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    @The Swordsman @Q-Jei @Candy @MegaMew
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    It took me roughly 16 hours to get this Volcarona.
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    ya i died and took all of the game's sprites with me into my grave so now there are no more sprites ever goodbye v13 forever
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    V13 was just a prank
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    Old Content: #################### | Map Updates (95%) #################### | Script Updates (0%) #################### | Misc (45%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (47%) New Content: #################### | Story (45%) #################### | Mapping (45%) #################### | Scripting (60%) #################### | Sidequests (5%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (40%) Gen 8: #################### | Battle Sprites (90%) (zumi's note: Gen 8 main dex is done! All that's left are the Gmax sprites ) #################### | Move Implementation (95%) #################### | Item Implementation (100%) #################### | Roster Changes (0%) #################### | Encounter Changes (25%) #################### | Event Changes (20%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (55%) -------------------------------------------------- #################### | V13 Total Completion (47%)
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    Shallow reasons It would feel like a trophy too considering who she is. And the way she is. You know, challanging/tricky to win over.
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    TM28 Dig is in Goldenwood Forest which needs Surf to explore more. I recall picking that up in that forest where the statue of one of the Sinnoh pixies is at.
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    Night Zero When the bell rings, all the students can finally escape their classroom and scatter in the courtyard, eager to go back home. Their hearts are filled with excitement, not only because of the end of the school year that is quickly approaching, but also because of the massive party they are secretly organizing. Some of them however, harbor darker thoughts. Breaking inside the school at night? Partying where they have absolutely no right to be? Unthinkable! Those who entertain this idea ought to be ashamed. Better find evidence of their plans and report them to the school staff, one by one... Well, at least there's a silver lining to this threat. Someone who wasn't even told about the party plans couldn't possibly be a snitch, right? @cicada aka Nicki is revealed as Suzie, the Town-sided Celebrity. Night Zero begins now and lasts 24h. Players list: 1. Castiel 2. Aldo 3. LĂ­a 4. Nano 5. Nicki as Suzie, the Celebrity 6. Newt 7. Dragoknight 8. Lykos 9. Astra 10. Cherry 11. DigitalAmber 12. Divergent 13. Alekii 14. Chicken 15. Evi Crystal 16. Anti-Loser
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    This.. doesn't really mean anything. The game is not yet complete, of course the numbers are going to go down. An average of 2k players a day is still a lot especially for an early access game. There are SO many ongoing hate towards this game and most of them are from people who didn't even play it. It's unavoidable since they branded themselves as a "Pokemon-like MMO", but people judge the game too soon. If you could set aside any doubt or prejudice you have on this title, you'll absolutely enjoy it. The game is spectacular on its own. The fact that it's still not finished and has the potential to grow even more? A wild concept.
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    Mini Gamemaking Tutorial Series: Compact Mapping Mapping (videogames) is the creative process of designing an area that can be seen and/or explored by the player – and sometimes even an npc or the ai of a game. Depending on the genre and the design approach, its importance as a factor may vary – it can enhance or decrease the general quality of the experience, but it may also make or break games whose focus is mainly exploration, conveying of messages through artistic decisions, or implementation of a gameplay concept through mapping. No matter its core importance in a game, a consistently good mapping presentation leaves its mark on the mind of the player, plays an active role in orientation and “guided” player freedom and choice, rewards players who invest in exploring a game’s maps, and disincentivizes approaches that may have negative impact on player experience. In RPGs, the map usually takes a more “passive” role in regards to player-game interactivity, but also rewards exploration through unique events and items. While modern RPG map design is not as crucial to the gameplay aspect, it nevertheless expresses the lore and setting of the game - and crystallizes the existence of an imaginary land within a believable, semi-realistic, navigable area. As a result, maps that are designed in a way that hinders this perception of existence, connectivity and cohesion of the game world, will leave the player with a disconnecting feeling. And even if a developer is careful in regards to the aforementioned, there is always the problem of the art-style and the general art direction of the game as it pertains to in-game sizes and distances, that needs to be taken into account. The best way to maintain the suspension of disbelief, and the realism of proportions and distance relations without sacrificing your artistic vision, is to paint the map “compactly”. In this part of the gamemaking mini tutorial series called “Compact Mapping” we will explore certain techniques that can help alleviate problems in existing maps and put the design of new ones into a more compact, consistent, and realistic form. Note: The following are not quick hacks that can make you good at mapping. They’re more like general guidelines that if followed will enhance your skills and help you learn faster. Nothing substitutes for practice. 1. Consistent Object and Distance Scale within the Art Style The problem of big maps in detail. The art style of the game is absolutely crucial to the way a map needs to be designed. For instance, a chibi style requires a miniature depiction of everything that exists within the style. A character whose proportions and art style are governed by a particular design approach, cannot live in a world where building size and distance among objects in the space are relative to another style. The world’s scale needs to be relative to the scale of the style’s characters, or vice-versa, and present the illusion of an analogy to real life size and distance relations. As such, buildings, roads and various objects, and the distances among them, are representative of what they would have been in real life if the place was real. No matter if your game is designed based on a grid or not (although a grid requires less effort to work with and makes size and distance analogy easier to manually adjust) the distance of areas, objects and characters in the game should always be relative to each other. By maintaining this analogy, the player is also required to do far less “traveling” between point A and point B in a game. In the case of 2d chibi-style RPGs, a step is equivalent to about 2-3 steps in real life! Example of Good Map Design: CREDIT: Essentials, “Player House” map The chef is delighted that reaching the door doesn’t take an eternity. Notice the analogy and relation of objects - and distances among objects - to the character. Example of Bad Map Design: CREDIT: Essentials “Player House” map Our chef friend feels a bit weird about the fact that he has to take the equivalent of about 14-20 steps irl to reach the door from the….middle of the room…. Example of Good Map Design: CREDIT: Essentials, “Cedolan City” map “Ah, Cedolan City is so beautiful…” said the chef. Notice the distances among various buildings and their positioning in the map. This feels like a big city without it being “big” as far as mapping distances are concerned. Example of Bad Map Design: CREDIT: Essentials, “Cedolan City” map “What is going on here? Something feels a bit off”, said the chef. Notice the big distances among buildings and objects, and within the layout itself. The map portion shown here is exactly the same overall size, yet it now looks much more unnatural, big and empty! Big and empty maps is a common novice mistake, but fear not for even gamefreak themselves have been “guilty” of this in the past, as evidenced by a lot of their RBY maps, as well as the Beta versions of GS. Protip: Don’t try “filling” the map with objects and buildings to compensate for an already big and out of proportion general layout. It just makes the map artificially clustered and will overwhelm most players. 2. The player’s POV When making a map, you need to consider that what you’re seeing when you’re designing it, isn’t necessarily what the player sees when they play the game. Rather, there’s a difference between the Editor View in any software, and the actual Game Window. Unless you are able to zoom in as much as you want inside the editor view, or you have set a certain resolution for the game to match one of your zoom levels, then there will be a discrepancy between what you see when you’re creating and what you see when you’re playing. In RMXP’s case, and due to the difference between the farthest, biggest “zoom” inside the editor and the resolution of the game window in Essentials, you cannot easily get a sense of “what you create is what you see”. Here’s an example: Farthest Zoom in RMXP CREDIT: Essentials, “Lerucean City” map Game Window: CREDIT: Essentials, “Lerucean City” map As you can see, the difference is rather big. Comparison: CREDIT: Essentials, “Lerucean City” map The problem with this is that you can’t get an immediate sense of how the map is perceived through the eyes of the player. Unless you playtest it of course, but that’s not incorporated into the first design process and can lead to your map feeling right when you make it - and then you get used to it - and nothing seems wrong during playesting. Keep in mind that you’ve literally got the big picture as well, but your players don't. Let’s see an example of this influencing how you design the map: CREDIT: Essentials, “Lerucean City” map To some of you, this will already feel “off”. That’s because there’s a huge open space on the mid upper area of the map. But on first sight, it doesn’t feel too wrong, maybe placing a tree or something there could fill it, right? Well remember what we said about “filling” before. Nevertheless, take a look at what the player sees on that spot: CREDIT: Essentials, “Lerucean City” map Oops! It certainly looks emptier now - if you take a look back at the editor screenshot, that one will look emptier too! Also notice how much bigger the distance between Dr. Fuji and the player looks here. Compare it to this: CREDIT: Essentials, “Lerucean City” map That’s right, the illusion of proper distance has been achieved in this picture. Notice that it doesn’t matter how farther away you place Dr. Fuji, what does matter is the consistency of general relations among buildings, objects and characters in the map. While it is advised to map using both a larger editor view and the true-to-game-window view, the importance of seeing your map from the eyes of the player should encourage you to make much more frequent use of the latter type of viewing when mapping. Let’s look at this again: As you can see in the magnificently drawn example above, even within a view that contains 2 points of interest and nothing else, with the player right in the center, the image “feels” alright. In this example however, something’s definitely off. That’s because the buildings have been placed in a way that makes them difficult for the player to see. With a more compact placement, more visual information is shown to the player. While this doesn’t mean that you should try to cram up everything within the game window view, you should consider how much stuff the player can see to get a good “picture” of their surroundings and map layout. Remember, distances in 2D games and distances in the real world are not the same. If you don’t take care of that, your maps will look empty like this: And unless your game is taking place on a wasteland or a desolated map, this kind of mapping will negatively affect the quality of both gameplay and visuals. 