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    So that's happen if you fuse Sylveon with Bibs
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    so yeah I did this last night
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    Yoooo totes didn't have time to access the forums on Friday but happy birthday again fren
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    About to stream Mega Man 4! https://www.twitch.tv/eviora000
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    They propably trying to manage how to take picture with that camera ... also I have this soft adult content, but nothing really is visible, so feel free to click on it ... and not so fast here, my current ditto collection I shared on discord it all started with "Lin is just really angry Ditto" theory Marcello love it LINDITT / DITTLIN or just "Dit" rest is in spoiler
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    Does anyone agree with me that insulting autistic people, calling them brainfucked or such things, is the same thing as being a idiot? Well, today I was insulted by one person, which said that I'm autistic and that I'm brainfucked. I don't care about what other people say about me being autistic, because I'm proud of being autistic and to have a better capacity than most of the people. But if that person have no respect with me, I won't respect that person, and that's typical of me. There is a dictate that says: "To be respected, you need to respect." I really hate how the society think negative about autistic people without knowing them better. The same works for LGBT, religions, games a person plays and skin colors, despite many other factors. I hate how the society judge people by these aspects and not for their character. Want to know a example? I play Minecraft and I don't get why people hate me because of this. This game is what helped me building my creativity by building houses in a city. It's a good thing. I don't get why a person tells that Minecraft is bad, because it's a game of blocks, or that a person tells that Pokemon is a game of kids, or that a game is made for things that they consider negative. I don't get it. Enough! If you want to know, I have no friends in real life, except my girlfriend and her friends. I don't have any last resort if my girlfriend breaks with me, but I think it would rarely happen, since my girl is so good with me. If I somehow need to get away from Reborn, I can't deal with it, because this is the only place I have to go, despite the things I have. I have Depression, Asperger's Syndrome, OCD, Attention Deficit, Anxiety and some other things I might have forgotten, despite being autistic. If you insult me, I will remember about that for all of my life, because I have a nice memory and I can't forget anything. So, as I said above, please, I beg you. Don't insult me, because it's the worst thing to do. Also, I feel very sad when someone picks on my bad side. As I always say, I never have intention to offend someone, but if you offend me, it might happen without want to do that. I'm sorry for the long text, but that's what I've had to do after a fight, explaining about myself. Thank you. I hope you are with me.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYKOS hope you have a wonderful birthday and receive all that you wished for today
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