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    Let's bring this dev blog back to life. Remember when I was doing daily updates in the clusterfuck threads? Well, I've got the those going on elsewhere still, but that doesn't mean I need to keep you guys in the dark too. From now on my plan will be to collect and summarize the updates from there in weekly or semi-weekly posts here. This is suppose to be a dev blog after all, not just an announcement zone, so no point in keeping it hush hush for weeks at a time. That said, I actually do have an announcement today. Some number of weeks ago back in the droll march through Tourmaline's development, I realized that the mapping side of things has been reliably taking approximately way too fucking long. So I decided to get some help on it. I asked a couple of friends to take up some loose ends on the desert map, allowing me to go work on other areas in the mean time. And after clearing their trial by fire in Cliff Hell (seriously. you don't even know) I'm officially announcing them as part of the team. Please say hello to @JazzyFur and @Sazane! They'll be the project's new mappers and will allow me to move through making areas much quicker. With the desert finished per example already, they'll be starting on some of the other yet-unfinished-areas in E17 while I charge ahead to eventing and other horizons. They've already saved me a huge amount of time on Tourmaline, and I'm sure they'll continue to be invaluable. As for other goings-on, the only area I have left to map is one that I've been looking forward to for a long time, but I'll keep the details of that to myself for now... Just know that we are ever-quickening and closing into progress here. ^^
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    Marshadow is here http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-598959768
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    yes, you need to find the key to the back room of the powerplant in cellia (which you can get after beating the gym leader). To find the key you need to get the key from a boy with a packet on the table and then open a door in the south part of the city.
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    This profile Image is really better than the earlier one ^^
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    yo forgot it was your birthday yesterday man. happy belated birthday, it's been a while, hope you've been keeping well. cheers.
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    Just found this game randomly looking at Reborn update log, and like, mind blown. So much detail and dedication can be shown so far and I am extremely hyped for this game. Keep up the GREAT work and I really wish this game was out today!
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    Happy birthday! Hope you get what your heart desires in this special day. Here's wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises
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