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    to continue our blitz of devblog posts, imma talk about difficulty modes. but first, I would like to present you with this: this is a chronologically organized list of every major battle up until e18. if you think it looks cool now, wait until the e19 stuff gets added. this was inspired by me trying to edit trainer pbs data while having absolutely no idea where/when you'd fight people who appear more than once. it's nice if you want a quick reference for when/where you fight people throughout the game. i'll probably add more data in as i need it, but for now it's just a neat little v1.0 version of a nice reference banner. but this came about as i was working on difficulty modes! which were another thing i just...suddenly decided to do a few days ago. some people tend to have a hard time with reborn. other people think it's too easy. i am really going to try and make both of those groups happy. details are kind of scarce at the moment, but i can at least talk about the general idea behind them. the easier mode (which i've taken to calling reborn lite) is effectively your standard reborn playthrough but with a little bit more leeway with how you play. trainer levels aren't quite so high. their IVs aren't quite so good. you aren't quite so money starved. it will still be significantly harder than a canon playthrough, but if you're particularly in it for the story, lite mode should help smooth over some of those harder fights. the harder mode (which ame cheekily called reborn dark) is the standard reborn experience but with the difficulty knob broken off. it basically takes the rate at which things like IVs, EVs, etc are added and pushes it way forward, adding in some additional bullshit when you get to the late game. i really want to emphasize that regardless of the difficulty, the game isn't really changing: team composition is staying largely the same, with any modifications being minor at best. the difficulty changes are more about how hard the game pushes back, rather than what the game pushes you with. i've also been working for, like, 11 hours today and feel like i'm just rambling. if you have questions, ask 'em. gosh, this post wasn't even funny. what am i doing out here. hi also i edited the pic up there with an updated version
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    Do you want me to give you the Redux doc because at this point we both kind of did the same thing? But on that subject... Give Julia a stunfisk. That thing alone cause more hell than even a Heliolisk. Give them the true meaning of ragequiting.
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    frankly i don't care about legendaries either, but others do, and nintendo tends to hit games right at their completion through the champion (see: uranium, prism). in order to mitigate risks and make sure we can finish, we're doing it all at once. some other factors but that's the biggest.
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    Preposterous! Not in my Reborn! Perish the thought! G R E E T I N G S, Rebornians. Over the years I have carefully crafted Reborn's AI from the ground up (shoutout to ame who actually designed it tho, she the real mvp). With each episode the AI has only gotten smarter, and better at playing pokemon. In particular with the advent of 18.2, our AI has really stepped up it's game with some major bugfixes, outplaying you* so hard, it really makes you FEEL like you're a shit pokemon trainer. *by 'you' I mean me, I'm terrible at pokemon and the AI has consistently been better than me since like, E18, let alone 18.2 And with the constant AI improvements, we are often asked 'Hey, how come the AI is so smart when battling me, but so garbage when it's my partner? Is this just designed that way to make the game harder?' To which we say 'No, of course not! We don't believe in that kind of unfair game design, AI shouldn't cheat and we would never artificially dumb it down in situations where it should be helping the player!' ...on purpose. ...We'd never do that on purpose. So have you ever had an experience in Reborn where your AI partner has an all hitting move like, say, Earthquake, and uses it when it would KO your mon? Or doesn't use it when it would barely damage your mon and seriously hurt the opponent? Because in E18 we added code specifically to deal with that, and have your partners make smarter choices! And guess what? They still didn't make smart choices and we were sad. So let me tell you a little something about loops. Loops are great. They let you check through a bunch of cases with only a single block of code! I could write 'for i in 1..4' to go through four different cases (funny that, just as many cases as a mon has moves!) with a single bit of code! But do you know what is near i, both in the alphabet and on the keyboard? j. And do you know what happens if you loop through i and accidentally type a j somewhere? Why, it checks whatever j is, which is probably something else from earlier in the code, nothing to do with poor old i. And that can have the side effect of making AI real unpredictable. Like, for example, lets say your AI wants to use Earthquake. But part of the AI for that is to check how much damage it does to it's partner. But oh no, I typed a j instead of an i in that check? So instead of checking how much damage Earthquake would do, it checks another move. Could be any of them. Like say, a status move. So it'll think no damage. And Earthquake away no matter how hard that'll hurt your mon. Oops. But now this is fixed. We have officially cancelled j. Except for like, the places it's meant to be. In those places we've cancelled i. So for E19, you can finally look forward to the partner AI being just as smart as the opponent AI! Hopefully that should make some of the paired fights in the game a lot easier. ... ... ... Eeeeeeexcept the fact that this cuts both ways. The AI is also now much better at being a partner, regardless of which side it is on,, so this fix will also mean that AIs will act a lot smarter about not sacking their own mons in doubles so like... Y'know, have fun with the AI being better in literally every double battle in the entire game! Of course, this wouldn't be a devblog post without at least a LITTLE teaser for E19. And sure, I've told you about an AI update that it will bring but, because I'm such a great guy, you can have a little more. So I leave you with a screenshot of some actual dialogue from E19 with no context... I wonder what character would say this?
