondered aloud as I called Wolfie back to her pokeball. Pikachu jumped off my shoulder, catching my attention in the process. He approached the knocked out pokemon, and pulled out a plastic card from beneath its paw. He handed the card to me, and I saw both sides to determine what it was. The card reminded me of Aladdin’s keycard, but this one didn’t have any decorations or text on it. “Pikachu, I think this skuntank… was Corey’s. I don’t know if I should take this card from it, when I don’t even know what it’s for.” When I don’t even know what it’s for. I looked in the direction of Corey’s room. He was part of Team Meteor, whether willingly or not. “This key… can’t just be an inert piece of plastic, can it?” I extended my arm so that Pikachu could climb back to my shoulder, and we headed inside Corey’s room. The room smelled like damp mold; however, it had been left intact from the only time I had seen it. Even the hood and mask that he had worn earlier that day, were still neatly folded on top of his table, albeit with a layer of dust clouding its black color. I searched around for a place to use the card key on, and I eventually found it. There was a slit on the farthest wall, where I could slide the card in. The wall dislocated and pushing it revealed a secret room. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much inside that could interest me. Just a couple items like a toxic orb and a framed picture of a pink-haired lady smiling, but he also had a wall covered with vials of what I assumed was poison. I felt like this couldn’t be all he had hidden in this room, so I searched some more. Eventually, I found an old notebook that had some coffee stains on it, or at least I hoped they were coffee stains and not from something toxic. I thought I hit the jackpot and had found the notebook that contained secret information about Team Meteor. However, I soon realized this wasn’t the case, when I turned to the first page. “Dear Heather,” I read aloud. “By the time you read this, you’ll be strong.” I was not raised to be strong. I was raised to be naïve, and I suffered for it. I shall not make this same mistake with you. I closed the notebook for a moment. That was enough to get an idea of what this notebook was, and now I wasn’t sure that I should be reading it. However, I had already started reading, and I couldn’t stop my curiosity from creeping in. So I kept reading. “Reality is cruel,” I read aloud again. “This man… Corey writes that as if it were the most ground-breaking discovery. Ah, he did say he was raised to be naïve.” I kept reading on. At last, I started on the part that had likely prompted Corey to write a hidden letter to his daughter. It was the story about how his wife had been murdered. I joined Team Meteor to sabotage them. Specifically, I sought the head of the man who killed your mother. He was after an artifact I foolishly bestowed upon her. He saw her life as a small price to pay for it. “This must be about the ruby ring,” I murmured. The man ended her life in poison. When I discovered her IV was laced, I struck out. One of the few things I can still take pride in is that man’s scream as he pulled the syringe from his bleeding eye. That eye just couldn’t have been salvageable, even with all of the Heal Pulse treatment in the world. Suddenly, the face of a man with a red eyepatch flashed in my mind. Could this have been Sirius’ doing? Since then, I coveted the venom that ended your mother Elena’s dear life. From it, I have made poisons to corrupt. Poisons to control. And poisons to deliver retribution upon the guilty. “In other words, this man went mad when his wife was poisoned,” I said, closing the book. “It’s ironic that he became fixated on poison, when that’s what he should be hating the most.” I placed the notebook inside my bag. I figured this was something Heather had to own. I knew what it felt like to question yourself why your parents are the way they are, so I couldn’t just turn a blind eye to the book that contained answers that Heather probably wanted to get. When I was about to leave the room, Pikachu cried and pulled my arm towards the vial-covered wall. “What is it? Do you want me to steal some poison too?” That was half a joke, but I checked the vials in any case. Each one of the thin vials had tiny writing that I could barely make out in the dim light. However, I soon found a pattern to their placement. “KCN… Then this one is KCN antidote. Carbaryl… Then carbaryl antidote…” Yes. Corey mentioned he had studied and synthesized several poisons, but he had omitted to write that he had also made antidotes to pair them. “I guess antidotes are a class of poison too,” I said and closed the wall behind me. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS
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    Wow that was indeed pretty recent! Nice!! Now my partner can play Reborn too! (He uses a Mac and couldn't) I hope Rejuvenation also gets ported to the new engine, good job you guys!
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    Virtues/Sins team we face could be dependant on our in-game choices. That's an interesting idea, I wonder if the developers are down to it too.
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    I dare ask: Did you watch the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Anime? In FMA the seven deadly sins are depicted as homunculi with unique powers to each of them. The sind of envy is a form changing being, as he is envious of literally everyone and everything. Ditto would match that description quite well, as it can transform into any Pokémon. As for the sind of greed, that one is depicted as a thief who steals whatever he likes or whatever he just wants to steal for no particular reason other than stealing something only to gain possession over the stolen item. I think Purugly would fit that bill, as it tends to steal other Pokémon's nests and claim them as its own.