3. Viewport Resolution and Asset Size Distance Relations How big a game world and a map is perceived to be can usually be defined by 1) player size in relation to the world and 2) walking/traveling speed. These two however, exist in relation to the game’s resolution as well. If character and object size, and game window are not in “good” relation to each other, then you can either see too much stuff that overwhelms the eyes, or too little, affecting the general perception of the map and even navigation. Take this for example: CREDIT: Essentials “Ingido Plateu” Map The game viewport’s resolution is set to double the normal size. Notice the amount of information the player receives now, there’s so much stuff going on visually that there’s no clear focus. Moreover, the player’s movement will give off the impression of it being very slow - and since the player has an immediate general idea of where everything is, the maps have to be designed even bigger to compensate for the visual scope the player now has. Resolution doesn’t mean stretching. Stretching the game window to a bigger resolution will just make everything you see larger – but enlarging the resolution of the viewport (or adjusting the player’s distance from the camera in 3D and 2.5D) will increase the area of what can be seen. In games with set asset resolution like “pixelated” 2D RPGs, if you were to set the resolution to a bigger value without stretching the graphics accordingly, the player would be able to see parts of the map that they shouldn’t be allowed to see. (Imagine being able to see twice as far in a metroid-style game...It would ruin the exploration!) And if the resolution got smaller, you’d only be able to see a fraction of what you should be seeing in order to navigate properly (falling into traps more easily, not being able to see enemies soon enough, etc etc). Of course in older games, display resolution was limited by hardware, so the devs had to work with a “default” viewport resolution. Essentials default resolution allows the player to see 16 grid tiles/ “blocks” wide total and 12 grid tiles/ “blocks tall total. A map should be designed with the relation between viewport resolution and assets in mind. While most fangames won’t have this problem, if you want to implement a bigger resolution, you should consider how that might impact your mapping and what the player should see so as to not overwhelm them with information. Especially if your game’s assets are standard 16x16 (stretched to 32x32 for Essentials) assets. If your tiles are the default ones, and the display is bigger, then restrain yourself when mapping. Bigger area of view? Same relative information as with a smaller resolution. RMXP’s grid size, or single “block” is 32x32. Notice: Essentials assets, mainly its graphics (tiles, icons, sprites) are double the size due to RMXP’s grid only being mappable on 32x32 single tiles, rather than the standard Gameboy games of 16x16. Don’t let that confuse you, since you’re working with 32x32 graphics anyway. 4. Locality – Variety Focused mapping. Consider dividing the map into parts that 1) serve a different purpose, 2) are unique in relation to other parts of the same map, 3) express something specific to them, 4) tell a story, 5) have some sort of geographical variety and 6) introduce general map asymmetry. CREDIT: Gamefreak, “RSE Lilycove City” Can you spot some of the above? Let’s mark them: CREDIT: Gamefreak, “RSE Lilycove City” Yellow Color/Museum: On the northwestern part of the map there’s a Museum, it’s got it’s own secluded spot right at the end of the second big street. People taking a stroll after their shopping spree would love to relax and take a break there. The Museum’s cultural importance is accentuated due to it resting atop the highest point in the map. Purple Color/Dept. Store and high street: The second street leads to some scenic sightseeing to the east and to the Museum to the west. To reach the museum, one would need to pass by the Dept. Store, which exploits passerby tours to the museum and gives a busier feeling to the street. Notice how important streets / busy streets are just straight, lengthy streets with points of interest on either side. Green Color/Lone house on hills: If one were to jump down the ledges, they would find a picturesque house overlooking the beach and the northern part of the sea. Has that house always been there? Or did someone eccentric decide to build their maisonette there? Orange Color/Main Street: A lengthy but not too wide street, perfect for the role of a main street, with the Pokecenter near the entrance of the city (more about this later) covering almost the entirety of the town. The rails on each side of the stairs invite you to follow them – as if the road itself continues north (it kinda does). Notice that you are able to see the Contest Hall to the South even if you are walking along the northern side of the road. Brown Color/Pokecenter and Contest Hall: These are some of the most important buildings trainers will visit, and due to their importance they’re either located near the entrance or are both visible after you take your first few steps in the city. Blue Color/Tavern: Positioned in the center of the town there’s a graphic little tavern. A town plaza/ center is frequently associated with places to grab some food and escape from the busier life of the main streets. Light Blue Color/ Rock formation north of seaside: The northeastern part of the map has what appears to be a cave surrounded by rock formations, (literally) engulfing the seaside town while providing a small opening to the sea farther east. Black Color/ Cape and Lighthouse: Almost half of the town’s length, this stretchy cape’s tip is adorned by a lighthouse waiting for ships to come. The trip there feels a bit bigger and rewarding, but also makes sense as far as the layout is concerned, protruding towards the sea. Light Green Color/Beach: Shallow waters and a beach are formed from the gulf’s encapsulation. This serves as a nice natural transition from land to sea (land > sand > shallow water > sea). It’s also a nice contrast to the higher terrain around it. Red Color/ Shipyard: The shipyard is located away from the beach, on the other end of the map, letting swimmers swim at peace away from any incoming ships. Of course, it’s situated relatively close to the lighthouse (on the same axis) and right at the end of the town. 5. Points of Interest In every map, there are certain Points of Interest, or POIs for short, which denote the importance of that particular part of the map or the buildings within it. A POI can be anything from a shop to a strange rock formation, from a river to some weird grassy pattern. These are used to catch the eye of the player and orient them, and also serve as hidden signposts, guiding the player somewhere and giving them the impression of a discovery that takes place thanks to their own volition. (In truth, you are visually guiding them by providing these hints. As a result, the player believes their discovery to be special, unique and the result of their own choices and free will. Shh, they’ll never know.) It is generally good practice to make a POI visible when you’re next to another POI, having two POIs displayed at all times. This is really important when it comes to exploration-based games, as it helps tremendously with navigation and orientation, and also breaks visual boredom and makes the scenery feel more alive and true-to-life. Remember the “magnificent” illustration you saw above? Let’s take a look at it again: 2 POIs are visible here. If you were to reach the center of one of the POIs, another POI would be visible from there. In contrast, a POI is barely visible with no other POI in sight. You can also use POI relationship to determine if your maps are too big and empty. You should generally avoid having the viewport display an area that seems to be repeating itself, unless you've got some ulterior design motive (e.g. strange woods that you’re getting lost in). POIs should make sense as to their placement, e.g. a healing spot or a tavern, or a Pokecenter, would have to be near the entrance of the map, since weary trainers, hungry travelers, and tired adventurers have one thing in common: they’re back from an adventure and need a place to rest and eat. The town council would surely have taken care of that, right? Modern life also follows this: in many countries, hostels, hotels and places to eat are in abundance when entering a city. Context when placing your POIs matters a lot. 6. Barebone Mapping + Decorate last Who needs graphics? You can begin designing the layout of the map with barely any graphics at all, just use 5-6 different ground tiles and paint the map’s layout taking all of the aforementioned principles in consideration. Walk around your map. If the general feel is alright, then your subsequent drawing of objects and terrain will a) be easier to do because there’s already a visual guide, b) will look better as a result of good base layout. Examples: CREDIT: Essentials “Battle Frontier” Map As you can see here, there’s barely more than 3 different tiles. Just the design of the general layout. CREDIT: Essentials “Battle Frontier” Map After painting it a bit more on top of the general layout, the map is starting to look good. CREDIT: Essentials “Battle Frontier” Map Wow, now that the buildings have been placed around, it looks great. Notice where the Center and Mart are placed. Since this is a battling venue, there are battling facilities everywhere. That makes the placement of the pokecenter and the mart on the center of the map crucial, as it allows trainers to come back to heal and buy from any facility – no matter where they are. As stated previously, context in your map is always important. Decorating your maps should come far later; objects should be placed last on your map. If you begin the other way around you will design your layout and parts of the map in reference to the decorations or objects you have placed, which will throw off your mapping consistency. 