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    You are welcome!
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    Yes, Nintendo is still taking down fan games left and right whenever they feel like it. If Nintendo would at least learn from the fan games they took down...... While i DO understand the reasoning that Nintendo wants to protect their property, i still think the main reason they are taking down fan games is the fact that those fan games tend to have features that fans wanted in the official games, but never got them in any official release. These fan games are doing something right where Nintendo refused to listen to their fans for years. And of course these small things are the reason why fan games are ever so popular. And of course Nintendo KNOWS that the biggest threat that fan games pose to their official counterparts are not even the fan games, but Nintendo itself. Or rather it's Nintendo's own inability to just go with the flow and make the right choices for the official games. Pokémon Sword and Shield is a masterpiece of an example here. Nintendo KNOWS perfectly well that more than 80% of the people playing Pokémon are adults who started with Gens 1 to 3 when they were kids. And they know that these adults have been making noise for years now, begging for an optional higher difficulty mode for experienced players. Instead the games got easier with every new generation. You can give your Switch to a monkey that smashes your Switch against the wall and tries to eat it, and this monkey will still beat the game like that. And whats worse: Nintendo (and Game Freak as well for that matter) treats Pokémon fans like all of them were 6 to 10 year old kids (and stupid kids as well). I don't even need to get started on how they said all this BS about how they needed to cut down the Pokédex to 400 in favor of "higher quality animations", which was obvioulsy a fat lie, since the animations and graphics of Sword and Shield are exactly the same as on the 3DS (and even worse than those in some cases). Let's be real here: For a Gen 8 Pokémon game on the way more powerful Switch hardware the Sword and Shield games do have a very poor level of performance when compared to Gen 7 on the 3DS. With that in mind ask yourself this question: Does it really sound like an unexpected surprise if people like fan games more than the most recent official release? And thus we are back at the fact that the biggest threat about fan games is Nintendo itself. But hey, who am i to judge their decisions? I'm just a stupid customer that exists only to give them my money... And in case this was not obvious already: YES, this post contains (almost toxic levels of) sarcasm...
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    Its the one that has the larger files and make sure you take your game.rxdata out of the old folder before putting it in because the game stores its save file in the folder itself and if you arent careful you could lose all of your progress.
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    That’s true. Maybe they’ll all meet in the future version(s) if we so happen to go back in time with Melia and co, since Anthea only seems to appear in the past.
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    With Divulgence, Enigma and reworld i think we're seeing the next generation of great fangames to go along with reborn and rejuvenation. 1st impression about divulgence is it looks great and story has a good hook to it. Good luck in development. Looking forward to playing
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    I actually haven't gotten around to editing them to match the colors better along with generally blending in better but I'll do so soon! ...Or alternatively, we can opt to not have anything for the base at all, but for consistency's sake i'll look into the former first.
