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    42 weeks after seeding: The pineapple plant is carefully planted in the ground by hand. 44th week: Purple flowers appear - about 6 petals grow every day. 58th week: The pineapple is ripe and ready for harvesting. The external colour of the fruit does not necessarily reflect the internal condition of the fruit. The fruit is always harvested at exactly the right point of ripeness because pineapples do not continue to ripen after harvest. (source: http://www.dole.eu/dole-earth/farmtour/pineapple/hotspot/growing-stages.html ) It's been a while since there's been any progress updates, but there's a lot to announce today! Starting with the above, the next custom shiny is the Gible line, resembling pineapples! Steffi and Palletite put in a lot of time and research with having them look like different stages of pineapple growth, and SilverAngelus/Solviera also helped with the shading and Garchomp's striped wings! They're also not the only shinies that have been updated for the next reupload. Palletite made revamps of the Holiday Pokemon too! Halloween Espurr is in a halloween candy bag and has candy corn ears, Christmas Slowking is based on a yule log cake, Valentine Starmie is illuminated with hearts, and the Meowstic have pastel Easter tones! There's a human character sprite that Steffi revamped too! Where before Anthony used the Techie overworld sprite from Reborn, he'll now have his own design! EEVEELUTION ZODIAC With the Eeveelution zodiac, you can choose a sign and receive some small benefits based on the sign you chose! Each Eeveelution has a month, and the months not covered by an Eeveelution are occupied by Eevee. With each Eeveelution sign, you'll get an evolution stone as a gift, the opportunity to obtain a specific legendary before the postgame (scaled down in level), and an overworld boost unique to each sign! I wrote a notepad file to help players choose before deciding. Info on each in below in spoiler box: I also moved the questions about the player and Emily's home region and parents' occupations to the Tourist Info Center at the start of the game. I thought the Tourist Info Center would make more sense for this information to come up, and would let me do more with the concept. I also realized it was strange for Crolea to assume the player and Emily have parents plural, when Crolea herself has one parent. There's now some additional dialogue in some places depending on what you pick. If you're from Ecruteak City, this comes up when speaking to Ashley and Kayla. If you're from Malie City, this comes up when first meeting Chelsea. At the Pokemon Research Institute, there's a little extra dialogue when speaking to Crolea if your parents are scientists, and Seamus has extra dialogue at the Ranger Base if your parents are rangers. As of now there's no extra dialogue if your parents are chefs, since I'm saving that for the Applin sidequest when it's time for the Gen 8 reupload. A NOTE ABOUT GEN 8 At the end of the last reupload post, I mentioned that I'd be able to do more this reupload without having to worry about burnout from Gen 8 prep. The reupload currently being worked on was sort of the opposite. I had so much extra time that I was able to add in the Gen 8 Pokemon, the moves and abilities that I was able to script, set up a starter selection area for the Gen 8 Pokemon, and do the Battle Factory Galar Arena + trainer teams and dialogue in advance (Galar Lass trainer sprite made by mid117). However, Gen 8 Pokemon won't be in this reupload, since there's still a few things that need to be done that I need to follow Rejuv's schedule on. One is some of the shiny sprites, another is some of the Gigantamax sprites (which will be mega evolutions; will also use the stats decided on by Rejuv), and the battle cries. In Pokecommunity's Gen 8 scripting thread there's a link to all the battle cries from Gens 1-8, but when I tried to open the folder after downloading, it froze my laptop. The starter selection for Gen 8 and Battle Factory maps will exist in the game, but not be publicly accessible until everything for Gen 8 is ready. My goal is for the reupload after the upcoming one to be the Gen 8 reupload. I already have most of the Pokemon locations and quests planned out, as well as the character team changes. Something I forgot to mention before is that the fossils won't be in Spork, because I feel bad about them being parts of different Pokemon mixed together. If we ever see what the original Pokemon looked like whole, those ones will be added, but the ones with mismatching heads and torsos won't. Somewhat related, there will be some small updates to the Game Corner over time: after the player reaches Gellene Town, Electabuzz employees are hired to replace the losses with the Team Portal members: after the player becomes Champion, the Electabuzz have cleaned up Team Portal's mess and made the Game Corner neat and tidy! For the next reupload, this will just be a small aesthetic change + some background info from the floor manager Electabuzz in Barker's seat. But the reason I mentioned it's somewhat related to Gen 8 is that Zacian and Zamazenta's quest will start here! For the next reupload I'd like to thank Palletite and Steffi for all the amazing new sprites, SilverAngelus/Solviera for helping with the , and Vince&Sylveon for the new Victory Road (which is showcased on Vince's channel and mentioned in Moonblast run thread)! For progress on the next reupload, currently Steffi and Palletite are in the process of making the Mega Garchomp pineapple shiny and the overworld sprites for the Holiday Pokemon. They're currently very busy with online classes, as well as adjusting to classes going from physical to online as a result of the COVID-19 situation, so it may be a while still before the next reupload is ready. Responsibilities and safety are top priority, and I hope everyone's been doing well considering recent events!
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    I couldn't find a version of this guide for Rejuv that was up-to-date and still worked, so I made my own! Formatting mostly credit to @BIGJRA for making the Reborn version of this guide, as well as making the Rejuvenation 100% guide which was massively helpful. The guide is split up by chapter, with each Pokemon by type. Italics means the Pokemon evolves into that type or you must change the Pokemon’s Form for it to become that type Underline means the Pokemon loses that type Bold indicates Legendaries Strikethrough means you must breed the Pokemon for it to become that type *Asterisks* means that the Pokemon has a Mega Evolution of the type, whether or not these are legal are up to you Starters: Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Mystery Egg: Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Chapter 9: Chapter 10: Chapter 11: Chapter 12: Chapter 13: Chapter 14: Chapter 15 (or, at least what's there so far): There are probably mistakes, so please let me know if you spot any!