7. From inside, to outside! Avoid painting your map from the edges towards the center of the map. Always try to work from the center / inner part of the map, towards the edges. The reason for this is because the edges have defined a “box” where you will now be guided to map from, and not towards. This will throw off mapping consistency, and will cause problems if you want to resize your map or make some significant changes. It will also make your mapping less compact due to your points of reference being really away from each other (map edges) – instead, you should place one tile or character on the center of the map and then use that as a reference from where to begin drawing. 8. Thematically designed It is good practice to decide on a theme before you begin painting a map – what’s the theme of the map? What kind of story does it tell? What makes the whole map unique in relation to other maps in the game? What kind of new experience can it offer to the player? Is the map used within a deliberate gameplay design choice (e.g. a map that rotates/ gets flooded/ can be traversed both in the past and in the present), or is it a normal map? What’s the artistic theme of the map? Is it a volcanic village? An air-pollution champion like LA? The flatter cousin of Texas ? A rugged mountainous terrain roller-coaster like your emotions on Monday morning? Notice that the theme doesn’t need to be geographical, it can be cultural (the village’s roofs are all painted blue, and houses are placed vertically because of a tradition), practical (e.g. the city is built on a big hill because it used to serve as a fort in the old times) or related to a bigger revelation in the game that makes sense as a design choice after spoilers have been revealed (e.g. All of the towns are contained within a microorganism's colony of cells and that’s the reason they’re placed within "circles" and are spherical – we’re not in space then!!!!!! BRAIN XPLODE!) The map’s theme doesn’t need to be something incredibly deep or big, it just needs to tell a small story, and whisper a little secret. 9. Perfect imperfections – Asymmetry You should always try to avoid symmetrical pattern repetition – any symmetrical pattern repetition - as long as you’re not explicitly trying to accentuate a certain feature of the map (e.g. an “endless” map that can’t be accessed at that point, or a tiled pavement an eccentric scientist designed). This is especially important when it comes to ground tiles (plain grass, roads etc). Perfect symmetry and repetition give your maps an artificial look, as if they were designed by a robot or a bored programmer’s algorithm. (Unless the big spoiler of the game is that this particular rpg world was indeed designed by robots or by some ingame game devs, woah. In that case, be prepared for those early gameplay reviews complaining about the not-so-obvious). If there’s a particular thematic design reason for symmetry, then so be it – but you should still be careful about the execution of such a concept through deliberate design. Building placement as well as terrain design should avoid this too. CREDIT: Essentials “Route 7” Map Asymmetry in the center of the picture CREDIT: Essentials “Route 7” Map Symmetry in the center of the picture. Notice: these rocks seem to benefit from a little bit of symmetry, huh... CREDIT: Essentials “Lerucean City” Map Asymmetrical buildings CREDIT: Essentials “Lerucean City” Map Symmetrical buiildings While some types of terrain and building layouts can benefit from some symmetry, you should always be careful so as not to overdo it with perfection. Note: If your art style has a “set” height (or general) size for buildings, like the FR/LG games, then you don’t need to introduce the kind of asymmetry shown above. As always, if your art style dictates a particular consistency, do not break it. You’d have to introduce asymmetry via distance between tiles/buildings and perhaps length, rather than height in this case. 10. No Square Maps! This is one of the most popular tips out there, and for good reason – if you can’t rotate your assets or are unable to use 2D art that’s rounder, or your engine doesn’t support free placement of objects and forces grid painting, then you need to always look out for “rectangular” mapping. Rectangular mapping produces maps that feel so much square-y that they look more like rooms with artificially planted things on them rather than organic environments. This artificiality hinders the player's suspension of disbelief and the natural, “alive” feeling of the world. Let’s take...Pallet Town as an example: Source: Bulbapedia, Credit: GameFreak Pallet Town is a bad example of a map. There’s so much symmetry and the map is so square, it could have served as the main inspiration behind legos. But what about GF’s gen 2 starter town? Source: Bulbapedia, Credit: GameFreak As you can see, GF learned from their previous mapping mistakes and made the gen 2 starter town map much, much better when it comes to avoiding the problem of squares. (Well that lower right tree corner is too square-y but that’s just a nitpick). Sadly, from gen 3 onwards, square starter town maps have returned, with only some minor improvements saving them from square doom. 11. General Advice - If you dont have a plan, just keep on going and design, sometimes there's no "perfect" way to do things, you just have to keep it up. - The golden ratio is a nice trick you can use in grid-based map design if you find it very difficult to design something in the pure, chaotic, creative sense. Source: Wikipedia. Yes, I know. The golden ratio, in plain terms, is a geometric relationship that either biologically or culturally (or both) induces aesthetically pleasing responses in art, and can be frequently found in nature (well what cannot be found in nature anyway), and its application in art has been trending since modern times. While this ratio presupposes every relationship between its parts and the whole to which it belongs as a part, (and the whole of which that is now a part etc etc) to follow that rule, you don’t need to do that when mapping of course, unless your day was especially bad and you need to satisfy your weird obsession with square relationships. Let’s see a small example: CREDIT: Essentials “Lerucean City” Map And another: CREDIT: Essentials “Route 3” Map, Maruno (that’s what the M stands for, right?) - Sometimes less is more - No buildings on top of roads, seriously. - Look out for visible dark areas outside the map! Since the player can see, on default resolution, at least 8 tiles to the left and right and 6 tiles up and down, you should make sure your navigable part of the map is not next to the map’s very edges! - Gen 3’s style needs more compact maps than Gen 4, whose screen resolution is bigger. Gen 3 is so chibi, that big distances between tiles, objects and buildings make the barrenness immediately obvious. ========================================================================= And that’s all! If you want to correct something or add anything else to the guide, feel free to! Until next time!
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    Sure I can trade it to you right now.
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    Hello everyone! I hope people are staying safe during these times But a little bright spot of happiness today! I'm currently working on a thesis for my media studies masters program, and part of my thesis has been published online! Yay. Here it is if people want to take a look at what I'm doing with the game. As a huge fan of Reborn, I'm glad I'm able to share it with the world in my own way. http://mediacommons.org/imr/content/avatar-selection-queer-resistance-pokemon-reborn
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    People, why do you hesitate to trade a rare item to somebody in need? You can merely backup your save and after the trade is done, restore the one right before the trade. This way you lose nothing and you help a forum bro. Don't be stingy!
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    @The Swordsman @Q-Jei @Candy @MegaMew
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    Pokémon Rejuvenation is cancelled Pack your bags we're going home
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    Game is dead https://steamcharts.com/app/745920
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    We're past the halfway point! You're doing great, Amethyst!
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    i think you missed a question. *coughs What led you to Pokemon Reborn? some time ago (5-ish years) there was a polygon article about "pokemon fangames that you should play". reborn was on that list! but so were snakewood and light platinum. i actually played those first. i finished neither of them, but i was starved for new content enough that I kept going back to the list and tried out reborn. and dog it was fuckin great (i feel like i should add that i didn't actually get involved in the community until, like, 3-4 years after that, but that's not too pertinent to the question) What do you think about the battle system in the game? i got my ass kicked and it was the most fun i've had playing pokemon. prior to my first playthrough, the most difficult experience i had was with some of the fakemon bosses in snakewood. i'd always been the "solo the game with your starter" type of player, and this was the first game to actually make that a non-viable play style. i actually had to, like, research pokemon. and make strategies for them. it was such a strange new experience. the field effects added an extra layer to the battling that i also appreciated. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? dude. so good. i liked that this was a game with actual stakes. team meteor isn't trying to do something silly like make it sunny all the time (hi ruby was my first game)- they are actually out here destroying things and killing people and being an actual threat. i get that people seem to really feel that the game is edgy, but, like, i don't really agree? if you're comparing it to other pokemon games then, yeah, sure, it's certainly darker- but the other games are for little kids. this doesn't even approach GoT levels of violence, and people aren't out here calling it edgy. i also appreciated that there weren't a lot of throwaway content. the npcs in the city were actually affected by the in-game events, which really helped contribute to the more serious tone. the characters had a lot of substance to them. both the characters and the story were much more complex than in the canon games. it definitely feels more real, despite the inherently non-reality of pokemon. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? and also amy and titania i approve adrienn was the first interaction with anything non-binary i'd ever had. i was basically just like "oh, okay, that's a thing. cool." the queer characters definitely add flavor to the game that it would lack otherwise (and, similarly, is the kind of flavor that other games tend to lack) and i think it helps contribute to what makes reborn unique among even other major game series. i almost feel like i should answer this one twice.................................. it's also worth including that most (if not all) of the dev team is lgbtq (which also includes me now hi) and i'm sure that contributes to the quality of the game.