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    When Taka and Victoria got into the next area, they could barely see what was right in front of them. The area was almost completely dark. Luckily, Victoria had a flashlight on her. She took it out, turned it on and flashed it around the place. The pair of friends couldn’t see anything but the still cracked walls and cracked floors. They hadn’t been able to fix this part of the region yet. The 2 started to walk into the almost pitch black room. It didn’t take long for them to see a partial lit area of the room. When they got closer, they noticed that it was Arclight. Arclight: Yo. Victoria. Taka. What’s up? Victoria: Sorry it took us a bit to get here. Taka: Yea… We ran into a couple of Team Meteor grunts just outside. Arclight: I see. So that’s the commotion I was hearing before. Taka: Wait. You heard all of that and didn’t come to help? Arclight: I needed to stay here just in case some other Meteor dumbasses were about to come out. I would take them out here and we’d have less to worry about inside. Taka: Well… I suppose that makes sense. Arclight: You ok? I can see that bandage wrapped around your shoulder. Victoria: He’ll be fine. He kind of saved my life by taking an attack that was intended for me. Arclight: I see. You sure he’s gonna be alright to make it through here? Taka: I’ll be fine. If Matt could go through the whole day with a couple of cracked ribs and a super migraine, I can handle a simple stabbing through the shoulder. Arclight: -chuckles- Alright. That’s what I like to hear. So are you 2 ready? Taka: Yes! Victoria: Absolutely! Team Meteor is gonna pay for what they’ve done to Kiki! Arclight: Alright then! Let’s get going then you 2! The 3 of them rushed up the stairs and were now inside, what they assumed to be, the Devon Corporation building. Right in front of them were a couple of Team Meteor Grunts. Well, it was more of the orderlies from the orphanage dressed in Team Meteor outfit colors. The 3 of them turned around and faced the 3 of them. Female Meteor Orderly: FINALLY. Someone shows up. Arclight: Sorry we’re late but now let’s get the party started. Male Meteor Orderly: -laughs- Well too bad for you that we’re gonna have to close down this party of yours. Victoria: Not a chance! There’s not a Pokemon strong enough to toss us aside! Taka: Or for me to right the wrongs I made for affiliating with you people! It was a 3 VS 3 battle. Luckily for Arclight, Victoria and Taka, their Pokemon were more powerful than their opponents and they came out the winners. Arclight made them stand in front of him as Victoria called out her Incineroar and bashed the steel gate in front of them and recalled back her Pokemon. The 3 of them rushed up the stairs and stopped by a door entrance that led to what was the front of the Devon building. It was clear though that something was bothering Arclight though. Taka: Arc? What’s wrong? Arclight: Ame and Adrienn should have finished dealing with the storefront by now but… Taka: But what? Victoria: Are they… not here? Arclight: Yea. I don’t see ‘em. Taka: Maybe they went up the stairs and went ahead of us? Arclight: Yea. I’m gonna head up just far enough to see if they’re up there. I want you to check the storefront for me Taka. Taka: Ok but what am I supposed to be checking for? Arclight: I’m not totally sure but this whole situation… I don’t trust this. Taka: Alright. I’ll search it. Arclight: Victoria, I want you to watch our exit in case anyone comes to separate us that way. -goes upstairs- Victoria: -shouting to Arclight- Alright! Be safe and let’s not go too far! -looks to Taka- If you hear anything, just let me handle it alright? Taka: You got it Victoria. Taka headed to the storefront and was shocked at what he was seeing. There was a lot of debris on the floor and also a couple of Team Meteor Grunts unconscious on the floor. Taka kind of felt relieved by seeing this. This had to have meant that Ame and Adrienn were alright. There was something that was troubling him though. It wasn’t strong but there was a feint, weird smell in the room. And what he saw on the ground made him feel even more troubled. On the ground near the regular entrance was the radio transceiver that Ame was carrying. While Taka didn’t know Ame for that long, he knew that she wouldn’t have left something like this behind unless she wasn’t able to keep it on her person. Suddenly, he could hear a lot of noise coming from the room above. Although Victoria told him to stay put if he heard anything, Taka couldn’t help but run out of the room and up the stairs to see what was going on. When he got there, he could see Victoria knocking out a Meteor