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    I just saw 'The precipice game' I think this is one of the best movies I've seen all month
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    So, as of today's livestream I have completed 2 1/2 new maps. Technically I just refined 2 and started working on another. The last of which... I'm having some slight artist's block with, but... eh. Also, I will be announcing a new character for the game! Technically not new, since she's been planned for the game, for a long time, but I haven't gotten the time to have her made yet. She's similar to Ninetales in that she has a human and Pokemon form, but at the same time has extreme relevance at the very end of the game. So important in-fact that she becomes a pseudo-party member. I say pseudo, because you can't "technically" use her for Pokemon battling, however she has a very unique function that I think will tickle many people's fancy. I'll be announcing her within this week, hopefully.
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    This was fun! I really liked the comments you inserted to those screenshots. Will be following this.
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