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    I've seen a ban for a tame "attack helicopter" joke, though I misplaced the screenshot. My point was that "Community Managers" have every reason to lie about the state of the community, mainly to keep being employed or to save face. If you want examples I'm sure Blizzard has made headlines enough recently that looking shouldn't be too taxing. Temtem doesn't have a sustainable community. Even large series with decades of good will and steady sales have issues maintaining MMOs, and launching one focusing an already ingrained fanbase goes beyond shooting yourself in the foot. Temtem has no media presence, no merchandising, nothing aside game that is on a hard timer. I really love how the first time I heard "it's more skill based because no RNG" was accompanied by a clip of a Temtem freezing both enemies. That's so much better than having to weigh the risk of a powerful but inaccurate move. The other thing is that less variance there's much less actual on the fly skill and it becomes more mindless flowcharting. It devolves into pure Rock-Paper-Scissors, and becomes decided by whoever has a team that happens to have an advantage over the other. Pokémon itself suffers from that a fair bit, but Temtem's battle system looks like a lot of fights will boil down to "Did my opponent do the correct thing, or did they muck up and hand me a win." or "I won due to having more consistent type advantages." Going to snip this a bit, and clear up a common misconception. TPCI has next-to-no hand in the development of the games, despite how secretive the behind the scenes is. TPCI basically works as a manager, making sure everything is on schedule and leaving the details to their respective heads. Aside from some mandates (every gen needs __ archtype for the marketing departments, __ number of mythicals for movies/staggered releases, etc.) they would likely leave the games up to Gamefreak so long as they hit deadlines. Sword & Shields negative reception is likely making them rethink those policies now. Now for some of the choicer quotes. "Haven't added all typing combos" Trying to force typings ends up with a lot of bad fakemon that you can see on Deviantart and Twitter and the like. Even with Gen 8 suffered under Turner being unfit for art director, it still had more good designs than most Fakemon projects. "even with all the money they have and get every year and all the new technology, that they simply could not do certain things, which have been done in other games and mods/hacks" Gamefreak's active dev staff is fairly small, and it's likely they aren't getting the lion's share of profits either. Marketing is often a gigantic money sink for these sorts of things, and investing in things like the anime, movies, various other promotional materials to keep cultural significance also isn't cheap. "Yet everyone would rather stick up for The Pokemon Company intentionally" Nobody here is defending Sword & Shield, I personally am just exasperated by watching Temtem commit a lot of obvious, amateur mistakes that they should know better. It's seeing someone burn his hand on some fire and walk away, then another guy decides to backflip into the flames a few years later in an attempt to get attention. I would work on that metaphor more, but this post is already getting too long.
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    I can't say I'll write a considerable amount like the other members, but I am a big fan of the game, so I'll share my thoughts. Just in case ****SPOILER ALERT**** What led you to Pokemon Reborn? I was looking for some videos on the classic 1st and 2nd gen games and it all eventually led me to a youtuber named shofu. Sad to say he got frustrated with the last episode of reborn and I believe he might not pick it up again. But his earlier playthroughs were great, got me interested in the game. Instantly hooked. Reborn is heaven for RPG completionists like me. Gotta check every corner, every trash can, talk to every one.....you know the drill. I have hundreds of hours logged and still have yet to finish side quests. It's one of the best games I've played. The amount of detail and content is ridiculous. Of course, years of dedication have been put into it. Amazing work by Amethyst and the team. What do you think about the battle system in the game? It feels just like a battle in the official games. But so much harder. It's the Dark Souls of turn-based/gameboy-graphics/RPG games. I have to give props for the amount of detail that was put into the expansion of Fields. No longer is it about type match ups, held items and specific move pools are key. Even with a secondary screen showing you the field details, it's still hard to come up with a solid strategy if you didn't take the time to train a decent variety of Pokemon. Reborn actually makes you prepare for battles, something that's by no means necessary in the official games. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? The story is great. A big game with load of content allows for a bigger story. The level of mature content is appreciated. But the more extreme scenes are just gold. Pokemon killing humans? Holy s**t. Quite a lot going on, so many details can be forgotten between episode releases, but that's beside the point. It definitely feels like a darker, more realistic story line, away from the purity that is seen in the games and anime. I admit, a bit edgy at times, but a lot of characters are teens, so it's pretty accurate? Big words too, some of the text includes high tier vocabulary that I bet most of us had to research. I dare say the story can be compared to those in Final Fantasy series (my all time favorite game by the way, FFVI), they're some of the best stories out there. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? Nothing new, really, as far as entertainment. Almost doesn't affect the plot, except for a few character interactions. I was a confused with Adrienn for a little while, but simply because I couldn't make heads or tails of..... xyr gender? Eventually revealed to be non-binary. But it's a world of fantasy. Non-binary can be a true physical tangible thing and not just a construct of the mind. Digital entertainment makes this possible, for example in Knights of Sidonia. Not sure if that's what Ame was going for, but either way, Adrienn adds to the plot, and is the character most tied to my favorite part of the story, yet to be concluded, below the Grand Stairway, where we meet the child-god-like entity that speaks from the cosmos. But there's nothing to think about, I mean, you have magical creatures that manipulate the elements of the universe, people get "stuck in time", Gardevoir bends space so hard she creates a black hole....you can't be picky over a bit of diversity added to the game. Titania and Amaria, typical toxic relationship, made worse by all the crazy happening in the game. And as for Cain, well you just now the way he swings from the get go. He's just unnecessarily inappropriate, it's great. Look at that, didn't expect to write as much. But there it is. It's a great game. Can't beat story driven RPGs with a ridiculous amount of content. The side quests are truly what completionists love, because they demand exploration. Key word EXPLORATION. Got get that 100%. I can't put enough emphasis on that. If you're not the type to explore the overworld, what are you doing playing RPGs? Those are my thoughts, thanks for reading. Smell ya laters.
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    What led you to Pokemon Reborn? The Youtuber Tyranitartube. He does Nuzlockes of mainstream randomizers and fan games and is the most engrossed Youtuber I've watched. I was introduced to his constant theorizing and over the top random responsive humor through his Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer. When I came across his Reborn series, I found the plot, graphics, and characters so compelling that just as he was entering the Obsidia Ward for the first time I decided I had to play myself. What do you think about the battle system in the game? It's by far the most infuriating I've ever experienced. The difficulty level borderlines on unfair. The AI is intelligent which is refreshing but also precognitive. There are times when it changes its move as though able to see what I'm about to send out and I could swear that once or twice it has adapted to counter my strategies even despite that I reset the game when I blackout to save money. It also seems to have an answer for every weakness, especially Shelly! At the same time, I find the field effects and obedience caps quite well conceived. These add purpose to certain moves and targets legit holes in the mainstream games. To an extent, I appreciate the challenge. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? With the more interactive feature of being able to choose some of the paths and it's more mature nature, I find the plot more involved and engaging than the mainstream plots. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? I appreciate the diversity, it's progressive and Cain's inappropriate humor is the heart of the plot IMO.
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    What led you to Pokemon Reborn? Uh, good question. I think I was browsing TVTropes, one trope had Pokémon Reborn mentioned, and I got curious. What do you think about the battle system in the game? I like it! It's quite a bit harder than the main games, so I often cheese the leader fights with copious amounts of cotton candy, but I enjoy it anyway. I am really looking forward to Lite Mode though, might even try challenge runs with Lite Mode. I really love the Field Effects; it's always fun when you figure out how to use a gym leader's field against them (Or just replace it with a field that suits you better). But while I enjoy the challenge, I'm mostly in Reborn for the story. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? I love it. The world feels very "real" in a way, I love the varied cast, and that everyone has a well fleshed-out personality. And while it's dark, it's also strangely hopeful in a way? Yes, things are going to hell, no denying that. But Reborn City managed to get from a polluted, crime-ridden mess into a genuinely beautiful city. I think Reborn has a nice balance between Hope and Despair, if that makes sense? Some series, movies, etc feel like they keep trying to get darker and darker and darker to be more "real" or whatever; Reborn definitely has lots and lots of darkness, but there's always also hope. The orphanage is horrible - But there's people who care and break into it to save the kids. Reborn City is a mess - But it can be fixed. Pokémon have been stolen from their owners - But you can return at least some of them. There's a lot of gang activity - But many gang members end up reforming and getting a stable job. Maybe you can't save everyone or fix everything, but you can save some people, and fix some things, and that matters, too. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? Every time an NPC refers to Adrienn with xyr correct pronouns I gain 10 years to my life span. Cain is my #1 favorite character in the game. His innuendos are fun, but what I like best about him is how much he cares about others. He sees a little girl with nobody to rely on, and immediately goes "I gotta be her friend and help her!". He finds out she's in big trouble, and stages a break-in to save her, a complete stranger. He may not alway go about things the "right" way (e.g. Heather feeling like he was just getting on her nerves), but his heart's in the right spot, and that's what counts. And then there's the Void bit. And Adrienn. Well. As a genderfluid person, having a canon enby character is just so, so amazing. Every time NPCs use "xe" or say "Mx. Adrienn" I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's like being told, "Yes, you exist. I know. I see you." Every time. And even aside from that, Adrienn is just so amazing in general? Xe couldn't dethrone Cain from his #1 spot, but xe is my second favorite character. Kind, compassionate... Adrienn saw that Reborn city was a mess and decided "Well, I'm gonna fix this!" and then xe did. Being my pronoun buddy probably helped Adrienn jump up my list of favorites, but xe would've probably landed in 2nd place anyway. I also love being able to play as an enby. Even the villains are nice enough to use they/them pronouns, sure they might kill me, but at least nobody's misgendering me xD I never even knew how much I wanted representation until I got it, but now I really don't want to let it go, it's just so nice. You can pry Adrienn and the Enby Player Character out of my cold, dead hands now.