Orderly. Victoria: HA! Call it karma! You had that loss coming to you. Arclight: Thanks for the backup. Victoria: It’s nothing! I heard fighting from downstairs and I wasn’t about to just stand by. Taka: Hey! Are you 2 alright? Victoria: I’m just fine Taka. Can’t say the same for these guys though. Arclight: I’m good too. But did you see them at all? Taka: No I didn’t. And that’s not the most worrying part. Arclight: What could that be? Taka: Well 1st, it wasn’t strong but I could smell something weird in there. And also… -pulls out the radio transceiver- Arclight’s eyes widened, which was a clear sign that this definitely wasn’t a good thing. He ran up to Taka, took the device from him and inspected it quickly. Arclight: Hmm… Victoria: What? Arclight: Damnit… No doubt about it. This is the radio I lent to Ame. Taka: I might be overreacting but I don’t think that’s a good thing. Arclight: It’s not Taka. Victoria: Well what could have happened to them? I mean… they couldn’t have been overpowered, could they? Arclight: Ame is the Champion and Adrienn is a high leveled Gym Leader. I can’t see how they could have been but… No… No. They have to be fine. Taka: Well what do we do now? Arclight: We keep going. We’ll probably find them if we keep going. Taka: Alright then. Let’s get a move on! Arclight: Hold on there man. I’m glad you’re wanting to find them but something’s odd with this room. Check out the floor. The trio went over to the area of floor that had some kind of panels on them. They looked at it thoroughly but couldn’t see if anything way wrong. There was a small opening between a wall and fence. Arclight stepped on the panel to get to the other side. When he stepped on the panel though, he was shocked with electricity. It was surprising to Taka that the young man didn’t fall over from the pain. But it was clear that these panels were rigged with something. Victoria: Arclight! Taka: Are you ok?! Arclight: Damnit. Yea. I’m fine. It’s nothing really but I wouldn’t recommend you 2 stepping on those. Taka: So what’s over there? Arclight: -walks over to the panel- Hmm… Yea. Just like I thought. This terminal up here controls the patterns on the floor. Victoria: Maybe press the buttons? It might turn this off. Arclight: You want me to press random buttons in an evil organizations secret hideout base…? I guess I’ve heard of worse ideas. Here I go! Arclight started to press the buttons. While nothing threatening happened, the panels on the floor started to change colors. Red, blue and gold. Some of the panels were more brightly colored than the other ones. While Taka was inspecting it, he accidentally fell onto 1 of the panels. He laid there expecting to feel a shock but nothing happened. He stood up and stepped on the brightly colored panel. Nothing. He yelled out to Arclight to press the button again to change the panel’s color. Arclight did it and the floor changed. The panel Taka was standing on was no longer brightly lit but the panel in front of him was. He slowly moved his foot to the next brightly lit panel. Nothing happened to him. They knew that there was a way to get through this place now but there was only 1 problem. Arclight: Nice job Taka. We can get through this place now. Taka: Alright! Let’s go you 2! Victoria: Wait. Hold on. Taka: What? Arclight: Someone needs to stay down here to operate this machine in order to change the panels on the upper levels. Taka: So… we have to split up? Arclight: Seems so. Taka: Is that such a good idea though? I mean what if more Team Meteor Grunts try to attack you while you’re here? Arclight: I’ll be fine man. I can take care of myself. Victoria: Ok. I get that we have to split up but how are we supposed to tell you to change the panels? Not like we can just yell out to each other. We’d cause too much noise and have more trouble to deal with than we can. Arclight: Hey Taka. You still got the radio transceiver? Taka: Yes I do. Arclight: Good. I have mine right here with me. Anytime you need to change the panel floors, just press the button and I’ll hear a noise and I’ll know press the buttons here to change the floor panels for you. Taka: Alright. I guess that works. Just be really careful alright? Arclight: Don’t worry about me man. I’ll be fine. Now let me get Victoria over to you and then you can both cross the floor together. Arclight pressed the buttons for the floor panels to change so Victoria could catch up to Taka and then reach the end to the other side of the room. Before heading up the stares, Victoria and Taka look towards Arclight 1 last time. He gave them the “don’t worry” look. The 2 of them were worried about leaving their friend behind but they knew they had