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    How do you do, fellow kids? In the latest part of my walkthrough, I mainly talked about the character Amaria and her arc and role in Pokemon Reborn. Since I have and had a personal connection to the topics covered here, I found her arc to be my favorite one in the game, or rather the most thought-provoking one. There were some thoughts I had to write down regarding the hate(?) for her in the fandom, but since I don't think too many will read them in the context of my walkthrough, I'd like to share them here, even though I'm extremely biased in these kind of topics and opening up a topic for such a sensible matter could easily lead to a fine shitstorm. I'm still eager to try, lets discuss! So here's what I wrote and think about Amaria, Titania and the topics presented in E18: (Spoilers, obviously) Again, I know how subjective my standpoint is, but so is every other who condemns her. I don't know if its approtiate to go into complex topics like depression, suicide and toxic relationships in the forum of a pokemon fangame too deep, but hey, sincere there already have been several discussions regarding her character here and the game inspires it, why not debate about it? I'm interested what you think about my thoughts. Thanks for your time!
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    Thank you for this generous feedback! I have to admit that yours looks very lovely too! Love the pose of Valarie on it, Zumi has a unique stroke of a pencil actually! 11/10 EDIT: Just got ninja’d by Raion! Glad to meet another redhead in the party by the way! Please, accept my 10/10!
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    trying his best.mp4 The irony hits so hard in this bruh.
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    And a head-pat. As a matter of fact, over 75% of the characters in-game could use a nice head-pat from yours truly.
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    For updates on the status of V13, please click here!
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    Welcome to HELL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AKA Biskit goes insane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A fire/dark dual-type playthrough by Biskit Dante After narrowly escaping from hell again, I hopped on a train headed to the lovely Reborn region, a destination known for its eccentric people and challenging league. Oh all the souls I'll be able to feast on! However, my fantasizing was rudely interrupted by some ABSOLUTE BUFFOON trying to blow up the train. I've been free for *checks watch* 2 hours. I think I'd like to spend a little longer up here on Earth thanks. Either way, after a quick stop at a dry cleaners to get my suit cleaned, I was well on my way and ready roll! The one thing they don't tell you about returning to the overworld is that you can't escape your demons. Meet my friend, Dante the Litten? I think I prefer him as a cat honestly. Took me a couple of resets to get some decent IV's along with intimidate. SASSY nature can't be helped, that's just who he is. As they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and while I may not be a woman, nor scorned, whoever nearly blew me up certainly hath not seen my fury yet. Time to go see what Reborn is all about! I heard they have the best lava cake, don't mind if I do!
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    You nailed it perfectly. I sometimes enjoy watching youtube use them in playtroughs in dire situations but they normaly use a few and not power themselves up to the maximum. Also I am one of those people that torture myself to the end an try diffrent strategies and read every tip and note he rarely does it like you said before. I Maybe I dislike using them cause I never knew or cared about them till I saw people use them in videos. But I agree a few would miss them. Anyway I am curious how his journey will unfold and how long we have to wait for the next episode. Sadly I am not that interested into his other plays as much as Reborn and hope he doesnt take a long break.
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    I personally think it's a rude thing to call Tesla. She's a kind lady. XD But seriously, my guess is surfer lady for some reason. Or maybe Amber. EDIT: Unless it's a sly hint at Rune.
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    Duplicating Seals? Thats great, then everyone can have a pet seal, they are adorable! ahem, anyway soo just for those unfamiliar with ToS and specifically All-Any games, which is what this is, do note that this game could be all sorts of wack, unless nano put some limitations on the any part. but if this works like in ToS proper, then this game could have a coven, a mafia (so basically 2 mafia factions) and several TP, it is actually possible that the town is a miniority in this game, so that is something to keep in mind, on the opposite end, we could also have a stacked town, it's kinda hard to say, so we have to look closely what roles might be in the game based on what happens. also note that there are several roles that are marked as unique so there can't be more than one of those (mayor & jailor for example), nano posted a link for the possible role list somewhere, that notes these unique roles aswell don't question that i haven't played ToS myself, i have watched a decent bit of it, and am quite observant, so i atleast know how it works
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    Rip Red haired girls are always welcome I guess. 11/10 for this new extremly awesome profile pic.
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    Valarie's art from Zumi is so good. 10/10
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    I just logged in and saw your pic and really hoped you'd be the next person here to rate the previous comment so that I could rate this lovely new Flannery pic, Solid 10/10
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    X items are being moved to the penthouse for E19 which is probably gonna be after Elite 4 tbh I find very little pride in battles that I win due to X-items I realized that I went overboard with them during the mansion gauntlet and tried really hard not to use them anymore. The only exception I find for this case is if you find them off the ground, then they are fair game.
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    While I'm also not fond of the X-item spamming, his fun comes first. And to be honest, it would be much worse for his playthrough if he were stuck every time there's a challenging fight. This way we don't have to wait too long for his vids and the story can progress smoother.
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    I know this is personal opinion, but I don't mind him using x items at all. I watch him since 2015, commentary and reactions are the entertaining thing in his videos, not the way he plays them. One can like the story of Reborn, but the difficulty can re frustrating sometimes. Nothing wrong with using some legal items to go forward. I prefer that than watch him try the same battle 15 times and then inevitably rage quit the game.