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    What led you to Pokemon Reborn? - A friend of mine told me about it, i do enjoy most the Pokemon games but i dislike that some of them are not much of a challenge even without being 10+ levels above the gym. So i tried it and fell in love with the challenge it brings, which is something i always felt was lacking in the newer pokemon games. What do you think about the battle system in the game? - I love it, for the most part it is not possible to throw the same mon against ever enemy and win, you need to figure out a strat that can help you to emerge victorious. - Fields do play a role in both helpful and hindering ways depending on what you use and how, overall they are a neat addition - It is also very easy to learn how to fight, since it is very similar to the original games, but it does a great job at feeling different, more like a nostalgic trip back to the good old days. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? - Reborn does a great job at telling a story that has a lot of things to discover or notice, may it be by finding a diary telling some secrets or just by connecting some pieces of knowledge. Overall the story was very enjoyable for me and much more to tell than in the original games which can be concluded in criminals doing bad stuff and the protagonist stopping them because officials are to busy being mindless NPC zombies. Much Story. Much wow. - Regarding the narrative most parts of the story are being told while advancing through the game, usually the important parts the player should be aware of, sometimes in a very obvious telling and sometimes without any context at that certain point in the game. However, exploring the world does reward the player with a lot of lore, which is told by other people in emotional moments or by diarys of the unfortunate owners. I do like the way the story is told, a lot of different ways and methods to perceive it. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? - They are a neat addition, they do spice things up, giving them more of an actual personality + Cain is best boi :3 - Other than that, i don't care if the are queer or whatever else they identify as, I DO care for the person itself, how their personality is, what they do, what they say etc... I don't differentiate between people by preference, unless you keep riding on you being queer, gay, straight or whatever you identify as, it's just so annoying... I hope this is somewhat understandable in the way I wrote it.
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    Oh yes! Another opportunity for Reborn to be highlighted! Lovely! Well, I would be glad to respond to your survey What led you to Pokemon Reborn? I first played Pokemon Emerald Plus in June 2017, a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald. After I defeated the Elite Four, I accidentally messed up with the data files of the game, so I looked through the Internet for another fangame afterwards. My searches led me to TheTopTens, and Reborn was in the list of best fanmade Pokemon games. Although it wasn't ranked very high at this time, I remember it having very supportive comments, and I then went to the forum Reborn Evolved where I found myself in bliss in front of the screenshots. I ended up downloading the game and played it late at night. And honestly, that was by far one of the most memorable gaming experience to me. What do you think about the battle system in the game? The development and the creation of brand new field effects brings a fresh breeze that was lacking in the canon games to make fights more realistic depending on the place you're fighting in. This also adds more difficulty to most of the battles, but not to the point of making Reborn a rage game, which is kind of appreciable. And I didn't mention the fact that you have to defeat the Gym Leaders as they always fight with teams made of six Pokemon each, which forces you to think and re-think your strategies, let alone the fact that Reborn incites you to respect a level cap that will play a lot in your disfavor if you're the type of person who relates to only one high-level Pokemon to finish the game. All in all, Pokemon Reborn's battling system is clearly made for those who grew up during the halcyon days of the franchise as well as for those who'd love to test their skills in a more challenging context. The online battling system is also a nice touch for the community aspect in my opinion. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? Just like Candy, I, too, am working on a narrative playthrough of Reborn which turned into something of a fanfiction. Overall, the story is very well written and everything hangs together without any contradiction or misinterpretation, which must not always be an easy task for Amethyst and her team to handle since Reborn has a very large range of characters with different personalities and their own atypical background. One of the most attractive aspects of Reborn is also the dark atmosphere that comes from it. The city itself reminded me a lot of a Pokemon version of Gotham City with its high rate of delinquency and polluted environment, which brings some sort of oppressive atmosphere that weighs a lot on us. But not just that. In Reborn, there are Pokemon tortured by humans, and humans tortured by Pokemon. Team Meteor, the evil organization that recently brought insecurity in town, represents everything that is wrong with this region. Between unbeatable opponents, rogue characters, child abductions and cold-blood killings, I realized quickly that Reborn villains were more awful than any villain of any Pokemon region. But as the story unfolds, my perspective changed concerning some of them, especially Taka, the son of Team Meteor's founder who does not appear to consider himself as a full member of this organization. Apart from that, your decisions and the way you're performing during important battles can affect the opinion of many NPCs about you, as well as the game itself. As a result, you'll love some, you'll hate some, and they will return it to you depending on your actions. Storywise, this helps to make things more vibrant and less predictable than in canon games where Gym Leaders are more of secondary elements than anything else. While I'm at it, I would like to add that the narrative is more similar to what happens in the manga, Pokemon Adventures, than what happens in traditional games or anime episodes. All this to say, Reborn better suits a more mature audience than the one of its canon sisters in my high opinion. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? Cain being queer doesn't bother me at all. I like him just as I like my other rival Victoria. At least, he has nothing to do with Fern, the so-called "top dog" who can't stop bragging in the streets of Reborn all day long. As opposed to him, Cain is more easy-going and is one of the only characters able to break Reborn's incessant monotony by his only presence. His unforeseen sexual allusions often tend to amuse me, and I'm used to his atypical way to be. By the way, I first thought he was a girl the first time we met, then I realized my mistake. But that's not important, I like him anyway. As for Adrienn, the Fairy Type Gym Leader of Reborn, I respect xyr devotion for having fixed the whole city. Xe also claims that xe won't ever stand for those who treat Pokemon badly, which makes Adrienn an appreciable character, I guess. Everything indicates that Adrienn has a goodwill that is abnormally uncommon for a citizen of Reborn, as well as a great sense of responsibility. So, all in all, xe shows all the signs of a positive character who urges us to put forward the best of ourselves. However, I tend to feel iffy vibes from Adrienn, simply because people in town admire this person to the point of almost idolize xem once the restoration of Reborn done. People who are that good could well have something secret to hide. But otherwise, I appreciate the result of Adrienn's doing.
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    - What led you to Pokemon Reborn? Long ago I just coincidentally stumbled upon pokemon fan games on the net, I didn't even know they existed. From then I started searching for good ones to play because I've replayed the official ones several times so I got bored of them. Had long breaks inbetween playing pokemon games several times, like for months or years I didn't play anything pokemon related. Stumbled upon Reborn by coincidence over a year ago and immediately noticed how much better it is compared to all the other fangames I tried out before. Since then I haven't really looked for other fan games to play since I was more than content with this one. The only one I played after that was Rejuvenation, because it mentioned to be inspired by Reborn, so I expected an experience similar to Reborn, - What do you think about the battle system in the game? The field effects make the game much more interesting and realistic by adding interactions with the environment, so I really like this aspect. Additionally it increases the difficulty by making the opponents' teams synergize with the field you're fighting them on. Giving them competitive strategies makes the game more difficult as well, but only in combination with field effects does it become a real challenge in my opinion. So what hooked me were not the field effects themselves, but rather the high difficulty. Finally, a pokemon game that actually requires you to use strategic thinking, Pokemon is a strategy based RPG after all. Official games don't pose any real challenge, it's very boring and unsatisfying to beat a game when you're just mindlessly pressing A and don't have to think at all. And I'm sure lots of pokemon fans feel this way as well. - What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? The game has an enthralling story, and I especially like that it has lots of drama and characters with complex personalities and relationships. And having to make choices that can influence your own relationship to the characters and even change the course of events makes you feel more invested in the story. I like how I had to think properly about my actions and the consequences, asking myself if what I chose to do was the right thing or not, feeling either satisfaction or regret. By the way, this reminds me of how this kind of thing is very prevalent in Undertale, although on a much grander scale. It's incredible how it gets you thinking and feeling like this when it's "just a game". - In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? To me they're normal people, just like any other, I don't really think of them as special or different from the other characters, so I don't care about their querness or however it's called. But I really like upstanding people with a good heart, so despite his constant sexual innuendos being kinda annoying and immature, Cain is one of my favorite characters. It's admirable how worried he was for Heather, a stranger to him at that time. He helped as much as he could to rescue and protect the children: at the orphanage, when he went off on his own towards Apophyll to get TMX Strength as fast as possible so we could get to the Yureyu building, when getting to Chrysolia, etc.. He's accompanied the player for the longest and helped against Team Meteor the most. As for Adrienn, my impression of him is that he's dutiful and stays true to his convictions. He can't accept what's become of Reborn City and does his best to change things for the better. So I do like his character as well, even though we don't have that much to do with him in the story. I'm in my master thesis right now as well, so I tried answering as detailed as possible, I hope this helps you. Good luck with your master thesis.