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    Concerning Elias' Mega, it's actually tight between Lopunny and Kangaskhan. These two can outperform a bunch of Pokemon for themselves in the Holy Field, and not just Ghost and Dark types. I do, however, have a preference for Mega Kangaskhan over Mega Lopunny because it's more representative of this family bond that Elias wants to reestablish with Luna in my opinion.
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    First GYM!Location: Sebart CityType: FightingBadge: Fist BadgeLeader: TorresPokemon:Lv. 14 Crabrawler Ability: Iron Fist Item: None-Pursuit-Rock Smash-Leer-Brick BreakLv. 16 Mienfoo Ability: Regenerator Item: Sitrus Berry-Brick Break-Fake Out-Detect-MeditateLv. 16 Croagunk Ability: Poison Touch Item: None-Taunt-Brick Break-Revenge-Mud-SlapLv. 16 Monferno Ability: Iron Fist Item: Life Orb-Brick Break-Bulk Up-Taunt-Flame ChargeLv. 16 Machop Ability: Guts Item: Sitrus Berry-Low Sweep-Knock Off-Brick Break-Focus EnergyLv. 20 Hitmonchan Iron Fist Life Orb -Fake Out -Drain Punch -Detect -Bullet PunchTM: Brick Break Level Cap: 20 New Cap: 25
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    *checks dev blog calendar well i see there hasn't been an update in a while. i should make a post. hello, [reborn player name here]! has your game ever been slow? well, no more, i say! introducing, from whatever joke corporation i'm a part of this post, 18.3 "Wow, that 3 is really big!"™ this update contains none of what you've been waiting for (like, say, new content) but it does contain stuff like zoom and also a way to natively play reborn on a mac. really. no wine. just mac. native. pictured above: native those of you who keep a side eye on the progress bars will have noticed that nothing's really changed. and as far as new content is concerned, that is certainly true. ame's been focusing on starlight, and....well, you don't want me writing dialogue. that is not my thing. pls no thx. that doesn't mean i've been doing nothing all this time- it's just stuff that the progress bars don't really reflect. so some backstory. y'all might've seen a while back that there is a way to play reborn (and other essentials games) on android. this is not something i ever had expected to happen. i have been saying for a very long time "no. this is not a thing. you can not do this." and then suddenly: "wow! this is a thing! you can do this!" and that shit was smooth, too. like, it almost seemed to play the game better than the pc version. after that, i was like "wow wtf how many other things have i been wrong about". which brings us to mkxp. and this is going to be a little bit more abbreviated than i'd like because the forums ate my post. thanks forums! mkxp is an open-source player of RPG Maker games. it's also really difficult to get to work. i like to think i'm pretty good with computers, but trying to build it from source code required a level of technical knowledge that i did not have. but uranium has an mkxp port. so i just... borrowed the exe from there. and it almost worked! after further struggles, i contacted the dev of the uranium port. now, after three weeks (oh my god it's been three weeks) of hair pulling, we have a mac port. it's been so long. so the theme of 18.3 is performance. 18.2 had the AI updates; 18.3 will make the game go faster. i feel like everyone knows how sorely this is needed. if your hardware is even somewhat old, the game runs like ass. you know it. i know it. ame knows it. jan knows it.* everyone hates it. the star feature of 18.3 is the inclusion of the all new Game-z.exe. this is reborn's mkxp build. if you saw my previous dev [shit]post, you've seen a short preview of an early version. but it does so much more than that. battles? smooth. speed up actually works there now. it's incredible. maps? smooth. we got full framerate in spinel while it was raining. the maps aren't perfect but god they're so much better. animations? oh boy. so, the animations in game-z were smooth, but because of some other issues we were having, a few internal changes made them lag hard. so i took a peek in the code. it turns out that essentials handles animations by loading the entire file and then picking a specific animation from that file. the file is 10MB. it loaded that for every animation. whose idea was that. this no longer happens. for both game and game-z. animations are now preloaded when you open up the game. that 1-2 seconds of lag that happens for every animation in battle? it happens once when you start, and never again. it's incredible. best coding work i've ever done, and it was only five lines. there is one other change: the game now uses one font. it is emerald. the game.exe fonts look downright awful on game-z.exe. instead of trying to find four new ones, we just have one, and it's what everything uses now. there are a few things i need to finish up before an open beta: getting the linux port to also work, and seeing if there are any other ways to speed up / shift around load times. i am hoping to finish this up this week and will throw up another devblog post / forum thread when it happens. Game.exe is the RMXP executable and is what 18.2 runs with. Game-z is the MKXP executable. we're including both game.exe and game-z.exe in 18.3 (and likely e19) in the event that people run into weird errors with game-z. kinda like how people run into weird errors with game.exe anyway! this way, hopefully, at least one of them will work for everyone. 18.3 will also probably be the last mid-release update, with some minor changes to the release at best. i do not want to maintain two separate versions ever again. let my heart be free. *jan makes rejuv. if you haven't played it and are wondering what to do while you wait for e19, go try it out
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a great day
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