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    Chapter 4: New Faces and Threats A/N Trigger Warning: Some swearing, mild sexual tension/harassment with an certain top dog won't shut up in this chapter. Remember, this is Rated M (which stands for Mature= 17). "Hey Lucia! Wake up, you're gonna miss the fun! May's already up there!", my best friend Brendan called me from a treehouse in Littleroot Town; our hometown. It was already midnight, but Brendan had woke me up, telling to met him in their hideout. They also invited May too, because of the Sleepover they held for the entire weekend now. "I'm coming Brendan! Just wait!", a I replied, as she climbed up the ladder, which Vanilly on her shoulder. Once she entered inside the room and see the two boys sitting at the corner with a Torchic and a Treecko as their starters, they recieved as their starters. "Hi there, Lucy", May waived at us. "Hello May", I smiled, as Vanilly jumped off and ran towards her Torchic "So the reason, why I gather us all there is... To talk about our journey. We got our starters today, so let's talk about our plans!" he exclaimed, putting his hand on his knees. "Lucy. Would you like to tell about your plans". "Well... uhm... I just recieved Vanily today, but okay...", I said, as I gazed on my lap. Then I took a breath, only to feel a cold breeze blowing on me. Looking up to see, I saw a Froslass instead of my friends looking into my eyes, before she blows an Icy Wind on my face, as I was about to move away. The next thing I noticed was lying on the floor, like I was blew away from the wind. Wait... wind? My gaze fixed upon a floating figure, as my sight getting less blurry. As I got up to see more clearer, Aurora tugged at my sleeve, trying to move me somewhere. This kinda reminded my own mother, who used similar methods to get me up for my first journey, when I'm too lazy to get u or sleepy. In fact now, I felt like I'm back in my bedroom in Littleroot Town getting ready for my day. "M-mom *yawn*... S-stop, I'm up. I'm up...", I groggyly murmured, as the Ghost/Ice Pokemon dragged me to my closed, before opened it and brought a set of new clothes, placing them on my bed, as she proceeded to prepare my bag. Just like a mother would do for their child, when their go to their first journey of their lives. Looking around, I suddenly noticed that Victoria wasn't here, which made me release, what day it was. Surely I was foolish now, as my journey in Reborn is starting today. Swiftly I grabbed the selected clothes from the bed, rushing to the bathroom, beginning to undress myself. After a few minutes, I came out wearing my red sleeve shirt, black jeans and a pair of grey-white sneakers. For accessory, I put white earrings, blue choker with a white necklace and tied my hair into a side ponytail. After checking myself on the mirror for the last time, I grab my bag and was ready to leave. Suddenly Aurora tucked on my sleeve again, making me turn around. "What is it now?", I asked her with a puzzled expression. Instead for an answer, she handed me my grey jacket. "It's not that much cold outside today. For crying out loud", I felt getting embarrassed, but decided to forgot about it and returned Aurora into her GreatBall. As I walked downstairs, the Grand Hall had only a few people there, besides the staff. Judging with that, Victoria must've had woke up earlier and already left, I guess- never bothering to wake me up from my sleep. I went to the small food section, buying 2 strawberry croissants and hot cocoa for breakfast. After that, I bought a few potions with tha savings from Hoenn, before entering outside the centre for a new adventure. Silently praying for no harm to me and my Pokemon, I walked the ruined streets of the city, preparing myself for the upcoming gym match against Julia. After a few miles later, I spotted the yellow building, which it's Julia's Gym, I guess, when I read the sign. 'Neo-Circuit Power Plant a Silph Co. Service-'It was written, but I saw something underneath: 'Neo-Circuit is such a LAME name! I officially re-title this place the Electro-Dazzle Happy Boom-Time House of Cheer!' My eye grew wide a bit. Julia must be very cheerful and too enthusiastic, despite Reborn's chaotic state. I walked up to the glass door, but then saw a note sticking on the door, "Suggestion: Julia, if you want to do this rendezvous, try not to do it during your naptimes. Request: Meet me at the factory immediately". "Factory?" I wondered, as I looked around to a young clerk not far away. "Excuse me." I ask out making him turn to him. "Are there any factories around here?". "Y-Yeah. If you walked West and then North, you'll see one of them. The other one if further up." He pointed to the west. I thanked him, as I made my way on it, in hopes to find Julia. "Uuhh... C'mon! And I paid good mooney for those Pokemon", a Youngster yelled, as Starry's Aerial Ace knocked his last Alolan Radicate out. "Guess I won", I said, while he left, angrily ranting about his lost. For a "veteran", I was still capable of participating in Pokemon Matches, as my time underwent different training sessions back in Hoenn; especially when half of your team also took part in Contests and when I was creating new combinations and own strategies. After 5 minutes of walking and battling people, I spotted a factory near the toxic waters. Nobody was here, so maybe I was earlier, than I thought. Making the decision to take a break, I sat on a rock, waiting for the Gym Leader to come. Starring into the ocean, I began to think about my two childhood friends, Brendan and May and the others from Hoenn. My 1st journey, becoming the Champion, having fun with my friends in Moosdeep Center. Or when my parents took my to Mt. Pyros for picnics. I already missed them so much, that I felt the urge to cry, but I held them back. I hoped, once things calmed down in Hoenn and the Train Station getting fixed, I'll return home. I don't care about, if it will take months or even years! As I was lost in my thoughs and nostalgia, thinking about those wonderful times in Hoenn, a whistle and a slap on my backside suddenly snapped me back into reality, causing me to lose balance and landed on the floor. "Nice view of your back. Also nice ass", a male voice said, which caused me to turn around. There was a boy around my age. He was wearing glasses, that are below his eyes, a dark green shirt, with a light green undershirt, brown trouser that have been rolled halfway up of his lower leg with white socks and brown boots. But what made me uncomfortable was, his expression looked all over my body, especially a small view of my panties, I spotted. Quickly I pulled my pants a bit higher in embarrassment and leaned against the wall, while my bag lied behind me. The boy saw that and seemed amused about that, as I felt flashbacks about that monster flashed inside me. "Oh, how rude of me to scare you, but you