to do it if they wanted to end this whole thing. They walked up the stairs but when they got to the top, 2 Team Meteor Orderlies were there waiting. Taka: I’ll give you 2 1 chance to let us go by without any altercations. Male Meteor Orderly: Well well well. If it isn’t the traitor Taka. Why would we ever stop doing what were doing? I just hope that all of this persistence doesn’t go to waste. -chuckles to himself- Victoria: The only here that will be wasted will be Team Meteor! Female Meteor Orderly: I wonder. Is that attitude you’re exhibiting right now taught down at that tawdry school? Victoria: You… Heh. I’ll be happy to give you a lesson right now! The battle 2 VS 2 battle started. Taka was surprised that Victoria kept her cool when the Meteor Orderly tried making fun of the school she was in charge of now. In just a bit of time, Victoria and Taka had won the battle. Just then, the radio Taka had started to make noise. He took the device out and listened. Arclight (RT): Hey! Can you 2 hear me on this thing? Victoria: Yea. We can hear you. Is everything ok? Arclight (RT): Yea. I just heard a bunch of noise upstairs though. Everything good? Taka: Yea. We just took care a couple of Meteor Orderlies. Victoria: Don’t forget that I told you there’s no way I’ll lose to Team Meteor ever again! Taka: That goes double for me! Arclight (RT): That’s music to my ears. Victoria: There’s another 1 of those panel things on the floor. You ready? Arclight (RT): You know it little lady. You know what to do Taka. Taka and Victoria stood near the panels. Taka started to press the button on the radio transceiver and Arclight was changing the floor panels. This 1 took a bit longer to get through than the previous 1 but they were able to do it without getting shocked. However, there were more Team Meteor Orderlies waiting for them at the end of the room. Before the battle even started, the male Meteor Orderly spoke of Kiki’s name. Taka could see the hatred come over Victoria’s face. He could tell that she had a lot of love and respect for this woman. Soon enough, Victoria and Taka had beaten the bad guys. But instead of just keeping quiet, the male Meteor Orderly kept trying to push Victoria. Male Meteor Orderly: My, my. I wonder. Is Kiki smiling right now? Victoria: …Say her name 1 more time… and see what happens. Male Meteor Orderly: Hmm… Is that what Kiki wants? Victoria: -lowers her head, chuckles and then grins at the Meteor Orderly- Well… Can’t say I didn’t warn you. With incredible speed, power and accuracy, Victoria punched the orderly straight in the face. He flew back and hit the whole back of his body off of the wall and then slumped down to the ground. He was definitely unconscious. Taka had never seen Victoria so vicious towards anyone. He felt very relived that he was able to avoid a physical confrontation with her. Victoria turned around and looked at the female Meteor Orderly. She put her hands up to show that she didn’t want any of what her colleague had just received. Female Meteor Orderly: Hey. I’m good. Hell… Even I can’t say he didn’t deserve that. Victoria: Good. You’re lucky. Taka: Victoria? Are you- Victoria: Let’s keep going Taka. Taka: R-Right… Victoria rushed upstairs. Taka felt sorry for her. She had lost her teacher, half of which was technically her fault and these people were now taunting her using Kiki. Suddenly, he could hear sobbing coming from up the stairs. He rushed up the stairs to see what was going on. He was relieved to see that there weren’t any Team Meteor people there. He then went over to Victoria to see what was wrong. Taka: Victoria? Victoria. What’s wrong? Victoria: I-I’m just… I know that I’m disappointing her right now. This isn’t how she taught me… But at the same time, I just can’t let these people get away with what they did. Taka: More like with what I did… Victoria: Huh? What do you mean? Taka: I was there when it happened. When she was… Victoria: …Yes… Yes you were there but you’re different Taka. You’re not apart of them. Seems like you never really were even from the start. Taka: But I- Victoria: Taka, you didn’t do anything wrong. Sirius did. Your father did. But you didn’t. You’re innocent in all of this. Taka: Well I don’t know about me being innocent. Victoria: You didn’t contribute to it though and that’s important. If you had, I don’t think we could be friends like we are now. Taka: I… I guess you’re right. Victoria: I am. Although, maybe you feeling like this is my fault too. For earlier. Ahh… I’m a terrible person. Taka: No. You were just angry. You needed to blow off some steam. It’s understandable. Victoria: Yea… I guess you’re right. Taka: Victoria? Victoria: Yes? Taka: Do you… Do you think Kiki would forgive me? Victoria stared at him for a moment. She didn’t expect him to ask her such a thing. Taka started to think if asking her that was the right thing or not. She turned straight forward and then back at Taka but with a smile. A legitimate smile. Victoria: I think she would. Might have taken some time to prove your good side to her for a bit but… I think she would have forgiven you. Taka. I’m… I’m glad. Victoria: -chuckles- Alright. We should really get going. Taka: You’re right. We spent too much time here talking. The 2 of them started to walk to the other side of the room. They walked onto some panels but when they did, the way downstairs was sealed shut. Taka and Victoria turned around to the noise it caused. Victoria ran back and tried to get the wall to move out of the way but it was no good. Suddenly, the walls around them started to close in. Victoria called out her Incineroar and instructed it to hold the walls open for as long as it could. Taka was about to send out a Pokemon but Victoria stopped him. Taka: What?! But why?! Victoria: Someone needs to be able to continue and that someone is you Taka! Taka: Wh-What?! But I- Victoria: Taka! Taka: I-I-I can’t just leave you here like this! We’re friends! Victoria: Taka… Heh. Think of it as me paying you back for earlier. Taka: …Victoria… Victoria: Now get out of here! Taka stared at her for a very short while and then ran up the steps. When he got to the top, the entrance near the bottom of the steps sealed up. Victoria was now trapped. Taka felt bad for leaving her in there but he knew that she would be more upset if he stayed there with her. The radio transceiver started to make noise. Taka reached into his pocket and pulled it out. Arclight (RT): Taka! You there?! Taka: Y-Yea… I’m… I’m here… Arclight (RT): What the heck happened? It sounded way louder up there than just some Pokemon battle. Taka: The room we were in. The walls started to close in on us. She sent out her Incineroar to keep them open and told me to go on. I just… Arclight (RT): Hey. You need to try to calm down dude. She has her Pokemon right? I’m sure she’ll be fine. Taka: I hope she is… Arclight (RT): What about Adrienn or Ame? Any sign of them? Taka: No. Haven’t seen a trace of them. Arclight (RT): Urgh! This hasn’t gone as planned at all… Taka: You don’t say. Arclight (RT): Well look. I’m pretty sure you’re close to the top now. There has to be something there. Get up there and save everyone. Taka: Right… You’re right. I got this! Once again, there was another floor panel. Pressing the button on the radio transceiver, Arclight was pushing the button down below to change the panel lighting on the floor. Half way into the room, he battled Meteor Orderly and then proceeded. When he got to the end, he had to fight another Team Meteor Orderly but this time, he said something interesting. Taka: No matter how many of you there are, I will beat you all! Male Meteor Orderly: Heh… I never thought the day would come where I’d be facing you Taka. Although, I must say, your new batch of friends are really gullible. Taka: What? What do you mean? Male Meteor Orderly: You really should know better than to trust an anonymous tip. Taka: Wait… Are you saying Team Meteor was that anonymous tip? Male Meteor Orderly: But of course. We wanted to lure a lot of you in here and take care of the lot of you. But the fact that we got the Champion here as well? That’s just a bonus. Taka had heard enough talk from this Orderly. After their battle, Taka headed up to the top floor. As he reached the floor, the radio transceiver was making noise again. Taka: Arclight, I’m glad you’re messaging me. I have something to tell you. It was Team Meteor that- Arclight (RT): Taka! She found m- Taka: Huh? What did you say? Arclight (RT): I mean- Then all of a sudden, Taka could only hear what seemed to be scuffling on the radio. The last thing he heard from Arclight before the radio signal went dead was a very soft sounding help. Taka was now very nervous. It was just him now. Ame and Adrienn seemed to have just disappeared, Victoria was possibly squished in between a wall like a sandwich and now something was happening with Arclight. He frantically went running further into the room, hoping to find something that would help him in this situation. He wasn’t paying attention though and he stepped on a panel. He could feel electricity flowing into his body. Normally, this kind of shock wouldn’t have hurt someone like Taka much. But thanks to the puncture wound in his shoulder, the pain intensified times 10, which caused him great pain. With a screeching scream, Taka crumbled to the ground, unconscious.
