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    to continue our blitz of devblog posts, imma talk about difficulty modes. but first, I would like to present you with this: this is a chronologically organized list of every major battle up until e18. if you think it looks cool now, wait until the e19 stuff gets added. this was inspired by me trying to edit trainer pbs data while having absolutely no idea where/when you'd fight people who appear more than once. it's nice if you want a quick reference for when/where you fight people throughout the game. i'll probably add more data in as i need it, but for now it's just a neat little v1.0 version of a nice reference banner. but this came about as i was working on difficulty modes! which were another thing i just...suddenly decided to do a few days ago. some people tend to have a hard time with reborn. other people think it's too easy. i am really going to try and make both of those groups happy. details are kind of scarce at the moment, but i can at least talk about the general idea behind them. the easier mode (which i've taken to calling reborn lite) is effectively your standard reborn playthrough but with a little bit more leeway with how you play. trainer levels aren't quite so high. their IVs aren't quite so good. you aren't quite so money starved. it will still be significantly harder than a canon playthrough, but if you're particularly in it for the story, lite mode should help smooth over some of those harder fights. the harder mode (which ame cheekily called reborn dark) is the standard reborn experience but with the difficulty knob broken off. it basically takes the rate at which things like IVs, EVs, etc are added and pushes it way forward, adding in some additional bullshit when you get to the late game. i really want to emphasize that regardless of the difficulty, the game isn't really changing: team composition is staying largely the same, with any modifications being minor at best. the difficulty changes are more about how hard the game pushes back, rather than what the game pushes you with. i've also been working for, like, 11 hours today and feel like i'm just rambling. if you have questions, ask 'em. gosh, this post wasn't even funny. what am i doing out here. hi also i edited the pic up there with an updated version
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    Do you want me to give you the Redux doc because at this point we both kind of did the same thing? But on that subject... Give Julia a stunfisk. That thing alone cause more hell than even a Heliolisk. Give them the true meaning of ragequiting.
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    Preposterous! Not in my Reborn! Perish the thought! G R E E T I N G S, Rebornians. Over the years I have carefully crafted Reborn's AI from the ground up (shoutout to ame who actually designed it tho, she the real mvp). With each episode the AI has only gotten smarter, and better at playing pokemon. In particular with the advent of 18.2, our AI has really stepped up it's game with some major bugfixes, outplaying you* so hard, it really makes you FEEL like you're a shit pokemon trainer. *by 'you' I mean me, I'm terrible at pokemon and the AI has consistently been better than me since like, E18, let alone 18.2 And with the constant AI improvements, we are often asked 'Hey, how come the AI is so smart when battling me, but so garbage when it's my partner? Is this just designed that way to make the game harder?' To which we say 'No, of course not! We don't believe in that kind of unfair game design, AI shouldn't cheat and we would never artificially dumb it down in situations where it should be helping the player!' ...on purpose. ...We'd never do that on purpose. So have you ever had an experience in Reborn where your AI partner has an all hitting move like, say, Earthquake, and uses it when it would KO your mon? Or doesn't use it when it would barely damage your mon and seriously hurt the opponent? Because in E18 we added code specifically to deal with that, and have your partners make smarter choices! And guess what? They still didn't make smart choices and we were sad. So let me tell you a little something about loops. Loops are great. They let you check through a bunch of cases with only a single block of code! I could write 'for i in 1..4' to go through four different cases (funny that, just as many cases as a mon has moves!) with a single bit of code! But do you know what is near i, both in the alphabet and on the keyboard? j. And do you know what happens if you loop through i and accidentally type a j somewhere? Why, it checks whatever j is, which is probably something else from earlier in the code, nothing to do with poor old i. And that can have the side effect of making AI real unpredictable. Like, for example, lets say your AI wants to use Earthquake. But part of the AI for that is to check how much damage it does to it's partner. But oh no, I typed a j instead of an i in that check? So instead of checking how much damage Earthquake would do, it checks another move. Could be any of them. Like say, a status move. So it'll think no damage. And Earthquake away no matter how hard that'll hurt your mon. Oops. But now this is fixed. We have officially cancelled j. Except for like, the places it's meant to be. In those places we've cancelled i. So for E19, you can finally look forward to the partner AI being just as smart as the opponent AI! Hopefully that should make some of the paired fights in the game a lot easier. ... ... ... Eeeeeeexcept the fact that this cuts both ways. The AI is also now much better at being a partner, regardless of which side it is on,, so this fix will also mean that AIs will act a lot smarter about not sacking their own mons in doubles so like... Y'know, have fun with the AI being better in literally every double battle in the entire game! Of course, this wouldn't be a devblog post without at least a LITTLE teaser for E19. And sure, I've told you about an AI update that it will bring but, because I'm such a great guy, you can have a little more. So I leave you with a screenshot of some actual dialogue from E19 with no context... I wonder what character would say this?
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    Its the one that has the larger files and make sure you take your game.rxdata out of the old folder before putting it in because the game stores its save file in the folder itself and if you arent careful you could lose all of your progress.
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    That’s true. Maybe they’ll all meet in the future version(s) if we so happen to go back in time with Melia and co, since Anthea only seems to appear in the past.
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    With Divulgence, Enigma and reworld i think we're seeing the next generation of great fangames to go along with reborn and rejuvenation. 1st impression about divulgence is it looks great and story has a good hook to it. Good luck in development. Looking forward to playing
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    I actually haven't gotten around to editing them to match the colors better along with generally blending in better but I'll do so soon! ...Or alternatively, we can opt to not have anything for the base at all, but for consistency's sake i'll look into the former first.
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    How many gyms are you planning for this game and would you say the Hard mode is similar to reborns difficulty? Love the plot description. Got me hooked without revealing anything about it honestly. Good luck with eevelopment
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    Looks sick mate, even better than rejuvenation
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    A few other corrections Type Null requires Unfezant (any gender), not Tranquil The Sail and Jaw fossils also require you holding a Helix Fossil to trigger dialogue, forking over Pidgeot and Farfetch'd (any order) for the first 2, then forking over Helix Fossils for more of those Not sure if regular Vulpix is still an option for the Growlithe egg, but I got an A Vulpix from mine The North Obsidia trade indeed gives you a Mime Jr. and not Cryogonal The Klinklang fight for a Litleo is at LV 35, not 45 The Yureyu Key room also allows you to evolve Nosepass Sometime after the story there (around Route 1 probs), you can go back to the house on Azurine Island and show the guy in there a Chimecho, he'll give you a Chikorita (Lv. 15) that he locked up
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    I Think this is a really good idea honestly.
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    Unrelated question: Do you have to do the legendary quests in a specific order (first Cresselia, then Regis, then Dogs, etc.) or can you do them in any order
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