look kinda hot though, so not my fault", he laughed, as his eyes looked over my pants again. "Uhm... T-thanks for that... I... Could you please stop looking at m-my privates" I said, while getting the feeling, being pushed against a corner with no escape. Hearing this, his gaze lifted to meet my eyes looking a bit puzzled, but that fucking expression was still here. Then he "gently" placed his hand on my chin, making me do eye contact with him. "So what does a missy like you doing there?", he asked me. "I-I was...", I tried to answer, but I felt my mouth trembled at the sight that boy. I don't know why, but it's because he's a stranger and this region is known for it's horrible reputation or he could harm me any time soon. "You gonna answer my question or what?" I could hear his voice getting impatient with my hesitation. Everything began to blurred and distorted, as I hear that bastard's voice again laughing maniacally. Before I could open my eyes again and answer, a red light emerged from my bag and soon the boy was sent flying a few meters away from me by an furious Tirami's Dark Pulse; crashing into an building. The Mightyeena turned around and jumped on me, nuzzled her face against mine, returning me back to reality. "Ah, Tirami! What have you done now? Thanks, but don't do that again", I said, as she looked over me confused, but suddenly sensed something and turned around again. Soon she began to bark louder, as the boy emerged from the smoke, walking towards us with an angry expression, pulling out a PokeBall, where a Servine emerged and arrogantly looked at us as well. "Sevine! Use Leaf Tornado on them!", he commanded, as the Unova Grass Pokemon spun around, creating a small but powerful tornado with glowing leads around it, before firing it towards us. "Quick Tirami! Dark Pulse!", I said, Tirami unleashed a powerful black energy from her body. Both attacks soon collide eachother, creating an explosion, following by thick smoke. I coughed, trying to see clear, as I saw a shadow looming over Tirami. "Now Energy Ball!", a voice said. "Tirami dodge quickly!", I cried out, but Servine was much faster than her, as Tirami was sent crashed right behind me into a wall. "Tirami!", I shouted, as I saw her unconscious form lying on the rumble covered in scratches and bruises. "You'll pay for that you asshole", I took out a GreatBall and was about to send out Fleur, only to see he and his Servine weren't here anymore. "Fucking coward! Run away like a pussy for all I care!", I screamed at the direction, he probably took off. Then I called Fleur out, so she can carry Tirami to a Pokemon Center for recovery. Luckily Ame told me before, that in Reborn their technology was highly advanced than in other regions- even in Hoenn and Kanto, whose companies were highly knew for their invitations- so the healing took only 5 minutes. "Here's your Pokemon", Nurse Joy said, as she placed Tirami's PokeBall on the counter "Good Luck out there, but you're a tough trainer." "Thanks for that", I gave her a small smile, as she did the same. As I left the Pokemon Center, I went straight to Julia's Gym and sat on the stairs for a break with a newly recovered Tirami next to me, despite my protests to stay inside the PokeBall. "Great. What I nice beginning, to start your journey in such shithole like that... Not only this city is shit, but also there's a bunch of perverts and I got attacked by one today", I groaned, as I leaned against the door. "But nooo, do you think I would willingly go in a place like this? It's all because of-" I was cut off mid sentence, as I found myself on the floor and a female voice yelling. Once I looked up, I saw Julia up there. "Oh, hi Lucia! Are you here to challenge me?" Julia asked. "Yeah I am." I answered a bit angry, because of her absence. "Great, but sadly it's gonna have to wait." Julia replied. "Why? It's because of that meeting and of what happened at the train station" I sighed, as I remember what Ame had told me yesterday. "Exactly! Ame told me that they caught the perp who blew up the train was working with Team Meteor. A spy!" Julia exclaimed "And they are gonna to blow up the power plant! MY power plant the Moosdeep Factory! And no one blows my things without me around, ESPECIALLY MY THINGS!" Julia screamed in anger. "*gulp* Rrrright." I was a bit scared at her reaction. "Follow me! We are going to stop these bad guys! You'll be a great help" Julia said as she grabbed my wrist and started to drag me away from the gym, while Tirami followed us back. Are you kidding me now! I just go there 4 minutes ago! After minutes of running, we arrived at a different factory. I was trying to catch my breath, as Julia walked towards the door. "Locked" Julia exclaimed, as she scanned the door. "We *gasp* should break the *gaps* *gaps* door", I said between my breaths. "No problem. I got this... KAPOOOOW! ", the cheerleader grinned, as she swung her leg with such force, that the door instantly broke. I looked at her with shock and awe, as she gave me her victory grin. "Did you just-" I was cut off again. "Problem solved", Julia happily said. "Observation: Detection. Julia's presence confirmed." A female voice stated with little emotion making us turn around and saw two people. No! It can't be! My eyes widen a bit in terror, as I spotted the same boy, who made snarky comments about me before. The other person was a young woman with similar hair as his. She also wears a pair of glasses, a lime green bodysuit with dark green gloves and stockings and white boots. Like the female version of that boy. Julia smiled when she saw her, "Hey there Rini!" She shouted happily. She turned to towards me, "This is Florinia. We've been BFFs since middle school as well as roommates. She is also the Gym Leader of the Onyx Ward and the instructor head at Onyx Trainer School there." Julia introduced. "Nice to meet you, Florinia. I'm Lucia", I greeted her, as I offered my hand. "Gratitude: Thank you for the introduction. Greetings: My name is Florinia" She thanked Julia, as we both shared our hands. "Aaaaand this is Fern." Julia continued not even trying to make it interesting. I bit my lip, as we both made eye contact again and Tirami started to growl at him. Fern turned to me, seemed amused at our reactions "I know we got on the wrong foot Lucia, but we're good right?" Fern chuckled. That didn't convince me, but I wanted no trouble, "Yeah, we're good..." I laughed nervously, trying to remain calm, while Tirami keep an eye on Fern. "Suggestion: Times are waste, let's us proceed." Florinia told the group, as she walked inside. I felt off by her behaviour, "Don't worry about my sister. She's weird and everyone around calls her 'Flobot'." He casually told me. "How can people call her like that?", I was shocked by that, but than Julia became angry by this. "Well I call her Rini! Because she's not a robot!" She said, making me smile at her statement. "Anyway let's go." The cheerleader continued as we entered inside as well. "This is the base of the group, which that guy belongs to that blew up the train. They call themselves Team Meteor, it's a really wired name but whatever. Let's get in there and make them go boom!" Julia shouted as we meet with Florinia. Me, Florinia and Julia looked at the water which was the same colour as the ocean. "Observation: The liquid indicates high levels of pollution. Estimated toxicity . . . 