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    Hi! A master's thesis about Reborn, huh? It's both odd and interesting. But I met someone once who did the same about Final Fantasy VII. So, good luck in your work Also, non-native speaker here. So, you may have to correct my quotes. What led you to Pokemon Reborn? It was in Summer 2016 during my gap year. Everyone was talking about Pokemon Go online. I saw a 9gag post who said 'Everyone's talking about Pokemon Go but I'm here home playing this gem' and one could see the starter room, Vero and six pokeballs of each type (it was Episode 15 back then). I've played it and here I am. I think this post brought many other players, according to older fellows in this forum. What do you think about the battle system in the game? The fields effects is what the main license lacked. There are some but it's far from enough. Once you realise it, it's just not possible that Fire moves to work underwater. All the fields effects are built with a transparent logic. It could be physics logic, it could be fantasy logic but it works. When I read about the field effects, discovering what moves were affected, I always thought 'Oh, but of course! Nice one!'. Now, when I battle in other pokemon games, I except my moves to do something. I think Reborn has ruined my immersion in other games by setting the bar too high. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? It's really good. There are good scenes that I still enjoy to this day. I won't go into details about the good because other will do it better. The only limiting narrative factor to me is the silent protagonist. It kills the dialogues natural flow. It's proper to pokemon games and the choice the creator made in the beginning (it would have been too much work back in the days to change that). So, even if the creator wanted to change that, it wouldn't be possible without starting anew. Once you commited into a format, it's hard to change that without changing everything. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? Them being queer isn't something that could bother me. In most cases, the sex and the sexual orientation doesn't matter for a character. For example, Amaria and Titania bad romance would be the same if they were two mens, one man and one woman, etc … It's the same for Adrienn, the character being gender-fluid is only revelant because Cain's reaction was interesting. All the other main things that Adrienn did, such as time-travelling, being the leader of Neo-Reborn, supporting the protagonist to fight the bad guys ... Adrienn being queer isn't relevant for that. Cain is different because his sexual orientation is part of his personality and his backstory. Cain's sotry is classic in my opinion: his family doesn't approve his choices, but the reason why isn't. So, him being queer is one way to justify it.
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    What got me involved with Pokemon Reborn was my growing disillusionment with the mainline games starting in the fourth generation. I had played Emerald extensively and as a child found it enjoyable but as I grew older the repetitive nature of future installments proved progressively unappealing as they offered nothing new. When I first played Pokemon Reborn, the game was still on Episode Twelve and not nearly as polished as it is today, but a few things hooked me in almost immediately. To start, with a majority of known pokemon in the game I had far more varied choices to build upon a team. I noticed right away my familiarity with Pokemon up to the third generation wasn't getting me anywhere with the increased difficulty of the trainers and especially the gyms. Now into the battle systems, which over the years has only gotten better as the field effect system gets updated with new and improved fields. Seeing that beyond just simple concepts such as STAB and move strength certain moves had lasting effects that could change a battle in an instant. Two very good examples come to mind in the fights with Serra and Adrienn. Serra's mirror arena can be listed as one of the most annoying fields in the game, giving evasion buffs to an assortment of abilites and items as well as allowing for aurora veil to be used without hail being present. The field has only about a half dozen moves that can actually destroy her mirrors, forcing the player to either adapt to her field or carry one of a few moves that could destroy her field and actually be obtainable at that point, necessitating a very specific pokemon or small group of pokemon that the player at least has to keep in substitution. Adrienn's field starts off as a misty field, but while the player might to bring pokemon that resist Adrienn's fairy types, such as fire and poison, Adrienn can quite easily blow the mist away and reveal his fairy-tale field. The fairy-tale field dramatically changes the course of the battle as now fire moves are ineffective against his fairy types having added the dragon typing to those moves, while the poison typing cannot change the field to corrosive mist to suit them anymore. Field Effects aside, the A.I. is vastly more challenging than the mainline series, with the player having to develop ways around the A.I.'s ability to counter at nearly every turn. Overall, the battle systems of this game deserve high praise for forcing the player to keep about an entire box of pokemon for substitution over the course of the story. Speaking of story, lets move onto that aspect of the game. What I found in the mainline games was a "story" of a child who leaves home at a young age to "catch 'em all" and challenge the pokemon league for that region (or island challenge for Alola). Such cut and dry storytelling might work for the target audience of 10 year olds, but Reborn takes its narrative to the next level. To be fair, Reborn does have the basic elements of challenging the league and fighting an evil team, but there is also so much more that expands upon those basic elements. Being greeted by Ame on the train into Peridot, the player is instantly thrust into the action when the train explodes upon reaching the station. The story then proceeds slowly as you clear the stereotypical evil team base and then fight the first gym. Before you even get to the second gym though, you find yourself face to face with the first "boss" pokemon being enhanced through a P.U.L.S.E. machine. Moving on to the third badge, you find yourself first having to rescue the police force (providing you decide to initiate the sidequest) and you learn that -gasp- the third gym leader is actually a part of the evil team, deeciding to jump off a bridge after losing to you because of his agony over losing everything he held dear. A much later part of the story has you make what seems to be a completely inconsequential decision: Do I fight this man or walk away. The aforementioned decision actually plays a larger role in subsequent events, with someone's death entirely preventable on the outcome. The fact that Pokemon Reborn actually offers these choices and consequences makes the story seem more real and down-to-earth. I touched on a couple of the NPC's, but now its time to go more in depth. Upon proceeding through the story, I found that many of the essential characters were given much more personality than in mainline games, and also much more diversity. I mentioned the third gym leader's suicide, and the game could have kept him black and white, but the game instead takes us through his grief over losing the woman he loved over a ring, only then to become subservient to the evil team in order to keep the one thing that reminded him of what he cared for most. As for asking about the "queer" characters, I find the diversity makes for a better game, as along with the story I can actually believe certain people would react to certain events in a certain fashion. To summarize everything because I know this is long-winded, I find everything about Pokemon Reborn exhilarating, the battle systems keep me on my toes, the story keeps me hooked and I appreciate the character development given to each essential character. I hope you find this somewhat useful to your thesis and I wish you luck + a good grade.
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    What led you to Pokemon Reborn? Was searching for pokemon fangames after playing the canon games. Found this forums and the rest is history What do you think about the battle system in the game? I love the field effects. Some peeps might not like some of them because they feel unbalanced or whatnot, but I personally like all of them. It adds a lot of strategy into pokemon, and they also make the world in Reborn feel more real (like feeling you're in a forest because of the forest field, etc). It's also nice that the difficulty is increased from canon games. I like canon games to see the new mechanics, pokemon and story, but they're way too easy even on challenge runs like nuzlockes. You have to think for battles in Reborn, and I like thinking so it's great What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? For the most part, I like it (I mean I must like it, otherwise I wouldn't have started a fanfiction(?) of it lol). There were a lot of mysteries through out the game, relating to the overall world of Reborn or just character relationships, which made me curious as I played the game. Some of these mysteries I feel like should have been revealed at earlier points in the game, to get the maximum effect (for example, the relationship between Tania and Rini wasn't super clear, to me at least, and I feel that arc should've concluded in Fiore Mansion. Idk if there's plans to openly reveal it, or if the point was for us to know only that they had an altercation, whatever that was.) In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? I like them just as I like the other characters. Cain is one of my fave, and Adrienn is ok I guess but not in my top 5 at least.