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    How many gyms are you planning for this game and would you say the Hard mode is similar to reborns difficulty? Love the plot description. Got me hooked without revealing anything about it honestly. Good luck with eevelopment
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    Hey folks! Haven't been on here in quite awhile. While doing things that were not on this site, I decided at some point to get into programming. Turns out other people do this too. One person, dabomstew, made a cool utility called Universal Pokemon Randomizer. Maybe some of you cool kids have seen it around. Well, I tried to use it and found it needed more cowbells. So that's what I worked on. I am pleased to present v1.8.1 of the up-to-now dead Universal Pokemon Randomizer. Featuring some great content that other people put in, as well as some of my own features. Rivals and Friends will no longer have duplicate team members. (the only exception is when a team is carried and a pre-evo is used) Rivals and Friends can carry their team in addition to their starter. Pokemon with stats above 190 or BST above 590 are now tagged as BIG in logs. Moves with power above 95 are now tagged as BIG in the logs. Pokemon types can now be shuffled on a 1-for-1 basis. Does not affect moves. Split evolutions are no longer excluded from inheriting base form types. Eeveelutions are guaranteed to have different types when types are randomized. Base stats can now be shuffled between pokemon. Only applies to similar power levels. Starter pokemon can now be limited based on their BST. Starter pokemon can now be limited to just base forms. A full list of features can be found on the "releases" tab of the below link. Be sure to look at v1.8.0 too! You can find the downloads at https://github.com/brentspector/universal-pokemon-randomizer/releases/tag/v1.8.1 Both Windows executable and Java binary (jar file) are provided for your convenience, or download the code and build it in your own java environment. I expect there are some bugs I didn't expect, particularly with randomized evolutions and gen 1 vs everything else. So please drop an email (preferred) or a message here (not preferred but accepted) if you find one of these. I should be able to get it fixed on a weekend.
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    Looks sick mate, even better than rejuvenation
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    A few other corrections Type Null requires Unfezant (any gender), not Tranquil The Sail and Jaw fossils also require you holding a Helix Fossil to trigger dialogue, forking over Pidgeot and Farfetch'd (any order) for the first 2, then forking over Helix Fossils for more of those Not sure if regular Vulpix is still an option for the Growlithe egg, but I got an A Vulpix from mine The North Obsidia trade indeed gives you a Mime Jr. and not Cryogonal The Klinklang fight for a Litleo is at LV 35, not 45 The Yureyu Key room also allows you to evolve Nosepass Sometime after the story there (around Route 1 probs), you can go back to the house on Azurine Island and show the guy in there a Chimecho, he'll give you a Chikorita (Lv. 15) that he locked up
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    I Think this is a really good idea honestly.
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    Unrelated question: Do you have to do the legendary quests in a specific order (first Cresselia, then Regis, then Dogs, etc.) or can you do them in any order
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