90%" Florinia explained to us, while observing the water. "And this is being dumped in the lake. No wonder it's poison's and-" "Yeah, yeah. The ocean is poison making it unhabitable for anyone to live here, so they moving away from this environmental bullshit. Can we go?" Fern suggested interrupting Julia, becoming impatiently. "Agreement: Let us proceed. Observation: The path divides into two. The most efficient way to observe the surroundings would be in bisection of party." Florinia said. "Uhm... Bisection of party?", I said in confusion about her speech. "She means splitting up. Are you two really siblings? Because you can't understand her." Julia asked. "Not my fault Flobot talks like that. This bitch is a robot wannabe!" Fern coldly answered, while Florinia blinked a bit. "Well I can and she's not a robot. Anyway, me and Rini will take the right path, while you and Fern take the left." Julia suggested. "And try not to let Fern's attitude get to you." With that she left. I felt like, I was cornered by Sharpedos! What is she thinking?! I don't want to go with him! Florinia turned to Fern, "Warning: Be careful brother. Estimated the values of dangers. Immense." Florinia warned him. "I always do." Fern replied. Florinia nodded, before walking off leaving us alone, "I wouldn't let my sister's personality annoy you. She became like this after a harsh event with our parents long time ago." Fern told me. "Anyway, try not to hold me back." How about you keeping your distance away from me I thought, while looking over Tirami, who keeped her eyes in him. We walked into a another section and saw two people wearing black cloths that are hiding their hair but not their faces, "Intruders!" One shouted as both realized a Lillipup and Alolan Rattata. "I think it's time we take out the trash." Fern said as he released Budew. "Tirami. Let's dance!" I commanded Tirami, as she stood before me ready to fight "Who are you calling trash?! Tackle!" Rattata and Lillipup started to run towards us. "Sleep Powder!" Budew fired green spores in the air. When they collided into the opposing Pokemon they feel asleep, "Dark Pulse!" Tirami's body glowed and gathered dark energy, before unlocking it towards her foes. The Pokemon were sent flying into their trainer's unconscious. "So strong." The female grunt said as she and her partner returned their Pokemon and ran away from us. As we walked further, Fern turned his head towards me. "May I ask you something, Lucia?." He said, getting my attention. "What?" I asked, while Tirami gave him a glare. "Where are you from?" Fern asked. "Why do you want to know?" I asked back, feeling uncomfortable again. "Because as you can see, this place is a shithole at finest. So, why did you decided to come here?" Fern said, as he adjusted his glasses. "I'm.. from Hoenn." I answered. "That's sure is one hell of a difference. If I had a choice, I would've stayed there. Why the hell are you here?" He pressed further. I lowered my gaze to the ground, as all flashbacks played through my mind and him especially, "I- I wanted... to... challenge and t-to... prove myself of being worthy That's all." I spoke with hesitation, fiddling with my sleeve, trying to calm myself down. He didn't look convinced, but rather bored "Whatever you say." Fern turned off as counting to walk with his Budew on his shoulder. I sadly frowned after speaking about it. And I really hate that, that I wanted to run away now. His presence reminds me of that guy, who made my life a living hell. But I don't know, if Fern is the same like him. After we defeated a few more grunts on our way, until we came to a metal barrier, "Great. How do we get through?" Fern asked. "Simple. Tirami, Dark Pulse!" Tirami did, what I told her and in a few seconds into the gate and had a hole in it. As we walked inside, we found a barricade blocking our way through again, "Observation: Team Meteor's headquarters confirmed up head."I could hear Florinia's voice, as Julia was doing some tricks. "Now it's just a matter of opening it." Julia mused, as she did a few piurettes. "So, what's plan B?" I asked her. "I can easily blow it up if I had some dynamite." Julia explained, while Florinia walked over to a control board and started to hack into it. Julia turned to me, "Maybe they have some. Can you go and find some, pretty please?" Julia said in a baby voice with puppy eyes. "Well, I'm not gonna wait all day for Flobot to hack into the system. So, let's just find these pyrotechnics." Fern replied, as he grabbed me wrist, dragging me to a different hallway and Tirami started barking, as she followed us. "Tirami, please be quiet! They'll hear us!" I hissed at her, ignoring Fern "They would already have", he gestured to a few grunts a few meters further, noticing us. "Let's get over with it", I sighed, as the grunts cam closer to us. "And stay out!", I called, as the last two of them ran away. I spotted a box full with red dynamites. As I bent over to grab them, I felt a sharp pain on my butt and heard a whistle. "Sorry, Lucia. My hand slipped", I could hear Fern's voice, while he laughed a bit! It was too much already, as I reached my final point. I grabbed the dynamite box and threw it right at him, while running past him, all the way back to another room. I could fell getting sick, just by such act and I needed to calm down. I leaning against a wall and fell in the floor, wiping away my tears, as those memories came back to me. I just want to forget this and him. 5 minutes later, I finally calmed down, I made my way back to Julia and Florina. "Hello girls. I'm back", I quietly said, as Julia turned around to see me with the dynamites. "Oohhhh. Thank you so much", she squealed, while taking them from me and placing them in front of the gate. "Now stay back. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 KA BO-" Before Julia could finish the gate opened. "Succession: Gate opened. Let us proceed." Florinia stated as she started to entered. "B-but the booms. You can't do this Rini! I was about to make the gate go boom!" Julia shouted as she picked up the bombs and chased after her, while I tried my best to hide my laugh. Looking back, I wondered if Fern is coming now, but decided to follow the two quickly, as he already caused me lots of trouble. As we arrived in the control room, I spotted 3 people there; two grunts behind a man and a Seviper next to him. The Fang Snake Pokemon seemed to notice us, letting out a loud hiss, catching his trainer's attention. He was around his middle 30's has black hair, wearing a black coat with white linings, black trousers, black red shoes. But what caught my eye, is a red sensor over his right eye. His expression was cold, but calm with observation. "And what if I am?" The man asked in a cold tone, while petting his Seviper. "Then you're gonna pay for you did to Grandview Station!" She answered pointing her index finger at him. He merely smirked at this, "And how exactly do you intend to do that?" He asked. "By ceasing your criminal activities." I called out. "That's right!" Julia replied. He smirked again, "We have no intention on defeating you. Considering that we let you in." He explained. "You let us in?!" Me and Julia asked in unison. "Yes, we did." He answered. "Just who do you think you are?!" Julia demanded to know. "We are Team Meteor and we do not relent. I ordered the guards to slow you down while we deleted critical mission files so no one can see them. But your strength was unexpected, especially yours, girl." He pointed at me "I've seen a lot of people and even more. But there's something about you, that I can't put finger on. What's your name?" He asked me by what he said about killing people as if it was nothing scary. "When asking someone's name your supposed to introduce yourself first." I answered calmly even though, I was scared of him about him killing people. "Oh, you're right. My name is Sirius." He introduced himself. "Lucia Ahahera." I replied, while taking out a PokeBall ready to fight. "Mmmhh... Well then Aster!" He shouted. " Yes, sir!" A male grunt shouted as he saluted with excitment. He has black hair with some pointing out of his hood and with green eyes. "Eclipse!" "Yeah?" A women replied in an bored tone. She looked like Aster, but with a bit longer black hair and has blue eyes. "Take care of the girl. I'll handle the Gym Leaders." Sirius ordered as his Serviper slicered in front of him, while Florinia and Julia released a Cradily and Electrode. The pair of Meteor grunts nod and run opposite, where I was standing. " Dont worry girls. I'll handle this." I cried out, as Julia gives me thumbs up. "You must be brave to take to the of us by yourself." Eclipse told me, as she realise a Rockruff, as Aster did the same. "I believe and have faith in myself and my team. Vanilly! Starry! Let's dance!" I threw two Poke Balls releasing my male Swampert and female Swellow. "Thunder Fang!" "Fire Fang." Both Rockruff's started to run towards their targets with the left one had his jaw surrounded by electricity and the right had her surrounded by fire. "Block them!" Vanilly made his way towards them, as both Rockruffs bit his arms but Vanilly didn't flinch and thanks to being part ground, he was immune to electric moves, before throwing them back to their trainers. "Rockruff!" Eclipse shouted in concern. "Get up!" Aster added on. "Starry use Hidden Power!" The Normal/Flying type soared over them, forming light yellow orbs of energy between its wings. I noticed electricity on her feathers, as she fired them towards the two Alolan Rock Pokemon, causing them to get paralyzed due to it's powered field, before passing out. "Return." The grunts said, as they returned their Pokemon. I could see Eclipse smiling a bit, as she looked over me. "Tch. We're sorry sir." Aster mentioned and saw Serviper battling Cradily and Electrode. "Yes, pathetic. I can take on the Gym Leaders, but not 3 of them. And don't think you've won." Sirius explained "Seviper, Haze!" Serviper shot black smoke from his mouth with soon spread out throughout the entire room. Everyone covered their mouths, closed their eyes and coughed, till the smoke was gone everyone turned to see, that they have escaped. "Fuck!", I shouted. "Conclusion: They have retreated. Cradily return." Florinia returned her Hoenn Fossil Pokemon. "You two did well. Return", I returned Vanilly and Starry. "Thanks a lot Electrode." Julia thanked before she walked to the computers and set the dynamics on them. "All right, we should start running." She explained. "What did you-?" "Kaaaaaaaaa . . ." "Oh shit, FLORINIA RUN!" I shouted, grabbing her wrist, as we ran outside before the factory exploded. Me and Florinia fell on the ground afterwards, before getting up, removing the dust from our clothes. "And were done." Julia said as she dusted her hands. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" We could hear an angry voice, as we turned around. It was Fern, who emerged from the smoke, while his clothes got dirty and damaged and he was furious. "You almost got me killed!" Fern shouted. "But now Team Meteor won't come back here anytime soon." Julia replied unfazed by his tone. "Whatever. I got more important things to do! Later losers." Fern said before walking away. I was thankful, he didn't notice me. "Observation: We don't know what Team Meteor has in mind. Further investigation is required." Florinia stated, while looking at the ruined factory. "Yeah. Thanks for your help Rini. You too Lucia." Julia thanked us. "Reply: No worries." Florinia replied. "No worries about that. I'm ready to help." I smiled. "Explanation: I'll be going now to report this to Ame, due to having potential as a worth trainer." Florinia said before turning towards me. "Question: You noticed how the terrain effected your moves correct?" She asked. "Yeah, I did notice that." I answered, while remember Starry's Hidden Power turned into a Electric move. "Explanation: The terrain in the Reborn Region will effect Pokemon moves, Here." She took my Pokedex, brought out a sim card, inserted and handed it to me back. "Explanation: That will explain the effects different fields will have. Warning: All Gym Leaders have our own terrain that benefits our Pokemon. If you want to beat us, you'll need to play smart." Florinia explained. "C-conclusion: I must...adapt myself to the ter... terrain environment, so I can be successful", I stated, while trying to mimick her speech. Florinia smirked at my answer and a small smile appeared on her face, "Noted: Until next time." Florinia walked away. "Farewell: Bye Florina", I replied. "I'll see you at my Gym. Tomorrow I'm tired, (yawn), I'm gonna get me some sleep. See you tomorrow and we will have our match." Julia told me before she walked away. "Okay Julia. See you tomorrow", I said, while we parted ways. I can't wait for tomorrow's gym match. 3rd Person POV As Lucia made her way back to Grand Hall, Fern observed from the corner of an alley, his gaze over her, till she was out from his reach. "Such beauty, but very feisty attitude and strength. I like that on her." he smirked, as he licked his lips in delight "I wonder, if we ever met again soon". He grinned as he though about that beautiful Hoennian, he met hours before. A rocky start, but perhaps he can convince her into his side, in their next encounter.