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    And you shouldn't blindly listen to assumed authority. There have been cases of wide spread senseless bannings in an attempt to contain negative feedback, even outside of MMOs. I would bring up some examples but I hardly feel like taking this thread more off course. "Asshole" is extremely ill-defined. There are forums where that quote, mild as it is, would get you a ban. Giving moderators a free pass to power trip as long as they say "toxic/salty/asshole/etc." is an extremely poor system. Give me 40$ and then let me punch you, by your own blind victim blaming mindset you'll deserve it. Saying that you shitmod doesn't really excuse others shitmodding. There's also the matter of having different standards for something free vs something paid. Hard to keep your MMO active and running if rumors, and screenshots, of nonsensical bans keep potential paying customers away. In all likelyhood Temtem flubbing it's launch will be forgotten fairly fast, but it won't get enough of a playerbase to keep it going in the long term. It doesn't have much for artists and the like to latch onto, very limited gameplay-related reasons to keep playing and already has quite the negative reputation.
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    The double battles are only part of the reason why the games is more difficult. There are also many other reasons, including: 1). It is way harder to OHKO opposing tems even with super effective moves, so you are bound to tank at least a few hits. 2). There's a billion tamer battles in a row, so in order to make it through you either have to backtrack a lot, or bring a lot of restorative items which REALLY sucks. The temessence vial doesn't help much, because you need to heal after almost every battle. 3). There's no EXP share (except Coward's Cloak, which you can only equip to 1 tem), so it's pretty damn tedious to grind levels, again because it is harder to OHKO opposing tems. 4). Many tems evolve super late, but the ones that don't evolve tend to be weaker or rarer most of the time. So it's a kind of a lose-lose situation. 5). Many tems have either shit move pooles (Looking at you Oceara) or stats (Pigepic for example). Or sometimes you have to breed in order to get the proper moves. This also narrows down which tems are viable, which sucks for diversity purposes. Ganki is so strong on the first island that he essentially becomes a must pick. Houchic is also better than the other starters imo, but unfortunately I can't go back in time to pick him instead of Smazee (which gets outclassed by Skunch pretty soon). And I can go on and on. It's true that temtem is a lot younger compared to Pokemon, but Pokemon made all the improvements so Temtem didn't have to go through the learning curve. Yet, they still fail a lot of basic things (some of which I described above), and also the story leaves a lot to be desired. Also idk if the dialogue options actually make a difference, cos otherwise it's a waste of time. When it comes to difficulty, I think Reborn and Rejuvenation just do it way better to be honest.
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    They are aggressively banning everyone who isn't boot-licking them from their forums, including people they scammed for falsely advertising that the game has family sharing. I'll be wary of this game if I were you as the devs really know how to play the PR game.
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    I finished this game and I think sw/sh is better then it tbh. Like the 1st island was great and I had a lot of fun there, especially after I got the surfboard. By the time I got the surfboard there wasn't any real clear objective and you can kind of just explore and do what you want. The 2nd island is kinda just whatever to me. I think the 3rd island kind of broke me with there being 29 or 30 trainers before any real story progress. I don't even care about the story, but having to go all of the way back, deal with these awful random encounters, heal, then redo all of my progress, deal with more awful random encounters, just to fight 2 trainers to then rinse and repeat it all over again? Then you progress through the story and while you are there are wild encounters EVERYWHERE you go, and also there is more trainers with more backtracking because you have to go back and heal. Like these are things that even SW/SH gets right. in sw/sh there isn't any pointless level grinding random encounters still exist but its not that big of an issue and there isn't any pointless backtracking
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    I opened the doors and went inside. Before looking around the place, I saw the Police Chief standing near the entrance and he didn’t look too good. Matthew: Hey. What’s wrong? Police Chief: Thank Arceus you’re here. My men came in here and were looking for Corey when all of a sudden gas started spewing out of those cylinders and my men started to act weird. Matthew: Weird how? Police Chief: They just started ordering their Pokemon to attack me so I hid here. But I don’t know what to do. Matthew: Alright. Stay here. I’ll figure something out. I was about to go around looking for the officers when I noticed the computer behind me. I almost forgot that Corey was a Gym Leader. I figured I’d might as well call her up and see how Corey battles. I’d prob have to battle him anyways. I pressed the button and Ame’s face appeared on screen. Ame: Matthew! How’s it been? Matthew: It’s umm… It’s good. Ame: Great! So are you at Corey’s Gym? Matthew: Yes. Ame: Ahh. He’s a bit troubling. Matthew: Why’s that? Ame: Well he uses something called the Corrosive Mist Field. This scary tactic can poison any Pokemon every single turn. Matthew: Wait. What?! Ame: Yea. I hear the same when I tell other trainers this. Actually, this is where half the trainers quit their adventure. Matthew: Well, that’s not me. Ame: Good. Anyways, it does have a glaring weakness. The poison is ties to the mist. Which means you can use the air against him! But I think you’ll do good Matthew. Good luck! Matthew: Thanks Ame… Good luck. The screen shut off and I continued to look at it. Great. Now my Pokemon will get poisoned. Well… Only half of them. Jessie and James couldn’t get poisoned thanks to being Poison Types and TongueClumsy has Immunity. So that was somewhat lucky for me. I started to look around the place. There were 6 huge containers with some kind of colored gases inside of them. Matthew (thinking to myself): Those must be the gases that made the officers go wild. I walked around the place and saw an officer walking around really weird. I walked up to him and he immediately sent out a Pokemon. I did the same thing and quickly defeated him. Afterwards, he fell to the ground but seemed go back to normal. Matthew: Hey hey. Are you ok? Police Officer: Yea. Now I am. Matthew: What happened? Police Officer: I was looking around trying to find Corey and then this mist started to spray and… I don’t remember anything after that. Matthew: Alright. Go to the Police Chief and I’ll get the rest of your buddies. Police Officer: Alright. And thanks for the save again. The officer went back downstairs and back to the Chief. I looked for the other officers and battled them as well. They returned to normal and went back to the Police Chief. I went back downstairs and joined them. Matthew: Is that everybody? Police Chief: Yes. Thank you. I don’t know how to thank you. Matthew: You don’t have to. But look. I don’t want you guys to get attacked or hypnotized again. I know you all need to arrest Corey but let me handle him. Police Chief: But he’s dangerous. Now that we know he’s working with Team Meteor. Matthew: Trust me. I know. I’m gonna try to bring him down to the Station. I just don’t want to see you guys get captured again and for me to rescue you all… again… for a 3rd time. Police Chief: Well… Maybe you’re right. Alright men. Back to the station. Let Matthew handle things here. Good luck. The Police Chief and his officers all left the building and now it was just me by myself. I went up to the containers and saw that they all had buttons on them. I figured that this is what made that mist and I knew that it could happen to me as well but I had no choice. I pressed a button and some containers turned blue and some others turned pink. I went to another container and pressed that button and the rest of the containers turned blue and a door appeared. Matthew (thinking to myself): Wow… That was waaaaay easier than I thought it’d be. There was nothing else to do so I just walked in. When I got to the next room, it felt like I was in a house. This is probably where Heather and Corey live. As I walked into the other room, still looking around, I got startled by a voice. Corey: So, you finally found me after all. Matthew: Whoa. Uhh… Yea, I guess? Corey: You 1st destroy all 3 of the PULSE-Tangrowth systems that I oversaw. Then, you revitalize the City Police Department, causing them to ambush me. And out me in front of my daughter no less! Matthew: I-I didn’t mean to. How was I supposed to know that you were part of Team Meteor or Heather’s father though? Corey stared at me with the death stare that I saw before. I was starting to become afraid that he’d do something to try to kill me. Corey: Don’t try to trick me boy. What have you come here for anyways? My badge or my blood? Matthew: I just wanted to try to take you down to the Police Station in a safe and calm manner… But I suppose that’s not gonna happen is it? Corey: You do have a brain it seems. In any case, I’ll return to the arena. There, I shall show you misery. Corey walked passed me, bumping into my shoulder with force. I watched as he walked out of the door. Now I was really getting scared. He was really mad at me and pinned everything that happened to him as my fault. I tried to think good thoughts and went upstairs into the Gym Arena. As I was walking up to him, he again gave me a death stare. Corey: Stop. Take your place at the other side of the field. I didn’t say anything. I just left my head down and did what I was