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    To Jan , Zumi and everyone else, Good luck and stay safe.
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    Summery: Corey is reflecting his past actions on a morning, as guilt and shame accompanied him. The sky was still dim, despite the atmosphere displayed colours of early morning and it's rising sun in all glory, Corey could tell. He woke up earlier than his wife next to him, gazing upon the clock; which said 3:55 A.M. He groaned quietly, as he looked over the window in the bedroom, which displayed the huge desert terrain- better know as the Tourmaline Desert. Empty, but very quit with it's own terrain beauty, he must admit. Leaning his head against the glass, he secretly admired the view- a habit, he still has from his youth and when he was bored. But no matter what, today he knew, why he was now awake. In 4 hours a secret meeting will be held in the Grand Hall, where the Champion and her crew will discuss over the specific topics about Team Meteor- a terrorist organisation, who has plaqued Reborn since 25 years now, but in the last months it became more difficult, as their resistance were outnumbered by them and lot of their allies died. Many people started to lose hope and fell into despair, as they couldn't handle after dozens of attacks on them. It felt like a cage of despair and nightmares with no escape from it-and if it were, no one will be the same or led a normal life, if they managed to defeat them. Corey Molinar- Poison Gym Leader of Beryl Ward, Expert of Poison- was one of those people, but with one difference. He was still alive and struggle to stay sane: Having being burdened with the fate of being a double spy for both Team Meteor and the resistance, which added more burden and hardships on his back. It wasn't by force to join them. Or he didn't care about the gourvament affairs and it's shitty order, which already sunk in corruption. No. He volunteered to enter their circle for a specific and personal reason: 10 years ago, his wife Elena gave birth to their only daughter, Heather and nearly fall victim to Team Meteor, because of a ring, he used to propose her years ago. Just 4 days after the delivery, a member came inside the room and was about to harm her, when she managed to attract his attention and rushed inside. Her eyes were pitch blank with cracks underneath them and she produced a dark aura around her body, like she was possessed by a demon or something. He could never forget that bloodcurled scream, she let out, as she hold Heather in her arms, protecting her from the attacker, who had concerned them against a corner, while roaring like a Ursaring, who protected her cubs. With no hesitation, he grabbed the nearest thing- a syringe- and struck it with full force on him. As he turned around, the syringe stuck in his right eye. He took pride in his act, as he screamed in pain, while pulling it out and ran away. With that, he rushed to her side, trying to console both mother and daughter. His instinct kicked in and carried them back to Calceneon City, where they had a old house with the Belrose Family living together back than. The next thing he did was rather risky, as she was still weaken from the birth. He made her take a drug, which suppress memories from hours ago and he successfully did it. She and Heather didn't remember that day, but Corey does. Then he noticed, the ring was missing and suspected, the man stole it during the struggle. From this day, he joined the resistance against Team Meteor Firstly that didn't affected his family life, as he managed to cover it up with lies about that and brushed his problems away for the sake of them. However this lasted for 5 months, as he was plagued by hellish nightmares about their safety and decided to offer himself as a spy. He was filled with hate and revenge, that he will do ANYTHING to make them pay and eliminate them. But this also was a fatal flaw, he played with many innocent lives and it still haunts him today. As the Gym Leader, he was a reserve and calcious man. But as "Agent Beryl", he was a merciless executive, who murders his victims in slow poison- be it foe or ally. "Agent Beryl" drags him into a path of destruction and madness. His embrace like poison corrupts his mind with his own vengeful thoughts. But when he comes home to take a break from his undercover missions, he remembers, that he's Corey. Elena's embrace and presence, soothes and relax him, while Heather make him all fuss and a bit strict. That girl had adapted a bratty behaviour and dreams to beat all evil beyond, which made him secretly smile, but worried as well. But fear had taken control over him. Not like he's afraid of death or getting in prison or something. His only fear is losing his precious family, that he build despite those hardships. But this love for his family was also, what he got in much deep affairs and horrible decisions. He met him again. The man, who was responsible for the attempted assassination. He wore a red sensor to cover the scar, he inflicted on him. But he held something, that he took from Elena. The Ruby Ring- that dammed thing, he foolishly bestowed upon her. Corey wanted to take the ring and leave already, as this meant a token of his happy marriage. But "Agent Beryl" suspected saw this as a trap and began to negotiate with him, why would he give him such important artifact. His "target" merely smirked and laughed at his questions. Then he asked him- how Elena is going, which made him flinch in shock, before getting mad. How could he know his wife?! Did he dared to stalk her?! But he remained calm, as he told, that he was once in love with her, but she rejected him for personal reasons. And that she soon choice him as her lover. A punch to his nose, he inflicted next, but soon this person pulled of his wicked plan with the Ring If you want this ring back and your family being alive, than you'll be receiving direct orders and fulfill them without hesitation! One wrong move or your home will be covered in their blood!I'll be watching, until further notice! Corey is still haunted by this deal, he agreed, but he couldn't let that happened. If it means to protect every thing, he loved, than there's no limits. "Agent Beryl" was doing his job, as he killed and ruined many lives, as his blackmailer and rival did. He maintained the mask of a cold hearted and indifferent criminal. He closed himself off, when committing them, but a shard of humanity often managed to remind him, who is really is, leading him into sparing his victims less cruelly. Corey felt like he has no control, trying to