instructed. I slowly looked back up at him. Just looking at his face made me feel like his stare alone would do me in. Corey: I bar nothing Matthew. You have FORCED my hand! Matthew: Corey listen. I didn’t mean- Corey: Shut it. There’s nothing left for me to lose. The ONLY reason I’ve kept going through the years was for my daughter Heather. Matthew: I’m sorry about that but it really isn’t my- Corey: Of course it’s your fault! Everything was going good until you showed up. She was my singular denial… My 1 hope and memory of her. And now thanks to you, she’ll never speak to me again. Matthew: I’ll… I- Corey: I mean… Don’t get me wrong. I tried thinking of other reasons but every time I ask myself why, only 1 answer comes up. Matthew: Please stop Corey. I didn’t- Corey: You. You Matthew. Matthew: I’m sorry. I’m really so- Corey: You ruined the small splinter of like that I had rebuilt! Matthew: I didn’t mean to- Corey: So allow me to bring you down with me. Matthew: Please sto- Corey: Suffer! Corey revealed a remote and pressed a button on it. The containers in the room started spewing mist into the air. Corey: Hmhmhm. While you might be able to battle, your mind will be in a fog. You won’t be able to make all the best decisions. I’ll defeat you and then… Well, you know the rest. But you won’t to comprehend the situation at hand. I, on the other hand, will be able to function fine in this. I forced myself to sit in this mist so that my body could get used to it and block out the effects of it. Matthew: NO! WEHTTAM! In an instant, Wehttam had taken over for my body. And it didn’t go limp this time around which was good. Wehttam: WONDERFUL! I am back to this living reality! Corey: What? Pipe down! Wehttam: Why Corey. Please don’t be mean to this vessel. He has done nothing to you. You have brought this all upon yourself. Corey: What are you talking about? You’re sounding crazy right now. Wehttam: You wouldn’t be wrong but I also speak the truth human. Corey: You caused everything in my life to fall apart! Wehttam: Again, twas not me or this vessel’s fault who had done this to your life. It was your life decision. I, however, have a different purpose. I shall defend this person’s life as long as he feels as if his life is threatened. Corey: I don’t know what you’re going on about but… Wait. This doesn’t make any sense. Why are you still functioning normally? The mist should have made you feel like you’re in a fog! Wehttam: When I am the 1 in control of this vessel, nothing can harm me. I can breath in deadly toxins and be fine. I can breathe in water. I can survive being in fire. Corey: What nonsense are you speaking of?! Wehttam: Well if you do not like what I am saying, please. Let us get started with the battle. YeEeEeEeEeEeEeSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs! Corey: Savor this victory Matthew. Wehttam: As you wish. Corey: For every joy, bitter misery rushes after. You’re not going to end me, are you? Wehttam: Noooooo. It was not my intentions. Corey: I suppose you were telling the truth before. You will just toss me over to the police. I have a better idea. The most succulent idea I’ve had in years. Wehttam: And what would that be Mr. Corey? Corey: If you wanna know, come to Beryl Bridge Matthew. Whatever it is you want to know, I’ll give it to you there. Corey rushed off passed me and presumably to Beryl Bridge. Wehttam put his hands over his stomach as if he was communicating with me. Wehttam: Well Matthew, it seems as though you feel safer now. Would you want to change back now? Haha. Thought so. Matthew! And just like that, I was back in control of my own body. It felt good that I didn’t have to almost or actually hit my head off the ground. But still. I was curious as to why Corey wanted to tell his story on the Beryl Bridge. I decided to go there and see what was going on. When I went outside, it was starting to sunrise. I ran to the bridge and saw Corey. As I got closer, I could see that all of his Pokemon were out in front of him. I walked up behind him. Matthew: Umm… What are you doing Corey? Corey: Right. You’re all done. You all indeed served me well but now you’re free. Matthew: Wait… What are you- Corey: Get lost! Mareanie, Skrelp, Skuntank & Croagunk all left in sadness. His Nidorina went to leave but then looked back with saddened eyes. It then turned back around and left. His Crobat was the only 1 who stayed behind. Corey seemed to get annoyed by this. Corey: That means you too Corbat. You’re aren’t special. Go. Get lost now! Matthew: Corey… No. A couple of seconds passed and the Crobat finally flew away. Corey breathed a sigh of relief. He walked over to the edge and tossed his PokeBalls. I watched in confusion as he did all of this. Matthew: Why would you do that? Corey: So, Matthew, what is it you wanna know? Matthew: Well I mean… You don’t seem like you enjoy being apart of Team Meteor. Why did you join them? Corey: Ahh. I should have expected that question to be 1st. I was cursed by my own luck. There was this gorgeous ring. A brilliant Ruby Ring. I purchased it from a collector some time ago. I’m not 1 for jewelry, but it was the most dazzling ring I had ever seen. I decided that I would introduce that ring to what true beauty was. I was in love with this girl. I promised it to her, my love, and she gladly accepted. Matthew: Corey, that’s sweet and all but what does that have to do with what I asked? Corey: Trust me. It will. Anyways, it wasn’t long after we were married that my wife became pregnant. We were both very happy. But back then, I was happy but also naive. My wife… She didn’t survive Heather’s birth. Matthew: Wait a minute. Do you blame Heather for your wife’s birth? Corey: Of course not! I’d never do that. I was told that she died because of a mechanical error during delivery. But that wasn’t all. The doctor assigned to her had taken the ring. And he would not return it to me. That doctor… I had later learned that he had been dispatched by- Matthew: Team Meteor… Corey: Correct. He was assigned to obtain that piece of jewelry by them. Matthew: But wait. That still doesn’t explain why you’d join them. Corey: The only way I could keep the ring was if I agreed to serve them. Matthew:You did it to keep a ring? Corey: It was the last thing I had of my loving wife! To me… it was the last token of our happiness. I did everything I had to in order to keep it. I admit. I was selfish. I placed my own desires above what was best for Heather. And now because of it, she’s gone. Matthew: I still don’t agree why you joined them but… I understand why. But still, I’m sure if you just explained that to Heather, she’d understand some of it at least. She’s a good kid. I can see it. Corey: Thank you for the kind words Matthew. I… apologize for earlier. Matthew: It’s alright I guess. Corey: Matthew… Heather now has the Ruby Ring. She will be hunted for it. Matthew: Well what are you gonna do? You’re her father. Corey: I know you’re only at least 18 but… I need you to watch over her for me. Matthew: Why? I watched as Corey jumped up onto the ledge of the bridge. My eyes widened as I realized what he was about to do. Matthew: Whoa whoa. Wait. Corey. Let’s talk about this. Corey: I no longer have the right to call myself her father. Matthew: Come on dude! She still needs you! Corey turned around looking at me. For the 1st time since seeing him, I saw him smile. Matthew: Corey don’t! Corey: My love, I’ll be with you soon. I tried but didn’t get there in time to grab him. He fell backwards off the bridge. I turned around because I didn’t want to see his body explode when it hit the ground. But I did hear a loud thud and some shrieks. This was horrifying. I just experienced someone dying… By killing themselves. It was too much. I was about to head back to the Beryl Ward to try to do something to forget this when I heard a voice and 1 I did not need to hear at this time. Fern: Wow, what a moron. Matthew: No please. For the love of Arceus noooooo. Fern: Did that idiot just throw himself off of the Beryl Bridge. Suckers gone for good. And to think, I came all the way up here to challenge him for a Gym Battle. Weak. Matthew: Seriously? The man is dead and you’re insulting him? Do you not have a fucking heart you prick? Fern: Hey. I just see it as natural selection. I didn’t know him so why be upset about it. Matthew: That’s not… Whatever. Fern: I bet that you even defeated him and you offed himself before even giving you the badge. I’m right aren’t I? Matthew: That’s not the fucking point. I don’t care that he didn’t give me a badge after I defeated him. He just… jumped and- Fern: I really don’t care man. I really don’t. If you’re so concerned about him though, why not go find him. Look, he fell right into the Lapis Ward. I mean, I don’t see the point but whatev- Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the entire place. Me and Fern held on to make sure we didn’t fall down. When the shaking stopped, Fern and I saw a plume of smoke coming up into the air. Matthew: What the… What the fuck just happened?! Fern: Look at that smoke! Matthew: Where is that coming from?! Fern: I think it’s coming from North Obsidia Ward! Right at the Grand Stairway! Matthew: That’s… This is… Why? Fern: You stay here being all dumbstruck and stuff. I’m gonna go find out what’s going on. Later loser! Fern left to go see what happened at the Grand Stairway. I sat there looking at the plume of smoke still rising into the air. Everything was just happening too much right now. Tears started to swell up in my eyes. I slowly started to walk towards the Beryl Ward. I was horribly tired and sad. I made it back to the Beryl Ward and at that point all I wanted to do was sleep but I didn’t know where to go. Then I had an idea. I went back into the Beryl Ward Gym and remembered that that’s where Corey and Heather used to live. Nobody would tell me to leave. So I walked to the Gym, went into the living quarters and laid down on 1 of the beds. I kept crying about Corey and the new bombing until I finally fell asleep. Pokemon Team REBORN CHARACTER RATES
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