stop killing his true friends and allies. He pleaded with Arceus, Lugia or Celebi to make him stop. But no avail. Especially the last mission. That bastard offered him this one last request to do, before dissolving the deal off and leaving him alone: Their next target was the Belrose Family, his friends from younger years due having the Sapphire Bracelets. Tears streamed down his check, as he clearly remembered, when told his superiors all information about them, while restraining himself from breaking down and tear them apart. Then he was sent free from this deal, as their house in Tazan Cove burned to the ground, but Arceus had spared 4 souls. Monty was killed at their hands, while sacrificing himself for his wife and 3 daughters. He broke down, as he saw his lifeless body near the lake, after sneaking out from the brigade. He carried him all the way till Calceneon City, where the agonizing sight of Caroline still pierced his soul, while Elena tried her best to console her daughters. They didn't know, that their husband and father died because his most trusted friend was forced to betray his family and he paid the price. Afterwards the family fell into ruin, because of Monty's actions towards the main authority of Lapis Ward, Sigmund Connal. It threatened the Belrose's reputation and Caroline wasn't able to be both mother and Gym Leader, so she made a deal with him, that her daughters would stay safe and she'll be his, which he agreed. It went for 5 years, as he barely saw her, as the Molinars moved to Beryl Ward, before one fateful day, he recieved the news, that Caroline was found dead at the shores of Coral Ward. Many people assumed, that she committed suicide out of grief for her husband's death. Elena desperately searched for her daughters, trying to take them under her wing, but all her attempts went avail, as they were unreachable. However one day, she found the eldest daughter in the Beryl Cemetery, kneeling in front of her parents graves. She blamed her for not coming to save them and screaming, that her life is ruined now, before punching her down and left in tears on her Dragonite. He found her crying near the gym with bruises and a black eye back than. He helped with her recovery, but the emotional scars and the guilt were still here. How often he told her, to not worry about them and this is cruel reality. It was for their best, Corey believe. Because living in pain, will bring back nothing. They both had lectured Heather into this belief, but the girl became more bratty and rebellious in the last 3 years now. Often taking off and returned 2-3 days later. To be honest, he deserved this, as he wanted everything under his thumb, but it harmed Elena's life and stopped it for her sake, even though she became a bit distant. Currently she has softened and was busy with her Elite 4 duties, as means to distract herself and often left Heather alone, so she can learn independence from young age, while he was busy with his undercover role. "Agent Beryl" wants revenge and doesn't care about others. He felt nothing for his actions. Corey Molinar wants nothing but ensure the safety of his family. He felt shame and regrets for his past. If he only had the power to turn back in time to prevent this. If he only was more careful with what he was doing. Maybe things would have been different now, right? He let out a sign, as he wiped the tears with the curtains. He wanted to scream now, letting all his pain and misery go and even punch the window. But he could wake up Elena and scare her with that behaviour. Corey returned towards the bed and lied down next to her. She was very beautiful, he had to admit. Her long red pink hair down her waist, covering her bare chest with the blanket half. He wanted to savour those moments, before he transformed into "Agent Beryl" again. He felt sorry for putting his beloved wife and daughter in so much pain, but there's no looking back. He'll stop Team Meteor no matter what. "Agent Beryl" sees hope as weakness. An illusion made to sugarcoat this reality. Corey Molinar still believes, even if he broke down. He's full with determination.
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    Haiyaaaaa! Back from the ashes with a new profile pic! Fits me just fine! Let's turn up the heat again
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    I won't lie, i'm excited at the prospect of battling our team again. Sure it was horrible in context at the Pyramid, but fighting both Melia and Aelita was pretty damn fun. Like there is a reason why Reborn's episode 18 Gauntlet fight is so popular. Part of the fun/frustration of Reborn and Rejuvenation is fighting a deck stacked against us, and still coming out on top.
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    It's probably just me. Silver, where are you?
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    Sorry sorry, just in a joking mood. XD. but really i'll stop if it's annoying. Erin is my spirit animal though hahahaah. She needs a hug. Like really badly.
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    are you referring to the choice banded gigalith
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    That's by now his style of battling tho tbh. Forgets to buy potions but never the X items I feel like anyone can win with any team like this, but I guess trying 4 times and finally winning like a real challenge ain't for everyone lol
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    For the restoration, I think you need to beat the next gym leader first. As for changing the weather, check the tv. It might give a clue when the rain will stop. If the weather channel says that it'll stop raining in a couple days, change the date and/or time on your pc. There's also a debug mod, you can check it out here:
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    Pretty much all the renovation add is a building on far side of island visually Rain isn't usually there for 2 weeks there is a mod to change weather though, it's in a mod pack called SWM
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    But nothing happened I call for silver
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    WWL did much better than I thought it would, so I'm happy to say that I do have plans for other side games. Not many though as I'd like to focus most of my time on the main game.
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    Told my provider that several times already lmao. I've hidden them now cause I can't figure out how to delete them, if that's even an option.
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